the summer solstice baby

Summer Solstice

“Summer, after all, is a time when wonderful things can happen to quiet people. For those few months, you’re not required to be who everyone thinks you are, and that cut-grass smell in the air and the chance to dive into the deep end of a pool give you a courage you don’t have the rest of the year. You can be grateful and easy, with no eyes on you, and no past. Summer just opens the door and lets you out.”

Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti

The amazing thing that happened to me while meditating.

So I meant to post this on solstice when it happened but alas, time slipped away and I’ve only now gotten a moment to share my incredible experience! Tuesday morning started off well, woke up happy, went to work (I’m a nanny for two boys, 2&4), was having a chill morning. Then my boss crushed it like a grape. I was so angry and insulted, my feelings where steamrolled, I really thought I was going to cry. (And possibly quit) ((don’t worry I didn’t)) (((maybe someday but not today))) I text my boyfriend to tell him how pissed I was, he didn’t make me feel any better but his advice did ❤, “go outside and do some meditation and breathing while the kids sleep and you’ll feel better” duhh Danielle So that’s what I did, I went outside, put a chair under the pineapple guava tree, held my crystals that I brought to work with me (my ulexite and aragonite) and let myself breath. I let the sun warm my soul and my skin, I let the breeze caress my face and carry away my anger, listened to the birds and the rustling leaves fill me with a song of peace and joy, and felt the power of my crystals flow from my hands into my heart. I. Felt. Amazing. Now here is the best part. I opened my eyes to see a precious little hummingbird zoom around me and perch in the tree about two feet above my head where we could look at each other! I was so happy I laughed. When I said “hello, how are you?” She replied by getting up and flying right up to my face chirping happily. She twirled around me once more, chirped goodbye and collected nectar from some nearby flowers before going on her way. I felt utter bliss and so connected with nature and disconnected with my problems, I think it was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me, or one of them at least! Anyway, I’m so glad I got to finally share this, happy late summer solstice 😄🌻🐦🌞

Let's Get Going, Shall We?


“I don’t understand what I could’ve possibly done to deserve this.” Nesta said as Cassian handed her the dress she picked weeks ago especially for the celebration. “Whose bright idea was it to have a baby shower during the week of the summer solstice-” She broke off her sentence with a small shriek.

Cassian was immediately at her side. “What is it?” He placed his hands on her belly and scanned for any injury.

“The damn dress ripped.” She gestured to the torn seams.

“Then I’ll find you another one.” He headed to her armoire.

“No you won’t.” She looked down and couldn’t see her feet. She tried to calm herself by rubbing her belly and tracing the pattern of her newest tattoo, but found it didn’t help. “That was the only dress that was going to fit.” Most days, she didn’t bother getting dressed. And if she did, she’d just wear one of Cassian’s; pregnant as she was, she was usually swimming in the material.

Walking to her, he tilted her chin up so as to look into her eyes. “What are you planning to wear?”

She pouted. “Nothing.”

Cassian flashed a wicked smile. “Nothing? We shall cause a sensation then. I’ll dress to match.”

Nesta crossed her arms. “I mean I’m not going.”

“Because of a wardrobe malfunction? I’m sure we can find something.”

“Not just that, Cass.” She pinched the bridge of her nose and let out an exasperated sigh. “I can’t walk, I waddle. I have to pee every twenty seconds, you hold my dress and never complain or make me feel disgusting but I still do and it’s horrible. My brain isn’t working. My emotions are everywhere…And now it looks like I’ll be appearing in front of our friends to celebrate our upcoming child in one of your shirts.” She paused to take a deep breath. “There’s two months left and I don’t know if I can do this!”

Oh, Nes…” Cassian pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. “It’s all going to be okay. You’re going through a lot. If you really want, we can cancel. I’ll just say that you-”

He was interrupted by a distinctive crack sound.


“Hell-” Rhys cried out with great panache, and then caught sight of a very naked and quite pregnant Nesta. “Oh.” Cassian tried his best to shield Nesta from view, and further humiliation. “My sincerest apologies. Were we interrupting something?” He gestured to Feyre, whose jaw was on the floor.

“Absolutely not.” Nesta yelled from the wings which cocooned her. “I was wishing I would say goodbye to my last shred of dignity today.” She stomped to the bathroom and slammed the door.

Cassian and Rhys both looked at the ground, uncertain of what to do or say.

“Should I?” Feyre pointed in the direction her eldest sister had stormed off.

Cassian rubbed his jaw and shook his head. “Probably.” He blew out a breath and held out his hand as though saying, “Be my guest.”

“Feyre darling,” Rhys stopped her and handed her a large golden box. “Something tells me that she’ll be wanting and needing this present now.”


Without knocking, Feyre opened the door to find her eldest sister sitting on the counter and picking at her nails. Her back faced the mirror, and Feyre caught sight of the burns that would never disappear. Unsure of what to say, she started with, “I like your new tattoo. It’s really quite lovely. Compliments the others nicely.”

Nesta grimaced a smile and as Feyre leaned against the counter as well.

Feyre handed her the box, which she didn’t take. “You’re both mostly ready, anyway-”

“Mostly ready?” Nesta barked out a laugh and looked down at her naked body. She tried tucking an errant curl behind her ear, but gave up quickly as it was too short.

Feyre picked up a pin and began working on Nesta’s hair. “Yes, mostly ready. I think the both of you look really nice. Cassian actually shaved his face and braided his hair-”

Nesta snorted. “I did that.”

Combing her sister’s waves, Feyre continued, “And you cut your hair-”

Nesta smirked triumphantly to herself and admitted, “He did that.” It took weeks of convincing and manipulation, but Cassian finally caved due to the fact that every morning he woke up to a face full of sweaty golden hair. The day she got caught, he finally conceded. Her ponytail came off in one hack. But he took care with evening it out. Cassian kept a lock for himself, to have a physical piece of her with him whenever they would have to be separated for any period of time.

“He didn’t fuck it up, either. That was good of him.” Feyre grinned at her sister in the mirror who still avoided eye contact.

“Thank you.” Nesta said with sincerity, eternally grateful that Feyre was an excellent caretaker.

Putting the comb down as she finished, Feyre crossed her arms and gave a dramatic sigh. “I really wish you would stop sulking long enough to realize that I handed you a gift.“

Nesta eyed the gold package suspiciously, her eyes narrowing. “I’m surprised it’s not black and blue with purple glitter.“ She cocked her head. “Perhaps with a rainbow and a hidden bargain as well. However did you manage to hold Rhysand back?”

Feyre rolled her eyes but did not attempt to argue that Rhys didn’t purposefully wrap Nesta’s presents in such gratuitous opulence to annoy her. “It’s not from Rhys.” She shoved the box into Nesta’s lap. “You’ll know who it’s from.”


Nesta gasped as she beheld the dress. It wasn’t extravagant by any means, but it was exactly what she wanted and needed.

Stark white eyelet cotton. Sleeves that would​ be off her shoulders… The sort of unappreciated beauty and comfort that she hadn’t worn in so long.

Picking up the card, she read aloud, “My dearest friend, please accept this gift as an apology for not visiting you sooner. White always was your color. I so look forward to seeing-”

Nesta’s eyes bulged as she paused to look up at Feyre, who was biting her cheek.

A bit too fast for a woman- fae or no- who was seven months pregnant, Nesta shot up and slipped on the dress with lightning speed. She smoothed the fabric which didn’t conceal any curve of her body. “Feyre,“ she chided. “If you had told me that he-”

“He planned it all.” Feyre admitted. Calling out as Nesta exited the bathroom, “It was supposed to be a surprise.”


Nesta linked her arm with Cassian’s, who was blinking in shock at her sudden and bright mood change.

“You look radiant, sister.” Rhys drawled, but Nesta couldn’t be bothered to retort.

Cassian squinted his eyes at Feyre, who wore a sheepish expression as she reentered the room. “She knows, doesn’t she?”

Nesta attempted to drag Cassian out the front door, but he didn’t budge in the slightest. “Let’s go. Come on!”

“You know don’t you?” Cassian rolled his eyes as Nesta nodded excitedly. “Should I feel jealous or pleased that he can get you dressed and out the door?”

Nesta kissed Cassian’s shoulder and smiled warmly. “There’s nothing to be jealous of, sweetheart.

Rhys cleared his throat as Cassian let out a groan. “Let’s get going, shall we? I know you’ve grown accustomed to keeping the High Lord and Lady of Night waiting.” Feyre and Rhys grabbed Cassian and Nesta’s hands and began to winnow as Rhys finished his thought, “He is beyond excited to see his favorite Emissary.”

We shouldn’t keep the High Lord of Day waiting.

Summer Solstice Ideas for Apartment Witches

Mini Silk and Herb Wreath

Wreaths are a fun and traditional way to celebrate nature! My mini wreath combines silk flowers and local herbs.

I had this wire vine with the silk flowers on it already, and chamomile grows around here like a weed (i literally just picked it from the middle of a gravel walking path). 

I made a circle with the plastic vine and bound it together with one of those little bendy wires i just had lying around (but tape or string would do the trick just as well), and then wrapped some chamomile around it. I added another silk flower I had and viola! simple, easy mini wreath! There are a lot of weed like wild flowers around here that i plan on picking when it gets a bit closer to the solstice, but they wouldn’t have lasted in a wreath for that long:) 

This is a great solution if you don’t live near a lot wild plants that you can pick ethically. A lot of thrift stores have heaps of silk flowers for cheap that you can reuse again and again. 

If you are like me and want a little more life in your wreath you can combine things like clover flowers, dandelion, herbs from your supermarket, crystals (and more) with the silk flowers. 


Ratboy Genius Colours • Blue

This color is one of trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, and doesn’t like to make a fuss or draw attention. It hates confrontation, and likes to do things in its own way.

From a color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible.

You can rely on it to take control and do the right thing in difficult times.

This is a color that seeks peace and tranquility above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation.

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