the stuff my brain comes up with at work

Picture two characters:

The first - a fast talking, easily excited manic ball of energy with a tendencey to speak without thinking and a talent for rubbing people up the wrong way even if their heart is usually in the right place.

The second - a curmudgeonly, rule following type with a need for order and control who can come across as stuffy, even pompous though deep down they care.  They do not however suffer fools lightly.

They are of course the perfect foils for one another, the red and blue oni, vitriolic in their dealings with each other yet bound together and despite their radical differences, come to embrace the bond between them.

Yeah I was talking about Newt and Hermann but you know who else that describes perfectly?  These guys:

And now I can’t un-see it.

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Riverstone, 1, 4, 7, and 13. This piece brought me to tears the first time I read it; thank you so much for putting it on the internet!

Gosh, this fic. It was so ridiculously difficult at times and so cathartic at others, and I love it a lot.

1. What was my inspiration for this fic? How did it come to me?

A kmeme prompt! That’s the easy answer, anyway; the rest is that I started writing the fic in the semester I had to work full-time because I’d failed Pharm, thus requiring I fall back to the year behind so I could retake the class. It was a rough summer is what I’m saying, and as established, that’s when the roughest stuff always ends up sifting to the front of my brain.

4. What part of the fic was the hardest for me to write?

Probably the first two chapters. Not because of the content or Hawke’s trials, but actually because of the readers, if that makes sense. I felt I was straining their patience by a) dropping Hawke into trouble immediately, b) introducing a load of OCs as major characters, and c) leaving Fenris completely nonexistent for almost the entire first third of a fic ostensibly centered around Fenris/Hawke. Still, it was where the story needed to go, and I’m glad people read it anyway! :D

7. Were there any major decisions I made about the fic that could have made it go a whole different direction?

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taepai asked:

J, O, R, and V :)


J - Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr

  • EXO tbh. I was into Super Junior until I saw all this EXO stuff on my dash and I suddenly saw the light :’) also BTS

O - Choose a song at random, which OTP does it remind you of

  • You know, I’ve never really associated songs with OTPs. That’s not really how my brain works. But I’ll pick…You Make Me A Fool by B1A4 (I listened to it this morning ^^). And I will pick Chankai. For reasons. 

R - A pairing you ship that you don’t think anyone else ships

  • Oh, none. With my very creative twitter friends, there’s nothing I could come up with no one else ships. My rarest ship is probably…Sesoo?

V - Are you one of those fans who can’t watch anything without shipping

  • I’m pretty bad, I’ll admit. Okay, maybe yes. I’m sure I /could/!! But it’s just so much fun!

Thank you for asking!

Ask me: Fandom Edition!

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i'm in such a weird place rn and have a paper to write and i'm moving tuesday but all i wanna do is write fic and the in-character spn kansas postcards for people and come up with headcanons WHAT DO I DO be my adultier adult and tell me what i should do bc you're pretty and awesome and smart and i'm a mess (this is not helpful for your sleepover saturday distractions so i'll come up with a better ask later)

i’m gonna be honest here even though it sounds like bad advice: do the more-fun thing. it’ll make you happy and relax your brain for later when you have to do gross adult stuff. i’ve had this attitude most of my academic career and so long as you eventually do the thing you gotta do, it’s always better to relax and de-stress and make yourself happy first so you can focus on the crap work. really!

i found something puzzling while going through my old dreamwidth posts:

I’m starting to think … what I’m doing here. This journal. That I’m constantly broadcasting everything I do, everything I feel, everything new that occurs to me about myself. Maybe it’s a bit of a … defense mechanism? Preventive measure? Offense is the best defense … thing?

Because it’s easier than getting close enough to someone that these things would come up in normal conversation, isn’t it? Just rambling at a mixed audience, addressing nobody in particular.

i … dimly remember thinking this made sense at the time. i also remember thinking, much more recently, that talking to the general audience of my followers was what i did when i lacked the option to talk to someone directly, i.e. more of a substitute than a symptom of avoidance.

but like. bruh. possibly Past Self had a point???

there’s usually one person i do talk to frequently - always just the one. branching out from that happens very sporadically, mostly on a whim during one of my “suddenly i can do anything” moments - and the rest of the time i make up excuses. “i’d really like to talk to X more … but not right now, i’m tired.” “i wonder what Y would say to this … but nah, i won’t ask, it’s not urgent enough and besides i should do laundry.” “i want to try to become friends with Z … but not while i’m this unstable, i’d only scare them off.” repeat ad infinitum because something is always the matter??

… is this a thing. am i unknowingly self-sabotaging again

—-I just want y’all to know that I really am not ignoring anyone. My brain literally aint working and all my replies are shit. I’m gonna probably sleep and then after we set up the computers for the competition we have a free day and I’ll just come back to my room and get to stuff then. 

This week has been really fucking rough

Exhausted at work and had some really, really hard relationship stuff come up this week. And then I felt like I had a lot of plans today and a bunch of them fell through and then I was super weird with my date person about swimming today because I assumed they would also flake. I dreamed my girlfriend died of lung cancer. I’m just sensitive and having some feelings around all this stuff. I hate when my brain goes to this place. Feeling put aside (by anyone-friend, lover, family, whatever) is a big trigger of mine and at the end of a hard week when it all comes at once, my brain just sorta short fuses. Sigh. I’ll be okay.

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I hope I didn't come off as rude or anything! 🙊 I promise I didn't mean it negatively. You should post more theories and stuff your brain works in an interesting way and I like it. BUT I am gonna go to bed for now I have to be up in 4 hours. Toodles!

not at all, baby doll (that rhymes. lol)

my theories have nothing to do with 5SOS, so I’ll probably try to keep them to myself from now on. lmao. nighty night, love. sweet dreams 😘

valiantarcher asked:

Apologies if you've already discussed this somewhere, but have you had any thoughts about Bobbi and the Divergent AU? I'm kinda thinking Erudite, but Dauntless-born or Dauntless through and through would also work?

I have, actually!

I did an analysis a while ago here. I think it was just after ep15 (where Skye blows a bunch of things up at the end) so she’s done some other stuff since then that I think lean her more heavily in an Erudite direction (and Abnegation) but I still think Dauntless is on top, especially when it comes to thinking about her actually choosing.

She’s Dauntless but - though I’m not sure if it will come out, as she’s older than the Initiates - in my brain, she’s a transfer from Erudite to Dauntless. But she might be undercover. She’s got some double crossing going on. Triple crossing, even. Erudite allegiance is important to the plot so I don’t want to give it away where people are at when push comes to shove, but I definitely see some Erudite in her.

Part of me’s annoyed there are so many characters! I can’t get into them all as deeply as I’d like to. For future reference you guys are all welcome to ask me about where characters are at and/or ask me for outtakes & sidefics and/or write your own because this is turning into a massive world that’s too much for humble lil me to capture in one fic.

How my brain works

My grandparents have been feeding a stray cat, and I met it for the first time while I was picking okra in their garden today. At dinner we (my mom and I) were trying to come up with a name for her. Just as my dad was feeding our dog some fried okra, it hit me and I shouted “Okra Winfrey”

  • Note to self:Writing a bind rune on one's hand for inspiration during class will easily make your brain go overboard with ideas - and not just ideas about class work - plus I end up a bit overly excited about them (and have to remind myself that no, now is not the time to make a comment about how this author is expressing symptoms of PTSD because the professor has moved on in the lecture, you can talk about that in your upcoming paper)!

softribble asked:

garnet malachite amethyst

Ah, this first one is hard XD

Garnet: mmm…. I guess I’d have to say my art abilities probably. I like my ‘brain language’ for art and how I interpret things in my work/the ideas I come up with for it, they feel very much my own. Idk if art skill counts but I can’t think of other things… um I guess I also like that I love to learn about things and figure out how they work? yEAH

Malachite: YES when dysphoria things are not an issue. I also just generally hate swimsuits… but swimming aside from those things is greAT.

Amethyst: right now bc of auto immune stuff like 14 hours a day or else I cannot function XD It’s really annoying tbh lmao

Thanks! :D

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