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Hey friends!

Meg here for this week’s TUTOR TUES-WEEK! I got a rec curious about how styles come about, so I sat down and started mapping out steps I felt most artists have gone through based on personal experience as well as observation. I feel these steps happen for a reason and lend themselves to our improvement and growth as artists! If your have tutorial recs send ‘em in here or my personal. Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


Hey, friends!

It’s Meg and I’m so happy to be back! Special thanks to Paul for giving us two wonderful tutorials!

Today we’re going to have a little conversation about the dreaded ‘art style’ everyone seems to be in search of! As I was writing this I realized much of it is what I wish I could tell younger me, so excuse me if it gets a lil’ sappy!

As always,if you have any recommendations for tutorials send them in to this blog or my personal blog. Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next Tuesday!

we push and pull like magnets do

by Anonymous

He’s reluctant to even think about it but Louis has got to admit that maybe, probably, having Harry Styles tutor him isn’t a completely horrible thing. He was still an insufferable prick that seemed to be constantly looking for the best way to have him in everything they discussed – well, everything except Potions, obviously, considering Louis was the highest grade in that class, but point made – but it was the first time in months Louis was actually able to get through more than five pages of reading material without imploding from stress while actually learning something from it all.

or Louis finds himself struggling with dealing with exams and has to deal with somehow getting stuck with Harry Fucking Styles of all people as his tutor.

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look, i just needed some fluff this week, and “Eliza as a stress baker” is a good headcannon. have a fox eating a cupcake for cheer.

Having a boyfriend who’s a fox faerie, Eliza decides, is not much different from having a large pet cat.

He watches intently as she cracks eggs into the mixer. She’s baking cupcakes for rehearsal tomorrow, since it seems likely to go over the usual two hours, and the surprise of baked goods will offset the sense of being trapped inside the theater building like the seventh circle of hell. Besides, if she’s baking, then she doesn’t have to think about the edits von Steuben sent back for her paper. Alexander offered to look them over for her, which is why he’s here, except something - the smell of butter, maybe, or the sound of the KitchenAid - distracted him. He cocks his head, whiskers twitching, as she pours in the vanilla extract.

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Bucket List || Klaroline

#25daysofklaroline Day 14 - College

Her last week of college before graduation, Caroline felt restless. She had already completed her exams, packed up her apartment to move, and sent in her hiring paperwork for her new job in New York. Her to-do list was finished, and Caroline Forbes had nothing left to do.

Despairing on the lawn chair she had left in her living room after shipping most of her belongings to her new place, Caroline’s phone refused to beep with incoming texts. Her friends were all studying, and her draconic tutoring style made her persona non grata in their various cram sessions. She was about to text Rebekah again, but a knock on the door temporarily saved her bestie from dealing with her stir-craziness.

“Please be Bekah,” she called playfully before throwing open her door, only to find a different Mikaelson leaning on the threshold.

“Sorry, love,” Klaus answered with a smirk. “Will the favorite brother suffice?”

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is it ok if i just talk about sousuke and nitori for a hot minute though

in episode 8

in episode 9

are we all getting this? i don’t know exactly how long it was between episode 8 and 9, but it couldn’t have been more than two or three weeks., right? in the space of two of three weeks, nitori went from being one of the slowest swimmers on the team to holding the current breaststroke record in the cohort. that is incredible, and it tells us two things:

  • nitori is actually a damn good swimmer
  • sousuke is actually a damn good coach

like, not only did nitori have both the potential to be an incredible breaststroke swimmer all along and the dedication and perseverance to fulfill that potential, but sousuke saw that and was able to bring it out in him?? I mean, nitori’s been fiercely throwing himself into training, always staying back late, since before the prefecturals, and yet by the start of episode 8 still had not really made any significant improvement. in walks sousuke, and in the space of weeks he’s gotten exponentially better.

breaststroke is not even sousuke’s specialty, and it’s not as if he and nitori are alike in temperament–which means sousuke was able to find a tutoring style and develop a basic training regimen that worked well for nitori specifically. and nitori, with a little guidance, quickly became a swimmer to be reckoned with. the power was in him all along

my point is that nitori is great and sousuke is an angel, that is the thesis of this post

i got home and went to study for my final exams. i spent 3 hours reading my biology book and the only tHING I REMEMBER READING WAS  ABOUT HOW ORGANISMS ARE COMPOSED OF CELLS