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Harry has such a nice voice for Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac kind of songs? His "Give to me your leather" in Leather And Lace, oh boy I. need. more. of. that. Can he please cover some on his tour? Just so he doesn't "quite simply run out of material" again :)


Thank you for this lovely message. I adore it.

Harry has always said he loved Fleetwood Mac, and their influence showed up on the writing of songs like “What a Feeling.”

If I remember right, he once said his favorite song of all time was “Songbird” (written by Christine McVie).


For you, there’ll be no more crying,
For you, the sun will be shining,
And I feel that when I’m with you,
It’s alright, I know it’s right

To you, I’ll give the world
to you, I’ll never be cold
‘Cause I feel that when I’m with you,
It’s alright, I know it’s right.

And the songbirds are singing,
Like they know the score,
And I love you, I love you, I love you,
Like never before.

And I wish you all the love in the world,
But most of all, I wish it from myself.

And the songbirds keep singing,
Like they know the score,
And I love you, I love you, I love you,
Like never before, like never before.


I think “Songbird” inspires, consciously or unconsciously, some of Harry’s songwriting. The same ideas of consolation, tender love, & a wish for better times, recur in Two Ghosts and Sweet Creature. Our Harry has a love of birds; the symbology is important to him. He has the famous pair of swallows tattooed on his chest, the empty cage, and his eagle tattoo.

The concepts of love and freedom are entwined with his music, and with his life.

This is a song I’d like to see him cover.

Thanks again!


     Six Weeks     |     LadyLondonderry

♪  Playlist 

A little after 5:30, the bells above the door chime and the only face with an order that Harry rememers teps in. With the sun shining outside, Louis no longer looks like a mudslide personified, although Harry notes that he’s still not really dressed for the weather.

When Harry takes over the afternoon shift at the cafe, he meets a boy who drinks a lot of tea and never remembers his umbrella.

Written for @1dbigbang round 4

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just wanted to let everyone know that you don't always have to put up with aphobia in real life. my group is made of three bi girls, a cis straight boy and a straight girl and not one of them have a problem with me being ace. this nonsense online doesn't always translate to the real world.

This is true. I don’t want to say the non-digital world is all sun shine and rainbows but I went to my local LGBTQ center 30 odd times and never had an issue. I went to pride and again never had an issue. Found ace stuff for sale, ran into with like 3 asexuals I didn’t know before. Does in person stuff happen? For sure. But in general it’s less and more of the mircoaggression sort.

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you're probably one of those black girls that hates Camila and thinks the sun shines out of Normani's ass. just cuz she's she's black doesn't mean she's good, and she shaded tf out of C and pushed her out.

OH you’re one of the racist C stans? alright

*Cracks knuckles* 

Okay lemme tell you something here, Normani is a full fucking package, she dances better than all five of them combined, she’s got THE widest range in the group and the 2nd most control over her voice behind Ally, she’s got the most stage presence, the only reason anyone gravitated toward C was because there wasn’t a single line in a single song she wasn’t squealing all over. No, Mani’s not good just because she’s black, she’s good because she’s good. And MY racial identity has NOTHING to do with my not liking these first two songs. I just don’t, and guess the fuck what? I’m allowed. Not everybody’s gonna be up C’s ass like that, but good job on making Camilizers look like trash, sweetie. Also, are we still on that, haven’t y’all shit on Normani’s blackness enough behind that stupid shit? Quirky and cute isn’t shade, C was the one calling folks niggers and shit to her friends, why don’t you complain about that actual bullying instead of pinning her departure/broken friendships on the girls.

And I actually prefer Lauren to Normani, thanks. Though that doesn’t mean everything I just said wasn’t 100% facts.

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Sid just doesn't understand that Geno is flirting with him and then dating him. Like he tells Flower when they exchange blow jobs in a hotel room and Flower is, "How are you not together?" Sid responds with, "As friends. Tyler calls them brojobs."

same anon: OKAY THAT’S EVEN FUKCING BETTER it’s a fwb deal and on what geno thinks is their first anniversary he buys a ring and shit and he’s like “sid i don’t know what i do without you. you the reason the sun comes up in the morning, the reason the moon shines and i’m think we ready to get married” and sids panicking bc what the fuck geno’s proposing and he just fucking panics and bolts and geno’s confused and hurt and just looking down at the ring (i can’t think of a suitable ending lmao)

(not sure if below is from same anon or different):

!! Omg and then geno hears sid saying to everyone they’re not dating, it’s just stuff that friends do. But little does he know that geno has spent so much time preparing all these really romantic and sweet dates, and had asked all the guys for advice because they’re all in successful relationships and he trusts them. So they all helped geno to cherish sid, and they all watch genos heartbreak as sid exclaims that they’re not in a relationship!!!!!! 


how about sid doesnt bolt when geno proposes and he says yes, because he’s buzzed, and geno is so close and looking so handsome and earnest and a little scared with his cheeks all pink and saying all these wonderful things about sidney.

Well, Sidney hears himself murmur, “Of course, Geno.”

Geno smiles so big and sighs in relief. “Sid, you make me so happy. Happiest man.”

Sidney freaks out the day after, quietly, wrapped up in a sleeping Geno’s arms. 

If this was a romcom, it’d be called “How to Fall in Love in 100 Days.”

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300 word prompt thing: Adoribull “You smell really nice.”

The sun was warm against his skin as it shined through the hole in his ceiling. He knew he should have already gotten out of bed, plenty of training to be done, but he didn’t have the heart to move the warm body pressed against him using him as a pillow. Dorian’s skin was a warm caramel color that shouldn’t have looked so right against his own grey coloring, but it did.

Bull carefully leaned his head down to place a kiss amongst the untamed curls that had developed throughout Dorian’s hair as the product had worn away. He could still smell the touches of the ‘vint’s perfume, a smoky herb smell mixed with citrus, but mostly it was just Dorian. He smelled warm like the allspice he liked in his pastries and amber.

Bull’s chest rumbled as he inhaled more of the scent. “You smell really nice, Kadan.”

Dorian hummed softly, nuzzling his head into Bull’s shoulder. “Of course I do, Amatus,” Dorian mumbled, slowly blinking his eyes open. “But I suppose you do too.”

Bull snorted. “Can I get that in writing?”

“Afraid not, but you can relish it for now.”

Bull let out a full belly laugh at that and Dorian grumbled before he wiggled his whole body on top of Bull’s.

“Do you plan on keeping me here?” Bull asked with no small amount of amusement. It wouldn’t take much for Bull to get the mage off if he wanted to.

“No, just enjoying your company,” Dorian gave him a teasing smile, “and lamenting that the next time I see you, you’ll smell horrid again.”

“Sweet talker.”

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kara and reader hate eachother lowkey doesn't they have sexual tension but one night kara gets drunk and reader is in the same bar and like reader takes her home and kara asks reader to stay with her the night so the next morning kara feels readers arms wrapped around her but doesn't say anything about it and neither does reader

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Wow, the sun is actually hurting me for once.

Kara squinted against the harsh light shining in through her window and started to roll over.  The weight of your arm across her waist stopped her after a centimeter of movement.  Foggy memories of the previous 12 hours came flooding back and the Kryptonian chewed her bottom lip as she sorted through them.

She had spotted you in the unnaturally crowded bar while the night was still young.  In an attempt to build up enough nerve to confront you about why you were always so goddamn mean to her, Kara had ordered a string of drinks and downed them surprisingly fast.

The rest of the night was too flurry to recall many specifics.  She had stumbled home with you assistance for some reason.  You had managed to find her keys in her purse and unlocked the apartment.  

She vaguely remembered asking you to stay.  Kara didn’t know why she did it then and she wasn’t sure why she did it now either.

BTS as Months
  • Namjoon: January - new year, new resolutions that you probably won't keep, gotta keep up with the changing times, why is life going by so fast?
  • Seokjin: June, when the roses bloom and school is over and the sky is very blue and life is looking up and ah, the ocean calls. It missed me.
  • Yoongi: February. Time doesn't really pass, it's like the world sleeps, valentine's day aka sleeeeeeping, oh, is it over? Thank god.
  • Hoseok: July, beause Summer and all is Wonderful and the sun shines 24hrs a day and life is just supercalifragili...too lazy to finish.
  • Taehyung: April. Is it spring yet? Is it still winter? Who even knows? Sweater, tshirt, socks? Whatever! Hello fuzzy pants, goodbye open windows.
  • Jimin: October because it's his birthday month and mine and he's my favorite and the birthstone is opal which is rainbow and pretty just like Jimin and yeah.
  • Jungkook: December. All the freaking Christmas songs every freaking where all the freaking time and all the freaking lights and all the freaking sweaters and you couldn't care less because he is so freaking adorable.

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A season 7 renewal they clearly don't deserve. And as a thank you they strive for a new record of retcons. I don't watch this garbage for a long time now but I'm looking forward to the ratings. There is nothing good left of this show and they still want to burn it more down.

True. They’ve been doing things horribly wrong, for far too long. From writing atrociously shallow storylines for characters they simply didn’t know how to use (and who we still appreciated, mostly due to some of the actors’ deliveries) to unspeakably bad ‘PR’ (or well, the crap they tried to pass as PR anyway) which… well, the way they promoted the musical screamed of desperation. And now I am not sure why anyone wonders why the renewal, and reboot/reset brings VERY little confidence?

So what do we have now? As the hearsay goes, it’s Regina without Henry, Emma, Zelena and Charmings, Hook without Emma and Rumple without Belle, it sounds rather like… they wanted to keep only the most popular characters–and save a shetload of money by letting literally everyone else go? And then the ‘reset’ can be just some other realm (or however they’re going to explain separation from everyone else, because… they can’t put all of them in a coma) and all filmed in front of the green screen, to make it even more cheap-o? *scoffs* And what with their relentless Hook boner, this rather sounds like that other show we here often mention, Buffy the Vampire Slayer–being ruined when the main character was dragged down into filth for her LI. And after which, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to hold a show on his own shoulders, they offered a spinoff to then 23yo guest star with a pitch “Faith, roaming around on motorcycle, slaying demons with Spike as her sidekick”, but–knowing how that would probably turn out (being sidelined for him, possibly also being reduced to a love interest, and… sheesh, as much as I was into dudes back then–shirtless ageing manflesh that we got in Buffy’s S6/7 was just… *shivers unpleasantly*) she flat out refused it? So… what do you think, what direction will Hook’s story take–after Emma being gone?

Yeah, I don’t want to go there either. I don’t know about the rest of you, but since unlike many, we didn’t end up “here just for Lana” and the the ‘ensemble’ show we signed up for (the one with three female leads, all strong, imposing characters–anyone still remembers them?) is about to be ‘reset’ into an all-dude-show+Regina… well.

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I still stand by that Shine is the closest to a bumbleby song we have gotten yet, because honestly, if it's not about them then who the heck is it actually about??? It can't be arkos or renora because those four already got their own romance songs. Shine is clearly romantic, and the only other romance arcs going on at that time was bs and bb, and the song just doesn't fit bs in any way. The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that it's a bb song, because if not, then what else?

okay there are parts of the song that would definitely fit

“Like a sky with no sun
Like a night that has no day
My heart was eclipsed by the dark
Then something changed

I saw a little ray of light come through
The tiniest of sparks came into view
And then
You made me hope again”

like pretty much all that - because it works from the perspective of Blake with Yang as the one she’s talking to (as Yang’s name translates to ‘sun’, ‘light’ and in the show has outright been translated as ‘Sunny’), and Yang’s actually had the most profound effect on Blake and had just helped her out of a very dark place in the episode prior to this song being used - so it definitely works as an interpretation, even if it wasn’t used for such

another interpretation i could suggest is that it could be for both Bumbleby and Arkos - due to the star imagery that could be associated with Pyrrha (stars are brought up a lot in Shine) - as the two ships were consistently paralleled across volumes 2 and 3, most Arkos scenes had a corresponding Bumbleby scene, and themes and elements from one scene would often be used in a different way in the other. so a song that thematically fits both would also work in that sense

Me: I don’t want to come there… Mom: You are her aunt of course you have to come to the party. *20 mins later at the party* Me: *gets a panic attack* Mom: What’s wrong???? Me:

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A scenario where the main characters plus Tord have to get their SO out of bed, but the SO doesn't want to?

Edd: “Wakey wakey eggs and bakey,” he’d say playfully to you, shaking you gently. After you refuse to get up, pulling the blankets closer to you, he’d just smile and sigh. He’d try a few more times until he finally gave up. Once he gave up, he’d go under the covers again with you and fall back asleep.

Matt: Matt was a morning person, much to your dismay. He’d yank open the curtains, revealing the shining sun. In a cheerfully loud voice, he’d tell you to wake up. And like a child trying to get their parents to wake up at Christmas morning, he wasn’t gonna leave you alone until you got up. That may include gently pulling your arm. He’d only leave you alone if it was a bit early in the morning, but if not, then you won’t be sleeping in.

Tom: He’ll ask you once, and if you don’t get up, he’ll just give up for a bit and let you sleep in longer. When he comes back, and you still refuse to get up, he’ll just lay on top of you. And if that doesn’t get you up, he’ll start kissing your face, pulling the covers off you, pushing you out of the bed, and as his last resort, tickling you. And he won’t stop until you get up.

Tord: After you refuse to get up, he’s just gonna pick up you and drag you out of bed. No if’s, and’s or but’s. And don’t think about going back to bed, he’s watching, he knows. The only way for you to get more sleep is for you to sleep on his lap. He won’t bother you then.

-Mod Z

What Your Bangtan OTP Says About You
  • Namjin: you like it when people have an honest chemistry and work well together as a unit. Also, you have a thing for older men.
  • Yoonmin: your favorite thing is sunshiny optimist plus grumpygrump. Favorite thing EVER.
  • Jikook: yeah, you have a crush on someone who doesn't like you back.
  • Jihope: Oh my God you're definitely that sunshiney person. The sun shines our your goddamn ass, I am sure of it.
  • Sugakookie: You just really like clever ship names.
  • Vkook: You are maknae trash.
Who You Should Fight: Selection Edition
  • America: She'd just run away and your little lungs and tired legs would give out
  • Aspen: Duuuude you'll get rekt don't even try
  • Celeste: You'd be hurt 2340934x times as bad and it won't even have to be physically hurt
  • Kriss: Lol yeah go for it if you feel like it but she's really nice so like maybe just a slap but that's it
  • Elise: Her parents give her enough shit don't do it
  • Natalie: No. Just. No.
  • Amberly: See above
  • Clarkson: lol 9340948502394189127398374% yes
  • Magda: Aw she's like the nicest mom she'd let you win tbh
  • Shalom: You'd try to fight him but he'll rationalize with you and you'll just be embarrassed for yourself
  • Ahren: Just do it. It'll be funny because both of you are going to get hurt either way regardless of who was throwing the most punches.
  • Kile: Punch him, he gets a bruise, you get ice, you ice his abs, it's all good. Fight him.
  • Henri: ...if you even consider it I will fight you myself
  • Erik: You can try, but you won't succeed
  • Fox: Aw little baby cupcake thing would win so quickly
  • Jack: Don't even hesitate to knee him where the sun doesn't shine. Fight him.

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"when we fall in love or become infatuated, it’s not really that person we’re falling for, but ourselves, or some important aspect of ourselves." Can you help me understand this? It doesn't make sense to me. Also, thank you for keeping this amazing blog!

Think of the moon, the moon has no source of light, but at night it shines bright, the sun is the source of the moon’s light. The moon merely reflects the sun’s light for all to see. This is the same as when you fall in love with someone or become infatuated with them. You are the source of the the love, the one you love merely reflects it back to you. You are the source. Find the source within you, within your chest, by simply bringing your attention to your heart and discover this for yourself.

I hope this clears it up a bit.


The sun doesn't stop shining because people are blind.

A/N: The title and following excerpt in quotes are directly from a book a dear friend gave me by Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening. With all the anonymous hate and criticism being thrown at many of the most fantastic writers on Tumblr, I read this and felt it might help all of you (the fantastic writers that is) understand that writing (or painting, drawing, singing, mothering, or otherwise doing whatever art makes you, you) for yourself, expressing your art for yourself, is what matters. Not the opinions or demands of others. 

 "It is a hard challenge to stay true to ourselves in the face of indifference. Rejection and opposition are painful, but being treated as if you don’t exist is quietly devastating. This soft puncture is particularly human. Eagles soar and glide for hours in canyon air, and the fact that no one knows does not lessen their ability to fly. But for us there is a constant elusive heroism in being who we are, especially when we are misunderstood, judged, or ignored. Somehow our need for love gives tremendous power to the opinions of others, and so, we are required to guard against turning our lives over to the expectations of others. A great example of hearing one’s deeper self is the Spanish painter Goya. Writing about Goya, Andre Malraux tells us that after going deaf in 1792, the painter understood that “to allow his genius to become apparent to himself it was necessary that he should dare to give up aiming to please.” It is both touching and instructive that Goya couldn’t fully realize his God-given gifts until he went deaf to the demands of those around him. One of the saddest examples of being ignored is the novelist Herman Melville. Having survived many years at sea against his will, Melville had authored several best-selling sea adventures. But when he opened his soul and wrote Moby Dick, two things happened: one of the greatest novels ever written by an American was birthed, and the American public laughed at the great white whale and its maker. He was ridiculed and dismissed. This deep and sensitive man was so wounded by this that he painfully withdrew, and at the age of thirty-two, at the height of his powers, he virtually stopped writing for nearly forty years. Tragically, he extinguished his inner voice because those around him couldn’t hear. I carry both Goya and Melville around with me as reminders of how precious and unique each of our gifts is. No one can really know what you are called to or what you are capable of but you. Even if no one sees or understands, you are irreplaceable.“ 

 I’m tagging only a fraction of the writers and others that I follow because there are so many and I only have so much time. If you find value in this and think it will help others, please pass it along. Love you all ❤️ 

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