the stupid variety

huge spider in the kitchen. steve and i both tried to jump into eachothers arms to escape, collided in mid air, and both got knocked out. spider vanished. we have to burn the tower down

i just had an either genius or stupid idea for a variety show

so two kpop groups are chosen and one member of each group has to switch with the other for a certain period of time, probably a week

so say it was mina from twice and johnny from nct: mina would move into the nct dorm, johnny into the twice dorm. they would learn each other’s choreography (signal and cherry bomb) and would act as if they were always a part of the group. at the end of the week they would perform with their “new” groups on a music show (inkigayo, music core, etc)

idk this is what happens when i daydream while working on summer assignments ok

Why can’t we agree that terf is a stupid word devoid of any significant meaning used to shut women (lesbians, disproportionately) up without pretending it’s a slur…it was probably coined by some idiot teenager (or adult of the stupid and woman hating variety) within the past decade..whom cares..not a slur girls

Sand and Scars

Sorey has a whole collection of scars from fighting hellions, and, as scars do, they itch. But he’s lucky enough to have Mikleo to help.

This one is a straight up dose of fluff, filed under my headcanon about Sorey having a tong of scars.

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“Okay, someone please remind me why we’re trekking through this godforsaken place again?”  Rose said with a scowl, and wiped her brow.  The party was half a day out into Zaphgott Moor, and starting to feel the effects of desert travel.  All except for Lailah, who was absolutely loving the heat.

“Oh, you know, Lohgrin, Lords of the Land, mutant hellions, and other things of the ‘stupid task variety.” Edna said.  She, at least, looked somewhat cool under the shade of her umbrella.  But she had been grumbling on and off about some personal vendetta against the concept of sand, so no one was surprised at her annoyance.

Sorey frowned at her flippant tone about their duties, but he supposed he couldn’t blame anyone their complaints.  As far as himself, he had decided that the Moor was fascinating, with such interesting geographical features, and new plants and animals to examine.  The caveat, of course, was the dry air and hot sun, which made Sorey feel as if every drop of water was being sucked from his skin.  He hadn’t expected how it would feel as if it was stretched too tightly across his muscles and bones.

He sighed, and fished out a water skin to pass to Rose.  “The sooner we get all of that done, the sooner we’ll be on our way.”  And truthfully, he wouldn’t mind that either.  Along with the stretch and pull of his skin came the itching.  Sorey peeled his glove halfway up his hand and pushed his sleeve up a bit to expose a scar, one of many he’d collected from his time fighting hellions.  Normally, the skin was raised and white, but at the moment, it was red and angry.  He dug his nails into it, which only made it more angry-looking, and hardly helped with the itch.

Sorey should have expected Mikleo to notice right away.  There was hardly a thing that got past his sharp eyes.  “Stop that,” he whispered, low enough that the others wouldn’t hear.  His hand took Sorey’s scratching one, and gently drew it away.  “You know it will just make things worse.

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anonymous asked:

I hesitate to say that all dystopia AUs are sketchy or bad, since I do think some of them come from a well-meaning place. Especially for issues that are heavily romanticized by pop culture, a well-written dystopia fic can be a good reality check of the "Don't forget why this was terrible and not a thing that could only happen to stupid old-timey people" variety. But it's hard to do well, and there's also a decent chunk of "nazis are my kink" style AUs. Yeah, I don't know where I was going here.

No, I don’t discount “the world is worse” AUs as a genre – but as you say, a lot of them come from a place of “we have a weird fetish for evil winning”. And I think the…not advocacy, exactly, but the support I feel for “hey, something went RIGHT” kind of AU is that there are so, so few of them. It’s not that I want to see less of one necessarily, I just wish we saw more of the other. 

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I'm so 👀 rn. The Dan exclusive literally quotes Louis saying he's excited to work with RCA... But that didn't spread much at all. I remember we were even upset by it at the time cause almost no media reported on it. But now I'm thinking someone told media it wasn't the truth and that's why it didn't spread. And now the announcement about Epic comes from Variety & not stupid Dan. It's spreading and most articles completely ignore Syco... If I were the GP I would think he's only signed with Epic

The incorrect quote was quite strange as is the fact that JGG ran with it. You’d think his management company would be much more in the know than they seem to be. Also I think it got picked up a little but it is interesting that it didn’t seem to spread at all like this one is (although sources here are way better but it could also have something to do with it not actually being accurate I suppose - don’t know if media would have known that though?). And I’m all for the focus on Epic and omission of Syco. I’d like to just omit Syco altogether lol. Can we do that?

reasons to love mark tuan
  • he is not only a mama’s boy but also a papa’s boy
  • he loves puppies and animals in general and always gets distracted by them
  • animals love him too once an ostrich stopped eating cause it kept staring at mark’s face (relatable)
  • he knows three languages fluently
  • when he came to korea he didn’t know korean but went on ice cream dates with jinyoung because that made him happy
  • he cries a lot; in real got7 he choked up thinking abt their debut and felt frustrated he couldn’t convey his gratefulness cause of the language barrier
  • he’s raising a lil pup with youngjae and he is the dad while youngjae the mom
  • he loves his siblings and his family a lot and is the biggest family oriented person 
  • when his parents first visited him in korea he paid for their meal saying “i earn now i can take care of you”
  • his dad is internet famous because he’s wholesome just like mark :(
  • once got7 were on a variety show and got6 were fighting blaming each other and mark stood up and said “let’s not fight please it’s nobody’s fault”
  • in their houston fanmeet he got off stage to hug fans with mobile disabilities who were sitting on the side
  • he has repeatedly said fans don’t need to worry if they gain weight because he loves them anyway.  
  • bambam said when he came to korea mark took care of him
  • jinyoung said mark is the one he goes to when he’s worried because he gives everyone space but also cares a lot and makes him feel comfortable
  • he is the oldest in got7 but never makes the others feel like they need to treat him differently
  • he’s introverted and that’s his biggest insecurity because he doesn’t want people to think he’s boring that’s why hard carry comeback he tried to be more hyper
  • he, however, IS hyper around the boys and is very giggly and loves pranking the boys
  • he wants to write and compose more so he can invest more of himself in the band
  • he loves food…. a lot. he’d probably fight u for it.
  • he gets talked over a lot but he never loses his patience
  • jaebum said he’s the one who grounds got7 and reminds them what’s important. 
  • once the airport doors closed on him and he had to wave and jump up and down at the sensor because it wouldn’t open :(
  • he won’t defend himself but if anyone ever badmouths jackson he’d fight them
  • whenever the other members cry he’s by their side first; got7 prank yugyeom all the time and yugyeom always ends up crying but mark always runs to hug and comfort him
  • he is ethereal like he looks like an angel 
  • he gets cold a lot :( so he shakes and jumps like a pup :(
  • he is good at all those stupid variety games
  • he’s sarcastic as fuck but always ends up apologizing after 
  • he loves puns :(

anyway this isn’t even a full list but he’s so soft :( and cute :( and loves his family :( and members :( and his fans :( and protect this soft boy with so much love and goodness in his heart :(

the signs as disney women
  • Aries: tiana
  • Taurus: snow white
  • Gemini: pocahontas
  • Cancer: anna
  • Leo: ariel
  • Libra: jasmine
  • Virgo: mulan
  • Scorpio: cinderella
  • Sagittarius: elsa
  • Capricorn: aurora
  • Aquarius: rapunzel
  • Pisces: belle

so uh, for some reason my sleeping beauty au was a hit so uhhh…

hit me up with some more fairy tale au?

You know the drill, drop me a fandom I know and if the au allows it, a pairing also. 

beware, i probably will twist the au to darker sides of things because apparently i like everyone to suffer.

Having a really bad day today.

Fighting with family over housework and a variety of stupid things, getting treated like a child, ignored and talked over, my younger brother spouting increasingly disturbing views and I feel like a total political failure for it, feeling isolated, depressed, lonely and frustrated.

Its just a real bad one folks.

Open Doors and Manual Locks

A/N: Speculation for 3x19/20-ish. Title credit goes to The Lumineers because they get me. Also on ao3. (ETA: a read more break! Sorry about that!)

Felicity remembers the first lie her mother ever told her, sitting on their kitchen floor in the dusty light of a setting sun. She remembers the way her small hands curled into fists, the way her nails bit into the skin of her palms. She remembers the sound of a fading engine, the scent of day-old rain on hot pavement carrying through the window on a stale breeze, the way her heart seemed to just barely rattle out a beat inside her ribcage.

“Oh, sweetheart, he would be here if he could,” her mother had whispered soothingly, her lips glistening with salty tears as she pressed them to Felicity’s temple and cradled her within shaking arms. “He didn’t have a choice.”

She remembers the numbness of ice-cold abandonment morphing into white-hot anger the minute the words left her mother’s mouth, because she knew, even at eight years old, that there was always a choice. The anger, small and hard, nestled just below her sternum.

Growing up, Felicity didn’t live a privileged life. As a kid, her decisions were between meals or books, new clothes or fresh toiletries, heat or electricity. As a teenager, things got more complicated. Community college or student loans, ten miles of distance or a thousand, being trapped inside a world where she would never fit or breaking her mother’s heart.

But she made them—choice after choice, broken heart after broken heart; she made her choices, and she lived with them. The small ball of resentment for her father swelled, a small balloon behind her rib cage, and stuck. Maybe her choices sucked, but they were always there; they were always hers to make—black or white, right or wrong. Her father had a choice to make, and he had chosen wrong. She refused to follow suite.

Even now, it is a morality she holds onto with every fiber of her being, tucked right into the center of that little balloon. She had carried it with her throughout high school, throughout college, and all the way to Starling City. It is so ingrained in her, this sense of right and wrong and the accompanying need to choose wisely, that it’s a physical blow to her chest when, suddenly—one day—the balloon bursts.

As so many things in her life do, it starts and ends with Oliver Queen.

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wickedblossom  asked:

Hey :) I'm currently a volunteer at my local AZA credited zoo and am about to begin as a keepers aid. But I was wondering if you ever get as many rude/uneducated guests as we do. The other day on my way to my second shift, I was stopped by a man next to our gator bay and he stopped me and asks " Can we throw rocks at the gators to get them to move!?" Like, was I just stopped and asked if it was okay to throw rocks at our animals? My favorite species not to mention...

Yyyyyyuuuuppp.  Welcome to working in a zoo!  (Or, to be fair — welcome to working with/around the public.)

I’m convinced that most zoo visitors leave their brains outside the front gates.  Yeah, we get tons of people like your throwing-rocks-at-gators guy — and what’s pathetic is, my first thought was: “Hey, at least he asked first!”  Because most people’s trains of thought can’t even stay on the tracks for that long.

Zoo stupidity comes in a variety of flavors, such as:

1. Violent.  These are the people who throw rocks at the animals (or, you know, ask if they can throw rocks at the animals); the people banging on the exhibit glass like they’re playing the vertical bongos; the people who think that screaming at the top of their lungs (at the animals, no less) is an appropriate thing to do at the zoo; and the kids who rip branches from trees and recklessly swing them around, turning the entire pathway into the Chain Chomp scene from Mario Bros.

2. Ignorant.  The people who have an anti-zoo bias, and as a result ignore or grossly misinterpret the things they see and hear.  Bear is lying down in the shade on a hot day?  Must be depressed (or dead).  Zookeeper tells you the snakes are well fed?  Nope, those snakes are clearly starving because zoos are ~*teh Evul*~.

3. Eyes Closed.  The people who walk up to an Andean Condor exhibit and exclaim, “Look, snow leopards!”  (True story from my actual life, people.)  Also the people who are RIGHT NEXT TO a graphic which explains very clearly what’s in an exhibit, who stand there saying, “I wonder what’s in here?”  Double points if they’re actually touching or leaning on the sign.  Triple points if, after a quick glance, they declare “Oh, there’s nothing in here,” and move on.

4. Entitled.  The people who believe that zoo animals exist purely to entertain them.  These are the bastards who feed Cheetos to the monkeys (WHY IS IT ALWAYS CHEETOS?!), try to open doors clearly marked “staff only,” get irrationally upset if an animal is sleeping or off-exhibit, smoke right in front of a No Smoking sign and get all pissy when you ask them not to, dangle their feet into an exhibit and lose their shoe and then get mad when you tell them that no, you can’t just “go in there and get it back,” and who will tell keepers to their faces that they could like so totally have a tiger as a pet.

5. Rude.  Pushing, shoving, screaming, littering (THE TRASH CAN IS LITERALLY FIVE FEET AWAY FROM WHERE YOU DROPPED YOUR STICKY DIPPIN’ DOTS CUP, I DO NOT UNDERSTAAAAAND), smudging your grubby hands all over the window I just cleaned, slamming doors, saying nasty things to keepers, making nasty comments about the animals (hey buddy, don’t worry, my rhino also thinks you’re “the ugliest thing [he’s] ever seen,” and he also thinks you’re an asshole.  No wait, my mistake — that last one is just me). 

This has been a rant.

(As a disclaimer, I want to acknowledge that part of the reason zoos exist is to educate the public — and that includes the horrid specimens described above.  It’s unfortunate that not everyone who visits a zoo will leave having learned something.  But many people do, and I think those people more than make up for everyone else’s awfulness.  I try to keep that in mind when I find myself getting impatient with visitors (which, admittedly, happens a lot).  You never know what kind of an impact you have on someone, even if your interaction lasts only a few seconds and goes something like, “Actually it really wouldn’t be nice to throw rocks at the alligators.  They’re living creatures just doing what they do, and we should respect that.”  Maybe that’s the first time that person has ever considered the fact that animals should be respected.  Also, sometimes people say dumb shit just to see how you’ll react, or because they think they’re being funny.  You could catch them off guard by following up with, “Do you know why the gators are keeping so still?”  Anything can be a teaching moment, and that will smack the smugness right out of them.  Sure, you’ll always have the idiots who won’t give you the time of day once they realize you’re trying to teach them something, but I think it’s always worth trying.)

Thanks for the great question!

anonymous asked:

By uploading you are giving people consent to do whatever they want. I can and will edit whatever i damn well please and there's nothing you can do about it. So if you don't like that don't upload. Otherwise shut the fuck up

Okay, let me tell you something. The pictures I post are NOT mine. I DIDN’T take them. Twice’s fansites did. And you are being very disrespectful to fans who take their time to go wherever Twice goes, who spend their money traveling and making websites. Those fans are the one who keep us, international fans, in touch with Twice or any other kpop group so if it weren’t for them, you and everyone who supports korean artists only would have access to the stupid variety shows they participate in occasionally. Those fans are the ones who choose if you CAN or CANNOT edit them.

And you know what? People like you made almost every Twice fansite close. And I don’t even wonder why they hate international fans, because apparently not deleting their credits and not editing the pictures they take so you can get a bunch of followers from social media is TOO hard.

Do whatever you want, but I’m telling you that most of the fansites have copyright and they can report you and get some $$$ (actually that’d be cool so they can get more money from shitty people like you) so before you start sending hate to this blog and being bitchy about this, please just get some information about the hard work that fansites and fy blogs do.

Now I hope you have a wonderful day xx.