the sun and her moon crossover

Let me tell you a story

Of a society where child education is entirely centered around the child’s fighting ability. This system is so profoundly influential that the entire economy and culture of this world revolves utterly around their battles.

The children who are the most skilled at fighting are rewarded with advanced wearable technology that has transformative powers and greatly enhances their battling ability.

The children who fail to excel under this system are denied all wearable tech and are highly disadvantaged due to it. Some try to rebel against this established order, but they always fail and are largely seen as complete jokes.

But pulling the strings on this society from afar is an elegant yet ominous woman, cloaked in white, obsessed with beauty. She has excellent standing and influence over the outside world, but also has many dark secrets hidden from the public.

She has exactly 2 children, whom she claims to care for but will instantly disown the moment they disobey her. Being able to micromanage the clothes they wear is of particular importance to her, although only 1 child actually keeps the white uniform she forces onto them (the other wears a highly symbolic and rebellious black).

Her single-minded obsession with beauty runs so deep that she aspires to bring a higher, more beautiful lifeform to her world- aliens, in fact. The aliens are dangerous and bringing them to her world threatens the safety of humanity, but she is too far gone to care.

And she’s not just exposing her world to the threat- she’s straight up using innocent lives as a direct sacrifice in order to summon the aliens in the first place.

Now it’s up to her 2 children (along with the help of the many friends they’ve made along the way) to prevent the alien attack and save the world! All in an incredibly dramatic anime fashion, of course.

😖😖 Six u cutie. I swear see I told you I was gonna draw Six after The Lady! So basically I drew Six with a Mimikyu (idk I kept picturing seeing Six having a Mimikyu lol) plus, Mimikyu needs some love too! Lol.

Then I wanted to draw Six in a kimono after seeing a fanart of her wearing one and I was like: YASSS.

Obviously, it looks empty but I will try and promise more fanart of her lol! ^^

Six is a character from Little Nightmares by Tarsier Studio and Mimikyu is from Pokemon (Pokemon Sun and Moon to be exact 🙂👌)

*please do not repost my art without permission 😅*


I’m back! And this turned out surprisingly better than I thought with the limited number of copics colours that I own lol..

While this is a little different from what I usually draw, but since I finished SuMo, I couldn’t help but think of lusamine’s coincidental similarity to Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill la Kill, and specifically her that comes into mind. 

So this is my crossover of Ragyo, reborn in the pokemon world  as Lusamine. Instead of life fibres being her fetish, she unleashes her new fetish; ultra beasts upon the planet. Her children, Gladion Kiryuin and his weapon designed by REVOCS Aether Foundation to battle the ultra beast aliens & Lillie Kiryuin and her somewhat alien friend Nebbyketsu (whom evolved throught their adventures together) rush in to put a stop to their evil mother’s plans.

For reference, both are neglectful mothers whom view value solely in the form of their perceived beauty. While I’m sure KlK isn’t the first to invent this archetype, it is the one I’m most reminded when looking at similarities. : p


Sooooo Anabel now works for the International Police in Pokémon S/M and she looks a lot like Kirigiri in her DR3 outfit… and thus this was born XD

I love Anabel’s role in S/M and I can’t wait for those who haven’t played it yet or haven’t reached the post-game to meet her


I bet you guys didnt think of this crossover HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! And honestly this is the first thing i thought of when i saw Plumeria (before inkling hair). I thought she looked like a low-key ganguro lol!

So i drew her with some awsome nail art and make up! The second version is the proper ganguro haha ^-^’

Idk why but i spent so much time on making the nail art, but its so small that you cant appreciate all the details so i took a zoomed shot for your enjoyment.

I’m kinda proud and i spent alot of time on this so I hope y’all like them!

Another Jackunzel/Miraculous AU edit finished. I changed up Rapunzel’s outfit a bit more to fit her abilities closer to spring. And I decided to add a little more blue into Jack’s outfit. By the way this is not the jackunzel christmas edit. Just something I wanted to do for fun XD

Yuri on Ice X Pokemon headcanons:

A/N: In honour of pokemon sun and moon coming out in my country today, take this (lobs headcanons at you) I’ll probably do a part 2 as more episodes of YoI come out…

More stuff under the read more

The skaters:

  • Instead of ice skaters, they’re pokemon contest coordinators.

  • Yuri is from Kanto and Victor is from Sinnoh (because Sinnoh is based off an area in Japan that is often disputed over with Russia)

  • Yuri was inspired to become a pro coordinator due to watching Victor’s performances when he was six. He was so excited to become a coordinator that he even managed to persuade his family to get a Furfrou (like Victor originally mained) before he even turned ten. He was enrolled at the local trainer school/contest hall (bc small towns gotta have multi-use facilities) and quickly gave it his all in training – the family Furfrou becoming a good training partner. He got a pokemon as soon as he turned ten and flash forward to him, now aged 23 and just barely keeping himself classified as a top coordinator – until he attracts the attention of Victor. He likes using pokemon that are often starters (now fully evolved) – Charizard, Serperior, Empoleon, Primarina, Blaziken. His Performance Stage presentations usually focus on the pokemon’s strength, but with Victor he’s being pushed to try a more mysterious, complex style.

  • Victor has a competition-retired Furfrou that he now keeps as a pet. He’s an incredible coordinator that has won the Grand Festival in multiple regions but is taking this year’s season off to mentor Yuri and his pokemon. Victor mostly uses classic pokemon for contests (Rapidash, Lopunny, Froslass, Slyveon, Milotic, etc.) but he often showcases them in unorthodox way (such as showing off a Milotic’s brute strength rather than its beauty).

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Originally I was going to draw Bewear with her (since it’s my new favorite Pokemon), but Bewear is apparently 6'11, and I wasn’t gonna be inaccurate here.

I wanted to draw her with short hair but ended up doing her usual length.

Sunset Shimmer as the Pokemon Moon/Sun trainer (girl) with Pyukumuku.
(While drawing this, the Line Art layer for Pyukumuku was literally named ‘that one thing with the butthole’ because I’d forgotten its name. FUN FACT??)

I swear this is the last Sunset for a little bit. Maybe. I SWEAR.

(Also a black and white version because why not)


Jackunzel Week 2014
Day 1: Meet Me at my Window by Jack’s Mannequin
Come on, you could change me, You could steal me, 
You could turn all the lights on, And show me the real me

Remember these two posts from way back last year? Well if you couldn’t tell from the old url watermark, this is the horribly late and overdue Part 3.

Finally, Jack has decided to take her to see the lights, so long as she promises to return his “gold box of memories” to him.

“When I promise something, I never ever break that promise,” Rapunzel remarks, eager to finally find those floating lights. But looking at Jack Frost, basked in the light by her window, she isn’t sure why she feels she’s already found them.


- More Sailor Trainer Cards - Chibi-Chibi and Kakyuu
I’ve returned to my Pokemon - Sailor Moon crossovers! Again, to celebrate Pokemon Sun and Moon. But I’m being bad and taking a break from villains to do Kakyuu, her Starlight team, and Sailor Chibi Chibi!

- Chibi-chibi is finished! I used OR/AS School Kid as the base. I tried to give her a team based off her manga identity - which is Cosmos, but disguising herself to be similar to Usagi. So her team is full of baby pokemon, and the fairy type!
- Kakyuu is second. I’m so glad she came out so cute! The base for her design is Lillie from Sun and Moon!
She has an adorable team of mostly bug pokemon, how did that happen?! Well, she does have her whole red butterfly motif so I guess it fits! Also, the aroma pokemon, because its too perfect. She is the first sailor I’ve done so far with a legendary! I’m going to do a powered-up moon one with a legendary or too, but Jirachi fits Kakyuu so well I couldn’t resist.

❤️ See the sets of moon couples, inners, and outers.


This is a crossover with the scene of Fantasia, during the 6th symphony of Beethoven. As Elsa is the goddess of moon, Anna is the sun one, crossing the sky with her chariot and horses of fire. They see each other briefly during sunsets and dawns, fall in love, and Anna goes to meet Elsa every night, while she sails the ocean on her golden boat (like Helios in the greek myth) to return to east

For Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, Nintendo has announced/confirmed the next generation of Pokemon core games will be Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon! I know which version I - and most of you, probably - will be getting, and so I wanted to draw something cute to celebrate.

Because of the anniversary, I included something from every gen so far. Watch the trailer here! I hope we get even more Pokémon that evolve with Moon (and Sun) Stones.