the sugar didn't work

here have some 3rd year headcanons involving drinks
  • Mari’s a coffee person. She drinks coffee like it’s water, not just because she likes the taste but also because she needs the caffeine boost due to all her duties as a 3rd year, school director, school idol, Kanan’s stalker, and heiress to a multi billion dollar company
  • Kanan isn’t really a coffee person but people think that since she keeps stealing mouthfuls of coffee from Mari’s cup. The truth is that the coffee stealing is really Kanan’s attempt to make Mari drink less coffee 
  • Her excuse is that she likes how Mari makes her coffee and Mari doesn’t mind the coffee stealing anyway. Mari thinks it’s cute of Kanan to do so so she lets her
  • Only Dia knows the truth and tbh she’d join in the coffee stealing (because ohmygod Mari plea s e 6 or more cups a day is Not Healthy y r u like this???) if only she didn’t dislike the taste so much.
  • Dia and Kanan are tea people but Kanan has significantly lessened her tea intake due to the amount of caffeine she already gets from Mari’s coffee
  • Mari makes her coffee Strong but also with lots of sugar. Like she buys those expensive af coffee beans, brews them properly, then dumps several spoons worth of sugar at it
  • Dia took a sip once and was immediately Disgusted. Mari’s sad she didn’t manage to take a picture of Dia’s expression. It would have made such a great meme
  • Kanan just wants her taste buds back. But she also doesn’t want her gf to have a heartattack from all the coffee so here we are