the suite life on deck movie

talesofabyss  asked:

i hate hate hate when a girl in the movies (mulan, she's the boss, suite life on deck) can cut her hair and change clothes and INSTANTLY pass for a guy meanwhile i've spent literally hundreds of dollars on transitioning so far and still not a single person sees me as a guy. i want to die

I gave up on passing a long time ago, it didn’t work… I couldn’t even do androgynous…

So YEAH i know the feel there :X

Just deciding to put up with being misgendered everywhere I go and not having the courage to correct people is agony……. I wish my attempts at passing as anything other than feminine worked at least a bit but they don’t

I hate those fiction narratives where passing is that easy for everyone with the passion of a thousand burning suns

Like why can’t Girl Meets World do like the Zack and Cody shows. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody had 3 seasons with 87 episodes and The Suite Life on Deck had 3 seasons with 71 episodes. And then had a movie.
Gmw season 1- 7th grade
Gmw season 2- 8th grade
Gmw season 3- 9th grade

New series
Gmw new show name season 1- could be a skip ahead to possibly 11th grade
Season 2- senior year
Season 3- first year of college

Gmw movie-
Jump ahead through college to graduation, gotta have a trip to Paris, jobs, marriage, possibly children if they skip some time throughout the movie.

They could still do all of this in a G rated environment. Please Disney I beg of you!!!! If Zack and Cody can pull it off, Rowan and the gang can pull it off too.