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“Sharon Tate emerges as the film’s most sympathetic character, who takes an overdose of sleeping pills when breast cancer threatens to rob her of her only means of livelihood. William Daniels’ photographic caress of her faultless face and enormous absorbent eyes is stunning.”
–The Hollywood Reporter, 1967

three guesses what the fuck did I get myself into

spoiler alert: yeah thats stephen colbert your eyes are fine its mines that are fucking up apparently

I blame my sempai and this twitter feed

Maisie and Kit talked to the Hollywood Reporter for the 2016 Emmy Coverage:

MAISIE WILLIAMS, Best Supporting Actress Emmy Nominee

Her toughest line

“ ‘My name is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.’ This line has been such a long time coming. It was so difficult to capture the whole of Arya’s journey in one sentence, but that’s basically what I was asked to do. We did a roll, and I probably ended up saying the line about 20 times — different intonation, varying vulnerability, alternative speeds. I honestly couldn’t tell you which read [director] Mark Mylod picked. There were only subtle differences, but I was happy with the finished scene, and I’m glad to be 'going home.’ ”

Her favorite thing about Arya

“I love Arya’s honesty. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and she’s possibly the most straight-talking character on the show. Although her confidence in earlier seasons stemmed from naivete and inexperience, and in more recent seasons she’s learned that keeping her mouth shut is sometimes the smarter thing to do, I love that she still pipes up wherever she can and isn’t afraid to question people. For example, with Jaqen H'ghar in episode six, Arya questions the Many Faced God when asked to kill Lady Crane.”

Best advice she got from someone on the show

“It wasn’t so much a piece of advice as it was a lesson. I had multiple scenes with Charles Dance [Tywin Lannister] in season two. I was pretty unaware at the time but they were crucial scenes for me, as an actor, and they were crucial scenes for Arya, in the development of her character. Charles would have his coverage shot first, at the beginning of the day. When they turned around to my coverage, they would offer him the chance to leave early — someone else would read his offscreen lines for me to react to instead. He never did. He always stayed and read his lines, which gave 13-year-old me half-a-shot at giving an honest performance.

Kit Harington, Best Supporting Actor Emmy Nominee:

His toughest scene

"The long one-shot battle scene in 'Battle of the Bastards.’ Oh God, we rehearsed that for days and days because it was one continuous shot with a couple of cuts. Most of those horses are real. It was such a delicate dance, and it was a dangerous one because you have real horses galloping back and forth — and a lot of the time my back is to them. You had to be very, very precise about each of those beats. We rehearsed all of the fights — I just went through it and through it and through it. It is a dance; if you liken it to a dance, that makes it more manageable. Director Miguel Sapochnik put together a preview of the whole battle and showed us all what we were planning, and we all went, 'OK, that’s going to be really hard.’ But I loved how it turned out.”

- Hollywood Reporter, Aug 19 2016

Hey “Hate” anons... disliking someones reporting style is not hate. I don’t know her. She may be a lovely person... I personally don’t care for her work though. Doesn’t mean I HATE her. You all need to lay off that word. I have opinions, yes. Doesn’t mean I HATE anyone.

Do yourselves a favor… instead of accusing others of HATE put something out on your own about how much you enjoy her work. That is your opinion you are allowed it. Just as I am allowed mine. 

Ta Ta for now folks. 

  • One direction: we're gonna be back soon
  • 1d management: they're coming back
  • Fans: they'll be back soon
  • Obama: one direction will return
  • The world: the hiatus is temporary
  • The sun (newspaper):
  • The sun: 1D are splitting for good, fans are crying.
  • Fans: wtf? No, we're not. They're coming back
  • The sun newspaper: actual gross sobbing
  • Fans:
  • The sun: also. Liam is dating a granny, Harry continues to sleep with everything that moves, Niall stays chill, and Louis is a father to a totally real baby. They're all no homo buddy bro pals :)