the suit & the shades

Auntie Kylie is apparently unaware that there are other humans roaming this Earth with the name ‘Kylie’.  She unsuccessfully tried to trademark her name for the purpose of selling high priced lip glosses and eye shadow palettes. The same lip glosses and eye shadow pallets that singer Kylie Minogue says are damaging her brand. 

Must be nice. I wish I could sue every family member that’s currently damaging my brand, especially Kylie.

forgive the multiple notifications you’re gonna get from me hahahah but I drew The Tall Boys! Can i just point out.. don’t they look like they could be a boyband lmao

From left to right its: @shobiyo, @me lmao, @kittlekrattle and @kkumri

they’re all similar in height so this way they all fit perfectly in a group photo hahaha so I gave it a shot//// I hope I did them some justice they’re all so handsome and cool <3 (also had to include some subtle Riku/Katashi lol)

A summary of common band pieces

-Chorale and Shaker Dance: everyone’s played it but no one remembers how it goes
-Emperata Overture: your introduction to mixed meter
-Let’s Go Band: All rise for the band geek anthem
-Jupiter: clarinet massacre, then everyone praises god
-Angels in the Architecture: demons maul an angel and crash a Jewish wedding, then get owned by heaven (mostly)
-Second Suite in F: euphonium anxiety
-Stars and Stripes Forever: piccolo anxiety
-Blue Shades: clarinet anxiety
-Anything by John Mackey: *experimenting on Finale Notepad*
-Any Sousa march: horns go die
-Irish Tune from Country Derry: woodwinds wait forever, then brass wait forever
-Molly on the Shore: the same thing but a million times
-Concord: red-blooded patriotism but in 7/8
-Sleigh Ride: annual winter torture
-Pomp and Circumstance: annual summer torture
-Anything by Eric Whitacre: heavenly choirs
-Variations on a Korean Folk Song: the only Asian band piece most of you will ever play


b-e-h-a-v-e never more, you gave up being good when you declared a state of war

i was supposed to sleep but then i got caught up looking through my (embarrassingly vast) collection of suit references and listening to too much grimes


I always buy neutral colors (black, white, cream, tan, and all shades of brown and grey) that would suit my basics: simple tops, trousers, cardigans, etc. Make your outfit look 10x better with something as simple as adding a leather jacket or a nice cardigan, paired with some black or nude heels & simple jewelry. Try finding a pair of black or blue jeans that are comfortable and hug your body in the right way. And for date nights I suggest you get a little black dress and a nice pencil skirt with a button-up.