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AJ Styles? Yeah he’s all right I GUESS— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of AJ Styles spill out of jacket] wtf shit these aren’t mine I just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen I just fuCK [thousands of pictures of AJ Styles scatter across the floor] shit fuck I’m holding them for a friend just  L I S T E N  

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Might one please ask if you think it likely that House Arryn practices "Sky Burials" in the manner of Ancient Persia or modern Tibet? (Given that Grand Master Martin likes to keep funerary customs thematically-appropriate to the Great House in question it suddenly struck me that this is a real possibility, albeit not a certainty).

I’m not sure. We seem to be hit or miss when it comes to funeral concerns. The First Men of the North, Riverlands, and the Westerlands all practiced interring their dead given the tombs that are found in Barrowton, Oldstones, and Casterly Rock, and Arya sees graves buried on the side of the road with a seven-sided crystal, which suggests to be that the Faith of the Seven has the same principle. The only ones who seem to practice something different were the Targaryens who preferred cremation, and perhaps that is a holdover of the Old Valyrian religion, or perhaps it is a practice that grew out of a volcanic land, or maybe it just was a natural extension of the Old Valyrian relationship with fire. But then we see the Tully viking funeral which suggests that funerals are regional, or that religion is not the sole factor of how a funeral gets conducted.

In history, funerary customs tended to be tied to religions as well as regions, and Westeros tends to have more cultural similarities than of our own real world such as we see with the Faith of the Seven and the relatively similar arms doctrine.

So, I have no idea. But if we were worldbuilding, I don’t think that’s a bad addition. You could even have a Frey mock the custom by hanging a corpse out for vultures to peck at…they mocked two people with burial, they could easily mock a third. That being said, I’m going to conclude no, it’s just too different from other funerary practice to not be explicitly mentioned.

You’ve put me in a worldbuilding mood though, so now I’m going to design funerary architecture for each of the regions of Westeros. Even if multiple peoples practice entombment, there would be great style differences which offer insight into a people and their culture.

The North - The North would primarily use barrows. They would be very simple, primarily made of earth and stone, resembling Scottish barrows. A great cairn might be appropriate for a hero or other notables, which would fit Eddard pulling down the Tower of Joy to mark the dead heroes that fell by his side.

The Riverlands - I can see the Tully custom happening in places with low soil and little in the way of stone, but we could also do aboveground mausoleums for important members of Riverlander noble families. The Riverlands are very decentralized, so we’d see a greater variation of custom between noble families. 

The Iron Islands - Burial at sea. The Drowned God wants his oarsmen returned to him. Funerals would likely involve tall tales of the deceased, singing, and probably the odd feat of strength or two. The condemned and the criminals are given the ultimate insult of being left exposed to the storms on craggy mountaintops, forever rained on by their hated foe.

The Westerlands - Richly crafted catacombs dug into the mountainsides, these lavish tombs would be decorated with precious metals and stones. The truly exceptional would also have their deeds carved into the stone, as a permanent monument to the deceased.

The Vale - The Vale would probably have austere tombs. The artwork on them would be somber and reflective, images of death or of the Seven guiding the deceased to the afterlife (the Crone leading people with her lantern, the Father pointing the way, all leading to a central, hooded figure of the Stranger).

The Reach - As befitting a fertile land, the Reach would decorate their tombs with images of growth, life, and most importantly, renewal. Floral imagery would be especially prominent, and there would probably be festivals for the dead in celebration of their lives and what they passed down to others.

The Stormlands - Beautiful hardwood coffins, making rich use of the timber wealth and woodcarving expertise of the Stormlanders, would mark the final resting place of Stormlander nobles. The art would follow the life of the deceased, from birth to death, full of symbolism and carvings and stains of heraldry.

Dorne - Colored sandstone tombs would be the order of the day here. Dornish resting places would look like the tombs of Petra. There would be little in the way of burial riches, but there would be a wealth of carvings and inscriptions of the greatest moments of the occupant’s life.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

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Hi there!~ I'm still in the process of writing my book and I was wondering if you had any tips for how to get people interested in it before it's published? :)

Yes! So many tips! 

Building “the platform”: how to get a follow before your book is published

These tips apply either if you did not publish yet or if you published, but are relatively unknown.  Readers can’t know your book is a wondrous whirlwind of emotions, action, and insightful bits because, of course, they did not read it yet.

1-The best way to sell your book is to write more books. If people like your style, they will keep reading. The more books (of good quality) you have available the easiest it is to sell them.

Look at the most famous authors out there. Did you read the first Harry Potter as soon as it came out? Likely not. It took years for the word to spread. I read my first one when the fourth one had just been published.

In my personal marketing plan, I started publishing only once I had four books ready to go with the plan of publishing them within one year (accomplished in November 2016, YAY!).

If you look at most Indie Authors who made it big, they did so after publishing eight to ten books. In my personal experience, which I shared with you in this guide, money started to trickle in after book 2 and increased with book 3 :)

2-Develop a presence online, which does not mean scream on social media for people to buy your book(s).

DON’T! Don’t message people you don’t know, don’t bother anyone. Would you buy someone’s book just because the author asked you to? Me neither! So please, stop wasting your time and being a pain in everyone’s arse.

DO! Show readers what you can do.


BLOG. What’s your style? I’m humorous, insightful, irreverent (or at least I try). I like to speak about important topics most people shy away from: hypocrisy, sex (the real thing, not cheesy unrealistic stuff), religion, mental afflictions, gender identity. I post writing advice, I post pictures of the places I talk about followed by lines in my writing voice, I try to entice readers by giving them free samples of what they might expect in my books.

I tried several Social Media: Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc…TOO MUCH.

Select whichever Social Media you enjoy, or dread less, and stick to that. 

Remember that it will take time! People will slowly warm to you, it might take months, even years in some cases!

Personally I have:

1-A main website (about 7,000 visits per week) populated with:

-My blog,

-A shop page that gathers all books and formats and where to buy them,

-Contact info-About section with my bio and some excerpts from various interviews and pictures from book signings and events,

-The Italian Saga section, describing the books, themes, showing reviews (and linking to Amazon, I hate to select only positive reviews, I like my readers to have a clear and complete view of the range of reviews),

-Upcoming events section with book signings, presentations, and other public appearances,

2-A Tumblr blog (3,485 followers) : I post the same content on my blog and Tumblr, but on Tumblr I have a lot of conversations with readers and writers. I love Tumblr ^_^

3-Instagram, because I love photography. To use pictures to my advantage I often write poetic lines or take pictures of my books,

4-Twitter (7,216 followers) where I push my content and try to help other writers,

5-A Facebook Page,

6-I wrote an Indie Author Guide, with all my advice, to help other writers (see below). The advice is sound and based on my experience, but it’s written in a funny, down to Earth voice

What is important: that your “handle”, the name you use, is always the same. Mine is @GaiaBAmman. I hope this helps :)

Who am I to give you advice?

I am Gaia B Amman, the author of the Italian Saga (#TIS), a series taking place in gorgeous Italy, and talking about everything I was told is impolite to talk about ;)

I published this article and many more in the Indie Author Guide (below).

Tumblrs can get it free here <3 The following publishing timeline is from the guide. Enjoy!


the past couple of days have been elevating…Yasiin Bey is in Nairobi and we have been afforded some opportunities to join him on some experiences around town…sharing insights on style, music, notions of Africa… …creatives/artists and our future.

so a shoot sort of happened and here is a preview of what’s to come, on 2MANYSIBLINGS!

📷: sarah waiswa , 2015 .

Pink Pink Revolution! by ELLE Italia








Fox fur coat : Moschino Cheap & Chic

Sweat : Intimissimi

Skirt : N°21

Clutch : Sylvia Toledano

Shoes : Pierre Hardy

Photo : Lindsay Ellingson by Drew Jarrett for ELLE Italia

Yoko Kondo / Fashion Journalist(近藤陽子/ファッションジャーナリスト)

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this is what you would see if you lived in a world where harry is a giant who peeks into apartment buildings looking for friends like ‘oh he’s at the window again no sorry harry still no babies in here try three floors down’ and he would amble off to eat a bathtub full of choc hazelnut fro-yo and sit in the park letting children climb in his hair. actual big friendly giant harry styles

Do you ever think about how disgusting Harry’s image is and start crying? Because he was only 16 and they took away who he was as a person and made him some womanizing sex fiend who doesn’t care about them? Do you ever think about the sweet and insightful Harry Styles that we all know and cry because most of the world doesn’t know him at all. And will never care to know him because disgusting people stripped him of an identity? 

P.S Fuck Simon Cowell and everyone who did this. I hope you burn in hell.

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What do you think the best Apritello fics are?

Hi! There’s a lot out there for this pair, but “best” is pretty subjective and really depends on what you’re looking for. :) In my case it’s particularly challenging to read romance fics with Donnie in general (thanks to personal familial coincidences), so to overcome that I generally need strong characterizations, interesting concepts, and/or convincing explanations for their feelings/actions for me to enjoy them. Because of that difficulty I don’t normally search for fics of this pair, but that doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to try reading them either! So what I have listed here consists of the few I favor (probably darker and angstier than what you might prefer) and ones I like that have been recommended to me by friends. :3


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It’s Done! Mission Accomplished!

You know how Felicity tells Barry “never meet your heroes”… Well, sometimes it works out pretty well, and you become better for it.

In the past 9 days, I have had the most exhausting and most exhilarating experience in my life as a fangirl. I have had the honor and privilege of being the editor for @jbuffyangel‘s amazing, amazing novel-length Arrow fanfic, Once and Forever Queen.  

I’m in the Arrow fandom today because of Jen. I stumbled upon her meta “When did Oliver Fall in Love with Felicity?” within days of me watching the ending of Season 2 right about a year ago. I was so impressed with her analysis, I had to show my husband and several friends. I loved her insights and style of writing. Before long, I found myself checking back on Jen’s blog to see what else she had written lately. Over time, I signed up for Tumblr and Twitter too.

Jen doesn’t write fan fiction very often. She usually uses her brilliant writing skills on reviews, metas and theories (choo, choo!). When she does take the time to write fan fiction, however, her stories are action-packed, emotional and intricate. Her season-3 winter-hiatus story, The Ring, is what got me reading fan fiction in the first place. Before then, I never imagined that something that a fan created could be so good… so much like the show. Boy, was I wrong!

Thanks to Jen’s blog, I discovered Lou, @louiseblue1. Lou’s humor just won me over instantly. When I learned that Lou wrote fan fiction too, I was curious. I devoured her stories. I found myself hoping for red lights so I could read a few more sentences while I was doing the mom-taxi thing. I loved, loved, loved her stories (still do!), but I kept finding little ways they could be improved… like a diamond that needed polishing. I’ve done a bit of work editing in the past, mostly in college and helping family members in grad school.  So I thought, what the hey? I’ll check to see if Lou would like someone to polish her great stories. To my surprise, she was thrilled with the idea. Thanks Lou!!! Not only have I gotten great experience with working on Lou’s stories, I now consider her a dear friend… my Aussie penpal. Thanks to her, I’ve developed an appreciation for llamas, and I’ve gotten good at calculating the time difference between us to see if she might be awake! 

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When I saw that Jen was going to be working on a new story this hiatus, I wondered if there would ever be a way that I could help her on it. I asked Lou to recommend me to Jen and she did!  THANKS LOU!!!  Jen loved the idea too. AMAZING! Unlike Lou, Jen wanted to have everything completed on her story before passing it over to me to polish. That’s completely understandable. She wanted to make sure all the intricate pieces worked together. We both knew we wanted to have the story done before the Season 4 premiere of Arrow. Neither one of us, however, had any idea how big this project would be when we agreed to it. When she passed it over to me nine days ago, I knew it was big, but I was seriously clueless how long it would take. 

I now know that I can do about 12-15 pages a day for a well-written document that is single-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman… if I want to have a life. If I’m willing to put everything else on hold, I can do about 20-25 pages a day. That’s very, very good information for me to know for the future, especially if I want to be paid to edit one of these days. I’m hopeful that I’ll get faster in time, but that’s where I stand now.

I am a bit worried that we’ve left some errors in place. After all, we edited an entire 70,850-word novel in 9 days. Most sections I’ve only read through one time. I’ll probably go back and re-read the whole thing in the coming weeks just to be sure we didn’t leave any typos or extra spaces. If you see one, feel free to message me. 

Jen was very, very patient with me, and our schedules meshed pretty well. I know my favorite part of working on this was our late-night sessions. The rest of the family was asleep. I was sitting up in bed in a dark room. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we could both be logged into the document at the same time. I could see her changes and she could see mine. We could instantly comment and collaborate on a section. I’d show her an area that needed tweaking, offer a suggestion on how to do it and she’d find a way that would make it 10 times better. We both made each other laugh… a lot!  It was magic.  

Thanks Jen… for sharing your brilliant writing with me, for giving me this amazing experience and for developing our new friendship. Yeah, this project was hard, but completely worth it. I’m a better editor because of it… and my hero turned into my friend. 

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