the summer set legendary

sad rock/pop punk songs

here are the songs that I listen to when I’m sad
“Ten”- Yellowcard
“Sing For Me”- Yellowcard
“What a Catch, Donnie”- FOB
“The End of All Things”- P!ATD
“The Light Behind Your Eyes”- MCR
“Fake Your Death”- MCR
“If it Means a Lot to You”- ADTR
“Stone Walls”- WTK
“See You In My Dreams”- WTK
“The Distance that Killed Us”- WTK
“Just Keep Breathing”- WTK
“I’ve Given Up On You”- Real Friends
“The Messenger”- Linkin Park
“Coffee Break”- Forever The Sickest Kids
“The Kids Aren’t Alright”- FOB
“MSK”- Yellowcard
“Missing You”- ATL
“Future”- Paramore
“Last Hope”- Paramore
“The Only Exception”- Paramore
“Legendary”- The Summer Set
“Better Off Dead”- SWS
“Lead Me Out Of The Dark”- Crown The Empire
“Last To Know”- 3DG
“Life Starts Now”- 3DG
“Never Too Late”- 3DG
“Therapy”- ATL
“Pieces”- Sum 41
“Snuff”- Slipknot
“How to Save a Life”- The Fray
“Satellite”- ATL
“Just One Yesterday”- FOB
“Remembering Sunday”- ATL
“Monster”- Paramore
“Disenchanted”- MCR
“Bullet”- Hollywood Undead
“Hate Me”- Blue October
“Angels Fall”- Breaking Benjamin
“Hold On Till May”- PTV
“The World Is Ugly”- MCR
“This Is Gospel”- P!ATD
“Crash”- Sum 41
“Believe”- Mumford and Sons
“Demons”- Imagine Dragons
“Only One”- Yellowcard
“California”- Yellowcard
“Unknown Soldier”- Breaking Benjamin
“Dear Agony”- Breaking Benjamin
“Misery Love My Company”- 3DG
“Lift A Sail”- Yellowcard
“Fly On The Wall”- Thousand Foot Krutch
“Miss Missing You”- FOB
“Fallen Angel”- 3DG
“This Song Saved My Life”- Simple Plan
“Here Without You”- 3 Doors Down
“Golden”- FOB
“Human Interaction”- Tonight Alive
“Save You”- Simple Plan
and anything by Mayday Parade. anything at all.

And then suddenly it hit me.
That moment when you realize you’re not half empty.
That moment of all moments.
Like there is music in the night and we can dance the sun out of the sky.
These are the nights when everything feels possible.
Maybe one day we’ll fall short of the stories we tell,
But tonight we are more than just words on a page.
We are here, we are different, and we are everlasting.
We are half moon kids.
We are legendary.
—  Maybe Tonight / The Summer Set

“i swear i could be amazing, i just need a little help…”

the summer set - legendary.

Itunes/Ipod challenge

Put your itunes/ipod on shuffle

For each question, press the next button and the title of the song is your answer
Put any comments in (brackets) after the song name

1. Describe yourself: Legendary- The Summer Set

2. What do people feel when they’re around you?: Thnks Fr Mmrs- Fall Out Boys
3. Describe your current relationship: Track 8 (Acoustic Version)  - Justin Bieber
4. Where would you like to be right now?: Interlude- I’m Not Angry Anymore- Paramore
5. How do you feel about love?: Tally It Up, Settle The Score

6. What is your life like?: How Ya Doin’?- Little MIx
7. What would you wish for if you only had one wish?: crushcrushcrush   -Paramore

8. Say something wise: We Will Rock You -Queen
9. How would you describe yourself?: The Way You Look Tonight   - Elton John 
10. What do you look for in a guy?: Mr. Pushover - Hey Monday
11. How do you feel today: Shout It Out - Reece Mastin 
12. What’s your life’s purpose?: This Shit Getz Old -Never Shout Never (perfect)
13. What is your motto?: I Should’ve Kissed You -One Direction
14. What do your friends think of you?: Drunk -Ed Sheeran
15. What do your parents think of you?: Waiting -Green Day
16. What do you think about very often?: Solar Flares -The Ready Set
17. What do you think of your best friend?: You’re Gonna Go Far Kid -The Offspring 
18. What do you think of the person you like?: Let Live - Of Mice And Men
19. What is your life story?: Voodoo Doll - 5 Seconds Of Summer
20.What do you want to be when you grow up?: Safe & Sound - Tonight Alive
21. What do you think of when you see the person you like?: Augustus and the Holiday -The Ready Set
22. What will you dance to at your wedding?: One Night -Ed Sheeran
23. What will play at your funeral?: Love Me For Me -Cher Lloyd
24. Biggest fear?: Let The Flames Begin - Paramore
25. Biggest secret? You Blew It -Frankie Cocozza 

                                 LEGENDARY ★ HEROES

                 for six unique masters with a similar light to follow.

01 ) PRESSURE // youngblood hawke 02 ) ACROSS THE OCEANS // new empire 03 ) SUPERHEROES // the script 04 ) BELIEVER [ CAPTIAN CUTS REMIX ] // american authors 05 ) SHOOTING STAR [ MARCIN REMIX ] // owl city 6 ) UNPACK YOUR HEART // phillip phillips 07 ) LEGENDARY // the summer set 08 ) A SKY FULL OF STARS // coldplay 09 ) RATHER BE // clean bandits ft. jess glynne 10 ) FIND YOU [ MEGAPHONIX REMIX ] // zedd 11 ) HEROES (WE COULD BE) // alesso ft. tove lo     ART CREDIT // LISTEN?