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Coming out

So, the game is afoot. I’m really very sure Harry and Louis are coming out any day, but I also think there will be others. 

Mainly I think Harry is telling a story via Instagram and twitter. A story about how a group of (famous) people are coming out together soon. I’ve been looking at a lot of Instagram accounts lately, but i’ve had a hard time really put something together. There are many pictures and its quite a long time period. It’s all a bit random and I’m not well-read in this fandom (or in who around the boys might be queer or not). I’ve written about Harry’s story here, and here.

So, the other day both Sam Smith and Eleanor put pictures up.

Many have seen Sam’s picture as a reference to Harry and Louis tattoos. The text says, “I just got this. So you’ll always be with me little sailors x”. I hadn’t really looked at Sam’s Instagram before. He’s openly gay and doesn’t need to come out, but of course his support is immensely important. 

Eleanor’s picture is of herself and Sophia, but most important to me is the added: 💁💚💛. A “service” girl (the emoji is called the bellhop emoji) and a green and a yellow heart. And, Harry has been all about green and yellow lately. Almost all his posts about colours in black and white refer to green and yellow. I think that Eleanor is saying something with this picture, and that it’s supportive. She has not posted anything on her Instagram in four months and suddenly she post several pictures of herself alone, or with friends, and she likes a post from the account @ loversfriendsla about breakups. Nothing about Louis. This mess has nothing to do with her as a person. I don’t know if Eleanor is queer or not (I think Harrys beards mostly have been) but either way I would guess Louis and Harry would want to show that she’s on their side. They really wouldn’t want her to get hate. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get pictures of Eleanor with both the boys having a good time after they are out. Real, happy pictures for once.

Harry’s story then

I think that some sort of decision were made in the start/middle of November. Read my original post here. 9th of November Harry tweeted “Green and gold” and he posted a picture (of his yellow anorak) with the text “It was all yellow.” On the 14th of November it seems to me that something was decided. Harry post these pictures.

The texts are “What a lovely view.” and “There’s no such green.” I read this as meaning that it is impossible to live this limited life with this horrible view behind closed doors. The hands I think, is Harry, Louis and possibly Gemma’s (might even be Eleanor’s). They are making some kind of vow.

So, after Sam posted the “little sailors” pic I took a closer look at his Instagram and guess what he posted on the 14th of November. The day I think was the most important.

The texts are “Beards @ bpgbass” (Sam and one of his musicians) and “Miracle” (Sam and his boyfriend). This really hit me. Those pictures seem to be in direct reference to Harrys pictures, saying, “It is a miracle to be able to be seen with your loved one openly, without that stupid beard." 

The others

So, I decided to look at some other accounts on that day, 14th of November. There are plenty that could (or could not) fit with my theory (feel free to join in), but I’ll show these three.

The first picture is from Justin Bieber’s Instagram that day. It has no added text and it’s the only one on his whole Instagram that’s not a photo or a quote (way, way back at least) and he doesn’t tweet it as he does with most pictures. It seems like Goofy is getting himself out of somewhere. And, this fits so well with Justin’s actions lately. Being at Ellen, talking about how he is coming to terms with himself and how he is ready to stop pretending that he is someone he’s not. 

The second picture is from Cara Delevigne’s Instagram. A quote with the added text "Be all you are @kimyudelowitz ❤️”. She also posted pictures from the filming of Paper Towns, by author John Green. This was her work at the time so it might mean nothing, but John Green also wrote “Will Grayson, Will Grason” (with David Levithan), the first ever children’s bestseller starring gay characters. And, he’s an advocate for gay rights. And, his name is green. It might mean something, and it might not. 

The third picture is from Taylor Swift’s Instagram. The text is simply “Screaming Color”. I don’t know if it means something really, but in my opinion, “Out of the woods” (the song with the line “screaming color” in it) can very much be read as a coming out song. And, in reference to Harrys black and white Instagram world, this picture is a statement. It’s also not very representative for her other Instagram pictures. And I think there is a story here that is very different from the one we’ve been officially told. For one, Taylor is a PR genius. She knew Harry couldn’t stay in that closet long, so I’m very sure she’s involved in any plans and has a story ready. I’ve also seen her interviewed by beautiful women. Lets say I’d be surprised if she wasn’t somewhat queer.

Today, tomorrow, little by little or all at once

Right now, it looks to me like Harry and Louis are coming out before this tour even starts, or very, very soon. I don’t think the newly released Kodaline song dedicated to a couple “close to our hearts” is a coincidence. It’s support. And they will be getting lots of support. Harry has shown that he’s got a lot of friends, and the press knows it. Important friends that the papers, tv- and radio-chanels simply must have good relations with. So, there is not going to be any shading or any “making fun of the gay boy-banders” articles. It’s going to be a love fest. This is so well executed. The birthday party was a god damn power display that was absolutely fantastic. 

I still think there will be more. Others in the band coming out (I see more and more of Ziam), and I’m still thinking that there might be a happening at the Grammys (I wrote some about it here). Maybe many others will come out at the Grammys while the boys stay in Australia (though it is possible for them to go, due to time difference). I feel strongly that there is something for the history-books in the making. Harry and Louis (and the other boys) are so aware of the power they’ve got, and I don’t doubt for a second that they intend to use it to gain maximal effect. They are in a unique position, and they all have an enormous social patos. They will make this a major event. 

I’m so very glad and exited for those kids, as well as for my own children that will have a slightly better world to grow up in.