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I got to draw with @umbranemone!!! I was sent a (frankly very adorable, honestly) sketch and then I got to line and colour it all in too! Look at this handsome Goku that I got to work with ♡ He’s a babe. 

Thank you nemo for doing this and sharing your always amazing arts with me!!

My favourite buff babe.

(Trying a different style than usual. I’m not used to line art at all.) 

I Met Mamoru Miyano And Took Pictures with Him

It is Sunday, May 7th, 2017, 9:54 a.m, after waking up to the best dream I’ve ever had. My dream started with with me lining up in a random store for an event where the BSD seiyuus were the cashiers and they would check your items out for you. The Dective Agency cast was there to serve us, but the only faces I remember seeing were Yuto Uemura, Kamiya Hiroshi, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, and of course, the ONE AND ONLY MAMORU MIYANO (╯✧▽✧)╯ヽ(*・ω・)ノ ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆. I was wondering why Hosoyan and Kiiyan weren’t there but I said that Kiiyan was probably doing Granrodeo sht and Hosoyan was still on his hiatus 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。. Anyways, the item I had was a magazine with Mamoru on it, hoping I get him to autograph and watch seeing me cry about it. I was the last one in line and when I finally got to him, he brought me to an office where I guess he stayed to take breaks. I don’t know why he brought me there, but i just went with it. Once we got to his office space, I immediately started to freak out cuz I WAS ALONE WITH HIM. I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO SO I JUST SAT ON THE CHAIR QUIETLY AND TURNED RED CUZ OF SHYNESS AND SHT. All of a sudden, he asked me if I was alright, and I replied with something like this, “IM JUST REALLY NERVOUS RIGHT NOW CUZ YOU ARE MY IDOL AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO IN THESE SITUATIONS, BUT MAY YOU PLEASE SIGN THIS MAGAZINE FOR ME?!?!?!” After that embarassment, he started laughing and saying how cute I was and signed the magazine. On the outside I just smiled and had a few tears coming out, on the inside I kept saying how he was the cute one and not me. After he signed my magazine, I asked him if I could hug him and he was like, “Sure!” and gave me a big hug. HIS HUG WERE SO WARM I DIDN’T WANT TO LET GO. I WANTED TO STAY IN HIS EMBRACE FOREVER. After that hug, I asked him if I could take a photo of us hugging and he said that he would love that with HIS ADORABLE SMILE. I took out my phone to call my mom for some reason to tell her to take pic of me and Mamo and after that phone call we were teleported somehow to my school gymnasium. I don’t know how I went from Japan to Canada with a blink of an eye but I just let it happen. When we were at the gym, I saw my mom and I was like, “MOM PICTURE NOW!” And she took a pic of me hugging my babe (((o(*°▽°*)o))). After that, it just turned into a full on photoshoot with him. He carried me princess style and I didn’t want him to let go. The photos that were taken with him carrying me princess style were similar to the photos of when he was carried princess style withe the buff man for his Mixing MV:

THESE WERE THE EXACT SAME POSES WE WERE DOING FO THE PICTURE. The dream ended with me looking at the picture and saying thank you to him for everything that happened, but before I got to say thank you, I woke up (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻. THIS IS A SIGN THAT MAYBE ONE DAY I’LL MEET MAMO AND HUG HIM AND CRY AND JSHDAIDFKVNSFNLQF WHY CANT THIS BE REEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL .。・゚゚・(>_<)・゚゚・。.

Art tips'n’ tricks

I had written my two cents here and there on facebook, so I felt like I may as well share here as well. They’re all responses to the great @vignalistudio.

“I’m a firm believer that most problems in illustration happen at the foundational level, not in technique. Rather, many artists will use their technique to mask their deficiencies. They use flashy techniques to cover up the basic foundational elements they never learned to perform properly.”

I COULD WRITE A BOOK ON HOW MUCH I AGREE WITH THIS GUY 😩One thought I’ve had is that concept artists and the like rely too much on how many brush packs they have to knock out a painting, but knowledge lies within knowing how to wield one brush (or a few) to get the results you want. Similarly with constructing a character, no amount of polish or painting styles or techniques can buff or hide a weak drawing. It doesn’t matter what system you use, what tablet you have, what programs you’ve got. You’ve gotta stop asking about them!

“I was talking to some friends about drawing and I made this point. A camera can reproduce what it sees, but it doesn’t understand. So, simply reproducing what you see isn’t necessarily understanding what you are drawing. So, the trick is to understand what you see.
Memorization is the key, and you can train yourself with visual memory games and challenges you set for yourself.
You need to develop your ability to memorize visuals at an instant. It’s like using the camera inside your mind, but unlike a physical camera that records what it sees, the mental camera inside your mind records what it sees and understands. I call this a mental snapshot.”

I draw from photo refs from time to time, but nothing compares to the real deal. Cameras can’t capture bodily mass like how our brains read it. They can only capture one facet of a human being rather than the essence, which is why photos of ourselves tend to weird us out. They don’t even capture color and lighting like how our memory sees it. If you trace and color pick over a photo, it looks dull, flat, free-floating, completely two dimensional. So even if you use refs, a lot of the ART in the drawing relies on your hand being able to exaggerate the subtitles in what your eye and heart sees and not what the camera sees.

“As a story-telling artist/illustrator/visual development artist, that creates believable spaces for a living, you can’t expect to be a bystander of your artwork, you need to make the commitment to immerse yourself into the world of your illustrations. Only then can you start to think like the characters you are drawing; react like them, and accurately draw the spaces your characters have created for themselves.
Once you are fully immersed, the characters in the drawings will begin to dictate to you what they need, how they feel, and what their surroundings look like..”

This goes beyond environments and character art. When you can’t find the appeal in a brand/concept/world, your work for it lacks appeal as well. The chemistry behind it comes from charisma, something special and exciting that triggers an immediate response from your audience. That kind of unique energy can only happen through informative communication that creates a sense of believability.