the styles' son and father


I’ve been intense BNHA trash as of late. I’m sweating for the next chapter to come out. But I’ve honestly fallen so SO SO hard for All Might and Midoriya like??? I want them to be happy. I want one canon hug between them and my soul will ascend thank you.

me, hanging off of quentin tarantino’s ceiling fan like a gargoyle: listen Quentin mpal it doesn’t matter that you intended Orange and White to have a father/son styled mentor relationship, you created a Shakespearean-esque gay narrative which leaves the viewer wondering if there’s more to the relationship than meets the eye. you added depth to an otherwise machismo movie about guys bein dudes. but are you truly capable of providing such emotionally driven content? 

tarantino: what the fuck how did you get in my house

AU idea

A world where many things are the same but where, instead of being Adrien’s dad, Gabriel is Adrien’s fraternal twin.

  • They are the sons of a distant victorian-style father and a missing mom.
  • Gabriel is a little warmer to Adrien since he is not a parental figure, but is nowhere near a warm and loving ray of sunshine.
  • Actually, he unearthed Nooroo’s brooch from the family’s antiques collection and became Hawk Moth to bring their mother back. After all, Adrien clearly needs her.
  • They enter the same school. Adrien is not the face of the family brand, but was still pushed into modeling and acting by their father.
  • Gabriel wants to build a fashion empire
  • … and doesn’t take kindly to the competition that is young, talented Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
  • There is a War. A War on the fashion front, with Jagged Stone squarely on Marinette’s side (Jagged Stone doesn’t like Gabriel’s attitude, his methods, nor his style). Gabriel has Chloé model for him.
  • Adrien is stuck between the two of them, and quite amazed to see Marinette stand up to Gabriel (when she is a klutzy adorable mess around Adrien himself).
  • Endless arguments between Nino and Gabriel.
  • Shenanigans where Gabriel loses control over his Akuma because Ladybug rescued him and kept him under close watch for his protection.
  • Adrien and Nooroo meeting in Gabriel’s bedroom.
  • Nooroo pretending to be a stuffed toy.
  • Adrien not falling for that.
  • Plagg commenting that ‘even Marinette is a better liar than you, Nooroo’.