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I was talking on Twitter about how Rin and Sousuke would be great pirates and would totally get married in the heat of battle with Captain Seijuurou officiating so yeah. POTC AU I guess??


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Hey can I have a fluffy one-shot where Izaya takes his S/O star gazing mid-winter, far away from the city? (Summer heat is killing me and I wanna get my mind off it! Also, I really love this blog so much!!)

Heeeeeeeeere you go, four pages of tooth-rotting fluff! I’m so happy you like this blog, thanks for requesting! And I totally get ya, I hate warm weather (and the bugs it brings x/ )

“Iza-chan~! Thank you so much for this!” Your cheery voice could be heard all throughout the apartment as you grabbed the large duffel bag the two of you had packed together for the trip.

Izaya got the idea from Shinra’s vacation with Celty the summer before but since neither of you were partial to the heat, you decided to go a little further north to a cabin in the mountains that Shinra’s father owned. After the struggle to convince your dorky doctor friend to let the two of you use it, you knew it just had to be worth it.

As the two of you stuck a cooler and the aforementioned duffel into the back seat of your car you swatted away the June beetle buzzing past your head. That was another thing you were looking forward to; no bugs flying around in the chilly air of the mountains. Unfortunately, you had missed and the damn thing kept swarming you, taunting like the winged bastard it was. Thankfully, your boyfriend’s unusual skill set came in handy at the best of times as a small switchblade whipped past your head, successfully pinning the now dead beetle to a lamp post. “Thanks, hun,” you flashed him a smile before slipping into the driver’s side of the car and waiting for him to join you.

“I cannot believe that the same ____ that beats up gangsters for fun is also easily defeated by a little beetle. That’s sad, even for you,” you hadn’t even started driving yet and he was already antagonizing you; what a great sign for the future that was, huh?

Much to your chagrin, the prospective trip had put him in a good enough mood that the entire ride was filled with his teasing. One of the most noticeably obnoxious moments was when he decided to lean on his elbow on top of the armrest and consistently poke you arm, repeating “bug-a-boo” in childlike tone solely for the purpose of annoying you. It would have been cute had it not been going on for five consecutive hours now, finally reaching into the darkness of the night. Eventually, with the fading lights of the city having disappeared in the distance hours prior, the lack of sleep was finally allowed to catch up with the poor info-broker. As much as this trip was for the two of you spend time together, Izaya also needed some time from work and the late, late hours he spent out and about. That’s why it didn’t surprise you all that much when his head which rested gently against your arm began to slur out quiet murmurs in his sleep, breathing evening out gradually.

It wasn’t long after that that he was shaken awake by the loud clatter of gravel under your tires; you had tried to drive as gently as possible and let him sleep but your efforts were to no avail. Izaya didn’t seem to mind much though, one eye slitting open to look around at the mountain road you traveled on in the rising light of dawn. Had you really been driving all night? He was grateful for the rest but you could have asked him to take over for you.

You glanced over at his groggy form, smiling at the way he tried to rub the sleep from his eyes. You waited for him to sit up and make an attempt at stretching before you finally spoke, “Morning, Izaya, sleep well?” You saw him nod in your periphery, a noncommittal grunt escaping him, “We’ll be there in about three more hours, it’s only,” you took a second to check the clock inset into the dashboard, “five in the morning as of now.” Another nod and then you heard the rustle of cloth as he slumped back against the seat and yawned.

“I can drive, you know?” He sounded pouty, almost as if he were offended that you didn’t trust his driving. You did, honestly, but you hadn’t really felt the need, liking the feeling of being behind the wheel.

“I know.” You smiled at him and adjusted the visor in front of you to block the rising sun, “Besides, you looked like you needed it.” Though you couldn’t see it, Izaya’s brows furrowed; had he really been that obvious? Yes, work had been overbearing as it always was, but he liked to seem in control like he was untouchable even though he was very, very human. He liked to keep you from worrying about him, if not for his sake than your own. He had no intention of receiving the sentiments and affections of the humans he was bent on loving but somehow you still managed to dodge all of his eccentric, half-baked arguments and dive right into the nitty gritty everything that made him who he was.

For that, he was grateful, but over time he had noticed you would skip treating yourself in favor of helping him. That was yet another reason for this trip; you needed to have some fun and a little time to relax. Both things he was very intent on giving you after you pulled up into the driveway of the cabin (honestly, it was just more noisy gravel) and pulled out your bag and cooler. The next hour and a half was spent sorting clothes into drawers and shoving food and drinks into the fridge. That was then proceeded by Izaya tossing you onto the large bed, forcefully wrapping you up in the soft, pine-scented quilt, and laying on top you; he happily cuddled your blanket burrito evolution form until you argued that you needed a shower. Still, he persisted, kissing you into submission and lying there with you for another hour. Eventually, he unwrapped you, your head resting against his chest as you cuddled into his side, silently observing his unusually relaxed smile. He looked more peaceful than you had ever seen him before and you found yourself completely enamored.

You, unfortunately, had to ruin the moment with a drowsy groan, teetering on the edge of falling asleep. “Iza, we need showers,” you immediately were returned with an opposing grunt, your head resting on his outstretched bicep and his other arm draped over his eyes to shield them from the light peering through the window beside you. “Izaya, come ooooooooon~! We’re still gross from sweating in the heat yesterday, I need to be clean!” Without a moment’s hesitation, he rolled over and licked a slimy, wet stripe across your cheek.

“There, clean,” and then he returned to his earlier position, cracking a wide smirk at your indignified screech. You launched out of bed before his arms could catch you and strutted over to the bathroom door, “I was thinking of showering together but nevermind you damn turd,” you stuck your tongue out, childish as it may have been, and locked the bathroom door behind you. You knew he could have easily popped the lock if he really wanted to but he instead opted out in favor or resting on the soft mattress and waiting for you to return. Admittedly, you were right about the gross feeling yesterday’s heat wave gave you, but now you were victims to the sweet chill of the northern air.

His eyes opened at the sound of you waltzing out of the bathroom and getting dressed a few feet from the bed, not that he hadn’t seen you naked many, many times before. You turned back to look at him, nodding in the direction of the bathroom where steam continued to roll out of the doorway. Izaya placed a kiss on your cheek, slipping inside and shutting the door behind him. That was more or less the entirety of your day; settling in, minor cleanup, showers, and making some very late lunch.

It wasn’t long before the two of you found yourselves sitting outside wrapped up in the quilt from your bed on a two-seat bench swing looking at the setting sun. Your head rested on his shoulder, Izaya’s arm around your waist. Tired as you were, not having slept since yesterday morning, you were determined to stay awake long enough to see the unpolluted sky fill up with stars. Izaya knew you were trying and that you would damn well succeed even if only for a short time.

Honestly, you were on the verge of weeping in silent appreciation as the midnight darkness crept closer and stars began to dance around the moon, illuminating the sky. Surprisingly, you came to find out that Izaya knew a bit about astronomy. He pointed out the few constellations he remembered from college, eventually naming new ones after the two of you and your friends. You smiled, his voice died down to a whisper as silence and the stillness of the world surrounded you, his arms holding you tighter as the air dipped further down into colder temperatures.

“____, it’s getting cold, let’s go back ins…. ide,” he looked down, staring at your sleeping form curled against his side, soft snores slipping past your lips and the occasional mumble of his name accompanying your gentle smile. He relaxed deeper into the blanket, holding you closer and resting his head against yours. Soon he found himself drifting off, joining you in a peaceful sleep.

- Pasya

Week 25 | 19.06 - 25.06.17 | Weekly Spread

Hi everyone, I am so sorry for not posting any Filofax Spreads the last couple of weeks. I owe you 😓
So this week does not look full, but depending on my performance tomorrow and how much I get done, the second half of the week is going be filled with to do’s.
For those who are busy with exam season a big “fighting” and for those who have survived a “well done”. Enjoy the heat and the summer vibes.

PS: I have started to set up a bullet journal for all the things that do not fit into my Filofax - can’t wait to share it with you guys 😄

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Hi!! May I request a very fluffy scenario with Kuroo please!! Like maybe kuroo is in his s/o's lap and she's playing with his hair?? I'm just in love with his crazy hair for some reason haha I imagine it to be so soft!! Thank you! I love your blog!!

Of course!! I would sell my soul just so I can touch Kuroo’s hair. Sorry for the wait! P.S I live in Europe and the heat is killing me and I can’t go to swim because it is the time of the month. In shorter words, I’m effing dying. Under the cut because I had too much fun with this.

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The Marks of Running Ink pt.7

The Walking Dead [Soulmate AU]

Pairing: Negan x ofc (Tory Miller)

Word count: 1,197

Summary: In a normal world, having a soulmate is usually considered a blessing, in a normal world, when their words appear on you finding them is not something impossible. But Tory Miller doesn’t live in a normal world. No. Her world is the stuff of nightmares, the dead walk, the living kill each other and soulmates are not important. Nothing is more important than surviving.

Warnings:  angst, swearing, death, violence, fluff, hurt/comfort, child endangerment, general trauma, cheating, drama, SLOW BURN; this far, no walkers, though. As always, I don’t want to give the story away in the tags, read at your own risk.

Author’s note: I want to thank my dearest @jeffreydeanneganstrash, because she keeps up with all the feelings and torture, the angst and my atrocious grammar and she still supports me and help me. ily. We’re going to meet someone new here, please don’t kill me. If you have something to say, reply or like, positive feedback is always appreciated. Want to be tagged? Drop me a line    

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Summer had never been so sweet.

Tory soon forgot the heat of Savannah and the long hours listening to Mrs. Jones, who gave her permission to visit the Oats home every afternoon.

“We’ve known them for forever, sweetie.” Betty said, a far off look in her eyes. “We all thought we’d be family at some point.”

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Featuring: J-Hope, Hoseok - BTS
Genre: Fluff, smut
By: Admin S

As Requested~ This took me so long for some reason, but I kept adding to it and adding to it, so fair warning, it’s almost 5000 words. It’s also unedited…so if there are any glaring mistakes please tell me.

Deals with anxiety/panic attacks. 

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Author’s Note: We are now at the end of Chapter 3! And I promise that we just did all of this for good reasons that will make sense in time! I really cannot thank you all enough for sticking with me and reading. I have a lot of fun making this comic, and it’s great knowing it is enjoyed. 

I know this was a short chapter and that I had a break before this, but the summer heat has been killing me so I’m going to be taking a 2 week between chapter break, which will also let me get a jump on our brand new full sized Chapter 4 which is returning to both our beloved trio, and picking up right where people hopefully want it to given how this one ended! So this comic is now on break and will return September 8th!

Again, thank you all, and see you soon!

but staying in the car while ur parents are in the shops is the worst in summer because it always seems like a good idea while you’re driving up to the parking spot with the air conditioning on in the car like ‘mum can i stay in the car’ and then shes like yea and you’re like fuck yea and prepare to get comfortable and listen to ur fav beats on the radio and have a fuckign party by urself in the car park and then she turns the car off or like puts it on accessories mode so the air conditioning turns off and switches to fan only mode and at first ur like ok…. this isnt that bad… maybe if i just keep the windows closed and dont breathe too much it will stay nice and cool and then within like 2 minutes the car has become a sauna on wheels and you’re sweating like anything and every minute that goes by you just sort of accept your fate and lay there thinking come on heat gods take me away kill me now im ready to die and then just before u think ur about to die u sort of develop a bit of fight and you’re like wait no im too young to die maybe i can just open the door and hopefully theres a bit of wind that will blow in so you open the door but all you get is boiling hot still summer air and you can’t just go and run into the shops where its most likely air conditioned and find your mum because the whole point of staying in the car was so you didn’t have to be seen in public and you’ve already come this far and you’re most likely looking horrible because you’re drenched in sweat so you decide to just wait it out and you never really thought of just turning the car properly on because you didnt know how cars worked like what if a siren went off or what if it started rolling backwards or forwards or what if the engine broke because the car wasnt moving and was using all its power to blow air conditioning onto you and you see people walking closer and ur hoping its your mum but its someone else walking to their car and u start losing hope again and then after what seems like an hour your mum finally returns to the car and sees you almost dead sitting there and shes like sorry i ran into these three people and then i saw this cool handbag and then i thought while im here i might as well go to this shop and this one and then i decided to do this adn this adn this and ur just like i dONT CARE JUST TURN THE CAR ON and you stick your face up to the air conditioning vent while she drives home and you just dont know why you did that to yourself and why you havent learnt from last time adn why you know that next time you’ll just do it all over again


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