the suite life of mr. spock


Star Trek x Iron Man AU

“You’re fucking Iron Man!” Leonard stares at the screen in disbelief, incredibly angry and proud and fascinated at the same time. He knew something had to be off with this kid. “No, you are fucking him. I’m just the lucky guy in the suit.” McCoy wants to say so many things and his brain is composing the most eloquent fuck yous in the universe, but his thoughts are interrupted by a dozen of tiny flickering lights and Jim’s smart-ass computer, S.P.O.C.K., starts to give instructions immediately. Listening to the too-calm voice of the too-perfect A.I. makes him dizzy. He hated Artificial Intelligence and considered it to be potentially dangerous, but he also understood that this invention must’ve saved Jim’s life a dozen times. “Just look at the monitor and tell me where Harrison is. I can’t see him in this crowd! Mr. Spock, please make sure that the old man doesn’t have a heart attack right in my lab while I’m saving the city.” Kirk’s laughter is charming and distracting and all Leonard wants is to choke the little bastard and then kiss him and fuck him hard so his ass will not get itself in trouble any more. Maybe not in that particular order, but… “Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a navigator!”

  • Name: INTP PhD
  • Age: 175 (mental age)
  • Birthplace: Andromeda Galaxy (M31, NGC 244 - Magnitude 3.4)
  • Previous Work Experiences: Watched Parks & Rec
  • Spirit Animal: Voltaire
  • ----------------------
  • Good at: being logically coherent (nitpicking MA/ MA Np.), binge watching, writing awkward tumblr posts, stalking ENFJs on twitter, responding "Consult Mr. Spock" when asked for advice, making popcorn (it´s fun), crying in bed, fake evil laughter
  • Not so good at: life, deadlines and watching the news without getting angry (the presenter´s tie usually does not match the suit, what a nuisance)
  • Aim in life: inofficial CEO of the entire Silicon Valley