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How to get proposed to faster in RF4:

1- Invite your love interest(s) to an adventure! Make sure you already saw all of their sub events beforehand, for better results.

2- Immediately go to sleep with them on your party.

3- Have no concern about where or even if they’ll be able to sleep. They’re worthless.

4- When you wake up, there might be a chance of one of them leaving because they have “something” to do. The event might start!

5- If they don’t leave, go back to sleep and try again next morning.

6- Repeat until it happens.


Mystic Messenger x Rune Factory AU Rune Messenger? Mystic Factory?

For those who don’t know, Rune Factory is a farming/dungeon-crawling/dating simulation; literally a fantasy Harvest Moon

In the tradition of RF protagonists, MC winds up in a town disoriented and with amnesia. With no recollection of what brought her to town or her life beforehand, she is allowed to live on the farm that once belonged to Rika, who disappeared two years ago. Despite her amnesia, she is a hard worker and is looking forward to creating new memories with the townspeople.


Haven’t uploaded a video in awhile so filmed and edited this today


I just wanted to do some quick, cartoony doodles of Sara from Harvest Moon 2. She was one of my favourite characters back when I was a kid, you see. 

And then I thought, let’s make her a bit less cartoony.
And then I thought it would be fun for her and Frey from Rune Factory 4 to switch outfits.
And then I thought I should draw her in the Rune Factory art style (which kinda ended up looking like Kingdom Hearts but eh …)

But yeah, here is Sara, one of the two protagonists from Harvest Moon 2 for the Game Boy Color. The drawings are all in reverse order, in case you are confused …

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