the summer set


“It’s an amazing and really powerful thing to be celebrated for who you are. I think there’s a lot of girls that actually don’t feel that in their whole life and I want to spend my life honoring those people, making them feel seen and heard.” ~ Hayley Williams

girls can rock too

Pop punk problem #38
  • Me: *Sees someone wearing a shirt with my favorite band on*
  • Me: *Smiles awkwardly at them, probably making them feel very uncomfortable*
Pop punk problem #50


The sound is coming up on the world and my favorite songs haven’t lost their meaning
I’m starting to feel like my heart isn’t made of shattered glass,
I’m starting to feel like I am more than a heartbreak detour

I can imagine a world without you,
the one I’m loving in,
And it’s wide and brave
I’m trying to climb a mountain while you’re content living in the valley
I think I have outgrown you

I think…
I still…
I take a deep breath at the top of the hill…

I am always going to love you but if we were together my world would be so much smaller and some day I’m gonna find someone who makes me feel like being boundless isn’t a flaw
Someday I’m going to be living somewhere by the ocean, and I’ll look out over it and know you never would have belonged here

The colors streak across the sky and living presses upon my ears, and I’m turning up the music and dancing like I don’t care what you think

I’m screaming out the words until my throat is raw
My heart is broken, but I’m alive,
I’m alive and I’m only getting better
I don’t miss you

—  “Missing You”
Pop punk problem #49

Getting into bands is like Alice following the rabbit into the hole and falling into a whole new universe. You’re in way over your head.


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