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Bucket List || Klaroline

#25daysofklaroline Day 14 - College

Her last week of college before graduation, Caroline felt restless. She had already completed her exams, packed up her apartment to move, and sent in her hiring paperwork for her new job in New York. Her to-do list was finished, and Caroline Forbes had nothing left to do.

Despairing on the lawn chair she had left in her living room after shipping most of her belongings to her new place, Caroline’s phone refused to beep with incoming texts. Her friends were all studying, and her draconic tutoring style made her persona non grata in their various cram sessions. She was about to text Rebekah again, but a knock on the door temporarily saved her bestie from dealing with her stir-craziness.

“Please be Bekah,” she called playfully before throwing open her door, only to find a different Mikaelson leaning on the threshold.

“Sorry, love,” Klaus answered with a smirk. “Will the favorite brother suffice?”

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  • Person: Can you beta my story?
  • Me: no I'm too mean
  • Person: no no, I need some harsh criticism! Gimme all you got
  • Me: well
  • Person: but it's supposed to be that way
  • Me: but
  • Person: I designed it that way
  • Me: I just think
  • Person: that's my STYLE
  • Me: aight
  • Person: but thanks so much for your suggestions

so much of my “grammar” tutoring is just, “tbh this ‘rule’ is pretty archaic and you can ignore it in most contexts, but for the purposes of the ACT, when you’re trying to decide whether to use ‘less’ or ‘fewer’ just replace the word with ‘much’ or ‘many’ and see which one sounds right. if ‘much’ sounds right, use less. if ‘many’ sounds right, use fewer. but i mean, even supermarkets don’t follow this rule. you know the ‘10 items or less’ lane? it’s technically supposed to be ‘ten items’ or fewer, but we all know what they mean, right?”

the funny part is that my tutoring style usually results in higher test scores and better long-term retention, which lends even more credence to the argument that you can teach grammar without all the prescriptivist bullshit.