the style game

me deciding what to post

*makes a wheel of fortune style game containing a very limited number of post ideas e.g i miss taylor swift, where’s the damn album, where’s taylor swift, RED is taylor swift’s best album, i’m literally going to die if we don’t get the album soon, taylor swift is very talented, will we get ts6 before i die, lyric+crying gif combo*

*spins wheel*

anonymous asked:

Do you think that Sonic Team is simply not a very good game developer? Think about it, since 2001, they have only had one consistently good game play style they developed on their own (boost). What do you think?

I wonder how much involvement Sonic Team actually had with boost, given it came from Sonic Rush. It’s not really known just how much of those games were Dimps and how much was Sonic Team. It was Sonic Team’s logo when you boot the game up, but most attribute those games entirely to Dimps. I’m sure Sonic Team had some involvement, though, but we don’t know how much day-to-day that was.

Anyway, I think Sonic Team has strengths and weaknesses just like any other developer. The issue here is that they struggle really hard to overcome their weaknesses and sometimes even barrel head first in to them.

Sonic Team is awful at sustaining long gameplay length, they’re awful at story and plotting, they’re awful at QA/polish, and they seem to both strive really hard to please everyone while also not really pleasing anyone in particular. If it was me, I’d find new people to fill in at least some of these gaps, but Sonic Team never seems to – and if they did, those people don’t seem to be around anymore.

What they’re good at: fluidity in gameplay flow, scoring systems, art direction, music, and aesthetic in general. Sonic Team was one of the founding fathers of the iconic Sega Blue Skies™. I can always pick a Sonic Team game out of the crowd.

That’s the thing with their games, right, specifically with Sonic games, and that’s most of them aren’t all the way bad. They always show promise, there’s a flash of brilliance in there somewhere. They just have a hard time executing on it. And when people go, “oh wow, there were a couple parts that were brilliant, can’t we just have a whole game like that?” the answer has universally been “No.”

Why? Who knows. But it’s not a black and white issue where you can just say Sonic Team is bad and that’s the end of that thought.