the stylish scholar

On a mission to discover the secrets of Nature’s fuzzy gem, three avid peach fans trundle through the terrains in their stylish caravan. 

The erudite scholar leads the way; what she doesn’t know about peaches isn’t worth knowing, but that won’t stop her from learning them anyway. Navigating the route is the culinary experimenter who can whip up a flurry of recipes and pharmaceutical benefits from the edible wonders in a flash. And atop the travelling exhibit of eccentricities snaps away the third fanatic, the audacious photographer, with her marvellous viewing gadget recording and chronicling all of the scrumptious sights discovered on the journey.

By the power of friendship, little fluffy sheep things, and their undying love for the prunus persica, the vibrant trio will bring the joys of peaches to the rest of the world!

I drew this a few months ago for The Tea Book, an artbook dedicated to gijinkas of various tea flavours, all drawn by UK-based artists :> I based my designs on peach tea! I hope you like it!

The Talk with Andrew

I played Final Fantasy Tactics for old times’ sake. I needed a slot in my party for a secret character to be able to join, so I had to choose who among the existing members to let go. Thus began my lengthy (and emotional) talk with Andrew (the Squire).

Me: Andrew, I’m sorry but I have to let you go.

Me: I did, Andrew, I did. I lost sleep thinking about what’s the best thing to do in this situation. If you only knew how much I want you to be here. I don’t want you to leave, but I need to do this. 

Me: We are friends. ~voice starting to sound breathy as Andrew closes the gap between us~ Please don’t make this harder for me to do.

Me: Uhm, you’re too close… stop whispering in my ear.

Me: Yes, I’m sorry Andrew. ~I sadly watch him walk away, but to my surprise, he turns back and grabs my arm~

Me: What? ~wrenches away from his grasp~ Asking me if I can go on without you. To be honest, it hurts to let you go. No matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to forget you. But please don’t think too highly of yourself.

Me: Why, did anything start between us? We never really had the chance to talk about our relationship. Andrew… I don’t want to part ways in bad terms. You’re still an important friend to me.

Me: Wait… ~clutches his shirt~ I never got to thank you for the things you did for me when we were together. At least, take this ~hands him a wrapped parcel~ to remember me. Until then.


Goodness, my mind churns out some strange things when I’m bored. Hahahaha. :))

~Cris, May 1, 2014