the sun at last!


soft as light,

twilit  brooks



         unholy ,


so, she gathers

the last of her

failures &

sun withers

dawn like

any other

old forget 

anonymous asked:

I mean, couldn't if just be that the sun and other magazines had those pregnancy shots for Awhile under their belt and were told by Cheryl's team to release them once they saw that Liam was at the brits. Like I don't want to think Liam and his team agreed to this stunt

Schmoopy, the idea of Cheryl’s team giving the go ahead once they saw Liam was at the Brits just isn’t feasible for a couple of reasons:

  • The photos of Cheryl were used in The Sun’s issue for this morning and were revealed by The Sun via Cheryl’s Official Spokeshorse Dan Wootton last night. Those newspapers have to go to print, so they couldn’t just decide after spotting Liam to throw everything out in favor of a baby bump photo they were holding onto. 
  • L’Oreal’s official campaign kickoff was this morning in the UK. The kickoff event, billboards, and press opportunities are all coordinated months in advance. All of this was very specifically timed, and Cheryl’s baby bump has a very key role in all of the Glamour Shot Sears Portrait Studio campaign ads (she’s one of the few who actually have body shots). 

 I really do think the timing of this with Liam’s Brits appearance last night literally an hour or less before those photos started appearing, and the day before the campaign kickoff, is way too advantageous to be coincidental. 

But here’s a really good photo of a cat as a train station master to make you feel better:


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Name: Rebecca (Becca is preferred).
Birthdate & location: January 17th, 1993 & Riverside, CA.
Nickname: I have a lot: Becca, Feather, Bella, Bashful, Kitty, Bashful Kitty, Princess, CInderella (since elementary school) and others that I can’t remember right now.
Gender: Female.
Sexual orientation: Pansexual.
Favorite movie: Always Cinderella.
One place that makes you happy: In the sun.
Last book you read: Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts. I read the trilogy so damn much I could quote it by now.

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nickname(s): Uh just Steph probably. In my dream life, I’d go by my last name, but it never caught on in this universe. Some other nick names that I did not consent to were given to me by my sisters, but those don’t need to come to light. Someone called me criss cross once (a play on my last name). It was a good day.

star sign: Cancer

height: 5'7"

time right now: 11:27

last thing you googled: “maladaptive dreamers” 

favorite music artist: Currently, Sleeping At Last. Bon Iver before that.

song stuck in my head: “A Case Of You” but in my voice as an impression of James Blake’s version, which is really just my Celine Dion impression but choppier.

last movie I watched: Arrival. (Watch it)

last TV show I watched: The premiere of Sun Records (but the OA is on my screen right now, waiting for me to finish this).

what I’m wearing right now: grey sweatpants and a muscle tee with maleficent on it. Also supergirl underwear! hahaha

the kind of stuff I post: girls and space and gay and gay girls in space

do I get asks regularly: ish? I don’t know how regularly is regularly, and I don’t know how to judge time well enough to even tell you how many I got this week. I got one today.

why did I choose my URL: Because when I first started this blog… a year ago? It was mostly superlane, and in that episode they had a lot of time together, they rode motorcycles. Plus aesthetics. Gays girls and bikes are my jam.

Hogwarts house: Slytherin. (Slytherclaw tbh)

Pokemon team: Valor. For the look, mostly. But I prefer Mystic’s philosophy tbh.

favorite color: Scarlet. 

average hours of sleep: Ha! “Average” I don’t know, I change. If I get up at a certain time, it depends on if whatever I’m working on takes me into the night. If not, if I’m just waking up naturally, it ranges anywhere from…10? to 7. But occasionally, if I don’t keep track of time in the morning, it can slip up to 12. (There was that time I slept for like 18 hours…)

lucky number: 13. I don’t believe in luck, but I like the number. Maybe in making the unlucky number your lucky number, it cancels it out, and you can just make your own luck? hahaha

favorite character: Kara Danvers. 

dream job: Television writer, a.k.a. what I’m trying to do.

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knowledgeofthewitches  asked:

Cancer, sun, and mars

cancer: when was the last time you cried and why?
- yesterday! I pretty much cry everyday, usually multiple times a day, usually over something good or cute. honestly, anything a little bit too happy or too cute or too sad, I cry. It’s like I’m either bitch faced or crying lmao.

sun: what makes you feel like you?
- backstreet boys, sunshine, incense, sweet tea, cats and nail polish.

mars: when was the last time you got mad and why?
- today! we are watching forensic files and i just ????????? over how the hell anyone could kill their wife bc i can’t even imagine calling mine a mean name lmao

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nickname: gee bee…emo annie w the period blood hair…

star sign: pisces sun

height: 5′2″

time right now: 4:25pm

last thing you googled: when u were young chords

favorite music artist: uhhhOff the top of my head at the moment msi, gorillaz, against me, mcr, grimes, jack off jill, morningwood, kimya dawson, pat the bunny, the killers, bikini kill, babes in toyland, the cure…more but yeah

song stuck in my head: bite your rhymes

last tv show i watched: definitely iasip

what i’m wearing right now: my school uniform shirt. thats all

when i created this blog: uhhh like late 2013

do i get asks regularly: not rlly..i get em sometimez

why did i choose my url:  jimmy from msi

gender: nb gorl

hogwarts house: slytherin

pokémon team: i chose valor but like whom does that anymore

favorite color: red, magenta, black, deep blu

favorite characters: juno macguff, marceline the vampire queen uhhhh i dontfucking know. 

dream job: touring musician

number of blankets: 2

number of followers: 1137

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Nicknames: chacha, cherryberry

Height: 5′0 im smaller than the person who said they were smol D:

Time right now: 10:16 pm

Last thing i googled: “trig identities pdf” because i always forget lol

Favorite music artist: im lame i dont have a #1 fave and this is going to sound lame too but i love… listening to c418′s minecraft tracks when i go to sleep

Song stuck in my head: pokemon sun moon malasada shop 10 hours

Last movie i watched: could’ve been kubo? i dont know i dont remember… im going to see lego batman this friday tho!

Last tv show i watched: the flash? its bad rn but im so attached

What im wearing right now: a school t shirt and pajama shorts

When i created this blog: ive been on the site since like.. feb 2011 and i think i remade like a year ago?

The kind of stuff i post: overwatch :’)

Do you have other blogs: nope lol

Do i get asks regularly: no :(((

Why did i chose my url: my first battletag was ghostpants which was randomly generated and it was a cool name but i grew to love genji so much….

Gender: female (cis)

Hogwarts house: ive literally taken the test a billion times and gotten every house at least once. probably hufflepuff if im being honest

Pokemon team: mystic ♥

Favorite colors: bright blues or blue/greens, been really into pink lately though

Average hours of sleep: try to get 7 but my shit roommate keeps me up i got 3 last night

Lucky number: 4

Favorite characters: genji, mei, mccree, hanzo, hmmmm also this is random and i dont really keep up with comics any more but i love Tim Drake

Dream job: i get to sleep a lot

Number of blankets i sleep with: 1 but its really heavy and big

Following: 375

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