the sun is setting earlier these days

when i was a kid i had a collection of really old peanuts comics and this particular one from 1970 stuck with me so much

it is so perfect, such a study in contrasts between the nine panels of buildup and the crushing payoff, the bright clear day vs the all-encompassing rain, the restrained eagerness of the way he leans to see just a little further around the corner while waiting for the bus in the first panel, the enormous emptiness of the stadium around him in the last one driving home the fact that he has waited there, hoping for the sun, so much longer than anyone else, this contrasted against the adventuresome solitude of the set-up, because he’s there so much earlier than anyone else too, the MOST excited, that the only words in the comic are him sadly reading the rain check rules out loud to himself while still in his seat, in the rain

that the bus is the BASEBALL Special

if you boiled my comedic sensibilities down to their purest essence it would just be this comic, framed, hanging on the wall in an empty museum

House of Cards Pt.5 | Jungkook

Prologue | Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5 |

“A house made of cards, and stupidly, us; even if you say it’s a useless dream, just stay a little more like this.”

Summary: Love just isn’t meant to last in this game of cards, especially when you and Jungkook are enemies.

Word Count: 4,190

Genre: Gang/mafia!au + angst (contains mature content)

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“How shall I tell ye what it is, to feel the need of a place?” he said softly. “The need of snow beneath my shoon. The breath of the mountains, breathing their own breath in my nostrils as God gave breath to Adam. The scrape of rock under my hand, climbing, and the sight of the lichens on it, enduring in the sun and the wind.”

His breath was gone and he breathed again, taking mine. His hands were linked behind my head, holding me, face-to-face.

“If I am to live as a man, I must have a mountain,” he said simply.

Short & Sweet || Sodapop Imagine

Never had you known twelve hours earlier that you’d be sitting in an empty field with your exquisitely beautiful boyfriend, intertwined in his arms as the sun set. Never had you known twelve hours earlier that you’d spend hours talking, and the whole time Soda would be distracted. Never had you known today would be the best day of your life.

“Soda…are you okay?” You asked, resting your small hand on your boyfriends toned arms. Soda stared off into the blur where the earth met the never-ending sky. He quickly looked down before turning and looking into your eyes. It never gets old…no matter how many times you look into his eyes, you fall for him all over again.

“I’m sorry honey…I’ve got…other things on my mind.” He spoke softly, and you could tell something was bothering him. You gave him a concerned look, and without a word, held your arms out. You were answered with a quizzical look before he  finally embraced you, his strong arms wrapping around your body. His hugs were like an envelope, protecting you from the rest of the world. You felt safe in them, and they never ceased to put you at ease. You hoped your hugs did the same for him. Soda and yourself sat there, silently hugging, for what seemed like hours. Eventually, you both pulled away and you sat patiently waiting to see if he would explain.

“Today…” He started, “I went down to the gas station.” Nothing seemed out of the ordinary yet. Soda worked at the gas station, and he’s never had a problem with it. You nodded, urging him to continue, “A bunch of Socs came in looking for trouble…” He trailed off, as your mind began to worry. Had he been hurt? What had the Socs done? Sensing your uneasiness, Soda held your hand in his.

“It’s not even about the money…it’s not being able-not able to give you-w-what you d-deserve.” Soda began sniffling, and his eyes watered with tears that struck some of your own. You knitted your eyebrows, completely confused.

“What I deserve? Soda, you’re talking like a mad-man. If I have you, I have everything. What’s this all about?” You asked, unaware of what he said within few minutes would change both of your lives forever.

“A…A ring. They took it. W-We got into a fight. Steve tried pulling us apart, and in the mess the ring fell out of my pocket. T-They picked it up…they laughed. Them damn Socs, I hate ‘em. They said why would a girl like you wanna-wanna marry a guy like me.” He finished, tears speckling his red cheeks. Wait- did he say marry?

“Marry?” You asked, your eyes wide. Soda looked up at you, nodding glumly.

“I was gonna ask you…tonight would have been perfect. I wanted to cancel, but I still wanted to treat you to something. I’m sorry…I don’t deserve somebody like you.” You shut Soda up with a firm kiss, his lips soft against yours.

“It can still be perfect, don’t let them ruin it.”

“The ring…” He muttered.

“Forget the ring, I don’t need diamonds to know you love me.” Soda looked at you, and his vulnerability shone through. His eyes sparkled, as a faint smile inked on his lips. He leaned forward, plucking a few flowers and twisting them around each other.

“ Y/N, I’ve loved you from the beginning. I remember the day you walked into the gas station. All you wanted was gas, and all I wanted was you. Ever since that day, you’ve been my everything. I’d give my world to you, if I could. I’m not very good at speeches, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I love you with everything in me Y/N. Will you marry me?” He smiled, hope laced in his features. You sniffled, your eyes watering. With a continuous nod, Soda placed the flower ring on your finger. It was much more beautiful than any diamond.

You truly had the best boyfriend- no, fiancé , ever.


hey guys, what did you think? I hope you all enjoyed! I adore writing imagines, so there will be plenty more to come! Love you all!

As I was watching the sunset earlier I figured that’s what I want my love to be like, that’s the kind of love I want, that is how I want to love - like a sunset. Each day the sun sets and rises and each sunset still manages to mesmerise me, it still bewilders me and overwhelms me and completely fascinates me no matter how many I watch set. Each sun I watch set acts as a constant reminder of how lucky I am to live on such a beautiful Planet, each sunset is a blessing. That is the kind of love I want, a love that totally overwhelms me, a love that fascinates me and one that I cannot take my eyes off, a love that gets me racing to the top of a hill just to watch it, a love that is vibrant, a love that is loyal, - a love like a sunset. 

“Lafayette 284???” 284. “There’s no getting out of this. You ruined me.”

It was a warm Friday afternoon as you made your way down the busy Manhattan street. You walked arm in arm with your best friend, Angelica Schuyler.

The two of you had spent the day hanging out together in the city, you two had been spending so much time apart lately, you were in desperate need of some quality time with your best friend.

You two had been to several stores and shops by the time the sun began to set, you had caught up on everything that’s been happening in your lives at this point, but you were both tired from a long day in the city.

“Hey,” Angelica yawned, several shopping bags on her free arm, “Your house is on my way back home, do you want to just share a carriage?”

“That sounds great, I could also give you the letters I mentioned earlier!” You agreed. Angelica smiled and the two of you climbed into a shared carriage, setting down the many bags you had acquired.

“So how’re things going with Lafayette? You two are living together now, right?” Angelica questioned, crossing her legs as the carriage started moving.

“Oh things are going wonderfully! He moved in just three short months ago, and he wants me to go back to France with him after America wins the revolution! I’m not so sure I will, but I’m considering it!” You gushed excitedly.

“That’s great,” Angelica laughed at your enthusiasm, “Would you really want to move to France, though?” She asked curiously.

“I would go anywhere for him,” You smiled, looking down at your hands.

The rest of the carriage ride was mostly uneventful, You and Angelica were both exhausted by the time the carriage arrived in front of you and Lafayette’s shared home.

“Could you help me bring these in?” You yawned, looking at Angelica hopefully.

“Of course I will, I still have to get those letters after all,” She nudged you playfully, grabbing some of your bags. You laughed and picked up the rest.

The two of you both walked up to the front door of your house, and opened the door. You looked around curiously, the house was eerily quiet and none of the candles were lit.

“Just set those here please,” You muttered, placing your bags in a chair. “I’ll go get the letters.” You made your way to your bedroom, you felt uneasy as you placed your hand on the doorknob. Slowly opening the door, you gasped.

You couldn’t believe your eyes, sleeping in your bed, was Lafayette and some woman. There were clothes strewn about the room, Lafayette had his arm draped over the woman’s bare chest. Tears began to fill you eyes, disbelief was replaced with anger as you slammed the bedroom door behind you. Lafayette shot up in surprise, looking at you in fear.

The woman merely peered at you from your place in your bed. “Lafayette, Who is this?” She yawned.

“He was courting me,” You said, voice laced with disgust and betrayal. You glared at Lafayette, before grabbing the box of letters on the chair next to the door and exiting the room.

“Y/N! Wait!” You heard a thump and a groan, you assumed he tripped trying to catch you. You walked as fast as you could back to where Angelica was waiting for you.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” Angelica asked curiously as you grabbed the bags you had placed in the chair, you grabbed her hand and marched out of the house.

“Y/N!” You looked back at the house, Lafayette had a sheet wrapped around his waist. You pulled Angelica to the carriage and you both climbed in. “Y/N, wait,” Lafayette sounded defeated, you glared at him through tear filled eyes, then slammed the carriage door.

Angelica didn’t speak until you two were a safe distance away from the house, once you were, she finally spoke up.

“What happened?” She said, placing her hand on your back.

“He… He was… He brought another woman into our bed,” That’s when you finally broke, you began to sob.

What?” Angelica hissed, eyes filled with fury. Your eyes met hers and her eyes softened. “I’m so sorry Y/N,” She wrapped her arms around you comfortingly. You hiccuped and sobbed as she rubbed your back until you drifted off to sleep.

It had been a couple of days since Angelica let you stay in the guest bedroom of her home, her sisters and parents welcomed you with opened arms after hearing what had happened to you from Angelica.

Regardless of how supportive and sympathetic the Schuyler’s were, you hadn’t left your room in days. You couldn’t eat, you couldn’t sleep. You just sat next to the window and cried silently, you couldn’t help but feel like this was all your fault.

It was around noon when you heard a knock at the door. “Come in,” Your voice was raw from crying. It was Eliza.

“Hey, Y/N…” Eliza opened the door slowly, her eyes were filled with pity. “Just wanted to see if you wanted lunch, also Lafayette is here,” She said quickly.

Your head shot up, your eyes filled with rage. “What? He’s here?”

“Do you want me to make him leave?” She asked nervously, opening the door a little more.

You were silent for a moment, then stood up. “No. I want to talk to him,” You walked over to Eliza, she looped her arm with yours.

The two of you descended the stairs together, you held your head high as you mentally prepared yourself. Your heart leaped in your chest once you saw him, he looked so sad. Eliza excused herself.

“Y/N,” He said quietly, looking into your eyes. “I’m so sorry, I can explain.”

“You’re sorry? Explain? You don’t need to explain.” Your voice shaking with rage.

“Mon amour, just let me explain. I was at the bar, I got drunk. She came onto me,” He tried to explain.

I don’t care,” You interrupted him.

“Mon cher, please forgive me,” He grabbed your hands, dropping to his knees. “Je t’aime. Je t’aime. Je t’aime,” You ripped your hands out of his.

“There’s no getting out of this. You ruined me.” You glared at him, “Now get out. I never want to see you again,” You turned around and wrapped your arms around yourself.

You heard someone else walk in the room. “I think you should leave,” It was Angelica, you heard the door open.

“No, wait, Y/N! Wait!” Lafayette shouted, you heard a shove.

“Haven’t you done enough?” Angelica’s voice was stern, the door slammed shut. You turned around, Angelica held her arms out to you.

You ran into her embrace and looked over her shoulder, peering out of the open window. You watched him walk away for the last time, then sadly buried your face into Angelica’s shoulder.

You were out of tears to shed.

Wow it’s been a while! I don’t know how I feel about this one. I hope you enjoyed! x 

Lord I’m trying to do the right thing
I’m tired of falling short of your glory.
I know you love sinners
but lately it feels like a different story.

I sit at a lake.
I hurt here.
I heal here.
I look for God’s face in the clouds.
all I feel is cold in his heart.
September days.

Leaves are grasping onto their green
knowing they can’t hold on when 
seasons change.

I thought about dying in this lake once
the water having it’s hands around my throat.
But it’s been the only thing keeping me afloat.
I can’t swim I can’t swim
water’s getting cold
sun’s setting earlier now
but still I can’t drown

—  I knew it was over before you said anything.
[BokEvent] Blind Date

[Sizzling Summer Retreat - Restaurant]

And so it was time for one of the main events of that vacation to the resort, a blind date. Yes, Sion, the quiet and rational alchemist, really did end up signing up for that. Her friends wouldn’t let her spend her vacation without her having at least one sure fire way to get to talk to someone.

But well Sion did talk to someone earlier that day, but the circumstance were a bit weird and so she didn’t think much of it, but now the sun was setting, and so she was waiting sitting at the restaurant, contemplating the scarlet light that would fill the place during the next minutes, waiting for whoever was going to be her date


Sonamy Boom: Secrets

*Author’s notes: This short story takes place after the Sonic Boom episode Bro Down Showdown.*

A blue hedgehog resided in his shack impatiently checking his watch. The sun was just beginning to set and he had somewhere he needed to go, but he couldn’t be seen. Trying to calm his jittery nerves, Sonic pondered over the events earlier the same day. He couldn’t believe Knuckles believed he, Sonic the Hedgehog, was best bros with Eggman! It was insane to even think it! He only teamed up with Eggman to get Amy a new sofa he and Knuckles had ruined.

Giving up waiting, Sonic cautiously headed out of his shack. He started to run to the other side of the beach when a voice called after him. Discreetly, Sonic grunted in frustration. Casually walking up to him was his younger brother Tails.

“Hey Sonic! Where are you heading off this late?” the young fox asked the preoccupied blue hedgehog.

“Uh… just going for an evening run. You know? Like always,” Sonic answered. Tails cocked an eye brow at the statement.

“Ok? Do you think you could come by later as I have an awesome new invention to show you?!”

“Um, can it wait tomorrow? I like sleeping when I get back from my run,” Sonic was not the best at lying. He hated to lie, especially to his little brother but he couldn’t risk revealing where he was really going.

“Are you feeling alright?” Tails asked worriedly.

“Sure! I’m fine, anyway, catch you later Tails!” the blue hedgehog dashed off without a backward glance. Tails scratched his head in confusion. There were times when Sonic acted weirdly. Maybe it was because of the strange team up with Eggman? Wanting to forget it, Tails walked back to his home and turned in for the night.

Meanwhile, Sonic made sure Tails was out of sight as he hid on the edge of the forest that surrounded the inside of the island. Giving a final check Sonic dashed to his destination; Amy’s house. He knocked on her door awaiting her to answer it. A pink hedgehog stood in the door way and smiled at her guest. Sonic bashfully smiled back and walked inside. He wasn’t as natural on his own with Amy compared to when they were with Knuckles, Tails and Sticks. To ease his nerves he sat on the not ruined couch. Amy followed suit and sat beside him. The male hedgehog reached in a pecked Amy on the cheek. She blushed at the gesture. It was awkward. It was always awkward when Sonic showed his feelings to her.

Sonic and Amy had secretly been dating for a month and a half now. They only met with each other at night so not to risk giving away their secret. Surprisingly, it was Sonic that asked her out. It happened just after Tails had invented the translation robot UT. During that night Sonic visited Amy’s house. He was a wreck on her door step as he tried to play it cool but ultimately failed. He recited the lines UT had translated from his thoughts earlier “I care about your wellbeing”. Since that night, Sonic always visited Amy’s house, unknown by their other friends to what they were really up to.

What was ironic was that Sonic took things slowly. He’d only started to kiss her quickly on the cheek considering the amount of time they had been together. Now and again they would hold hands and on the rare occasion Sonic would wrap an arm around her. He may be natural in battle but when it came to love he was clueless.

“Sorry about your couch…” Sonic spoke quietly. Just a few hours ago it had blown up right in front of Amy.

“You saved my life! If you were any later I would be in the same position as the sofa,” Amy giggled. Sonic blushed, she was right; he did save her life unintentionally. He also saved his and Knuckles’ lives too from Amy’s temper. Leaning back in his seat, Sonic stretched out his arm and wrapped it around Amy. In turn she snuggled into him. He liked it. He liked it a lot. This would be the time where they would reminisce on past adventures and battles against Eggman. Amy would always question about Sonic’s complex relationship with Eggman. All she would get was a shrug from him.

“When are we ever going to tell the others about us?” Amy asked timidly. Sonic flashed menacing emerald eyes at the girl he’d had a crush on for some time.

“Not now, not for a long time,” he growled. Why did he have to keep it a secret? Was it to protect her? It was a stupid reason since she could look after herself easily. Amy had even saved his life on more than one occasion. A hand clutched onto one of her loose hands breaking her sense of thought. Sonic lowered his head to her level; their noses were millimetres away from touching. Was he going to do it? Was this the day he was actually going to kiss her properly? Amy’s heart was in her mouth and her mind was fogged up. All she could see were green eyes and all she could smell was his sweet aftershave. Sonic was also lost in his own world. Amy’s rosy scent hypnotised him, he wanted to kiss her. He reached in closer and closed his eyes; he could feel Amy’s staggered breath against his very lips. His stomach was in corkscrews as he placed a hand on her cheek. Suddenly, the door burst open and Sticks walked straight in babbling about complete nonsense. As soon as Sonic heard the door bang open, his eyes snapped open in alert and as fast as his quick reactions enabled him to, he dived behind the sofa. Amy almost collapsed to the ground from Sonic’s burst of wind. Sticks stopped in her tracks observing the absurd scene.

“Uh Amy?” Sticks looked completely confused.

“Sticks!” Amy gasped, landing back in reality.

“FOUND IT!” Sonic appeared from behind the sofa holding his now taken off bandanna. He’d quickly taken it off when he dived behind the couch as Sticks burst into the house.

“Oh good… you found it!” Amy played along with Sonic’s lie. Sticks folded her arms at them both.

“Uh huh… I’m not crazy. I know you two were doing the mating dance.”

“WHAT?!” Sonic and Amy shouted in unison.

“Sonic, you need to do it in public to show your male dominance. And get some feathers to show off your plumes to Amy!” Sonic’s cheeks burnt red looking like he was ready to explode. Amy too was blushing and looking humiliated at what was being said.

“Sticks, Sticks. The government conspiracies have gone to your head again,” Sonic tried to remain calm as he attempted to manipulate his friend to save both his and Amy’s skin. “I was only round as I lost my bandanna from house sitting here earlier. Me and women? Psshhht! That’s a joke!” a faint blush was still visible on his muzzle.

“I know what I saw!” Sticks stomped her feet. Sonic turned her around and pushed her out of the house.

“You didn’t see anything Sticks! It’s all in your head. Good night!” he slammed the door in her face. She stormed off, muttering angrily. Sonic collapsed to his knees and wiped the beads of sweat from his head. “That was close…”

“I know! No one will believe her will they?” Amy frantically asked. The adrenaline from the almost kiss was still in her system, making her more on edge.

“First Egghead and now her…” Sonic muttered.

“Eggman?! Eggman knows about us?!”

“Wha- no! At least… I don’t think so…”

“Sonic the Hedgehog?!” Amy shouted. She was starting to realise why Sonic wanted to keep this secret now.

“Urm, he may have an inkling… I swear I’ve never said a thing! I just deny it!” Sonic cried. Amy placed both hands on her hips and looked cross at him. Sonic backed into the door afraid what Amy was going to do next. She marched up to him; he raised his hands in defence and closed his eyes ready for some form of impact. Amy grasped his hands, lowered them and planted a kiss on his lips. He shot his eyes open and his cheeks went a deep crimson colour.

“You’re cute when you’re flustered,” Amy smiled. Sonic’s ears started to sting red too. Amy still had a grasp of his hands and started to drag him to the sofa with her. “So what advice did you give Tails for his little crush?”

“Tails? I taught him only the best. To play it cool with the ladies, pretend to show little interest and be sarcastic towards any of their comments.”

“So that’s what you did with me? You played it cool by coming round my house, trying to fathom the words at expressing your feelings in a so called “sarcastic fashion” and pretended to show little interest by asking me out?” the pink hedgehog mocked at her partner.

“You… were a special case…” Sonic looked away in embarrassment. “Ok, what did YOU say to him?” Sonic jabbed a finger in her chest and folded his arms.

“Well… I explained how he should woo the girl he admires and be such a gentleman-“ Sonic burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Sorry… I couldn’t keep a straight- pfffft! HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously Amy?! I am not a gentleman, ha!”

“You can be…” Amy said softly. Sonic had stopped laughing and averted his gaze to his girlfriend. “Shouldn’t you be heading home now?”

“Ah… I don’t really want to…” Sonic looked away and played with his thumbs nervously.

“You want to- stay here for tonight?!” Amy exclaimed. Sonic merely nodded. “Are you sure?”

“Of course Ames.”

“What about the others?”

“We’ll make up some story that you were scared and dragged me to stay over to keep you safe.”

“Oh sure, Sonic the Hedgehog’s idiot girlfriend is the one in distress…”

“Whatever you say Ames.”

“Wait- Sonic… you aren’t wanting to… SLEEP with me are you?!” Amy jumped off her seat and clasped her hands over her mouth, disgusted from the thought of it.

“Hmmm? What?! No NO!” the blue hedgehog held Amy’s arms and removed her hands from her mouth, she continued to look shocked. “I’d NEVER do that Amy Rose! I promise you. I just… want to know what it’s like living with you…”

“Oh Sonic! You are the sweetest thing ever!” Amy tightly hugged him. Sonic awkwardly wrapped his arms around her. She pulled away from him and their noses were closely touching again. Sonic rubbed his nose against hers giving her an eskimo kiss. Not quite what Amy wanted but she felt it was a cute gesture anyway.

“I… um… better go to bed…” Amy pointed to her own bedroom.

“Sure, good night Ames,” Sonic planted another kiss on her cheek. The two hedgehogs blushed again. Amy disappeared to her room and Sonic undressed, ready to sleep on the couch. Getting comfortable, he let his eyes droop as he fell into a deep sleep.

Sonic had been asleep for a few hours when he jolted awake. He felt a presence in the darkened room. Squinting his groggy eyesight he made out the figure to be Amy.

“Sonic?” Amy whispered uncertainly.

“Yeah?” Sonic grumbled thickly due to his sleepiness.

“I can’t sleep…”

“Come here,” the blue hedgehog opened up the blanket he was wrapped in and ushered Amy to come forward. She hesitated, not sure it was right. Reluctantly, she walked slowly towards the couch and situated herself in front of Sonic. He wrapped his arms around her middle for support. At first, Amy was alarmed by this and wasn’t sure but after a little while in getting used to it she felt it was right. Sonic snuggled into her neck, not wanting to let go of her.

“I love you,” his breath tickled her neck at the whisper. Amy held onto his gentle grip and fell into a deep slumber. Both hedgehogs naturally fell asleep…

Critical Role Relationships Week-
Day 2: Zahra/Trinket

For some reason the giant armoured bear didn’t seem to like Zahra. Not tonight anyway. Before on adventures she’d always taken a shine to the fluff ball that was Trinket, and he’d taken a shine back, but now, now that she was to look after him for Vex, he barely wanted to look her way.

Vex had come by earlier that day in what seemed to be a mad rush and had begged Zahra to take care of Trinket whilst Vox Machina headed out on another misadventure. She’d accepted of course, never being one to let anyone down, especially not Vex, whom she cared for very much. And so Trinket was hers for who knows how long.

The day had passed and the sun was just finishing setting in the west of Vasselheim, allowing for the night sky to begin sparkling. The moon was shining bright, which filled Zahra with determination, but the stubbornness of Trinket was draining it from her.

“Come on darling you must be starving!” Another failed attempt to get the stubborn bear to eat. She was done. “Trinket dear, please work with me, we don’t want to disappoint Vex now.” Those words worked like magic. And Zahra had seen enough magic to know. He -whilst still a little begrudgingly- took the food and within seconds was digging in.

Zahra couldn’t help but stare in awe at the wonderful creature before her. This bear, this normally feral beast had a heart of gold, a heart full of so much love and devotion to Vex'ahlia that it made him feel like another person. And that’s what Trinket was to Vox Machina, another member of their big, special family. He went almost everywhere with them and he was loved among the group as equally as anyone else. This bear, he had a family of his own. A family who left him. And that’s when she realised he wasn’t just being rude to her, he was much to busy worrying about Vox Machina to care, in that moment, the two of them weren’t so different.

She sat down next to him and started to pet him, running her hands through his silky soft fur. Using her beast speech she began to comfort him. “You know buddy, you and me are very alike. Except you know your family’s gonna come back for you. Mine, well I haven’t seen them in a long time. Kash is really all my family now. And of course Vex'ahlia. You have a lot of people who love you, and I can tell how much you love them back dear, but for now, we’re just going to have to wait. Put all your faith in Vox Machina and they’ll all come back happy and healthy. I’m worried too.” He whined in agreement, still not talking back to her. “You’re lucky you have Vex, she’ll love you for a very long time, I can only hope she’ll love me in a way too.
You’re lucky you have all of them, because if you didn’t I’d snatch you up in a second darling. And I’m sure you’d rather stay with them. Trinket dear, try to get some sleep. They’ll be home soon.”

She gave his fur one last rub before getting to her feet and leaving to go to bed. The stars outside twinkled, and she wondered if Vox Machina were looking at the same ones and thinking of her, thinking of Trinket. If it hadn’t been so eerily silent, she’d have missed it. From the other room, a soft murmur came through.

“Vex loves you. Vox Machina loves you too.” It warmed her heart in that moment. But it was soon following by something that made her light up even more.

“I love you Zahra.”

Storm Wood

Starter @multiversenaruto

In the midst of a raging storm stood a tiny woman, her stature petite only standing at four feet and eleven inches. Her snow white tresses whipping around her face and body as the wind blew around here changing directions having no real course. A large dragon head lowered near her as she stood on the edge of the cliff on a small island. The large sea dragon’s serpent like body wrapped around the island as he guarded it and the ruler of this land.

Earlier in the day before the sun began to set, the clouds constantly covering the sun only letting it peek out on rare occasions. She had just gotten back from a journey the Fates had sent her on several days ago. She was still adjusting back to being in her on realm once again, her normal way of feeding going back to normal, her eyes going back to the lavender hue and cat like slit pupils. Giving her an animal-like appearance, along with her fangs being able to lengthen from her gums in her mouth.

Enzeru’s emotions had been up and down since her return, the link she had with a man in her life once again had been severed. Her mind was healing from this,at the moment her emotions were raging fueling the storm around the realm, She had to be outside even with the violent nature of the storm it gave her comfort.

a car full of men drive by me on a hot day, the sun is setting, I am walking to meet my parents for dinner. I am soft and sweaty, earlier today I cried all my makeup off on the bus, I am carrying paper bags full of fruit, nail polish, leftover Chinese food, bottles of water. I have headphones on. I know I’m cute, my hair is in a neat bun nestled behind my right ear, I have shapely narrow legs, a round ass and a pure heart. a car full of men drive by me on a hot day, I am walking slowly because my arms are full and I’m tired, I see him lean out the window, they’re going 45 miles an hour, I watch his face for a moment before he yells “you’re a cute slut, baby” at me, and for a slice of a moment afterwards we into each other’s eyes. I am quaint, lovely, minding my own fucking business. he is oafish and cruel. afterwards i am wondering how he feels about himself; and i think probably, he just feels like a man