the summer heat is going to kill me


I was talking on Twitter about how Rin and Sousuke would be great pirates and would totally get married in the heat of battle with Captain Seijuurou officiating so yeah. POTC AU I guess??



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As Requested~ This took me so long for some reason, but I kept adding to it and adding to it, so fair warning, it’s almost 5000 words. It’s also unedited…so if there are any glaring mistakes please tell me.

Deals with anxiety/panic attacks. 

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Request: I loved the imagine where the reader gives Newt his coat. I was wondering if you could do a pt. 2 for when they meet again. Pretty please, with a Niffler on top?


Part 1 found here.

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Author’s Note: We are now at the end of Chapter 3! And I promise that we just did all of this for good reasons that will make sense in time! I really cannot thank you all enough for sticking with me and reading. I have a lot of fun making this comic, and it’s great knowing it is enjoyed. 

I know this was a short chapter and that I had a break before this, but the summer heat has been killing me so I’m going to be taking a 2 week between chapter break, which will also let me get a jump on our brand new full sized Chapter 4 which is returning to both our beloved trio, and picking up right where people hopefully want it to given how this one ended! So this comic is now on break and will return September 8th!

Again, thank you all, and see you soon!

but staying in the car while ur parents are in the shops is the worst in summer because it always seems like a good idea while you’re driving up to the parking spot with the air conditioning on in the car like ‘mum can i stay in the car’ and then shes like yea and you’re like fuck yea and prepare to get comfortable and listen to ur fav beats on the radio and have a fuckign party by urself in the car park and then she turns the car off or like puts it on accessories mode so the air conditioning turns off and switches to fan only mode and at first ur like ok…. this isnt that bad… maybe if i just keep the windows closed and dont breathe too much it will stay nice and cool and then within like 2 minutes the car has become a sauna on wheels and you’re sweating like anything and every minute that goes by you just sort of accept your fate and lay there thinking come on heat gods take me away kill me now im ready to die and then just before u think ur about to die u sort of develop a bit of fight and you’re like wait no im too young to die maybe i can just open the door and hopefully theres a bit of wind that will blow in so you open the door but all you get is boiling hot still summer air and you can’t just go and run into the shops where its most likely air conditioned and find your mum because the whole point of staying in the car was so you didn’t have to be seen in public and you’ve already come this far and you’re most likely looking horrible because you’re drenched in sweat so you decide to just wait it out and you never really thought of just turning the car properly on because you didnt know how cars worked like what if a siren went off or what if it started rolling backwards or forwards or what if the engine broke because the car wasnt moving and was using all its power to blow air conditioning onto you and you see people walking closer and ur hoping its your mum but its someone else walking to their car and u start losing hope again and then after what seems like an hour your mum finally returns to the car and sees you almost dead sitting there and shes like sorry i ran into these three people and then i saw this cool handbag and then i thought while im here i might as well go to this shop and this one and then i decided to do this adn this adn this and ur just like i dONT CARE JUST TURN THE CAR ON and you stick your face up to the air conditioning vent while she drives home and you just dont know why you did that to yourself and why you havent learnt from last time adn why you know that next time you’ll just do it all over again


My new video is up and all yours!

If you have a tip or secret for coping with the summer heat, go over and leave it as a comment or reblog this and leave it in the notes! I’d love to hear them because frankly, this heatwave is killing me!!!!


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RP with @kind-of-a-douche

(Human AU)

Try to walk around, steal and fight in a full poncho and a huge sombrero in the worst heat of summer. Even though El Guaco’s clothes were made for high temperatures, he would have rather pulled his whole shirt off and walk around like the hot Mexican he was. He didn’t want to be like the decadent drunk Tequila though and decided to do it instead after he got home. He removed his leathery bullet belts though, that eased it a bit. Hell, still…it was so goddamn hot, he needed a drink from the Mariachi Salsa bar. But half way through his stride through the Mexican area was stopped when he spotted the familiar rat-obsessed man with the funny combover. El Guaco grinned. Wonder if the heat bothered him too? Heh…and to be honest… the heat and exhaustion combined with the sight of Douche also did make Guaco feel funny things in his body. Let’s go talk to the rat lord. NOW.

“El Douche, maricon! What’chu doing?” He went straight to Douche and slapped the older man’s back forcefully with his cheeky slasher grin on.