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GoT Afterthoughts 7x02 Stormborn (Jonsa Edition) -SPOILERS

Sorry for the delay guys - it’s been a busy day, and I like to do a re-watch and write-up while I’m watching it. So …. Wow! Quite an episode and this season feels so rushed and is moving a bit fast for my liking. I apologize in advance, because I know  this is going to be loooong, and because it contains spoilers, I’m putting it under a cut. Read on Jonsa shippers -this was a GREAT ep. for us!

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psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

Russian guides: masterpost | patronyms | terms of affection | answered asks

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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The Holy Hand Grenade of Fuck You Curse: You Get To Break Shit Edition

What you need:

  1. Clay/mud/something you can mold and that hardens but isn’t harmful to the environment
  2. A picture of the person/their full name and birthday
  3. Any herbs/oils/salts/rusty nails/war water/whatever else you feel would enhance the spell
  4. A ‘Fuck You’ song
  5. Rage

What you do:

  • Take your picture and rip it up into large pieces that can be put back together like a puzzle. 
  • Then take your clay and just abuse the hell out of it. Pour your anger and frustration into it. Tell the clay all the reasons you want to fuck this guy’s life over. Eventually start to form two halves of your grenade (like when making one of those round bathbombs). 
  • Between the two halves, place your ripped picture as complete as you can make it. Add your extra stuff at this point as well. Bonus points for if you add bang snaps.
  • Fit the two halves together so they stick and let the whole thing dry. If you want to carve sigils or other words on the outside, now is the time. 
  • It’s generally going to take at least 24 hours for this thing to dry thoroughly, so now would be a good time to charge it under the sun/moon/your chosen sigil, if you choose
  • Go someplace that’s really good for throwing shit on or at. A brick wall, a tall place, whatever. Pick a spot to throw your grenade at, visualize that person standing there, and sing the ‘Fuck You’ song at them. 
  • When you’re done, make a promise to them that their life is gonna go to shit to reflect the shit human being they already are and hurl the grenade at that place as hard as you can. Watch it smash. The picture inside should break apart and your grenade should be in pieces. 
  • Sit back and watch their life fall apart around them

Okay Earpers let’s have a little chat. I keep seeing tweets and posts and things about people saying that they’ll be mad at Emily if Wayhaught breaks up or has any unhappiness for any period of time. But guys. Those are unrealistic expectations. It’s a show about demons and other supernatural characters. It’s a drama. The characters go through rough stuff sometimes. Waverly and Nicole are occasionally gonna have fights. They’re gonna have bad stuff happen to them separately and as a couple.They might even break up for a time. It’s a drama. Dramatic things are going to happen sometimes. But this is no reason to get angry at Emily or anything. She never promised there wouldn’t be any drama between Waverly and Nicole. In fact she said there probably would be drama between the two of them. As Emily said “I can’t just have them sitting on a couch” Sometimes bad stuff is gonna happen with them and to them. You have to prepare yourself for that. But as Emily has proven she is trustworthy. She loves Wayhaught and she knows about the bury your gays trope and the damage it causes. She’s proved we can trust that she’ll treat these characters with respect. And if she stops treating the characters with respect by all means call her out on it (Politely) But by this I don’t mean yell at her whenever Wayhaught is unhappy or breaks up. That might happen from time to time. I mean when she actually starts treating them with actual disrespect. (Which I honestly doubt will ever happen but if it does and we do need to call her out we need to do so POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY with SPECIFIC examples and why we think said storyline is disrespectful not just “I hate you Emily”.) Emily has never said there would never be any drama. There’s gonna be drama. Emily has even stated herself there’s going to be drama. It’s a dramatic show. But in times where you’re worried that maybe what’s happened to us before with queer rep is going to happen again, I shall direct you to a quote Emily Andras said herself. “You have to believe that even when they’re fighting they’re fighting for each other” Waverly and Nicole aren’t going to be happy 24/7. But as Emily says. You have to believe that even when they’re fighting they’re fighting for each other.

In a recent thread, the question of whether tabletop gaming systems that “focus more on story” are friendlier to beginners. I’m going to spin off a separate post because - as always - I have Opinions on that.

My first reaction is that I don’t think the question makes sense. All tabletop RPGs “focus on story” - they just do it in different ways, because the word “story” can mean more than one thing.

There’s “story” as in “a planned narrative with scenes and acts and character arcs and Something To Say about life, the universe and everything”.

However, there’s also “story” as in “a retrospectively constructed explanatory narrative for a bunch of stuff that happened”.

Or, in plain English, there’s the kind of story where you decide what kind of story you want to tell, then invent the specific people and events that will allow you to tell it; and there’s the kind of story where you start with the people and events already defined for you, then invent a narrative to organise and explain what the heck just happened.

Even the most “gamified” tabletop systems are story-focused in the sense that they produce stories. Some of the most engaging anecdotes from the tabletop come from the dice deciding to do something bizarre, or from some subtle interaction between various layers of the rules kicking out an unexpected result, and rather than fudging or ignoring it, the players at the table ran with it and made a story where that was the only thing that could have happened.

Now, some systems may produce stories badly - i.e., the events they generate are too predictable, too repetitive, or too frustratingly paced to easily make into good stories, or they demand too much work from the players for the value of their output - but that’s a flaw of individual implementations. The idea that complex or rules-heavy systems are bad at story focus in principle is nonsense.

Of course, that’s a tangent, because that’s not what the question really means.

To the extent that “not being story focused” is erroneously equated with “having many or complex rules” - there’s that old role-playing versus roll-playing fallacy again - what it really means is “are systems that demand less engagement with the rules categorically friendlier to beginners?”.

I wouldn’t agree that they are.

To pose a simple example, if we assume for the sake of argument that less mechanical engagement = more beginner friendly, then freeform RP, which demands no mechanical engagement whatsoever, must obviously be the most beginner-friendly game of all - yet it’s my experience that freeform RP in a group setting can be extremely challenging for beginners, often to the extent that they’re unable to participate at all, in spite of their best efforts.

Detractors of rules-heavy games will often characterise game rules as serving to limit player creativity, but any student of improvisational storytelling can tell you that limitations are good for creativity, at least up to a point. Tell a person they can do anything and they’ll flounder - but give them a couple of specific options to pick from and off they go. “Rules impose creative restrictions” is merely the evil twin of “rules provide creative frameworks”.

Naturally there’s a balance to be struck; hand someone a two hundred page rulebook as their first introduction to the tabletop roleplaying hobby and more often than not you’ll just scare them off - and rightly so. I mean, what were you thinking? But it’s not as simple as less rules = more beginner-friendly; a game with too little structure can be just as intimidating to newcomers as a game with too much.

Where that line lies is going to vary from person to person; I’ve touched on this in the past, but in a nutshell, there’s no such thing as a body of rules that’s naturally easy to understand. For all that folks like to hold it forth as a virtue of their favourite games, “intuitiveness” is a phantom - it’s nothing more than the intersection of textual clarity and similarity to stuff you’re already familiar with. That’s something that trips a lot of folks up here: thinking that a particular game should easy for newcomers to master because it’s easy for me.

So I suppose the TL/DR version boils down to this:

  • There’s no such thing as tabletop gaming system that isn’t story-focused; there are merely those that yield boring stories, or that demand more work than you feel is reasonable to produce them
  • When it comes to beginner-friendliness, too little rules engagement can be just as bad as too much
  • Where the tipping point between those two failure states is going to be varies from person to person, and finding it depends on understanding both your target audience and your own preconceptions
Bad Moon Rising (Part 1)

Originally posted by iwriteaboutdean

Summary: Jensen and the reader are doing some filming out in the Canadian wilderness when they decide to take a short hike during a break. The only problem is they don’t show up for their scene later that day…

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 3,000ish

Warnings: language, mild injury

A/N: Enjoy!…

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An Audio Book Misunderstanding | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Author’s Note: I have be in the surge of writing fan-fictions now because of the love you leave at my first Zach x reader fic. Oh my god! I’m so happy that I’m going to shred tears now. Anyways, new piece, I enjoyed writing it so I hope you do when you read it. Any form of feedback and REQUESTS are appreciated.

Word Count: 1165

Zach’s Point of View

 I rushed immediately at her room since her mother allowed me to do so. Mrs. Y/L/N trusted me so much that I couldn’t do anything to break that.

I tiptoed towards her room to surprise her. I did bring some of her favorite chocolates and gummy worms. When I hear a man’s voice over her room

“I know it’s wrong, but … but I can’t do this without you. You need to trust me that this is going worth it and it will be our secret. No one will find out. Trust me. I love you.”

What. The. Hell.

I immediately found my way back towards their living room and waved Mrs. Y/L/N goodbye.

“Wait, darling you just went upstairs and your leaving?” Y/N’s mom blurted out.

“I have to go, since my parents will be late at work and my sister is alone … at the house and they just texted me like right now.” I made my explanation to her, I don’t want to tell her what I’ve heard, I can’t even believe what I’ve heard.

“Okay. –“ she replies.

“Uhm .. please don’t tell Y/N that I dropped by, Mrs. Y/L/N?” I smiled at her.

“Yeah, sure darling, take care.” She said as I found my way to the door.

Y/N’s Point of View

“Mom?” you called.

“Yes?” she replied.

“I think, I’ve heard Zach’s voice?” you inquired.

“No, honey, Zachary was not here.” She answered.

Then I made myself settle in my bed, “You and I tonight, I will not sleep to finish you.” You pressed play.

Mornings are hard for you especially when something preoccupied you last night. You can smell in the kitchen the perfect harmony of bacons and pancakes. You smiled as soon as you saw your mother in the counter.

“Hey, morning.” You greeted her.

“Glad you’re up, sunshine.” Your mom responded.

“Yes, because I don’t have the chance to choose whether to lay back in my bed and school.” She giggled in my sentiment.

You’re glancing at my phone, Zach haven’t dropped any messages since last night. It made you wonder what was wrong or what you made wrong.

You decided to text him first.

You: Good morning, Z. Is there any chance that you’re going to fetch the princess?

You smiled as you sent the message. Five minutes later no response.

You: Did you broke your phone? Or happen to lost it? Anyways, I’ll be riding with Tony on the way to school. You immediately sent it.

You: Something wrong Zachary? You didn’t even bother to pick up my calls and responded to my messages. I’m worried.

You inhaled and exhaled as you make your way to Tony’s Mustang passenger side. You peeked at him through the window.

“Hey, thank you for letting me be your shotgun today, T.” you smiled as you seated in his car.

“No, it’s an honor, my lady.” He replies.

“No, the pleasure is mine.” I argued.

“No, it’s mine.” He laughed and started his car.

You reached Liberty High and waved goodbye to Tony. Made your way to your locker and spotted Zach and his friends.

“When did you lost your girl, Zachary?” Marcus commented.

“Yeah, like she’s a lost one in the hallways.” Monty added.

“When was the last time I didn’t see you together?” Justin thought.

“Then, let me walk you to your class Y/N.” Bryce suggested it as he lands his arms around your shoulders.

“Fuck off, Bryce.” As you pushed him away.

You decided to meet Zach’s face and for goodness sake he didn’t even bother to comment on what his jock friends did. His arms are folded in his chest and is eyes met mine. Something was totally wrong.

Peer Communications, your second period for today and happened that the teachers are having their monthly meeting. So … Free time as they say it. Cuddle time as what couples referred it. Study time for nerds. But, I’m so pleased that I shared this subject with Zach.

He was occupying the last table, lost in his thought was the only words you can use to describe what his expression right now is. You made your way to his table and grabbed and chair to sit in front of him. You pursed your lips as you stare at him. He neglected the fact that he is aware of your existence. You settled your elbow and cup your left cheek as you spoke.

“Are we under lover’s quarrel?” you asked as you bit your pinky finger.

His eyes met yours and you smiled. “I think so. Yes.” He answered.

“Under what circumstances?” you inquire

He looked at you like his stare is worth a million of dagger. “Of you cheating on me.” He answered.

Your jaw dropped in his accusations, “Wait, what Zachary?”

“Of you cheating on me.” he repeated, “do I need to say it again?”

“When and how?”

“Oh, don’t play me with your innocence Y/N.” he said not breaking the eyes connection between the two of you,

“I don’t.” you reacted.

“Last night, I was in your house,” he spoke, “I made my way to your room, to surprise you,” he admitted and shrugs, “then I heard this man’s voice telling you things like, I know it’s wrong but I love you trust me, it’s going to be a secret trust me stuffs like that.” He finished unleashing his thought.

Upon hearing those words all you did was to laugh.

“And your laughing, Y/N what did I ever done that made you do things like this to me,” he whispered.

“Wait. Are you jealous?” was the only words that left our mouth and continued to giggle.

“For fuck’s sake, you think I’m jealous? I’m mad, okay. I’m mad.” He admitted as his anger is visible and it made you stop from laughing.

“No, you’ve never done anything wrong, except for not texting me for about 12 hours? And for not confronting me about this babe, you know I can explain things to you.” You said sweetly as you held his hands.

“I was just,” you stare at him, “listening to an audio book last night and the line you just said was there and the man’s voice you’ve heard is the narrators’ voice.” You utter.

He just raised his eyebrows and in that moment you knew he doesn’t buy your explanation.

“Okay here,” you grab your book, “turn to page 278 that paragraph with sticky tab, that’s the part.” You point at him as he found the page, “and listen to this.” You stand up and placed the earphones in his ears and pressed play.

“See?” you smiled at me. “No cheating, I was made for you Zach.” As he removed the earphones.

“Fuck!” he swear, “I did accuse you cheating on me with this damn I don’t know what the hell is that.” He said.

“An audio book.” You answered him.

“Yeah, audio book and I didn’t have enough sleep because of that.”

Daddy A-Z: S.Coups

Originally posted by withjunhui

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find the original poster this came from, but I got this from philanddanxreader, I didn’t come up with this.

A = Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting?
Tbh it just slips out during a joke of papa coups and you fck up and say that’s going to be a reality and he just stops and stares at you waiting for you to elaborate on wtf you just said. ‘Yeah…I’m pregnant.’ ‘thats not funny’ ‘it’s not a joke.’ ‘fuck’. Announcing it publicly is during a vlive because why not, and with all the members that weren’t told yet so it was entirely a surprise for fans and the boys. 

B = Books.- Did he read the books?
S.Coups read a few. He’s sure he’s got a pretty good grasp on taking care of people that a book isn’t going to tell him anything he doesn’t already know. The few books he gets will probably be on how to prep for a baby, baby proofing the house and what to get and what to expect so he’s fully aware of what’s to come, but physically taking care of a baby? He’s got that in the bag, he’s good.

C = Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? 
It’s more along the lines of you’re cuddling the baby, and Coups is cuddling you XD it’s like a cuddle train. 

D = Daddy.- His reaction to being called Daddy and it setting in. 
Papa Coups has already been dad for the longest time so merging into actual daddy isn’t hard to come to terms with but it’s legit setting in that ‘fuck these arent my members….this is an actual child i helped make’ punches him in the neck and he just sits down and silently cries. Please hug him.

E = Empty.- Who goes to the store when you guys run out of supplies?
S.Coups is pretty helpful when the baby comes, he pulls his weight any way he can to help ease the load for you. So normally he’s the one running to the store while you stay with the baby.

F = Feeding time- Who does feeding time?
Normally it’s a partnership, feeding the baby. You two switch off who’s actually doing the feeding while the other is tasked with making dumb faces to keep the baby happy and eat.

G = Grumpy baby. - Who is better at dealing with a grumpy baby? 
Dealing with with a pouty baby grump is typically a joint effort, you two almost put on a show for the baby together to make the giggles and gummy smiles reappear. But legit fussy, screaming, crying baby grump is more of your job, S.Coups kind of panics when legit tantrums occur and just freaks out when the usual ‘where’s daddy! peek-a-boo!’ doesn’t work. 

H = How?- how many kids does he want?
After SVT, I’m sure Coups is well equipped with dealing with multiple kids but that same idea, Coups wants a more calm family. Babies are hard to deal with on their own, let alone multiple, so I can see Coups having two or three kids, but only having another after the previous baby is more grown aka entering school age, so it’s a lot less stressful for the both of you.

J = Jokes.- best dad joke? 
“My wife is on a tropical foods diet, the house is full of stuff. It’s enough to make a mango crazy.”

K = Kisses.- His favorite place to kiss the baby. 
Coups is such a raspberry on the tummy kind of dad, you can’t fight me on that. Making his mini squirm and giggle so much just lights dad’s day up and he’ll do them for hours until you yell at him to knock it off.

L = Little.- How he feels when he holds the baby for the first time.
I swear Coups is going to be the most emotional dad ever. Already semi a dad, having this little human he helped make in his arms for the first time after waiting so long and the stress of pregnancy. The nurse hands him the baby all wrapped up in it’s warm little blanket and he just freezes and stares at the wiggling baby. He’s just instantly filled with joy and pride and love and he’s just standing in the middle of the room, tears streaming and whispering to the baby how long mommy and daddy have been waiting for it, and how much he love it. 

M = Mommy.- what does he call you? 
Being the fun dad he is, I swear you two will end up betting what the baby says first, so it’s become a rule that you only call each other by your parent title around the buddle of joy. His title bestowed on you is cute and short, just so it’s easy for the babe to grasp; mama

N = Nappies.- who deals with the really bad ones? 
You’re a comprise couple, you take things in turns just so no one gets the rough end of parenthood, and hell…no one wants to change diapers. It’s a back and forth between you two on who changes the diapers but 9/10 he’s helping you anyways, handing you the baby powder and fresh diaper.

O = Onesies- Who likes to dress the baby in ridiculous outfits? 
Besides those funny shirts of like ‘mommy’s boy’ or ‘daddy’s princess’, I don’t think he’s going to subject his child to weird outfits for the fck of it. Most of the baby’s clothes are just plain old ‘get it at walmart’ kind of stuff aside from like…holiday outfits where you obviously dress up a bit more. But on the norm, it’s just regular baby clothes.

P = Pet names- names he calls the baby. 
S.Coups takes massive pride in being a dad, so I see him being that dad that always refers to their child as my princess/prince. Plus he prob spils tf out of his kids, so the titles pretty fitting. 

Q = Questions.- How many questions does he ask the nurse? 
Between the two of you, he’s pretty sure you can handle it. Aside from regular things like check ups and what to expect the first few months/year of having a new born, Coups didn’t ask many questions. 

R = Rely- what is the biggest thing you rely on each other for? 
Affection is the most relied on thing between you two. A baby does take up a lot of time and emotional strength, and it does drain you. Even with your partner, it’s tough as can be. So that few moments where you can just stand with your arms around each other, remember you love each other, and that you can do this together, is enough to recharge your spirits for a while.

S = Sleep duty. - who gets up when it’s really late at night? 
Seeing as he’s not the one who…idk pushed a kid out of their crawl space? He’s more inclined to wake up at night when the baby’s fussing. Coups tries his best to not let you wake up, knowing you probably need way more rest than him, so a fussy baby at night is not skin off his nose. 

T = Trepidation.- fears as a new parent. 
Really any parents fear is just…messing up. Is he bonding with the baby enough, is he feeding it right, was he putting the right educational cartoons on for the baby to watch, what can and can’t be in the crib. His biggest fear is that he somehow is going to be responsible for a stunt in development when really there’s nothing to worry about. Might wanna give Papa Coups a hug, he needs it. 

U = Ultra sounds.- His reactions to the ultrasounds.
Honestly you couldn’t find a situation where Coups smiled more than when he saw the ultrasound. He was instantly out the chair and right up on the monitor, giddy as can be and just excitedly chattering ‘there it is! that’s our baby! holy sh…that’s inside of you…we’re having a kid, oh my god.’. Annoyed the hell out of the doctor, getting in the way, but eh, he’s a new dad, let him be excited. 

V = Values.- what is the most important value he wants to teach your child.
The base of anything is to just love yourself, be confident in yourself, that’s what Coups hopes to pass to his kids. Things are tough, you have to work really hard for things, and being taught that yes, you can do anything you set your mind to, is a good value to teach in his mind.

W = Water.- Who gives the babe the baths? 
Usually, it’s daddy. It’s his little bonding session with his baby, he’s that dad that ends up just making a lot of bubble designs on the babe like a beard or smth for a hour before he actually remembers ‘crap…i was supposed to be bathing it…’. You might need to remind him that bath time isn’t play time a few times….

X = X-mas- what do you guys plan for the holidays? 
Being Dad and Papa Coups, I imagine holidays are hosted at your home, so it’s a bit less stressful that getting you and Coups ready, getting a baby ready, and all that jizz that goes with holidays. It’s far less of a hassle to just have the family and members come to your house for the holidays, and that’s usually what happens. Just dinner, everyone fawns over your baby, and it’s just a relaxing get together at the comfort of home.

Y = Yelling.- How many fights do the two of you get in? 
I don’t see you two fighting much, most of the mental effort used for fighting is just being used up by taking care of a baby, there’s no time for fight. The little arguments you might have usually just dissolve since Coups won’t yell back at you, he just mumbles angrily to himself until you both forget what happened and have to feed the baby.

Z = Zoo- How crazy is the house after the birth?
Truthfully, the house is absolute hell most days. One day of the week is set aside to reorganize the house, but on the other six days…bottles are strung around the living room, the only clean dishes are baby plates, tiny socks are littered all through the halls. But hey, that’s what having a kid is like. A giant mess :)

Not Over You pt. 3

Prompt: “I was getting over you, why did you have to come back?” or it’s been a year since you and Steve broke up. He’s moved on, you haven’t.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,760

Warnings: language

A/N: another part for you all. i’ve made some decisions about where this is all going to go and i’m so excited. also, side note! a few people that asked to be tagged, it wouldn’t let me? i’ll send out messages to those people, letting them know it’s been updated. let me know if i missed tagging you (i have a scatter brain sometimes) or you want to be added to this list.

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It felt like ages before anyone said anything. The tension just continued to grow between you two as Natasha was all the sudden M.I.A. You looked around for a quick second, silently cursing her for leaving you alone with him. You definitely weren’t ready for this.

“How have you—“ you started, but were cut off by Steve.

“How have you, uh,” He chuckled awkwardly, looking down and rubbing the back of his neck. His eyes travelled your body, an all too familiar, yet completely foreign sight. “How have you been? You look great.” He swallowed hard, nodding. “Yeah, you look great.” He finally made eye contact with you, his blue eyes practically lasers through yours.

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BTS At The Grocery Store With Their S/O

Request:  bts scenario grocery shopping with their girlfriend please and thank you!

A/N: I’m gonna just do a little something for each member like a reaction if that’s ok :)

Namjoon: The two of you going grocery shopping together would definitely be a late night trip. He’d come home late or call you up late and the two of you would decide you were hungry. Getting to a store that’s open late, he would push the cart and you would probably lose him in the store about ten times. I honestly imagine him in a pair of glasses and a cardigan or sweater as the two of you fill up your cart with snacks and other food. He wouldn’t have a list but he would always want to try something new that he found at the store. He would also bump you a lot with the cart on accident the first time and on purpose the other hundred times. On your way home he would definitely be the one to have food fall out of the bottom of one of the bags and you would just laugh at him as he tried to pick up everything from off the floor. He’d just be soft boyfriend who would make grocery shopping cute and easy.

Originally posted by ksjknj

Jin: He would have a long ass list. That’s for sure. I think you’d go late at night or in the late morning with him. He would know where everything was and you bet you’d be pushing the cart. You probably wouldn’t mind though because you’d be getting fed later on. Since he loves a lot of different kinds of food, your cart would be FULL, sometimes with stuff you’d never seen before. He would also make sure to ask you if there was anything you wanted and so the cart would be extra full. He’d make puns about the food on every isle and most of them you couldn’t help but crack a smile at. He was too cute! He would also be that guy that when you get to the cash register, he would see the total price and just laugh in amazement at how much it’d come out to be. Shaking his head, he would look at you and you could see the little hint of regret in his eyes. I mean, he’s old enough to know that stuff costs money but he gets so into the shopping that he doesn’t realize he went too far sometimes. It would be worth it still though because he’d have ingredients to cook with and it would be spectacular.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga: Like Namjoon it would be late at night. Although I’m positive Yoongi goes grocery shopping for himself, if the two of you really went together you’d either live together or you’d be there for you. Either way, there would be a list that he either made you write or he wrote himself. He’s practical. He would find all the best deals in order to not splurge too much and I feel like he could calculate sale prices in his head. The two of you would switch out who was pushing the cart and honestly if you were shopping for you, he would remind you of things you may need when you passed them in the aisle. If he could he would sneak a little snack that he would share with you later because he can also be soft and cute. Not only that but at the cash register he would be the type to try and pay for it all when you were looking for your card or something and would have to push him away so you could pay instead. Grocery shopping with Yoongi would be you buying everything you need and sometimes a little something extra and honestly he’d be a great person to go grocery shopping with. Just watch Bon Voyage.

Originally posted by syubto

Hoseok: The two of you would go in the middle of the day or in the morning and honestly it would take FOREVER. Not because neither of you were prepared but because he would be going back and forth throughout the store. Like, he would need salt so go to that aisle to get it and then decide he needed bread and after that would realize he also needed pepper so go back and get that. He would do this with or without a list. He would push the cart and as you guys went in depending on his mood he would either tell you to get in or stop you from getting in the cart so he could push you for a little bit. I think he would only get things he needed and for some reason I feel like he wouldn’t really get snacks and other stuff like that. He would get food he can cook or prepare whether it be from scratch or something you just slapped together and heated up. So, if you wanted snacks, you would have to give him some puppy dog eyes depending on what it was. He would also embarrass you everywhere. Although I know Hoseok isn’t loud and hyper ALL the time, when he is, he would embarrass you. He would sing songs for you and do little dances send hearts your way and just cute stuff. When you guys left, he would be super friendly to the cashier and ask how their day was before splitting how many bags you both carried equally. It would be a fun and tedious trip to the grocery store. 

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

Jimin: He seems like a night owl so it would for sure be at night that the two of you went. He would probably text you telling you he needed stuff from the and store and would want you to go with him and if you asked him to go with you he would definitely show up if he could. The two of you would swap who pushes the cart and I can just imagine him being there in a big sweatshirt with the hood up, looking cute and soft. He would have a list 50% of the time but either way I feel like the two of you would take your time but also not take too long there. He wouldn’t buy a lot of food and sometimes you may have to remind him that he needs to get stuff for this and that meal or for this or that upcoming schedule. He would find the foods you like and ask if you wanted it and would always try and get things for you but sometimes you would have to resist and tell him you didn’t want it so he didn’t spoil you too much. If you were paying, at the register he would just hug you tightly as he waited for you to finish. If he was paying, he would ask you for hugs. Let’s be real.

Originally posted by marikit257

Taehyung: Oh lord this boy. He would have an idea of what he wanted but also have no idea. Late night grocery shopping for this one and there would no doubt be someone pushing someone else in the cart. It would switch every trip. SNACKS! and fruit! I seems like a fruit guy. He would sneak weird and unnecessary stuff into the cart to see if you’d notice and once you did he would just laugh at your reaction. There would also be games of hide and seek throughout the aisles. He would also get useless stuff but he would find use for it somehow. He’s Taehyung. Also, if there were samples, he would eat them because it’s free food and yes. At some point you’d have a debate over something in there that either ended in Taehyung looking it up and smiling his box smile when he discovered you were right or him shoving google in your face when he was right. At the register he would always insist on paying no matter if it was for only him, only you, or both of you. He would race to the machine to pay and you would have to wrestle him if you wanted to pay. 

Originally posted by hypetae

Jungkook: Again, the whole maknae line would be going at night tbh. The two of you would be doing something together and decide to get some grocery shopping done. You’d switch between who was pushing the cart every once in a while and he would know where everything was. He would also take advantage of those buy 1 get one free! deals especially on his favorite snacks. like Tae there would be so many SNACKS. He would also get motivated to cook something when he saw a shelf of cook books and decide to buy a bunch of other stuff so he could cook something from scratch. The two of you would decide on something you both wanted to eat and get everything for it so you could make it later. He would always stop when he saw stuff he knew you liked and ask if you wanted to get it but he wouldn’t just buy it for you if you said no. Like Namjoon, he would bump you with the cart for laughs but unlike Namjoon, even the first time was on purpose. At the register, I feel the two of you would just rock, paper, shoot to see who pays tbh. And he would carry all the bags because he’s Jungkook and that’s what he does. 

Originally posted by nnochu


This is my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge.  My prompt was #36  “I don’t see half the nerdy stuff that you do, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do nerdy stuff.“

Summary: Dean decides to make fun of you for being a nerd.

warnings: none, just making fun of nerdiness and nerd defense

word count: ~700

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

“God, Y/N, you’re such a nerd,” Dean teased as he walked into the library, poking at your ‘select your spaceship’ t-shirt.

You rolled your eyes, not really in the mood for his teasing today.  “Yeah, yeah, whatever Dean.”

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Now that it’s been a week and a half, I’ve found several ROGUE ONE fics I’ve liked! I’m sort of torn between FIX EVERYTHING and MAKE IT WORSE, but, honestly, that’s pretty par for the Star Wars course. But give me allllll the team fic and complicated, messy heroes! And backstory! All the backstory in the world! (Fic recs every Wednesday.)

climb, climb by peradi, jyn & cassian & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 1k
   K-2SO: the droid with existential anxiety and a smart mouth.
Steady as she goes by noelia_g, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 3.5k
   In which they all live and Jyn Erso is on a quest to fix a droid. Rogue One in the aftermath.
Set the Course by noelia_g, cassian/jyn & bodhi, 1.5k
   Post Scarif, the slow way home - a collection of scenes.
in the aeroplane over the sea by quadrille, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 1.5k
   Home is not a place; it’s the people.
day after day by bodhirook, baze/chirrut, ~1k
   “I fear nothing,” Chirrut declares. “All is as the Force wills it.” “Funny, you seemed pretty fearful that time I tapped your shoulder while you were meditating.”
you are one with the force (you are with me) by peradi, baze/chirrut, 1.2k
   Baze Malbus, ferocious young assassin, meets a cocky little blind shit. The rest, as they say, is history.
anything in stars worth saving by with_the_monsters, cassian/jyn, 1.5k
   They miss the part where the Death Star gets blown up. They miss everything, actually, apart from the inside of an imperial cell. And that’s not a thing you just come back from. Not even if you survive Scarif.
What comes after by IaMcHrIsSi, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & cast, 2.9k
   Jyn and Cassian after everything
love will lead us all to smithereens by poseidon, baze/chirrut, 1.8k
   “I’m going to die in your arms, you know.” “Do you use that line on everyone you come across?” Baze asks. “No,” the man replies with a smile. “Just you.”
Faces by stereobone, baze/chirrut, 3.3k
   This is what Baze learns before Jedha falls.
you were my new home by katsumi, cassian/jyn & k-2so, 4.6k
   Before they can meet with Saw Gerrera, they have to find Saw Gerrera, and that takes time. On the search, Jyn and Cassian grow closer.
A Sun Shines in Parallel by LadyBaelish27, cassian/jyn & baze & chirrut & bodhi & k-2so & anakin & leia & cast, 39.1k wip
   What happens when ‘dead’ isn’t, strictly speaking, ‘dead’? Jyn and Cassian find themselves standing on a peaceful beach with no trace of a battle, a base, a war. Then they find K-2SO… and Chirrut Imwe… and Baze Malbus… and suddenly the very definitions of time and space become completely muddled.
Footfalls by GreyMichaela, baze/chirrut, ~1k
   There are mysteries about Baze that Chirrut wants to solve.

full details + recs under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Heya do you have something like a masterlist so i can read EVERYTHING you have write?

WEll hello there!!! I just got super super excited that you would even ask me that! Thank you so much?!?!

And I do have a master list type- thing? I really need to go through and organize it by story titles and shit. But I’m in the midst of finals week, so bear with me.

HERE are my drabbles!!! From there very beginning it’s crazy. (This is where the stuff like Texts between bros and full length drabbles are.)

HERE AND HERE are my headcanons. I fucked up and keep switching off between ‘my headcanon’ and ‘my headcanons!’ BUT ITS IN BETWEEN THOSE TWO TAGS.

AND HERE are my full length AO3 works! (you’ll find like- the soulmate au and stuff here.)

Clexa Fic Recs

So it’s been a while since I last made one of these, and these are some of the fics that helped me through some rough patches.

Clexa with family feels

C_AND_B’s Lasting Impressions - Lexa is a gay disaster who walks into a painting because she’s too busy ogling at Clarke, who also happens to be the teacher of Lexa’s younger brother, Aden. Gay disaster x 10. Bonus points: Anya and Aden are little shits, as all good siblings are, and Tris(!!) also makes an appearance. (While you’re at it, check out the rest of C_AND_B’s fics; you won’t be disappointed.)

thrace’s But still good - Clarke’s got the hots for the new kids’ soccer coach and her Saturday mornings just got better. Really cute with minimal drama. Bonus points: there’s a Mother’s Day special, Little, not broken. (Like with the previous author, check out the rest of thrace’s works. They’re amazing.)

transientpermanence’s The Three Truths - I’m not gonna lie, I’m still hella confused as to how/why the rift between Clarke and Lexa had gotten so bad (before the events in the fic, touched on in flashbacks), but the bonding with the Griffin family is hella cute. Bonus points: the analogies. Extra bonus points: the bonus chapters (find them at the Miscellaneous collection).

Same author, Present Day - Clarke hates Lexa, she’s hated her since childhood. Actually, no, she loves her, Clarke’s just pretty dense. Good thing the technicalities of her father’s will meant that she’d have to spend 6 months with Lexa, supervising the company. Bonus points: Lexa’s got an adorable kid.

Clexa holiday feels (because where I’m from, the Christmas season ends in February–it also starts in September)

onemilliongoldstars’ been lovin’ you for quite sometime - Lexa’s a Grinch forced to spend the holidays with Clarke’s family and friends, and her Grinch heart grows three sizes bigger. Bonus points: there’s sex. Extra bonus points: there are feelings involved.

smallamountsofmonster’s Home For Christmas - Clarke spends Christmas with Lexa’s family and gets embroiled in a vicious war between Lexa and Anya and the munchkins. It’s up to Clarke to broker a deal, and win the war. With bribery and pies. (P.S. Check out their other fics too.)

Bucklethorpe’s The 300 - Clarke sets fire to Lexa’s 300 finest Blue Spruces. Blood. Must. Have. Blood. Bonus points: Gays in Space.

whyyesitscar’s may we stay lost on our way home - Clarke’s not having a good day, so she’s taking it out on vehicles. One of which is owned by Lexa.

And I’d be remiss not to mention these fics:

AmyBot3000’s The Spectator - Former tennis champion Lexa gets caught on-cam ogling at Clarke, the wild card in the US Open. The whole world is rooting for them. #AdvantageClexa (while you’re at it, check out the rest of the author’s fics, you’d want to.)

coldmackerel’s the business of caring - Campus Police Supervisor Lexa Woods is on a thrilling task of tracking down the Mural Marauder, the culprit behind the series of beautiful artworks–sorry, vandalism on-campus. Actually no, Lexa just wants this year to end and move on with her life. If only Maya of the school paper left her alone, and sole daytime dispatcher Clarke Griffin stopped terrorizing her with her… with her entire charming being.

DreamsAreMyWords’ Those Icy Fingers Up and Down My Spine - It’s the Triwizard Tournament once again and there’s some shady stuff going on in the world of witchcraft and wizardry. If you’re looking for mystery and mayhem of epic proportions, and love and friendships that are equally epic, then this fic is for you.

aeveee, magicalzebra and scryves’ Chasing Down Silver Linings - An explosive confrontation in the art museum marks the start of an eventual friendship  between two individuals recovering from the loss of someone they loved dearly. (Not gonna lie, this fic is going to hurt, but it deals with grief and pain with such grace, such care and sensitivity that as the characters embark on their journey to healing, I found myself healing with them.)

After School Special part 1

Bughead fanfiction - because whats life without it?

In an alternate universe where Jughead greases his hair more than Danny Zuko and Betty Cooper gives Sandy Olsson a run for her money at being the nicest girl in town. (No Danny Zuko and Sandy do make an appearance in this fic). Set in the early 1960s at Riverdale High. Slow burn leads to rapid fire (all the bughead smut you can imagine)

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On non existent "romance" and ~ the kiss ~

Okay I hate to be that person but so far I haven’t seen a single post on that issue so I decided to make one myself!

The way it was shown Shindo was completely unconscious, obviously dying when Saraka (autocorrect just put Satan here lol autocorrect knows!) kissed Shindo - without his consent. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those people who go crazy about stuff like that in a series but I wanted to point out that when the same thing happened in Sailor Moon Crystal Season 1 between Usagi and Mamoru people went insane, cursing the manga and the anime and calling Mamoru a molester and so on. Didn’t the same thing just happen here and no one seems to give a damn? XD more importantly I don’t even mind that romance - even though it is unnecessary in this kind of show and there are two other (gay) options that make a lot more sense - however it’s completely under developed and basically non existent?

Let’s get this straight:

What we have: Shindo, Saraka, Saraka blushing literally all the time without having talked to him for more then two seconds, randomly laughing at what he says, trying to convince him of her beliefs, showing him her family, explaining to him why she wants to protect the universe at all costs, fighting Yaha-kui to protect him, saving him while he is dying, kissing him without consent, Shindo turning away out of respect because Saraka is naked, Saraka NOT manifesting a new set of clothes (girl, you can create a closed space for you and your “you-wish-he-would-be” lover but you can’t create a new set of clothes? As if, tell that to your momma).

What we don’t have: Shindo showing any kind of interest in her except as a coworker that he is forced to work with under the circumstances, Shindo showing romantic affection towards her, Shindo expressing any kind of attraction to her that shows he cares about be more than an acquaintance, any development that would indicate that their relationship is more romantic then everything that happened between Shindo and Yaha-kui or Shindo and Hanamori or even Shindo and that glasses guy that he HUGGED in like episode 3? (Even this relationship had more development), Shindo showing any kind of interest in her bullshit life story that she forces on him in order to get rid of gay Alien-chan, Shindo saving her because he has feelings for her (he literally would have thrown himself in front of an inanimate object, he’s just that kind of guy who wants to save everyone).

As a conclusion: we have an Alien woman who takes interest in a man, which is perfectly fine, seemingly develops strong feelings like love (after taking to him for like 2 hours) and then goes to kiss him while he’s unconscious because he was injured trying to protect her from someone who he actually cares about, perfectly healthy start to a relationship.
On the other hand we have Shindo, a man who really likes his coworker, best friend and possible lover Hanamori with whom he lives together and undresses while he’s asleep (explain that Saraka!!!), who also likes the outer universe alien being Yaha-kui zaShunina after having spent months with him teaching him everything he knows about humans and the universe, taking care of him, trying to teach him how to behave and possibly feel more human emotions, who also likes his coworker and friend Glasses-kun who he hugs in episode 3, and who shows no real interest whatsoever in Saraka after having to listen to her boring ass life story.
So wow what we have here is a perfect example of how NOT to develop a romance if you wanna make it happen without us seeming forced or like non existent? I wouldn’t write this and I wouldn’t give a shit if the romance was executed in a believable way, but this?

• pick your choice

nonnie requested: Can you do one where Reader has to choose between Cisco and Winn? Like maybe she’s from Winn’s Earth but Cisco always opens breaches to go see her, and slowly they both fall for her, but she doesn’t wanna choose because she likes them both and doesn’t wanna hurt anyone? She can either end up choosing in the end or not - whichever goes better.

A/N: Ooh very, very interesting concept you have going here nonnie, I like it. This will actually have three parts, this is part one and the two other are where you decide to go stay with Winn or go to Earth-1 with Cisco. Why you ask? Well I couldn’t decide which one reader should go with so I’m going to create two different endings and the fact I love both nerds. And Kara is a goo friend. Warning, it got a little long. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


                » Relationship(s): Winn Schott & Reader (crushing), Cisco Ramon & Reader (crushing), Kara Danvers & Reader (friendship) «

“And there she is, our Supergirl has done it again folks!” You say with a smile as you high fived Winn as Kara gave a small blush and bowed when she landed on her feet. You were one the people on team Supergirl on Earth-38 who helped save the world, well kind of. You were like Dr. Caitlin Snow from Earth-1 which you may have met once or twice from the last time that both Earths were in dangers, just minus the snow powers. You went over to the blonde haired superhero to check for anything that needed to be treated as you started treating a wound. “Thanks again Y/N.”

She commented as Winn tried his hardest to not stare, but there you were doing what you did best. Winn had a crush on you, Dr. Y/N L/N came into the picture which was a couple months ago when you realized how odd he was acting with Kara. Soon knowing her secret identity after seeing her in her get up of her superhero persona. You were smart and had a certain quirk you had about you that he liked, however he wasn’t the only one who had a massive crush on you. Remember talking about Earth-1? Well on Earth-1 there was another person who liked you and that was Vibe, or better known as Cisco Ramon who was one of the brains on Team Flash. He would sometimes open breaches to see you and ask about Supergirl related things and you would ramble about some things that you could say.

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The Fitting (Part 11)

 (A date with another man has you and Jungkook looking at your relationship a little differently.)

Warning: Dirty talk, sex, intercourse, oral, jealousy, hurt feelings… the usual.

Maybe he is already asleep.  

You stood in the hallway looking at your front door, hesitating to go inside.  Jungkook had been so anxious and jealous before you left for the evening, you were certain that he was going to be furious that you were getting home so much later than expected.  You told him you would be home by 11:00 pm but now it was after 2:30 am and you knew he would not be pleased.

He’s probably asleep.  

You hadn’t done anything wrong, so you weren’t sure why you felt so guilty.  You just lost track of time.  It could have happened to anyone.  It’s not like you were into that other guy you were with, you just got caught up in the conversation and time flew by.  Certainly, Jungkook would understand when you explained it to him.  

He must have fallen asleep early and that’s why I haven’t gotten any more texts from him…


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anonymous asked:

May I know, when did you start shipping Camren? And what makes you think that there was something going on between them two at that time?

The very first time I remember noticing Camren was during the x-factor days and this particular moment :

I remember thinking “wow that’s gay, what’s going on there???”

Back in those days Camren wasn’t big yet so there wasn’t so much stuff about it - the x factor ended and when I heard “Miss Movin’ On” I said “okay movin’ on” 😂   I didn’t follow anything concerning 5H for years, until beginning 2016 when WFH came out - I went on youtube to watch the music video, and obviously since youtube knows how gay I am it suggested the video “Camren is real : proofs” - I watched it, and that was the end of me.

Wrong chat (mxm)

neutral POV; Jimin x Jungkook; 679 words

Thanks for requesting. For this I had tree ideas and I’ll all of them, but I need some time. I started with this one because it’s my first time writing in english and I wanted to do something similar (like neutral POV) until I get used to that “you” style. Hahaha. I writed it with all my heart, so I hope you’ll enjoy and please, excuse me if i have some mistakes :3

Originally posted by satellite-jeon

Everyone knew that the maknae line was always full of energy and playful. But lately, Jimin and Jungkook were even more playful. They seemed closer than ever, sitting just the two of them on the sofa, talking quietly to each other. During the practice there were more skin touching and stares, but none of the other members knew what was going on.

Once Yoongi saw Jimin licking his lips while staring at Jungkook’s hips, but half-asleep, he thought it was nothing.

And there was that one time (more than one actually) when Jungkook ‘accidently’ touched Jimin’s ass, but for the others that was just it – an accident. When seven young boys live and work together, those stuff are somehow normal. But between those two’s actions was something more.

Namjoon was in his room, enjoying his new book when he heard his phone. It was such a good moment, that he ignored the text. After a minute his phone sounded like it was going to explode.

Namjoon opened the chathead and his chin dropped down.

[9:48pm] Jimin: I know that you have to practice with Jin

[9:48pm] Jimin: but…

[9:49pm] Jimin: I really need you, Kookie. Right here, right now.

[9:49pm] Jimin: I need your thick dick buried deep in my ass.

[9:50pm] Jimin: Idc that NJ is in his room. Please, daddy, I want to hear you moan my name while pounding me hard…

[9:50pm] Namjoon: JIMIN!! WHAT THE FUCK??

[9:51pm] Jimin: FUCK! Sorry. Wrong chat…

[9:51pm] Namjoon: Better not be naked, cuz I’m coming to your room.

Namjoon wasn’t against those kind of relationships, but when something like this was happening between the wall of their dorm, they had to have a talk.

“I need and explanation” Namjoon said, closing the door, so no one could hear their small talk.

The younger boy’s cheeks turned bright red. He shrank shyly on his bed, hugging his knees and hiding his face behind them. “I don’t wanna”.

Namjoon smiled, letting a little laugh out of his lips. Jimin was too cute when he was this shy. “I didn’t knew you were so dirty. Daddy kink, huh?”

“Shut up!” embarrassed and angry, Jimin throw a pillow at his hyung.

“Mochi isn’t hard anymore?” Namjoon sat next to the boy and teased him. When no answer was recived, the older boy started to tickle this sweet angry ball that was Jimin right now. After a few moments they become one big cuddling mess on the bed.

One tickling session that seemed wrong in the golden maknae’s eyes. “What’s going on here?” Jungkook asked. His voice was shaking and his eyes were full with pain.

“It’s not what it looks like” Jimin jumped out of the bed as fast as he can, frightened that he might lose is boyfriend.

“I know your secret” Namjoon said with a smirk, still in bed, but Kookie looked confused. As he didn’t knew what was hyung talking about. “This horny mochi texted me something that was meant only for you.”

“You what!?” Jungkook almost screamed. “Seriously Jimin? You were that needy for me?”

Mochi become all red and shy again. And that was something that Kookie couldn’t let go that easy. “You deserve a punishment” he said, moving closer to his boyfriend, with lips barely touching while wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist and squishing his butt.

“Eww…. Guys, get yourself a room” Namjoon said in disgust, but deep inside he was adoring them.

“But you are in our room. Get out or stay and watch” Jimin said breathing heavily, trying not to moan from Jungkook’s touch.

“Nope… I’m going to read my book and you, guys, try to stay quiet. We don’t need the others to know… for now” Namjoon closed their door and thought about how it would be from now on. As the only one who knew the secret, he had to prepare the rest for this and at the same time to hope no one would see the dirty mess those two are. But for now he let the maknae have their fun. 


That was it. Hope you liked it. 

Do you want second part where the rest of the boys find out about Jikook?