the stuff going on between those two

Not Over You pt. 3

Prompt: “I was getting over you, why did you have to come back?” or it’s been a year since you and Steve broke up. He’s moved on, you haven’t.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,760

Warnings: language

A/N: another part for you all. i’ve made some decisions about where this is all going to go and i’m so excited. also, side note! a few people that asked to be tagged, it wouldn’t let me? i’ll send out messages to those people, letting them know it’s been updated. let me know if i missed tagging you (i have a scatter brain sometimes) or you want to be added to this list.

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It felt like ages before anyone said anything. The tension just continued to grow between you two as Natasha was all the sudden M.I.A. You looked around for a quick second, silently cursing her for leaving you alone with him. You definitely weren’t ready for this.

“How have you—“ you started, but were cut off by Steve.

“How have you, uh,” He chuckled awkwardly, looking down and rubbing the back of his neck. His eyes travelled your body, an all too familiar, yet completely foreign sight. “How have you been? You look great.” He swallowed hard, nodding. “Yeah, you look great.” He finally made eye contact with you, his blue eyes practically lasers through yours.

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FUSED GLASS (jasper/amethyst)

[please do not use my art without my permission and without crediting me. do not use my art and designs for monetary gain. feel free to make fanart tho, but please credit and @ me when you post it!]

together they are a hot mess.


under cut there’s 3 things: 1. the reasons they fuse into glass rather than quartz 2. predictions on the relationship between jasper and ame and what’s going to happen with it (the possible amethyst arc?) and 3. just some stuff on the design itself + bonus old versions

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Is no one going to point out that between Pidge’s backpack and Keith’s house/shed/dumpster hut they had enough random stuff for Hunk to build that machine thingy/blue lion locator??? Like how much of hoarders are those two??? God only knows what either of them have i mean im pretty sure Pidge’s backpack is actually Mary Poppins bag but…??? Still…????

Bruce’s HQ is underground.

Kate’s first two bases were in skyscrapers. In the air, you might say.

But that was before they started working together as closely as they have been. What about now, in the new series?

Kate has a lot of the trappings now that Bruce does: butler, fancy tech, yadda yadda. But that’s all surface-level stuff and Kate remains Kate. She didn’t suddenly morph into a Bruce clone when all these new toys came into play.

So, what location fits those two aspects? Part Kate, part Bruce? Where is the midpoint between far underground and high in the sky?

Sea level. On a ship.

I know, I know. That may not be why the writers chose her new base to be a yacht. She’s going to an island and travelling the world. A ship makes the most sense as a base.

But doesn’t this idea make a lot of sense as well, even so?

Today, I fucked up... by getting banned from a lecture for laughing

So this FU happened this morning. University resumed this week after winter break and I started a new course together with a friend.

In this course we were going to use Matlab to calculate some economic stuff, so the first lecture was an introduction to Matlab for those that had not yet worked with it. My friend and I had used Matlab before, so we weren’t really paying attention, as it was still very basic stuff being explained.

So my friend was arranging Matlab and Excel in a way that he could both see the data and Matlab or easily switch between the two. In order to do this he googled the multiple desktop feature for W10. So he was busy for a few minutes and when he finished I looked over to see his final arrangement. While I checked out his screen setup he turns to me and went like this. I didn’t expect that so i burst out laughing and kinda tried to play it off as a cough while burying my face in my hands. After I calmed myself down I looked up, face red and tears still in my eyes.

At this point the prof asked me if something was funny. I responded by saying no and apologizing. He didn’t want any of that though, because his next sentence was: “Get out, I don’t want to see you in my class again.” After he said that he left the room for a brief moment while I shut down my Computer. He returned and repeated, that my friend and I should leave. So we packed our things and left the room while he gave us a grumpy glare.

I don’t know why he was so harsh, maybe he thought we were laughing at him, because of his thick accent or he just didn’t like that we didn’t pay any attention to his Matlab introduction. Anyway, I guess we have Wednesday morning off now…

TL;DR: Friend approved of his new desktop setup - professor didn’t though.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.


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so @the-queen-unitato has come to stay and I wrote her handwritten wincest proposals cause I’m a fucking nerd and this is what I do

“I don’t really think I’m the right person to tell you about marriage, Sammy.”

“’S not like I have anyone else to ask,” Sam pouted, swinging his legs from the uncomfortable motel bed where they didn’t yet touch the floor. “Asked one of the kids at school and he looked at me like I was stupid for not knowing what it was.”

Dean rolled his eyes, flopping back on his own bed opposite Sam, indulging his brother.

“Fine. When two people think each other are really cool they go into a church and they promise to be together forever and everyone claps and then they they live together and have kids and stuff like Mom and Dad did. And then there’s like, a law, that says there’s a special connection between those two people. But it’s for normal people, Sammy. Hunters don’t get married. It’s too dangerous.”

Sam frowned. He kind of liked the sound of this whole marriage thing. He’d spent most of his childhood alone with nobody to talk to when his dad and brother left him behind to go on hunts, and he liked the idea that he wouldn’t always be alone. “You don’t think it’ll happen to me?”

Dean sighed, and Sam hadn’t meant it as a hard question, but it must have been, because Dean opened his mouth a few times and closed it again each time without answering.

Finally he said, “Ketchup or barbecue sauce on your mac and cheese?”

Years later, the two of them sat, again, on an uncomfortable motel bed. This time Sam’s legs did touch the floor. This time, the two of them were side by side, pressed up against each other, Dean’s arm looped around Sam’s waist and Sam’s fingers combing through Dean’s hair.

“So, uh, I’ve been giving some thought to where we should head to next,” Dean said a little too casually.

“Oh yeah?” Sam was comfortable and too sleepy to play Dean’s games. He was sure Dean would make his point eventually.

“Yeah, a hunter friend gave me a tip. Said there’s some vampires, out by Vegas. He doesn’t have the time to deal with them himself, but I thought we could take a crack.”

Sam chuckled, because even after all these years, his brother would forever be a mystery to him. “Dean, you don’t have any hunter friends. All your friends are dead. And that’s the fifth time you’ve tried to get us out to Vegas recently. What, do you have a secret gambling addiction I don’t know about?”

Sam had been expecting Dean to laugh, but instead, he flushed bright red.

“It’s not - I don’t have a gambling problem, Sammy, it’s a different reason.”

Sam stared at his brother, slowly putting the pieces together. Dean turned an even brighter red and hid his face.

“Look, I could be getting the wrong end of the stick here, but if you’re saying we should have a shotgun wedding–”

“It’s not a shotgun wedding! Cause that makes it sound like we’re rushing into it, but we’ve basically been married our whole lives. This’d just be making it - not even official, we’d be using fake IDs, but it’d just be nice to - stop picking holes in my plan, Sammy, it was a stupid idea, just forget it!”

Dean stood up and stalked towards the bathroom, grumbling to himself.

Sam jumped up, grabbing Dean’s shoulder and spinning him around. Dean stared up at him in shock.

“If you wanted to marry me, why didn’t you just ask me? What were you going to do, lure me into a chapel and say there was a vampire in there?”

Dean shrugged. “Not like I have many good examples of proposals to base this on.”

“Well - a ring usually helps. Down on one knee. Come on, you’ve seen movies…” Sam coaxed, and he knew his brother was scared, but if they were going to take this step, there had to be more to it than half-formed words and implications. He wanted Dean to actually admit his feelings for once.

But he definitely hadn’t been expecting Dean to detour over to where his bag lay on the floor, grabbing a tiny box out of the pocket and mumbling, “Yeah, I actually have one of those.”

“You what?” Sam breathed out, because holy shit, this was actually fucking happening, he wasn’t making this up, Dean was going to-

Dean crossed the room and got down on one knee next to Sam, staring at the floor so he didn’t have to look him in the eye. It looked like he was tying his shoelace.

It was a lot better than nothing.

“Sam. Sammy. Bitch.”

It was the moment at which Dean would usually have attempted a friendly punch on the arm to lighten the mood, if he hadn’t been, you know, on the floor.

Sam waited, ever patient, until-

“I… you and I, we’ve known a lot of people in our lives. And some of them have been cool. Some of them have tried to kill us, which is a different story, but that’s off topic… Point is, through all that, I’ve learned that there’s not many people I can rely on. People always end up leaving, whether they mean to or not. But you… you’ve died, you’ve been trapped in the Cage, you’ve been through ten times as much shit as anyone else I know and a lot of it’s been my fucking fault, but you always figure out a way back to me. And this ain’t a word I use a lot, but to me… that’s love. Deciding that someone’s worth the shit you’re gonna go through because of them. And I never knew any hunters that got married and actually managed to make it work, so I always thought, no point, right? But recently I’ve been thinking… maybe you and I can be the first. Hell, you’ve been keeping me human my entire life. What say we try out some stupid human tradition and say vows and wear monkey suits and then take a fucking vacation for once?”

Dean fumbled for the box, taking three tries to actually flip it open. When he finally managed it, he revealed a ring, a simple silver band with a miniscule copy of the anti-possession symbol inscribed into it. He held it out to Sam with a shaking hand.

Finally, ever so slowly, Dean tilted his head upwards until honest, vulnerable green eyes met hazel.

“So there’s no vampires in Vegas, not that I know of, but I’d still like to go there with you. Or anywhere you want. I just wanna marry you, Sammy.”

Sam sank to the floor and pretended that he didn’t see the tears in Dean’s eyes as he nodded, then cupped Dean’s face in his hands and kissed him softly. When he pulled away, there were matching tears on his own cheeks, and this was OK to admit, because it meant Dean could take care of him, just like he always had. Dean kissed away the tears on Sam’s cheeks and slid the ring onto his finger and there were mumbled promises of ‘soon’, but they were in no rush to do anything, both of them for now just wanting to appreciate the moment and take in how lucky they were to have this person they could always depend on.

It turned out that Dean was exactly the right person to talk to Sam about marriage.

No Context Encounter

Well, it’s certainly surprising to see over 200 notifications appear over the course of two days! Thanks to all who liked and reblogged my stuff, and followed!

To those following me for my comic, I’ve some good and bad news:

The current comic is going to be scrapped because I don’t like how it was going, and I was literally winging it, which caused so many problems as I went on.

However, it’ll be rebooted with actual planning going in. I’ve a lot noted down, and pages thumbnailed, with the first chapter in the works.

Here’s a no-context encounter between John/Tailor and a minor character, a page from the rebooted comic.

The Price of Stories

This is a thinkpiece on the use of narration in Wicdiv. It contains spoilers for issue #23.

Also this time the Sandman title pun is actually relevant ! Minor Sandman spoiler, MAJOR Watchmen spoiler. For those of you who are tired of my critical stuff, don’t worry, this is a good old hair-splitting analysis. Positivity ! Thank you so much for reading.

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You know what my favorite thing is about Ronan and Adam?

There is some massive crushing going on, but there isn’t any obsessive lusting stuff. It’s not like Ronan is looking at Adam and we get his interior monologue like Holy shit, I want to kiss Parrish, or anything about his body being really hot. No! He is constantly describing Adam’s face, the odd, elegant lines of it. Then you have Adam thinking that the shadows lining Ronan’s face render him stark and handsome.

Those two are just so obsessed with each others faces.

Like, I do love hot steamy fanfictions where they go straight from first kiss to sex scene, but whenever I picture an intensely romantic scene between the two of them, I picture Ronan just kissing all the elegant lines and crevices of Adam’s face and lips, his cheeks, his eyes, his jaw. And Adam just tracing his fingers over the savagely handsome face that he loves.

Because what else would they do? They have spent so much time staring at each other’s faces, memorizing them, that when they finally admit their feelings to each other, I can see them both being adorably eager to just get to know their respective faces with the rest of their senses.

Picturing Ronan finally getting to touch Adam’s face like he wants to is the most romantic thing ever.

simplynataliethings-deactivated  asked:

have any tips on gradually developing characters over a series of chapters/novels?


The first book should stand alone. It is not an introduction to your characters. It is the whole package. When you develop characters throughout the first book, pretend like this is the only chance you’ll get with these characters.

However, this doesn’t mean you need to cram character development for every character into the first book. Focus on main characters and significant side characters. Those minor characters who aren’t upgraded as major characters until later books don’t need to go through much development if it’s unnecessary.


Once you get to later books, how your characters develop changes.

The readers have already been introduced to some of your characters and these characters have already gone through changes. Who they became at the end of the previous book is who they start out as at the beginning of the next book, unless something happened between those two books to change them. This stuff becomes a part of their back stories and it will affect their development.

Otherwise, development throughout a series is the same as within a book. For more information, look at the character development tag on the tags page.

so I did go to check the genyatta tag as hexmaniacmareen suggested, ok these two are really cute XD

and then my brother said that the interaction between them are just too peaceful, that they looks like they would dance to “love love peace peace“ from eurovision (and he said that I should put the song here)

and hence, this doodle.

(and I still don’t know why he insist that I should get on board genji’s ships instead of 76′s one. aka one of those weird stuff me and my brother talk about everyday)

okay but another reason why im satisfied with how things went down in the last chapter is that this is not going to be ignored

unlike with jian yi and zheng xi, who pretend that everything that happened between them never did, and those stuff are never mentioned again and ultimately have no consequences, what happened between he tian and guan shan cannot be ignored, they will have to address it in some way in the future

this is a turning point, this is something that will spur a change, and i can’t wait to see these two and their relationship grow and develop.

Christmas #3: Decorating

Story length: Medium

I take great pride in my authentic Christmas decorations. Work starts right after Thanksgiving, when I get the decorations down from the attic. Up go the actual candles, not those electric ones, in each window, perfectly centered. Mistletoe (the real stuff) is hung in every other doorway. I always get a great, big Douglas Fir for my tree and use the trimmings to make a wonderful wreath for my front door. Ahh, the wonderful smell of a real tree just can’t be beat.

The lights on the outside take a week or two in between work and other obligations, but by Christmas Eve I am mostly done with my lovely decorations. I always get compliments and show in up in the local paper once every few years, but I always feel like I’m missing something.

Before I go to bed, I place stockings I knit myself by the chimney with great care (and precision), and I lay out the fresh milk from the farmers market and cookies I made from scratch. The last thing I do is place a small, light rug over the bear trap in front of my fireplace.

Next year I will be the only house with the real Santa on display. Can’t get more authentic than that.

Credits to: madeyedog

Thoughts on Yuri vs. Yuri

Can we talk a bit about Yurio as a foil for Yuuri? I’m using Yuuri and Yurio here because to do otherwise would be a nightmare, but these two characters do not have the Same. Exact. Name. by accident. Yuri vs. Yuri is, narratively also Yuuri vs. himself. Which isn’t to say Yurio isn’t his own fully developed character with his own stuff going on. He *is.* That’s what makes this show awesome.

Episode 1: “Easy as Pirozhki!!! The Grand Prix Final of Tears”

So we know that pirozhki is an important comfort food for Yurio from episode 8 with grandpa, and that there’s some loaded stuff going on there. And what’s our interaction between our two Yuri’s? Yuuri crying in the bathroom and Yurio busting in to tear him down. It’s the title of the episode, guys!

We see Yuuri’s starting state here clearly. He got to the GPF (those of us not in the know about figure skating finally get what a big deal that is as the season has gone on), but that’s more or less glossed over in his internal narrative. He performed poorly, and his reaction to the support of his friends and family is loneliness and grief. This is Yuuri, feeling alone despite the love and support all around him.

And here comes Yurio, kicking the door down and when Yuuri is crying in the bathroom and basically telling him to get out, he’s not wanted or needed, that there shouldn’t be two Yuris. This is an externalized drama reflecting Yuuri’s internal feelings. Yurio tells him to retire, and while he might not be quite ready to go that far, it’s certainly the road he heads down after that point. Yurio is telling him he’s worthless, give up already, which is pretty much Yuuri’s headspace in most of episode 1.

That little Victor-Yurio-Yuuri interaction is more that it appears to be, too, like so many things in this show. Yuuri, alone (not really alone, just ignoring his friend because of his own internal issues), hears Victor giving some coaching to Yurio, and thinks the comment is meant for him before . In the context of the show, of course, Victor’s coaching *is* meant for Yuuri, but in this instance, we clearly see Yuuri perceiving Yurio as the Yuri who is like Victor (same team, both prodigies at a young age, etc.). Of course that’s the one Victor is talking to. Despite the fact that Yuuri, not Yurio, is the one who actually did compete against Victor on the same ice (now I’m wondering more about that reporter’s question in 8?), and Yurio didn’t, Yuuri feels so ashamed and unworthy he can’t even bear to take a photo with Victor.

And then there’s “Stay Close to Me” which others have analyzed well, and Victor shows up. The bit I’ll add here is that it is Yuuri who decides to recapture his love for skating. His motivation there isn’t coming from any kind of outside force. He’s unhappy with the current state of events and takes an active step to change them. It’s a small step, but it changes everything. He puts himself out there – even if it’s only for Yuko. Tangent: Interesting that he’s performing for her, and it turns out, for Victor, the two people in the series there’s any indicating that he’s had romantic feelings towards.

And then we’ve got Episode 2: Two Yuri’s?! Drama at Yu-topia”

Once again, the title kind of says it all. We start out with Yuuri and Victor starting to work together, beginning to get to know each other. But at the beginning, after succumbing to the Yurio in his own head telling him to give up already, Yuuri is now actually *not* worthy to be on the same ice as Victor and Victor tells him that flat out. Victor believes in Yuuri, he sees the potential in him, but he also tells him he needs to get back to where he was before he spent a long time believing he should quit. Yuuri is literally “weighed down” by his self-doubt, and Victor is there, waiting, but Yuuri pretty much has to handle that problem himself.

And Yuuri does. He works hard and drops his weight, physically, but not mentally, at this point. Because when does Yurio show up? As soon as Yuuri is ready to take the ice with Victor as his coach for the first time. Yuuri is about to get back to skating, and Yurio swoops in from Russia, literally kicks him down, tells him he’s not worthy and that he plans to take Victor away.

Victor isn’t choosing sides at this point. Yurio and Yuuri are going to have to battle it out. What Victor does do, by assigning them pieces opposite of where they currently are, is challenge a kind of integration that is necessary for Yuuri to move forward.

And then we have Episode 3: “I am Eros and Eros is Me?! Face Off! Hot Springs on Ice!” Okay, this title isn’t about the two Yuri’s but in a way, Yuuri is literally learning to be “hot on ice.” I have no idea if this holds up in the original Japanese.

I keep being bothered by Victor’s comment that *both* Yuris are far more mediocre than they think. Like, of course he’d say that to Yurio. Yurio is full of bravado here, but Yuuri is definitely … not. In what way is Victor saying that Yuuri is more mediocre than he thinks? I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on that, because it bothers me every time I see this episode.

Yurio has his moment of revelation first, under the waterfall. In the temple, Yurio is with Victor, and … no dice. Under the waterfall, Yurio and Yuuri are together alone when Yurio begins to understand agape. Yuuri is wondering why he’s there – but really, would it make sense if he wasn’t? Yuuri is important to Yurio’s agape.

While Yurio has learned about Agape, he doesn’t have the ability to fully integrate it – it’s not just that his skating isn’t properly expressive. Yuuri, masters the challenge Victor has laid down and Yurio doesn’t.

At this point, Yurio becomes a little more tangential as we see Yuuri and Victor together in Japan while Yurio does his own thing in Russia. But his scenes are an important parallel to what’s going on with Yuuri. The clearest moment of this is when we hear Lilia telling Yurio that rebirth is necessary in order to succeed. This is after we see Victor emerging from water (a symbol of rebirth) and drawing Yuuri after him. With this line, we immediately cut to Yuuri understanding the rebirth that he needs to embrace and deciding to have his music re-done.

On the Yurio side of things, he’s being taken into a broken home, literally living with a divorced couple in a state of constant tension. Interesting.

Episodes 5, 6, and 7 don’t have a whole lot of Yurio/Yuuri stuff going on, to my mind, really. There is that scene where Mila kinda hits on Yurio and, in the dub, at least, Yurio basically says he’s not willing to get beat up by her ex over an entanglement with her? Yuuri on the other hand, is willing to go head to head with the rest of the skating world over Victor. And he totally brings it, and Yurio, as usual, is pissed. As of episode 7, Yuuri and Yurio have both won silver in their first Grand Prix event. Between the two of them, they are exactly tied.

And then we have Episode 8. “Yuri vs. Yuri! The horror!! Rostelecom Cup, Short Program”

So folks, I think the title tell us that the two Yuris’ battle is here in 8 and 9, not in the GPF. Yuuri has to battle with Yurio on Yurio’s home turf. We see more Yurio – with Grandpa, and then Grandpa not showing up – I’m pretty sure my heart is going to break for this kid when we get to 9. I just feel it coming.

Yurio has been watch Yuuri’s performances, but he’s still impressed by how much Yuuri has refined the short program. At the start of episode 3, they were much more evenly matched. This time it is Yurio who flubs a jump and it’s due to not being in the right headspace, which was historically Yuuri’s problem. In contrast to the first episode, when Yuuri is looking onto the two Russians and feeling unworthy, he now comes to Russia and *dominates!* That tie grab, Victor on his knees, all of it, Yurio struggling. My Katsudon has come so far from that moment when he turned away from the photo.

Which brings us to episode 9, this is obviously conjecture based on the preview and the narrative so far.

Yuuri is alone. In Russia. He and Yurio will once again share a coach for an episode, but this time it is Yakov. Yuuri is due for another big revelation and this time it is him and Yurio again. Victor is gone for now.

Yurio obviously has something going on with his family, we’ve already seen Pirozhki come back in 8, and someone pointed out that the preview seems to be showing a katsudon pirozhki!!! More integration!! If that’s what it is, I’m betting it’s Yuuri who makes it, not Grandpa. Because so far, Yuuri has been integrating. Integrating eros and agape. Integrating masculine and feminine. Integrating his past and his future. Integrating Russia and Japan?! We’ll see. I could be way wrong.

My guess is that Yuuri will take bronze and Yurio will place fourth, meaning that Yurio won’t make it to the GPF, but will, after some ep 9 bonding, root for team Yuuri. I’m hoping Yuuri and Pichit both make it into the GPF with 24 points, and that we set the stage for the final showdown being between Yuuri and JJ, the two characters who are skating to their own theme songs and both described as doing jumps Victor never attempted in the second half of a program.

Aaaah! I can’t wait.


Touya was in a cave.

It was a beautiful cave, snaking deep underground, full of riches and treasures and gold. It had traps and dungeons and dragons and giant crystals sprouting out of the ceiling. It had magical glowing mushrooms and secret passageways leading to an entire continent hidden deep in the center of the earth. It had ancient scripts and prophecies written on the walls foretelling of coming doom, and telling of the doom that never came. It had anything and everything and also all the little stuff in between those two absolutes. In short, it was perfect.

Or at least that’s what Touya liked to imagine. He didn’t actually venture into the cave to investigate. He was simply lying on his back at one of the many mouths this cave possessed, listening to the sea. The particular opening that the trainer occupied led directly into the ocean at the bottom of a steep cliff, effectively rendering this passage a dead end (unless by chance someone knew how to swim, or better yet, fly).

Touya did not know how to fly, and he was allergic to being swept away by strong currents and getting smooshed against pointy rocks. Maybe that’s why he didn’t move. Not even when an errant wave would come lapping at the ankles of the cavern inches away from Touya, spraying him with tiny droplets.

How odd. Whatever lay deep inside the dark cavern stretching behind him, he didn’t seem to care.

Pig Wk 14 Monday

Another AMRAP at crossfit today, although this one wasn’t as bad as last week. 25 minutes to do as many of these as possible:

  • 25 wall balls
  • 25 box jumps
  • max cal row

The twist was that the person on the rower had to keep going until the person doing box jumps was done. Made it a little competition between the two people at those stations.

I came up 7 box jumps short of 5 full rounds. My calories added up to 107, which was just 3 behind our trainer. And I was on the rower while he was jumping, which meant I probably got less time than others.

Pretty proud of myself until I went outside to start my run. All that stuff we did was leg heavy, and of course today was the day my post-WOD miles bump up from 6 to 8. GROOOOOAN. At least the weather wasn’t bad.

It was a little slow going to start, but I felt remarkably good by the end. Sometimes you just need the confidence to get out there even when you feel like you’re going to crash and burn. I guarantee this was better than if I had tried to run on the treadmill. Finished in 1:03:34 for a sub-8 average.

Sometimes I wonder if I have the disposition to be doing smut. I usually go between “FUCK YEA PORN DICK VAGINAS PENETRATION EVERYWHERE I’M GONNA DRAW THAT SHIT” and “OH GOD OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” It’s a weird sort of dichotomy (is that the word for it? I can’t think of any other) and I’ve been trying to get into the area between those two states more ever since I started drawing smut a few months ago. The funny thing is that my own stuff is still really fucking vanilla/softcore and I’m freaking out about it while on the other hand I’ve seen a lot more hardcore stuff from other artists that barely gets a reaction from me.

To be honest, the nudity and dangly bits don’t really bother me that much-the human body is a beautiful thing and I enjoy drawing its natural form a lot. It’s more like whether I executed it correctly, whether its the anatomical or emotional or tonal aspects of the drawing, and if those have been successfully communicated across to people looking at it. I can point out so many errors in those three areas in my previous art and that’s primarily the reason why I find it hard sometimes to look at my old art. The good thing is, I do feel the smut has helped improve my art a lot. It’s kind of opened my eyes to what mistakes I tend to make while drawing it and plus, it’s like the ultimate wish fulfillment for me when it comes to my ships and all, and ain’t nothin wrong with that.