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can you pls link which vapp was when kihyun was comforting wonho when he was crying? and when they held hands while kihyun was asking what was the english of 760,000? XD i cnt seem to find themm

ok so i’ve never been able to bring myself to watching that vapp of wonho crying bc i’m an emotional fool but here you go, it isn’t subbed. and the one they held hands is this one here which is subbed


Ok but guys this whole scene actually makes the events of free! even more painful. Makoto struggles through the whole movie to understand his own feelings, he wants to understand himself and his reasons for swimming, and then we have this scene where Makoto finally finds his answer… he loves swimming, and he wants to share that with Haru, he wants to swim by his side, and Haru tells Makoto that it’s a given they’ll swim together… always. Until years later where Makoto starts to realize Haru is drifting away to a place he can no longer reach… and he can’t do anything but let that little boy he grew up with, go.

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Dude why'd u change ur channel u had so many subs

i don’t really care about my sub count :U i just wanted to start out fresh again

and besides, if i reached tht milestone on my old channel then i can reach it again it’s not really important either it’s just a number

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What are soft subs? :)

Soft subs are subtitles that are distributed SEPARATE from the video file. They come as a text file, using extensions like .SUB, .SRT, .ASS, etc.

You can download the soft subs for SKAM seasons 1-3 here. :) I’ll show you how to use them.

First, you need the RAW (original/no subtitled) episode. Open it in a video player like VLC. There should be no subtitles.

On the bar at the top you’ll see Subtitles. Run your mouse over it and select ‘Add Subtitle File.’

Select the subtitle file for the episode and click OPEN.

Now, the subtitle file should play over the video.

People often prefer to use soft subs because they don’t want hard subs ruining the video. Using soft subs allows you to have one copy of SKAM that you can use for GIFS and video edits while also putting subtitles on the file to watch when needed.

I hope this helped!

i’m on the verge of crying because i can’t believe this is how xabi and fips are saying goodbye to champions league in their careers, i also can’t believe the ref bad calls and that carlo didn’t sub off vidal early enough and subbed off lewy but i really can’t be mad at bayern. manu doing god’s work as always, mats and boa playing well even through injury and pain, we just fought as hard as we could. i’m really sad right now but i’m so damn proud of my team. mia san mia and let’s get that double for xabi and for fips.

🎬 Subbing the InuYasha Stage Play DVD

The release date of the InuYasha Stage Play DVD is July 26, 2017

Sadly, only one shop has the privilage to sell the item at the moment, but it is still possible to order it even if you don’t live in Japan.

Information on how to order the DVD can be found here [x]

There is a slight chance the DVD will have English subs. A very slight chance. Why do I think so? Because of the large fandom outside of Japan. Also, the Stage Play website can be viewed in Japanese and in English. 

But in case the DVD isn’t subbed, I am looking for InuYasha fans who want to help me in subbing it when it’s released. 

I made a call-out post for this earlier as well [x]

☛  What do we need?

- Translaters Jap-Eng (at least 2) 

- Proof readers/watchers (at least 2)

- Someone who has (some) experience in subbing would be most helpful

The DVD will be region 2 and since I live in a region 2 country I can easily turn the DVD in a different format and provide the file. Also I have a movie edit program. 

It will not be an easy task, but if we do this together, I’m sure we can manage and be the cause of a very happy fandom. 

@artistefish, thanks for wanting to help me out ^^

If anyone in this fandom reads this and if you’re also interested, please let me know! 

Masterlist Fanfiction/Imagines


Fandoms: Gotham - TWD - Star Wars Rogue One - Fantastic Beasts - Supernatural - Bloodline

Sorted by Fandom, Character and Theme.

 - Please let me know if any of the links don`t work - 

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“I will be praying not to fall in love with you.”

Nikolai Krasotkin || The Empire of Corpses (2015)

Yesterday I was on a few different social media sites, and I’m pissed.

Here is an announcement for fellow international fans of K-pop and K-dramas.

They live in Korea. Their primary language is Korean.

International fans who bitch because they want to watch a drama, and interview, a music video, or a variety show, but there’s not subtitles yet, you have a couple options.

1. Learn Korean.  How is it you expect them to be automatically there? You are one person compared to a population of 50 MILLION who lives in the country the program is made in.  So as easily as you expect someone to know English so they can add subtitles, how about you learn Korean?

2. Just stop being a cunt and wait like the rest of us.  Trust me, I’m dying to watch the next episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon too, but unlike you, I appreciate the people who spend their time adding subs. I don’t go on sites and social media and blast them because 10 minutes after they’ve added the program, subtitles weren’t available.

I know not all international fans are like that, because I’m not, but this is for the ones that are.  Learn to just appreciate that people are working hard for YOU to be able to enjoy a show you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.  You’re making the rest of us look bad.

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YOONMIN *sort of* AUDIO (What if’s during JK’s Vlive) - FAKE SUBS

(I wasn’t planning to upload it on youtube as unlisted but tumblr isn’t letting me upload it. I’m working on it, but for now, enjoy this)

YOONMIN *sort of* AUDIO (What if’s during JK’s Vlive) - FAKE SUBS 


1. It takes a lot of time and effort to create.
2. The chances of people who aren’t supposed to listen to it(aka BTS), finding it are less. This video was made for the fans.  

Okay, so this is something new. I took JK’s live and changed the subs a bit. So what is happening here is that Jimin and Yoongi want to sleep, but Jungkook is playing music and isn’t letting them fall asleep. So Jimin goes to JK’s room and tells him off, but ends up staying a bit longer because Taehyung is up too and Jimin wants to say hi to his fans and mess with the younger members. It’s basically what’s happening in the vlive but with a yoonmin twist. I hope you understand what I’m trying to explain here. :P

These are FAKE SUBTITLES. The audio is edited. If you speak the language it’s pretty obvious. I don’t mean to offend ANYONE, including Jimin, Yoongi, BTS, BigHit Entertainment and ARMYs. If you are easily offended by Yoonmin (or any) shipping situation, then this video is not suitable for you. Also, PLEASE DO NOT STEAL. Thank you, enjoy! :)

Credits to DooPiano for the background music

Vlive: here

Sound effects: BerlinAtmospheres

Date a Girl That...: PENTAGON


  • Has a motherly nature;
  • The prettiest of smiles;
  • Likes to do the small little things like knitting;
  • Cutesy clothes.


  • A pervert;
  • Is secretly a teddy bear and monster of cuddles but only he knows that;
  • Pretty chill;
  • The not-too-girly girl.


  • Mature;
  • Cares about others more than she cares about herself;
  • Very chick fashion;
  • Cuddles for days.


  • Knows how to play her cards well/ Intelligent;
  • Suggestive without realization;
  • Is random;
  • Ain’t scared to talk back to him.


  • Doesn’t mind nudity ;-);
  • Is an actual angel;
  • Pretty dense;
  • Loves food.


  • Is an actual angel;
  • Into retro movies;
  • Someone that has a knack for stability;
  • A real softie.


  • Is an actual angel;
  • Independent;
  • Will take care of him.
  • Into really romantics little things.


  • Has the vibe of dom but actually sub;
  • Isn’t shy;
  • Shows her emotions clearly;
  • Likes silence.


  • Is an actual angel;
  • Natural aegyo;
  • Knows a couple of languages;
  • Cute.


  • Is an actual Satan;
  • Always salty;
  • Knows how to take control;
  • Will have none of his bullshit.

Say hello to the Garden Trolls! A fan made sub species of troll that are related to the Rainbow Trolls. 

They are a race of Trolls found in the far reaches of the forest. They are kin of the Trolls found in the original Troll Tree, the Rainbow Trolls. Typically keeping close to the ground, building burrows and shacks along tree roots. They are peaceful creatures but be careful not to cross them because they will come back for vengeance. 

This is an open, Free-to-Make sub species, you don’t have to ask me to create one! Just tag it as garden troll or tag me in it so i can see what you made!!

Click the read more for all the lore details!

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Can I challenge you to write the subbiest ty you can possibly think of? Ty with josh or blur or both, your call

Challenge Accepted

would probably just be tyler on his belly, napping comfortably until he hears josh come in. then he rolls automatically, shows his belly and his shiny new black collar around his slender throat.

josh would kneel on the bed, press tyler’s thighs gently apart and shimmy between them while tyler blinks sleepily up at him.

“you ready for me, pup?” josh asks, fingers finding tyler’s hole in the dim lighting.

tyler nods, but there’s no need. josh can feel how he’s already slick and open, having stretched himself hours before and never cleaned up.


the name makes tyler whine, spreading his legs ever wider for his alpha.

josh slips out of his briefs and slams home, tyler taking him in easily as he tosses his head against the pillow and squirms.

“joshie, please,” he gasps, arms up near his head, face turning red. “faster, harder. daddy…alpha…”

josh starts to yank on the collar, tyler giving a little choked off grunt as he grinds down, trying to get more of josh inside.

and when he cums, he does so untouched, splattering all over his belly and begging josh not to stop, to fuck him even harder and pinch his nipples, slap his thighs, etc.


BTSBound’s Kink Bingo: 1 ▪️ 2 ▪️ 3 ▪️ 4 ▪️ 5

Pairing: Reader x Jimin


Genre: Smut [ ! ]

[ ! ] Wax play, dom!Reader, sub!Jimin light bdsm, blindfolds

Summary: This is for the kink bingo we’re playing over at @btsbound ! If you aren’t playing you definitely should, and this is my first entry - waxplay. Good luck to all of the players! ^^

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Jimin swallowed thickly against the dry patch in the back of his throat, the black of his blindfold allowing him to see nothing but darkness against his closed lids. He would wince slightly at your every touch while you had taken every opportunity to pull away for several seconds, before dipping your head in order to leave a bright new bruise on Jimin’s skin. He was covered in them, he was sure of it by the way he ached in random patches scattered down his neck and along his chest, and it did absolutely nothing to soothe his hardening length.

“Baby,” You were suddenly pressed against Jimin’s ear, placing wet kisses against the lobe. “Relax.”

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Being faithful paid off.

In 2012, I started watching anime. It was small stuff, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater. I was involved with other things so it didn’t consume that much of my time. When I began persuing it on social media however, I found Tumblr, and that is where I found Attack on Titan. I didn’t want to watch it however. The hype was to big and it was talked about WAAAYYY too much, so I was like “I don’t wanna waste my time.”

But finally, after a gif set featuring Eren and all of his handsome glory, I sat down and watched the very first episode, subbed. (I hated subbed, wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.) That was one of the first nights I ever stayed up watching anything through the night, and holy fuck did I watch it through the night. I came home from school the next day and went right back to it, finishing the series at about four o’clock in the morning. 

Then I found it dubbed. 

As of today, four years later; I’ve watched the series twice subbed, and four times dubbed. I have seventeen pieces of merch and over 3,000 pictures saved in my electronics of the characters. Needless to say I am obsessed. 

I’ve gotten a lot of shit from a boy at school because “it sucks ass” and “its not even that good”. But I fought him, and continued watching Attack Junior High, Choice With No Regrets, etc. 

But yesterday, I cried while the second season opening theme played, as I could not believe it was real. It sounds dumb, and is a little dramatic sure; but I felt rewarded for not giving up and finding a new favourite anime. 

My blog name never changed, even though I became obsessed over ten or twelve other things in the span of that time. My phone background, my computer background, always had Eren or Levi on them, because I love them like I’ve loved best friends. 

I don’t know why I decided to share this, but hopefully I can find someone out there to resonate with, ya know?