the suite life with zack and cody

My ten unusual headcanons for Riverdale

1. Riverdale meets suite life of Zack and Cody. I think that it would be fun to see how the characters play off of each other, I think that it would be interesting.

2. Cheryl Blossom going to the dark side only for a season.

3. Archie realizes He loves Veronica when both their parents come back.

4. Jughead’s real name revealed

5. Kevin gets a long term boyfriend

6. learning more about Jughead

7. Polly and Jason’s relationship in flashbacks at least

8. Polly names Her child Betty or Jason

9. Bughead proposal in the rain but is interrupted but Betty says “yes" Happily.

10. I want there to be a story about Jason being alive.

Keep in mind this is all headcanons, and headcanons that I want to be real


I don’t know what makes this scene so funny, Esteban’s imitation of Moseby; or the facial expressions of Moseby.