the sun was blinding

Timkon prompt-sick day

(Hey, so I finally decided to post some of my writing on here to see the response and decide if i’m going to post anymore. Any feedback is appreciated, positive or constructive criticism! I’m pretty new to writing fanfics.)


Kon woke up sick to his stomach.

 His eyes cracked open to see the room still dark. The sun had yet to filter in through the gaps in his blinds, and the room was silent other than the small electric fan singing monotonously in the corner. He wasn’t sure what exactly could’ve caused him to startle awake. 

 Kon shook his head. His body was drenched in sweat, the fabric of his boxers sticking uncomfortably to his skin like the stray hair plastered to his forehead. His body felt sore and achy, and his stomach lurched as he pushed himself up on his bed.

 Kon blindly grasped for his phone on the nightstand, fingers closing around the object and pushing the home button. The sudden brightness of his screen was blinding as he squinted to check the time. 

 4:10 AM.

 Kon aggressively swiped through his contacts, selecting his friend’s name from the long list and pressing call. The phone rang four times.

 "…-y the fuck, Kon?“ Kon glared into the darkness. "I hate you,” groaned as he crossed one arm over his abdomen. There was a tired moan of frustration on the other end of the call. 

 "Dude, you can’t just call me and say that, you gotta clarify, we’ve been through this,“ Bart huffed. Kon muttered something that even he couldn’t decipher under his breath. Something about Taco Bueno. If the sudden snickers from the other end were anything to go by, his friend had heard him.

 Kon flopped back onto his damp bed, moving his hand to rake his fingers through his hair. "My stomach is killing me, and it’s your damn fault,” he complained. Bart scoffed quietly on the other end. “Whatever, dude. You’re the one who decided to eat seven tacos.” It was true. He did do that. 

 "Tim is coming over today. We were gonna talk about a case and get some stuff done,“ Kon sighed, starting to lean up but stopping as the muscles in his stomach tightened painfully. Shouldn’t he have some alien immunity to this shit?

 ”Hold up, bro. You got sick on date day? That blows,“ Bart’s voice was still heavy with sleep. Kon frowned, his forehead wrinkling. "Solving murder cases isn’t exactly a date. But, still,” he puffed out, turning his head to glare at the wall. “I don’t wanna cancel on him. I haven’t seen him out of costume for weeks,” he murmured. Bart gave a long sigh as Kon shoved his face into the pillow, hoping it might suffocate him. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it. I’ll call him and tell him what’s up and not to come, just go to sleep,” Bart reassured him tiredly. 

 Kon wanted to argue, but he felt like complete shit. His reply was muffled by the pillow as he ended the call and set his phone back on the stand, squeezing his eyes shut. Maybe he would feel better after a few hours of sleep, and then he could still see Tim without humiliating himself. 


 When he woke up a few hours later, someone was in his room. Kon jerked out of a dreamless sleep when something touched his face. His eyes snapped open, his body instinctively tensing as he prepared to swing. His gaze settled on the familiar figure silhouetted by his bedroom light, and the scent of expensive soap and shampoo that he had come to love washed over him. His body relaxed. Tim. 

 Tim leaned in closer, smiling slightly. Kon blinked in confusion, but didn’t try and question his boyfriend as he dabbed at Kon’s feverish skin with a damp washcloth, the fingers of his free hand gently brushing his face and checking his fever. “Sorry to intrude. Bart said you were sick and to stay home, but I wanted to come see you,” he spoke quietly, his voice already lulling Kon to sleep again. He nodded and forced his eyes to stay open, staring up at Tim’s face. “Didn’t want you t'see me like this,” he slurred, squinting as he shifted and his muscles contorted, his body tensing. Tim made a concerned noise. He took Kon’s hand and pressed a kiss to his knuckles. 

 "Sorry, babe…g-guess I don’t look that hot right now,“ Kon finally breathed. His stomach was still cramping terribly. He closed his eyes as he felt fingers card through his hair, working out the small tangles from sleep. "You always look handsome. Even sweaty and sick. Though, I wouldn’t recommend doing this often,” he chuckled, fingernails scraping Kon’s scalp in a relaxing way. He cracked open his eyes. “M'tired. Stay?” He asked. Any other time, he would hate how vulnerable he sounded. But this was Tim. They felt safe enough around each other to be vulnerable, and trusted each other enough to not hide it. Tim nodded, still gripping one of Kon’s hands firmly.

 "I’ll be here when you wake up. Then we’ll get you cleaned up and get something light to eat,“ he promised, and Kon let his eyes close and his mind drift, knowing he wouldn’t wake up alone.

Empty Words

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Part 1

Taehyung X Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff

Summary: Moving to the big city for some inspiration as an aspiring young author, you run into an idol and your simple journey becomes more twisted than originally planned.

The dull pounding at the back of your head had been aching all morning as the sun blared through the blinds of your manager’s office. You both knew that things weren’t going well and you had lost way too much sleep over it. With things going the way they were in a constant, tedious manner, you felt the words you wrote but empty shells. When you had signed up to writing for this publishing company, you had the fiery passion of a young author, ready to show the world a whole new view through your writings. It had been your dream for longer than you could remember. How did you end up like this?

Snapped out of your daze, you see your manager with a furrowed brow and a stern look on his face as he glanced from you to the document on the table. He knew you hadn’t heard a word he said due to the lack of reaction when he tried to tell you some career changing event that could possibly save it all. He knew you hadn’t heard what he was saying because when you began to scan the form in front of you, your eyes expanded and jaw dropped. 

“You’re relocating me? Are you actually serious? You want me to move to that city, where I know absolutely no one? To leave my life behind?” You chuckled coldly at the thought of being sent away from the town you’ve never left since birth. This was your home, how would sticking you in that city in any way help you, your career, your life?

“Y/N, be reasonable and think for a moment. If you had listened to my reasoning you would understand that it’s a good move. You are so young and you’ve never left this damned place, your life is nauseatingly uneventful and you have never experienced anything to really get your writing going. You don’t have the baggage, the adventures, the stories a good author needs.” You stare at him blankly. He was being ridiculous. He must know. Narrowing your eyes, you study the man that sat before you. The way he shifted under your gaze but held his ground only confirmed to you that he was crazy and he meant what he said.

“Listen, I just want you to go and have opportunities you will never find in this town. To answer that question you were clearly going to ask, why Seoul? It is a large city, you’re bound to undergo some kind of writing boost, there’ll be plenty of inspiration and you could have a large audience to your work as well.” He sighed, a small weight lifted from his shoulders as he said all he had to say. He sat back intently in his chair, waiting for some kind of response from you.

You glared at him knowing you probably didn’t have a choice. He was all about his money and when the higher ups started demanding so they didn’t shut down his branch, he’d do anything. Having been your manager since you started writing and publishing, he had a soft spot for you and didn’t like to upset you or hand over too much burden for you to carry.

Walking out of the building, your mind buzzing, you remember telling him you’d sleep on it and then not so subtly storming out of his office. The possibilities bounced around in your brain as you toyed with the idea of leaving your home to go to the big city. You knew deep down he wouldn’t suggest something like this if he hadn’t thought it’d genuinely be good for your writing. Shrugging the thought off, you unchained your bike and cycled home.

After sleepless nights and endless packing, the day came. Eyes darting to every nook and cranny in your beloved bedroom, you turned on your heel and shut the door to your sanctuary. You lived in your room, there was no doubt about it but it was your safe haven for when things got too much and you couldn’t handle lying to your parents, telling them everything is fine, when you couldn’t handle them telling you to go see your older brother in case he had a space for a career change for you.

Your brother was three years older than you, the perfect son. He was a successful business man with his own pharmaceutical company, he had a wife and a baby son. You loved him dearly but you always felt like a let down, trying to follow your dream of writing and having nothing to show for it. You were also painfully single but you didn’t care. The alternative to moving would have been getting into your brother’s business and landing a stable job in administration or, as your parents refused to ever forget, your brother would pay for your training to get whatever job in the company you desired. You were grateful for it but you had to make it in your own way.

Greeting your family outside, you packed your things in the car and the mushy goodbyes had begun. Your parents wished you luck and hid their tears, your childhood friend squeezed you tight and told you to call her and visit as soon as she could. Some of the neighbours offered you some good food which you gratefully accepted as you finally broke off from them and got into your car. Your brother had an important meeting and couldn’t attend and you understood he had a busy schedule. You promised to call once you arrived. 

It took practically forever but you finally got there. The air was thick with pollution, streets densely packed with people and sky void of stars. Using your GPS maps app on your phone you finally found your way to your new apartment. Parking the car outside the building, you begun to take your belongings out of the car. Emptying the boot and the back seats, you realised just how little you brought, essentials, some memorabilia and sanitary products, you didn’t even have that much. 

Before your trek up the stairs with some boxes, you decided to eat some of the food your neighbours gave you. Finishing it up, you headed to the bin on the pathway just further up the alley towards the main road, you discarded your plastic plate and messy tissue after wiping your mouth. The city was loud, which you gathered from driving through to reach your apartment but at this moment, it sounded quite quiet. The area you were situated wasn’t as bad as the rest of the roads you had passed.

Lost in thought, as you turn back to your boxes, you trip over someone’s foot and land on all fours. You snap your head back and look up to see a young man looking down at you. It was quite dark out, but the dim light illuminated his strong features and shadowed other areas of his face. Neither of you move as you study one another. It only lasted a matter of seconds before you stood up again but it felt like much longer.

He seemed to break from his trance and he suddenly came over to you to apologise and ask if you were okay. His voice sounded familiar to you, it was deep and silky, quite charming as he had a hum to his voice. You brushed him off telling him you were fine and began to walk back to your boxes. 

Starting with the heaviest, you began your never ending journey of moving in, alone. Much to your surprise however, the young man followed you into the building and walked with you to the lift. Stifling a sarcastic laugh, you eye him, standing there next to you holding nothing but his phone. You didn’t expect him to help you but he did just trip you over and it’d only be polite. It didn’t matter anyway as you’d probably never see or speak to him again. 

Hopping into the lift you began to inspect him when it finally clicked. Taehyung. He was an idol from a famous boy band, BTS, who you were familiar with. Noticing the recognition in your face, he turned to you fully. He had examined you once more before speaking and you shifted under his watchful eyes. 

“As I guess you figured out, I am Kim Taehyung, singer, main visual and leader of successful boy band BTS.” He paused for dramatic effect as he continued on with his clearly well prepared speech. “It seems you had clumsily fallen over my foot earlier, I forgive you.” Clearly not impressed, you took a deep breath and turned away from him to face the doors of the elevators. 

It was only then that it occurred to you that he was going up the lift with you and hadn’t pressed a button to what floor he wanted. It was common knowledge that he lived in dorms with the other members so you began to wonder what he was doing. Was he following you? But why? He was an important and busy person, he’s probably on a schedule to meet someone or something.

The lift pinged and the doors glided open and you walked down the hallway to find your apartment. Taehyung also got out and went in another direction and you assumed that was the end of that. But when were you ever good at predicting things?

Trip after trip, you’d bring a couple of boxes up to the apartment and wondered if you’d bump into him again. He had been quite rude and he was definitely mocking you but something about him made you curious. You shrugged off the feeling knowing full well he was just a rude idol who thought he was better than everyone else and you needed nothing to do with him. 

Lugging the final box up to your apartment, you walk into the already open door and dump it on the floor. Your legs felt sluggish and your eye lids weighed heavy. Exhaustion flooded over you and you wanted nothing more than to have some tea and go to bed. Your manager had already had furniture and essentials moved in so the kettle was already out. 

In your zombie-like state, you failed to notice someone hand you a mug of hot tea. Thanking them gratefully, you headed to the couch to sip on it. As what just happened dawned on you, you slowly rotated in your seat to face none other than Taehyung, leaning on your kitchen counter, making himself at home and sipping on his own mug of tea. 

What surprised you was the sound that left his lips, a childish, bright laugh as he watched you deal with this whole ordeal. Wide eyed, you stared at him. Words wouldn’t form and you were just too tired to think. Instead of angrily ushering him out of your apartment like you probably should have done, you didn’t. You turned back in your seat with your back to him as you drank in silence. 

The man child plopped himself next to you on the couch and looked at you. He had to admit, despite being a tired and stressed out mess, you were pretty. Reacting in such strange ways, you intrigued him for the moment so he thought he’d indulge himself. 

“So what’s your name? Where you moving from?” He waited patiently for you to respond as you slowly and practically unwillingly, you explained a vague brief of your case. As another wave of exhaustion hit you, you could no longer fight the urge. Setting the tea down, you shuffled to the bedroom and flopped on the bed, you fell asleep instantly.

Waking from your sleep, with hazy memories and screaming muscles, you hardly moved. The room was quite dark, curtains drawn and area silent. Images of the previous night started to flood back as you remember just leaving a strange man in your apartment as you went to bed. You take a good minute to appreciate how stupid that was and roll out of bed to inspect your new home. Everything was as you left it, except for the note you spot on your kitchen counter. 

You snort to yourself as you read the most cocky note on a napkin you’ve ever seen, as if you’d seen plenty. You read it about 10 times before you truly believed you were reading it right and that man was completely out of his mind. Staring down at the scrawled note you shook your head in disbelief. It read:

“Seeing you’re new here, meet me where we first met tonight at 7 and I’ll show you the city. Don’t bring any money, it’ll be my treat. Love Tae xoxo”

He was unbelievable! First he crashed into you and accepted your non-existent apology. Then he waited for you in your apartment while you made countless trips with boxes. He didn’t even announce himself. He just made you tea and sat on the couch with you! Now he was asking you out? You bet any girl would jump at the chance. But you wouldn’t. Don’t be stupid. A free night with a handsome man around the new city full of people you don’t know and no one you do know. Could be a good experience to get you on track with your writing. Were you really just making excuses to go out with him?

Deciding to do it, you question why the hell he’d be interested on spending any time at all with you. What a strange man…  

I found it harder than usual to get out of bed today. Frankly I wasn’t even thinking of you, but my body felt strangely heavy against my mattress. The minutes passed as I realized with disappointment in myself that I was supposed to get up early.

I thought of you next to me.  The curve of your waist, the way the sun hit your cheeks through my blinds, the way your lips became slightly untouched as you slept. I think the best thing about the day I woke up before you for once was being able to absorb the peaceful aura you radiated so beautifully. You didn’t have to say it, but in the moments where your body is at rest is where you seemed to be the most content. The world can be an evil place, ripping people from our lives that weren’t supposed to leave, cursing us with more bad days than good. You didn’t have to think about that as you slept.

There was a moment we had where I felt myself falling in love with you, yet I didn’t realize it then. I felt my soul melt into yours. We found ourselves in peaceful silence as we moved closer to each other on your twin sized bed. I laid on your chest so innocently, and instead of being terrified of the closeness, I felt calm. Your thin fingertips found ran through my hair, your heartbeat was the only sound filling the corners of my mind.

Everything felt still. Everything felt quiet. Everything, even me, felt okay.

I found it harder than usual to get out of bed today.
Maybe I miss you more than I’d like to admit. 
Maybe I didn’t take those moments I fell for you for granted, but the nostalgia that hits me makes me think I did.

—  mornings

anonymous asked:

What bothers me the most is not the Eleanor ass kissing because I'm use to that, it's been that way since 2012. What has me seeing red is using Jay's death to portray her as this rock to Louis, as if he needs her to get through this emotional time in his life (Even excluding this blind, the Sun article was written with the same message) . What an immoral thing to imply and what a slap in the face to Harry who has surely been the one holding Louis at night when he grieves. Shame on them all.

their team has never cared about doing disgustingly immoral things so i’m not surprised it’s continuing even after jay’s death

and yes. shame on them all.

Because I Love You

It’s not because I love you,

That the world still turns,

I’d never be so vain, as to say,

Such a thing.

It’s not because I love you,

That the sun still rose this morning,

I’d never be so dumb, as to claim,

Such glory.

It’s not because I love you,

That your blood keeps pumping,

I’d never say such a thing,

But it really has me thinking;

Because I love you,

My world still churns,

I’d never met a soul like yours,

To which I do adore.

Because I love you,

The sun I see today, it blinds me,

I’d never seen a smile so brilliant,

You’re shining.

Because I love you,

My body keeps on trucking,

I’d never had such a reason,

To keep on living,

As I do now.

You feel like you’re nothing,
Not a whiff in the wind.
The feeling’s so crushing,
How could you be so blind?

You are my everything.
You are my sun and my moon,
You are my ups and downs.
You are my whole life,
You are my smiles and my frowns.

You are those little moments of bliss
You are my thoughts and my feelings.
You are my first kiss
You are myself and my being.

You control my thoughts
You make me think of you
You take away my free will
You make me say,
You make me do.

You must understand that this is not a bad thing
You are my guidance
You are my compass
You are my saviour
You are my hero

You are who I need
You are for whom I breath.

The Signs As Times
  • aries: 4 AM // when you're the only one still awake
  • taurus: 12 PM // when the sun shines in exactly the right place
  • gemini: 2 AM // sweaty bodies molding together on the dance floor
  • cancer: 1 AM // when you're visiting memory lane and going through photo albums
  • leo: 10 PM // the feeling when you're take the long way driving home just to sit peacefully and listen to music
  • virgo: 2 PM // when you get to relax for the first time with a good book as rain showers on the roof
  • libra: 5 AM // the sun and moon rising and setting as everyone else is asleep with empty streets
  • scorpio: 3 AM // laying awake in bed with your partner as you laugh, talk, kiss, all night long
  • sagittarius: 7 AM // first waking up in the morning and opening the blinds to the sun shining and wind slightly moving
  • capricorn: 9 PM // slowly falling asleep after a long day while watching an '80s rom-com
  • aquarius: 8 PM // the feeling of sinking down in the bath and closing your eyes as the hot water with bubbles soak into your skin
  • pisces: 6 PM // finally getting home and being able to just flop on your bed/couch

Happy Birthday to the brilliant Haruki Murakami -one of my favorite authors and one of today’s most compelling, imaginative voices.

I let the blinds open a bit, so I can see the ocean in the distance but it only reminded me of how far away you are; I let the blinds open a bit, so the sun can shine it’s rays into my room but it only reminded me of how bright you make my day; I let the blinds open a bit…because I like how everything makes me think of you and wish you were here to see this view too

I was a mess
with tattered
pieces of me,
scattered all around
my fragile body.
When you came
and stood in front of me,
you gave me a hand
and helped me to stand
with my own feet,
you said I was
a beautiful scar
that needs curing,
a stunning sun that
was crowded with gray clouds,
a moon that was blinded
by little shining stars.
I let you hold me for a while,
until I finally found myself
healing and falling in love.
When you came I realized
one thing that made me
glad and sad at the same time,
that a person can heal you
with their genuine heart,
yet there’s no assurance
that they will catch you
when you fall
for them so hard.
—  ma.c.a // When You Came, I Thought Love Was Meant to Last

january wakes up softly and her eyelids flutter open. her friend, the sun, is greeting her warmly through the cracks of her blinds. she smiles back as she stretches her limbs and breathes in the cold air deeply. today is the start of a new beginning, she whispers, i will be softer, i will be better, i will be greater.