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There stands Lillie, bleak and ominous, watching Cosmog. But the most frightening thing.. was that she was holding a bag.

no fear
one fear

Everything about that MV was perfect. From choosing a fandom name and lightstick colors to the inevitable conflict that happens in every group. Especially that whole “single out the face/maknae of the group and put them at the forefront” thing. And the whole “going solo” thing. And the fact that they were fighting about who would be the leader or who would get what lines. It’s a wonderful satirical prod at the real kpop industry and it was done so beautifully. Even the song itself was so good.

even though their korean pronunciation wasn’t the best shhhh they tried

theyre bonding ;)

you cant tell me that post-game after being nigh-disenfranchised with that demotion and being forced to confront past inhumane sins somebody like faba wouldnt take up stress-smoking 

at least he found a smoking buddy he can surprisingly stand for more than 30 minutes

(it also gives nanu the perfect opportunity to talk casually with the guy bc hes super-califragilistic-expiali-gay and thinks fabas pretty)

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hullo yas cen I habe a lebel 12 zekroom fo cinim?

…. I’m i supposed to make anything of that mess???

Basic transits meaning

 Feel free to add + correct something! I’m still learning about this so your help is amazing :)

I’ll cover the houses here. If you want to check your transits, here you have a tutorial by @astrologanize

Sun: focus, where you shine brighter than ever! Where the sun falls, it’ll be your main interest for a certain time. For example, Sun transiting your 11th house will focus on social life, friend groups and your dreams. Sun transiting your 6th house will be focused on routine and getting things done, rather than dreaming and being social.

Moon: this planet’s transits are really short (2 days approximately), so its effect is more like “daily mood” than big and meaningful cycles in your life. These transits show where your emotions are focused on, and where you may be more creative. I highly recommend to check the sign where the transit Moon is in! For example, Cancer moon is transiting in your 2nd house. That’ll mean you’re a lot more attached emotionally to your material goods, and you may buy too many things during this transit. Of course, this feeling only last for like two days so next week you might regret all the useless things you’ve bought…

Mercury: this planet’s transits tend to last one month aproximately. These transits show where your mental focus is, your mental state and what kind of subjects are you up to learn. Plus, it brings a lot of energy to the house’s activities. For example, Mercury transiting the 3rd house will be a lot more witty and will seek more mental stimulation than usual. It may be difficult to stop thinking and you may jump from one thought to the next fearly quickly. This is a good time to focus on mental activities, like school or college.

Venus: this planet’s transits last about one month. This transits tend to show where you feel more confident and social. If it isn’t in a bad aspect with any natal planet, it’ll be a good transit. Depending the house transit Venus is, you may be a lot more creative and artsy. For example, Venus transiting your 5th house will make you more prone to flirting without a clear objective, more like an entertaiment than a real affair. This placement is perfect for creative activities, like drawing.

Mars: this planet’s transits last about one month. This brings a boost of energy to the activities concerned to the transited house, and may indicate what drives you during that time. For example, Mars transiting your 9th house will be eager to learn, and motivation to travel and experience new things.

The following planets have a wider orbit around the sun, therefore, they stay longer in each house. Personally, I think their effects are way more crucial than, for example, the moon’s. 

Saturn: this planet’s transits last about one or two years. It is mostly seen as a hard aspect because it shows where one have work to do in order to reach a goal, where we don’t feel enough and it sometimes lead to insecurity and limitations. For example, Saturn transiting in the 10th house can make you feel useless in your career and vulnerable in front of others, and you might feel your work isn’t rewarded. This is a good time to work harder than ever and find holes in your public image and goals.

Jupiter: this planet’s transits last for one year. It shows where you find yourself luckier and happier, and what will help you to expand your life. This is generally seen as a good transit, not matter what kind of aspects it has with your natal planets. For example, Jupiter in the 12th house finds happiness and expansion through relaxing and spiritual ways, like meditation. This is a good time to analyze yourself and let your ego wash away.

Uranus: this planet spends many years in one house and sign. It brings change and mental energy. Change is abrupt and may be caused by a change of mentality or plain boredom. Uranus is here to start new things, to dare and to challenge you. For example, if Uranus is in your 1st house, you may feel you need to change your appearence and your identity may be challenged. This is a good time to change your style and re-create yourself.

Neptune: this planet spends many years in one house and sign. Where it is placed, things get burried. It’s a time where you are more creative, spiritual and confused at the same time. This transit paints a certain part of your life with fantasy. If Neptune is transiting your 6th house, for example, you’ll daydreaming a lot more than you’re used to and procrastination may take over your life if you don’t control it. This is a good time to make art though.

Pluto: this planet spends many years in one house and sign. Transformation is the key word for this transit. Where transit Pluto is placed, things (think about habits, cycles, etc) end in order to start new ones. Also, it can symbolize that your current habits will be transform permanently. Negative feelings may be regular in certain times. Things from the past may do a come back. For example, if Pluto is transiting your 7th house, several of your relationships and friendships may transform in something new, bad or good. Plus, some of your relationships may end and that will mean a new cycle, a “new” you. This is a good time to reevaluate your relationships and throw away the negative ones in your life.


Alphabet meme

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A- Age: Hah.
B- Biggest fear: Gosh. Sharing this online, are we? Tell you what, I’ll point you to Hermione’s scene with the boggart during their DADA exam with Lupin. That was me at that age too.
C- Current time: The sun is up.
D- Drink you last had: Water.
E- Every day starts with: Rosy-fingered dawn bringing the day. Though here it’s sometimes more like lava-fingered dawn.
F- Favorite song: Always liked Aled Jones’ version of Walking in the Air. Also Miserere from Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack for The Mission, good old Pie Jesu, Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma, some of John Rutter’s choral pieces, Offenbach’s Barcarolle, a great deal more. Ask me another day and I’ll have a different list of songs. 
G- Ghosts, are they real: In Homer they are. 
J- Jealous of: My privacy. Remember, historically, envy was what you felt for something you coveted, but to be jealous of something originally meant you were fiercely protective of it. And here is your unnecessary etymology lesson of the day: jealous < Middle English gelous < Old French jalous < Late Latin zelatus < Greek ζῆλος “eager rivalry”, “emulation” < PIE * yeh2- “to seek”, “to desire”.
K- Killed someone: I accidentally suffocated a cockroach, trod on several snails, and every poor valiant little bee who stung me died when she lost her sting. 
L- Last time you cried: Tuesday. 
M- Middle name(s): HAH.
N- Number of siblings: They exist. 
O- One wish: Ooh, that more of the lost works of literature from the ancient world survived, or even better, could be found.
P- Person you last called/texted: My boyfriend.
Q- Questions you’re always asked: “So you like horses?”
R- Reasons to smile: Listening to the story my housemate told about her HoD bringing five puppies to the office.
S- Song last sung: Singing just happens without much conscious thought unless something goes wrong. Chances are good it was an Irish folksong, or something from Disney, or a fragment of a hymn. Might also have been opera. (Abba disapproves of my singing. My cat did too. I don’t think I sing that badly.)
T- Time you woke up: It was dark.
U- Underwear color: …
V- Vacation destination: Greece. Please. Athens for the Acropolis (I love the Parthenon so much and I really wish the British Museum would do the decent thing and return the marbles) and the fantastic Archaeological Museum, Mycenae, Amyclae, the Menelaion, Pylos, Delphi, the Spercheios valley, the Vale of Tempe, Dodona, Pella, Delos, Thera, Knossos. Also Turkey, for the Troad and the Ionian coast, Hattusa near Boğazkale - I think I’ll stop there because this list is already quite long. 
W- Worst habit: Many. Too many to name. Let’s stick with the tendency to provide detailed and unnecessary exposition whilst remaining entirely oblivious to everyone else’s boredom and desperate desire to get away. 
X- X-rays you’ve had: Lungs, always the lungs.
Z- Zodiac sign: The fishy one.

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The whole DJ thing reminds me of how the Sun revealed in summer 2015 (through Anne Marie's husband) that H is interesting in acting. They took that away from him and exposed it while he was still in the band. This feels like it...

so then why don’t you feel the difference that it’s NOT the Sun this time?


so i heard that the sun and the moon are girlfriends

(i wonder if they meet in twilight or dawn)