the summer set contest


Presenting your angsty, loner antihero counterpart. New batch of settei is in, and I’ll start off slow today with a set of 3 Burai pics, earthquakin’ punch Rockman, and Harp.

You know, I think I’m pretty close to wiping Yahoo! Japan auctions out of Megaman settei now. Other than the one seller’s set that looks like it’ll be nothing but repeats to me now. ^^; I think I’ve got like 2 auctions left on the radar this week, and then the well seems like it’ll finally be dry. Man I have a lot of sheets of paper piled up now!

So I’ll continue with this Ryuusei set first, which focuses on Epsiodes 5-6, and then I’ll have 2 new EXE sets that I’ll also use to tie into the summer contest plugs over the next month.

Scanned from: My Settei/Production Art Stash