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I’ve been intense BNHA trash as of late. I’m sweating for the next chapter to come out. But I’ve honestly fallen so SO SO hard for All Might and Midoriya like??? I want them to be happy. I want one canon hug between them and my soul will ascend thank you.

me, hanging off of quentin tarantino’s ceiling fan like a gargoyle: listen Quentin mpal it doesn’t matter that you intended Orange and White to have a father/son styled mentor relationship, you created a Shakespearean-esque gay narrative which leaves the viewer wondering if there’s more to the relationship than meets the eye. you added depth to an otherwise machismo movie about guys bein dudes. but are you truly capable of providing such emotionally driven content? 

tarantino: what the fuck how did you get in my house

BTS reaction - Their son wants to be a disney princess for halloween

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He would totally be in on it. His son was just a child and halloween are for dressing up to all sorts of things. “Well i will be princess Jin then! Make my hair look extra pretty”

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“Who said that princesses are just for girls? Me and my son will rock our costumes father and son style”

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“Who set you up for this? Was it uncle Taehyung? Well.. I guess we can go and buy a Elsa dress, it’s halloween after all”

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“Did i hear you right there son? You want to me Mulan for halloween? Well daddy is on it!”

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“And here i got us matching pirate costumes.. Well, Y/N. You better teach me how to do a sleeping beauty make over then”

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“Princess? Well i guess we could do that. You will be princess Jasmine and i will be the friendly tiger!” (Let’s be real, this sunshine would be happy to dress up as anything) 

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“Well, it’s halloween and that means that you can be anything you want for a night. i can’t say i expected you to pick princess Belle but let’s rock it”

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AU idea

A world where many things are the same but where, instead of being Adrien’s dad, Gabriel is Adrien’s fraternal twin.

  • They are the sons of a distant victorian-style father and a missing mom.
  • Gabriel is a little warmer to Adrien since he is not a parental figure, but is nowhere near a warm and loving ray of sunshine.
  • Actually, he unearthed Nooroo’s brooch from the family’s antiques collection and became Hawk Moth to bring their mother back. After all, Adrien clearly needs her.
  • They enter the same school. Adrien is not the face of the family brand, but was still pushed into modeling and acting by their father.
  • Gabriel wants to build a fashion empire
  • … and doesn’t take kindly to the competition that is young, talented Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
  • There is a War. A War on the fashion front, with Jagged Stone squarely on Marinette’s side (Jagged Stone doesn’t like Gabriel’s attitude, his methods, nor his style). Gabriel has Chloé model for him.
  • Adrien is stuck between the two of them, and quite amazed to see Marinette stand up to Gabriel (when she is a klutzy adorable mess around Adrien himself).
  • Endless arguments between Nino and Gabriel.
  • Shenanigans where Gabriel loses control over his Akuma because Ladybug rescued him and kept him under close watch for his protection.
  • Adrien and Nooroo meeting in Gabriel’s bedroom.
  • Nooroo pretending to be a stuffed toy.
  • Adrien not falling for that.
  • Plagg commenting that ‘even Marinette is a better liar than you, Nooroo’.

Listen To Mum
 "Mum! Mumma! Mummy! Mumma! Look! It’s Papa! It’s Papa!“ Your three year old chanted, as he squirmed and wiggled around in your arms, excitedly pointing to the stage where your husband stood.
"Yeah,” you smiled at your ecstatic son, enjoying how much he was enjoying the show Harry had asked the two of you to attend. The event was the only exception when it came to Harry’s asking you to attend one of his concerts. Usually, his shows would be full of loud, eager girls and women. Obviously, that sort of crowd was most certainly too much for your little son to have to be in. This time, though, the event was at five in the afternoon and the crowd was considerably smaller than the rest of the crowds Harry had to perform in front of.
“Can we visit?” Your son turned to look down at your features with hope in his large, dark green eyes.
“We’ll see,” you nodded with a tight smile before signaling your son to look back up at the stage where you had noticed Harry staring at the two of you.
“Hi!” Your son screamed as his tiny little stubby hand reached out in front of him to send a messy wave towards your smiling husband.
“Hi, baby,” Harry mouthed before sending your son a kiss and a little wave before somebody called out for his attention. Your son couldn’t help but smile brightly as he cuddled back into your hold, happy that he was able to see his father after a week of being apart from his hero.
“Mumma, can we go visit?” Your son perked up from his cuddled position against your chest, referring to the crew and staff you and Harry had constantly kept him around.
“After Dad’s done, yes,” you nodded as you glanced back up at the stage.
“No, now,” your son pouted, his facial features suddenly becoming angry.
“Y/S/N, after your father is done,” you raised your eyebrows, warningly at your tempered son.
Now,” your son demanded before you were suddenly angry that he was being so demanding.
“When Papa’s done,” you stated firmly one last time before telling your son to pay attention to the people moving around on stage.
“Mum, we need to go visit,” your son’s clammy little hands suddenly grabbed a hold of your face as he pulled you to look at him. Your eyes widened as you suddenly had the urge to tell your son he was about to be punished if he didn’t stop asking for something you had already told him to wait for.
“Y/S/N, you do not speak to Mommy that way,” you tore his hands away from your face, growing frustrated with your uncooperative son.
“Please, Mumma,” your son only went back to holding your cheeks in his palms as he roughly rested his forehead against yours and pouted the way Harry would when asking something big of you; like getting pregnant. Knowing that if you allowed your son to be so touchy and demanding with you he would think it alright to treat everybody else the same way, you pulled away to see Harry notice your situation and laugh. You shook your head at him and he seemed to get the hint as he turned away from you and your son to hide the fact that he was laughing at his son. You see, your son had this need to make your husband laugh whenever he could, so he would most likely keep treating you the way you disliked if he saw Harry laughing at him.
“Stop it, Y/S, or we’ll go home. Settle down, please,” you turned and cocked your head, authoritatively at your toddler son.
No! I don’t like you,” your son started pulling away from you before you decided it was most likely time to get him to bed.
“Y/S/N, listen to Mum,” Harry’s voice suddenly vibrated through the event center, causing your son to stop throwing a tantrum and search for his father on stage.
“She’s being mean,” your son rubbed his eyes as he pouted to his father, who most likely did not make out what his son had just shouted.
“Listen to Mumma and you can sit in the chair. Okay?” Harry nodded at your son, referring to his stylist’s chair that your son had absolutely loved to sit in whenever the two of you visited Harry on tour. After getting a vague, sleepy nod from your son, he sent you a wink and a laugh before turning and finishing the show.