the sun is so blinding

now ed has revealed himself lorde will rise and the trio will be completed for the first time in hundreds of years the sun will be blinding the crops will grow so quickly they will overtake the earth there will be no poverty no sadness no war all will be well

I let the blinds open a bit, so I can see the ocean in the distance but it only reminded me of how far away you are; I let the blinds open a bit, so the sun can shine it’s rays into my room but it only reminded me of how bright you make my day; I let the blinds open a bit…because I like how everything makes me think of you and wish you were here to see this view too

I’m watching Moon Lovers and I’m loving it but sometimes I’m like

Anatomy Lesson

(At grandma’s house helping as my mom recovers from surgery)

Mom: *Lazes in bed, refuses to get up*

Grandma: *Opens all the blinds wide so the sun pours in*  I’m gonna get some light in here. It’ll get your spizzerinctum going. 

Me: Your what? 

Mom: My spizzerinctum! 

Me: What is a spizzerinctum?

Grandma: You oughtta know, you’re the doctor. 

Hau ;w;

I’d work more on this piece but it turns out it’s straining super heavily on my eyes and after 10 minutes of painting over basic stuff the sight got all fuzzy and I couldn’t finish it X__X hope it’s ok even with minor touchups…..

Plane Mishaps // 3:53 pm

Pairing: Reader x Tom Holland Warning: idk clumsiness ?? Featuring: Tom Holland, Harrison Osterfield Prompt: you don’t like flying and turbulence isn’t your fiend. Flying was like your worst enemy. No, planes were your worst enemy, flying was the epiphany of hell. That’s right. You would always get motion sickness, your body didn’t like high elevations and you didn’t like heights. Sitting by the window might have been a bad decision, but your friend didn’t like heights anymore than you, and she wanted to nap. She couldn’t nap with the sun shining through the window. It wouldn’t be a problem, but you two got the luck of having a broken blind, so the sun shone directly in your face. You wanted to use the bathroom, but standing up in mid air made you more light headed then you were already. But your stomach didn’t feel to good. Every thought of the plane moving, of not being on the ground, made your stomach make very uncomfortable movements. “Okay, I need to get up.” You spoke to your friend that was reading a Vogue magazine. “Sure, sure.” She knew that face, you were going to throw up. You stood from your seat and scooted past your friend, shuffling as fast as you could to the bathroom. The line had dispersed by the time you got to the bathroom, gladly. You stepped in and locked the door behind you. ************ It was always a good idea to carry gum around with you, you were very happy you remembered to stuff a pack of excel into your sweater pocket. The bathroom was very tight quarters and if you stood in there any longer, you’d probably faint from claustrophobia. You unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out, just as turbulence hit the plane. It shook you over and you hit the wall. Ow, you thought. It stopped momentarily and the flight attendant scurried over to see if you were okay. “Yes, in fine.” You spoke through gritted teeth. You just needed to get back to your seat. You started to walk slowly as the ding sounded, the seat belt sign flashed on above your head. You were panicking now. Would you make it back to your seat before another strong wind knocked you over? You took two small steps down the isle when the plane shook, and down you went. Although, you didn’t go face down, or fly backwards. With your luck, you fell sideways into another passengers lap. He was startled, to say the least. You were positive you woke him from a great nap, too. “Ahhhh!” He yelled, as you landed holding onto his shoulders, you were really just ready to brace yourself to fall face first. “I’m so sorry!” You cried, wanting to get back to your feet, but the turbulence wouldn’t stop. He noticed how frightened you looked and quickly, somehow gracefully, swept you up in his arms and placed you into the empty seat beside him. Your heat was going a million miles a minute as his arms let go of you and left you cold. The turbulence passed after another moment and you could finally catch your breath, your head was a little fuzzy but you felt okay enough to get to your feet and find your seat. But you didn’t move. The guy you fell on stayed silent. It was awkward, you thought, what were you to say? He cleared his throat, “are you okay?” He asked. OH, he had an accent. “Uhm, yes. I’m so sorry I wasn’t prepared for that and I didn’t mean to fall-” his hand waved through the air, stopping you. “It’s okay, really. I’m not that good with flying either.” You faced him now. Oh no, bad idea. He was very good looking. Your jaw almost fell to the floor, but you controlled yourself. He looked a little taken back as he stared at you, too. Was there something on your face? Oh no, please don’t let there be anything on your face, you thought. “I-I’m Tom.” His voice sounded far away, was he really awestruck because of you? “[First Name].” You offered a smile. You’d normally offer your hand, but you were profusely sweating right now in such a hot persons presence. “So, flying isn’t really your thing , huh?” His laugh sounded like a harmony. “No, not really.” You shrugged, but you added a laugh to seem friendly enough. But really, you were still in a daze. “What brings you on a plane, anyhow?” He was trying to keep the conversation going, you realized. “My friend and I wanted to travel a little before we both went out separate ways.” You answered, watching as he nodded his head in understanding. “I would kill to take a year off, even just a month, to travel.” His voice sounded sincere, but your eyes were fixed on the other person that walked up to stand beside Tom. “I’m gone for ten minutes and you’ve already replaced me,” the guy said, he had an accent as well. “Oh please, Haz. You left me to go talk to a girl, what else was I to do?” Tom said to the guy (Haz? You assumed) in a teasing tone. “She was cute,” Haz shrugged. “I better get going,” you said, realizing that you were taking up this Haz guys seat. As you shuffled past Tom to the isle, Tom swiftly and softly grabbed hold of your wrist, you turned to face him. “Would it be completely inappropriate if I asked for your number?” Tom asked, as his cheeks turned a light shade of red. Yours felt a little hot to as you shook your head. “Of course not.” Tom handed you his phone and you quickly typed in your name and number, handing it back to him, he gave you a heart melting smile. “I’ll see you around, [Name].” With a smile you headed over to your own seat, where your best friend was smiling like an idiot as well. “What’s got you looking like that?” You teased as you took your seat. “You’re not going to believe the hottie that just gave me his number,” your friend started. You laughed, “oh, I might have an idea.”

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Yeo One - Good Morning

“hi!!!! can i request an early morning cuddles with yeo one type scenario??? thanks in advance, sorry if im bothering you!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡”

(A/N: You’re not a bother at all, I appreciate the request~ I made this a drabble since it was specifically focused on one thing, I hope that’s okay! If you were hoping for something different, please feel free to let me know ^^)

Your eyes fluttered open to a new morning, the sun held perfectly so that you were essentially blinded. Shifting away from the vicious sun, you closed your eyes again.

“Good morning,” you heard from a morning-voiced Changgu.
“Morning~” you mumbled back groggily.

He lazily wrapped an arm around you and pulled you close to him, resting his chin on the top of your head and sighing contentedly as he ran his fingers through your hair. Having had the blessing of waking up next to Changgu for a while, you had really become a morning person.

“Anything planned for today?” you asked, enjoying the gentle scalp massage.
“Same as every day,” he replied, moving so he could see your face.
“I figured… when do you get time off?”
“Mm.. maybe soon~”

That was good enough for you. He leaned over to place a kiss on your forehead reassuringly and you smiled.

“At least you get mornings off, huh?” you said.
“Even better that they’re spent with you,” Changgu smirked back.
“I can’t believe you just…”
“I love you!“

ok to be completely honest I don’t get why people are bothered when their type is bashed like

I find the ennea 8=abusive psychopath thing really fucking funny and …. when ppl bash entps/certain functions it’s just like, I wanna ask “why” and sometimes I do but…. it doesn’t bother me? Why does this bother people and why do they care

if you wanted to go in my ask box right now and shit on everything under the sun about so blind ennea 8 entps you can go right ahead… idk man the whole “lets all play nice uwu” just seems kinda weirdly juvenile in a way I can’t put my finger on

“Yesterday I saw the ghost
Of my shaded past
He was standing by my window
Looking kind of lost
He said : “I’ve travelled across the oceans
Of time and space
Just to say I love you
I still can’t forget”

I didn’t even stop to listen
I had my things to do
So I just kept on walking
Staring at my shoes
I guess I didn’t have the courage
To look him in the face
Then I heard his voice
Crying at my back

And he said: You’re a strange bird
You sang so sweet then you flew away
You’re a weird flame
You made me warm till I got burnt
Oh! you’ll pay for this one day (…)

I woke up early in the morning
Blinded by the Sun
I never felt so empty and so lonely
In my life
I’ve left so many ghosts behind me
Just to save my self (…)

I’m a strange bird
I sing so sweet then I fly away
I’m a weird flame
I’ll make you warm
Till you get burnt (…)”

Anita Lipnicka & John Porter - “Strange Bird”


Each solemn, star-filled night,
as I stare above in awe,
to those illusive balls of gas,
some long gone, clear as ever.

I can’t help but recognise humanity
in their endless image,
burnt-out long ago, still shining,
still striving not to fade away.

And that beauty that others see in them,
only keeps them burning brighter, longer,
boundless luminaries.
They refuse to be overcome.

So burn on, sweet stars,
and don’t let your surroundings bind you,
for one day, you’ll be a beauty so bright,
that even the sun could not blind you.

—  S.H.

“The sight of her brightens up my day.

Her eyes twinkle in the midst of a scorching sun while her fair skin reflects the light so majestically that I am blinded by her radiant beauty.

Every night I dream about having her in my arms and every day I wake up to the fact that somebody owns her and I could never- not in any realistic and imaginable world, at least- have her as my own.”

Our New Beginning

Like a river turns to ice

Waiting on spring

We gather our broken

We gather our poor

We gather those that were wronged

In the most violating ways

We have waited, for decades

Wandering the streets 

And sleeping in stained, angry sheets

Our bodies aching and our minds recreating

Our spirits waiting

I am it

YOU are it

THEY are it

Our new beginning, breaking the horizon

We will let the sun be bright int heir eyes, blinding

So we can move forward and bring peace

Remembering that peace doesn’t always come without sacrifice

So hold your head high and don’t forget that 

We are a people united together