the style bros

  • <p> <b>Bro 1:</b> do you want to go around the world bro<p/><b>Bro 2:</b> yeah bro<p/><b>Bro 1:</b> same here<p/><b>Bro 2:</b> *goes around bro 1*<p/><b>Bro 1:</b> why did you go around me bro<p/><b>Bro 2:</b> because you're my world bro<p/><b>Bro 1:</b> bro<p/></p>

Dunkirk has just passed $300M worldwide and $130M domestically at the box office this weekend, and it’s only in its 3rd week. I am so proud of this film and the entire cast and crew involved. This war epic is well on its way to becoming a top 100 grossing movie of all time.