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More Karin headcanons because why not?

  • I believe Karin is a total punk. Just look at the first chapters of the manga  — it’s canon that she scares even her classmates. So, when a group of troublemakers get in her way home and starts pestering her about her brother, she lost her shit for the first time (pls, do not compare her to her bro; she loves him but despise his acts). After that, she created herself a reputation in the streets.

  • But that event leaded her to discover her anger issues. Yukio called it “Hulk Syndrome”. Karin normally is a serious person, but once infuriated, there’s no comeback until blood dyes hands & clothes & streets.

  • When she was eleven and Grand Fisher attacked her and Yuzu at her mother’s grave, the mark of his hands burned her back permanently, leaving an light pink mark on her back and shoulders. It was when her suspects about Ichigo and the strange girl that he befriended started.
  • At her seventeen’s, she made her first tattoos: flowers. Strange for a person like her, but it was Yuzu ideia. She made a champagne/salmon rose for her twin, a turk’s cap lily for her mother and a burgundy gladiolus for Isshin on her left shoulder  — she, however, made a cattail in the right shoulder for Ichigo; it means Peace, even after all, all she wants is the best for him. When she passed on College, she made a couple of snapdragons on her wrist. They were for herself, to not to forget who she was or why she was there.

  • Isshin one day gave the twins Masaki’s jewelry, and Yuzu just were so in love with the golden pieces, while Karin was enamored with the silver ones. Even when she passed away, her jewelry stayed with her. They were part of her mother, and now part of her soul.

  • All her life, Karin never externalized her power (which was immense to just a human) and received an enormous amount of spiritual energy from her father, brother, the city and her brother’s friends. But, inside herself, to survive through her progress of evolution, her reiatsu system changed. She developed her power without knowing, but as many cases among the Shinigami, she developed her zanpakuto. But when human. And when she died, all of it was released. She’s like every Shinigami, but she doesn’t need a sword to contact her power.
  • Even though, Kuukaku still gives her a sword. The one who demanded the sword was Karin’s zanpakutou. He’s eccentric. Likes gems a little too much… Well, the blade is made of silver and it’s fencing-like, but don’t be fooled: it has a sharp, chirurgical cut. It has a loop-guard, the silver was twisted in scrollworks and the same pattern imprinted on her jewelrys. Along the grip, dots of gold, pearls, smokey and champagne quartz, star moonstones and morganites. It has to bells and a long, glitterish champagne ribbon.

  • When Karin goes to the Eleventh… Jesus. She presents One Punch Man to Madarame ⟶ Both start fangirling about Saitama ⟶ They present it to Zaraki ⟶ Kenpachi institute a new rule on the squad: every saturday, the Shinigami will watch it and is obligatory the reading of the manga ⟶ It doesn’t take too much to transform every member of the Eleventh into a shōnen fanboy. They even cry watching Kenshin‘s and Kaoru’s farewell.

  • Yumichika is what Karin can call the Ino of her Sakura, the Leorio of her Kurapika, the Yamcha of her Goku. They’re just fools that walk around the squad with face masks, painting nails, eating cinnamon rolls and drinking lemonade and watching Rupaul’s Drag Queen Race. It’s worse when Zaraki join them. Ikkaku can’t take this anymore.
  • Momo Hinamori is Karin’s idol. That girl’s so… Badass. And when they meet for real, they bond because Kurosaki girl encounter the Ursa Major she needed. She bottled her heart so deep all the time and when she was with Momo it just… floated on the surface. Momo teaches her the japanese traditional way of drawing and painting, educates her in military etiquette, gives her the prettiest silver jewelry and offers her all that she knows about blossoming. They walk around holding hands and hearts in their lungs, because both of them learn how to easily breathe love from each other.

  • Karin tattoo a peach flower besides her snapdragon.

  • Urahara, Kenpachi and Karin are close friends. It happened after a mission that could’ve gone very wrong without each one of them. They’re godfathers to two of her four children. The other ones are Momo and Byakuya (Hitsugaya and Kuchiki bro-power, bitches). The three drink and train and talk shit around each other. Big kids with swords, abnormous power and foul mouths. And the best Instagram photos ever.

  • Karin’s half-funny half-awfully foul-mouthed.

  • She starts publishing a beautifully drawn and colored manga on Seireitei. It’s a huge success and Kyōraku pouts at her for, at least, a century cuz’ her manga sold more in a week than all his shitty romance did in almost a millennium. Both of them laugh and tease each other a lot too. He’s pretty much like her father — but incredibly more perverted. Sometimes, she calls him Master Kame.

  • That bitch is geek-stylish. She has the most amazing t-shirt anime and games collections of all time. And she adores overalls and baggy shirts… Karin usually only wear baggy shirts. And she kills it.

  • When Ichigo ends his marriage with Orihime, he sends Kazui to spend a time with Karin even with the issues between them [Ichigo and Karin] because she’s an amazing aunt. She strict when needed but has a child’s heart. They watch cartoons and Disney the whole day, and her nephew eats with her and Yumichika, makes Momo company when she is alone in her office and both sit on Tōshirō’s lap at the afternoon just to chat.

  • Karin and Tōshirō… This couple is magnificent. In looks, personality, power and chemistry. They literally have a private language and codes, are discreet but they gravitate around each other naturally. Intense looks, godly posture and the way they balance each other… Walking side to side, holding hands or crossing swords.

  • Both have a sweet tooth and eat lots of flan and cotton candy. Holy fuck! Tōshirō is an real molding artist cotton candy and a chef making desserts. Karin’s good with salt, but terrible with sugar, although.

  • Rukia and Karin are what I call Silent Friends. They don’t look like friends, and rarely are saw around each other but fuck… Tbh, Rukia is Karin’s motherly figure. She was the first one to look on Karin’s eyes and don’t say nothing, but sit by her side, only to be there. It changed her life.

  • Matsumoto and Karin start as crime partners. Then as Hitsugaya’s official nightmares. But end crying their hearts out on each other’s lap. Karin learns about Gin; Rangiku learns about Masaki and Ichigo and her torments with Hollows. It’s how their friendship works: hugs in the middle of storms.
  • Respectively, Momo, Yukio, Yuzu and Rangiku choose the names of the Kurosaki-Hitsugaya babies. The older boy is named Umehiko (in honor of Tobiume), the second is Kameko (cuz’ Master Kame — it was him or Freeza), Chikoi (it means Thousand Koi) and Usagin for the girl (Silver Bunny). They all have three surnames: “Hitsugaya Kurosaki-Shiba”.

  • Karin has a picture in her room that she looks every night. It’s her, Yuzu, Isshin, Ichigo, Tōshirō, her children, Kazui, Momo, Jinta & Yukio, Zaraki & Madarame & Yumichika, Rangiku, Rukia and Urahara with Yoruichi. In her mother’s grave. It’s her family. 


…put on a Princess Leia costume, of course.

Ever since my daughter was old enough to make special requests, I’ve let her pick my Halloween costumes. Having kids at Halloween is a lot of fun and watching the sheer delight that my daughter receives from having me dress up to meet her normally very polite requests is tremendously satisfying. Over the past three years, I’ve been Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas & Ferb, Wreck-It Ralph, and Grunkle Stan from the fantastic kids’ show Gravity Falls. All year, my daughter had been expressing her interest in going as Hermione Granger for Halloween, so I was preparing myself to throw together a Snape or Professor Lupin costume. But then, after I showed my seven-year-old Star Wars for the first time, she turned to me and asked… 

“Do you think I could be Han Solo for Halloween?” Immediately, I responded “Yeah, why, of course, you could. That would be amazing. Why couldn’t you be Han Solo?” And, even though I didn’t want her response to come, it did. “Welll…. I’m a girl.” Screw that. I grabbed my laptop and started showing her some really excellent examples of other girls and women cosplaying as Han Solo. She nearly shrieked when I showed her one of the members of Team Unicorn (a geek-girl pop culture group that she loves) in full Solo regalia and then I found this extremely cool tutorial on how to make a Han Solo costume for a woman from The Stylish Geek. My daughter’s eyes went wide. She was sold on the idea. This could happen. But then she turned and looked at me, “But what are you going to be?” She thought for a second and said “Well, if I’m a Han Solo, you should probably be Princess Leia, I guess…” She looked at me with an implied question in her eyes. And, c’mon, if I immediately told her “YES, a girl can be Han Solo,” it would’ve been pretty hypocritical of me to say “Nope, a boy can’t be Princess Leia.” So, as quickly as I could, I said, “That would be FANTASTIC. I totally should be Leia.” And that’s exactly what I did.

Because that’s what dads do. 

I thought this was great.