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ROTBTD AU >> Ouran High School Host Club
From Episode 8: The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club!
Rapunzel as Haruhi & Hans as Kyoya

Let’s say the reason Rapunzel still has her long, blonde hair is because it’s a wig, and the Host Club wanted her to wear it or something hehe.

The Merit Scene in Ouran

Okay, so this is something I’ve thought a lot about in the past, but never really took the time to comment on it. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the Ouran fandom knows about this particular scene - and the views on it are quite polarizing. I’d like to offer my own perspective on the issue, just because I’m opinionated and can’t help myself. 

To do this, I’m going to look at both the manga and the anime. There isn’t too much difference between the two mediums in terms of content, but I figured it would be best to use both the original source and the one that more people are probably familiar with. 

For those of you who don’t know, this scene takes place in Ep. 8 of the anime (The Sun, the Sea, and the Host Club) and Vol. 4, Ch. 9 of the manga. I’m unfortunately unable to access my physical copy of the manga at the moment, so an online fanlation will have to suffice. 

Onto my thoughts! Which, FYI, are very, very long. Read with caution.

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