the sun times

Since I reached New Mexico, nearly all my anxiety has been laser-focused on the matters of driving and being in charge of a car (a whole car! me!), but I’ve been working on it, and since Wednesday I’ve driven from Albuquerque to Taos to Santa Fe. Once I got on the interstate, it wasn’t so bad! Anyway, I love it here. I’ll catch up with my dash eventually but I’ve been posting on insta if you want to see. 

I honestly love how, no matter who you ask, everyone has a favorite pokemon. And they all have their own reasons, like

Onix is your favorite because it was the first Pokemon card you ever owned?

Of course

Mudkip is your favorite because it’s the first starter you ever chose?


Venipede is your favorite because you love bug types?

Heck yeah

Rockruff is your favorite because it’s just so freakin’ cute?


Reblog and put in the tags what your favorite Pokemon is and why!


Do I need another reason?