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psa for the yoi fandom: russian names & how to use them

Russian guides: masterpost | patronyms | terms of affection | answered asks

I’m going to start by swearing this isn’t me just complaining but a general resource for the Yuri on Ice fandom because I’ve noticed some mistakes in the naming conventions used among the fandom and want to help correct them. Especially in how the fandom treats diminutives. I absolutely love seeing the huge amount of interest in Russian diminutives, etc. in fanart and fics and hopefully this breakdown will help continue that trend and interest and even spur some more ideas in fandom content.

So let’s go through some important details below the cut!

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The Holy Hand Grenade of Fuck You Curse: You Get To Break Shit Edition

What you need:

  1. Clay/mud/something you can mold and that hardens but isn’t harmful to the environment
  2. A picture of the person/their full name and birthday
  3. Any herbs/oils/salts/rusty nails/war water/whatever else you feel would enhance the spell
  4. A ‘Fuck You’ song
  5. Rage

What you do:

  • Take your picture and rip it up into large pieces that can be put back together like a puzzle. 
  • Then take your clay and just abuse the hell out of it. Pour your anger and frustration into it. Tell the clay all the reasons you want to fuck this guy’s life over. Eventually start to form two halves of your grenade (like when making one of those round bathbombs). 
  • Between the two halves, place your ripped picture as complete as you can make it. Add your extra stuff at this point as well. Bonus points for if you add bang snaps.
  • Fit the two halves together so they stick and let the whole thing dry. If you want to carve sigils or other words on the outside, now is the time. 
  • It’s generally going to take at least 24 hours for this thing to dry thoroughly, so now would be a good time to charge it under the sun/moon/your chosen sigil, if you choose
  • Go someplace that’s really good for throwing shit on or at. A brick wall, a tall place, whatever. Pick a spot to throw your grenade at, visualize that person standing there, and sing the ‘Fuck You’ song at them. 
  • When you’re done, make a promise to them that their life is gonna go to shit to reflect the shit human being they already are and hurl the grenade at that place as hard as you can. Watch it smash. The picture inside should break apart and your grenade should be in pieces. 
  • Sit back and watch their life fall apart around them
I’m excited about some of the stuff we did, but I don’t know what’s going to make it in the film, I always thought there would be a lot of good interaction between Tony Stark and Drax, and there was. And Star-Lord and Tony Stark as well. When you put those two guys in a room together, it’s like a spontaneous combustion. Talk about two talented guys who are so witty and smart and honed-in on their craft. It was a spectacle, and I’m so excited I got to witness it firsthand.

Okay Earpers let’s have a little chat. I keep seeing tweets and posts and things about people saying that they’ll be mad at Emily if Wayhaught breaks up or has any unhappiness for any period of time. But guys. Those are unrealistic expectations. It’s a show about demons and other supernatural characters. It’s a drama. The characters go through rough stuff sometimes. Waverly and Nicole are occasionally gonna have fights. They’re gonna have bad stuff happen to them separately and as a couple.They might even break up for a time. It’s a drama. Dramatic things are going to happen sometimes. But this is no reason to get angry at Emily or anything. She never promised there wouldn’t be any drama between Waverly and Nicole. In fact she said there probably would be drama between the two of them. As Emily said “I can’t just have them sitting on a couch” Sometimes bad stuff is gonna happen with them and to them. You have to prepare yourself for that. But as Emily has proven she is trustworthy. She loves Wayhaught and she knows about the bury your gays trope and the damage it causes. She’s proved we can trust that she’ll treat these characters with respect. And if she stops treating the characters with respect by all means call her out on it (Politely) But by this I don’t mean yell at her whenever Wayhaught is unhappy or breaks up. That might happen from time to time. I mean when she actually starts treating them with actual disrespect. (Which I honestly doubt will ever happen but if it does and we do need to call her out we need to do so POLITELY and RESPECTFULLY with SPECIFIC examples and why we think said storyline is disrespectful not just “I hate you Emily”.) Emily has never said there would never be any drama. There’s gonna be drama. Emily has even stated herself there’s going to be drama. It’s a dramatic show. But in times where you’re worried that maybe what’s happened to us before with queer rep is going to happen again, I shall direct you to a quote Emily Andras said herself. “You have to believe that even when they’re fighting they’re fighting for each other” Waverly and Nicole aren’t going to be happy 24/7. But as Emily says. You have to believe that even when they’re fighting they’re fighting for each other.

Clone Shiro is a glorified King Alfor Hologram and this boy Sendak really be out here...

I guess I’ll start with what I believe.

Shiro WAS in the process of being turned into a sleeper agent before Ulaz helped him escape. When the galra lost shiro, they decided to do the next best thing. Clone him. I’ll explain why:

Throughout the show, no one real talks about why the galra needed shiro so much. Or why he was so important. He was suppose to be the galras greatest weapon according to Hagar.

But why would they need him if A) Voltron wasn’t active at the time he was captured and B) the galra are extremely powerful and are conquering solar systems pretty easily?

My guess was that they were going to use shiro to infiltrate rebel forces. The galra have gotten a pretty bad name through the 10,000 yrs they’ve been fighting. You can see through the treatment of the blades that the galra aren’t very liked. And Some of the rebels have been around for a very long time like the blades. So the galra seriously needs to get rid of them. What better way than to take out rebels than using a sleeper agent. And shiro was perfect for the job for many reasons.

Everyone knows about shiro. He’s really made his mark with everyone. When they rescued those prisoners in the s1e1 the prisoners trusted him immediately. So he’d be perfect for a sleeper agent.

Alright so they’re in the process of turning him into a sleeper agent, and The process is turning out to be harder than they thought. Shiro obviously wasn’t going to go through the process willingly so he probably faught back a lot. That’s not what you want with a sleeper agent, you want them to be as unsuspicious as possible right and not know they are a sleeper agent so their cover isn’t blown. obviously with time they could’ve done it but This process takes a very long time. Shiro was only in space for a year, and during this time he became the Champion of the gladiator ring. That doesn’t sound like a quick process. For him to become the champion and successfully he turned into a sleeper agent it would’ve taken more time than just one year. 

So at some point they were going to have to make shiro forget everything they’ve done to him.

Shiro is suffering a lot through amnesia, and some of it is because of his PTSD. But some of it definitely has to do with the process the galra were putting him through. He doesn’t remember a lot if not the great majority of his time with the galra.

In season 4, haggar mentions it’s hard to erase memories and Matt says the brain is hard to hack, so the galra were definitely having trouble with conditioning shiro. (It also explais why not all his memories are gone.)

But regardless Ulaz, the BOI, ruined their experiment by helping shiro escape. And he did it just in time to save shiro from fully becoming the galras greatest weapon.

Shiro was upset when Ulaz died because he had so many questions as to what they did to him. There’s no way they were just planning to give Him a weapon and not do anything to control him, because that sounds dumb. (It SUCKS because Ulaz would definitely have known what happened to Shiro. He probably could’ve cleared everything up.Rip Ulaz)

At this point the galra were like, “well shit, Now what?”
Why not just clone him? How? They have his DNA, through the arm they took from shiro. Like that’s pretty much all they need. (Assuming the perfected cloning, which you know their technology is really advanced so that’s not a stretch) the problem with cloning is that the clone doesn’t have the memories and experiences the original person has. In the galras case that’s actually ya know A HUGE BENEFIT. they could literally shape and turn the Clone into whatever they want without any problems.

And hey would you look at that their original experiment turned out to be the new leader of Voltron which they now have a clone of. What a perfect way to test it out except they’re going to need some memories to make Clone Shiro unsuspicious to the team. And The extraction of memories is extremely easy apparently.

Y'all remember King Alfor’s hologram.

Coran in season 1 explain how Alfors hologram works.

(“Never been attempted on an unwilling participant.” Maybe not yet.)

The process sounds really simple. Extract the memories and put them into castle.

But in this case real shiro memories were inserted into his fake shiros arm. Hunk talks about inserting fake memories into shiro in season 2 so it’s possible.

So there, you got yourself the perfect clone ready to infiltrate your biggest possible threat. Now make his escape off the ship as believable  and authentic as possible and you’re good.

Going back to the king alfors hologram, anyone think the hologram was a little off from what we saw in the flash back episode from the end season 3? Yes the hologram is “Alfor”, but not really. He just seemed different. This could explain why the Shiro we see now, the fake shiro, seems a little off as well.

I also want to talk about who else might have known about Clone Shiro other than Ulaz. Zarkon hasn’t really shown any indication that he knows. Haggar probably knows, just hasn’t said anything.  And obviously the galra on the ship who let Fake shiro escape know. But who else could have known???
I don’t know maybe like SENDAK.

HE JUST GOT EJECTED INTO SPACE AND no on has mentioned him since. Now why do I believe he knows stuff?

The little exchange between shiro and Sendak in season 1 episode 9, is interesting. Especially these two lines.

Are you serious???


Anyways I could totally be wrong and losing my shit and reaching for shit and that’s okay ya know. I just wanted to discuss with people about this.

Also check out these two theories X X because holy shit. They explain more evidence. So check them out.

Anyways thanks for reading because this was really long and all over the place.

also sorry for going crazy at the end but those two lines are just wild.

INTERVIEWER: When you set out to introduce Lotor, did you always plan to go in this direction with having his situation mirror the paladins?

DOS SANTOS: We always knew that there would be an interesting dynamic between two leaders either vying or trying to figure out their role on the team, regardless of either side you’re talking about. It’s just interesting to see how those two things play.

MONTGOMERY: I don’t think we knew it from day one when we were thinking about Lotor and how we wanted to treat him, but as a lot of stuff happens in the show, the stories develop organically. So, things that we may have thought we wanted from day one, we ended up kind of phasing out, and things that we didn’t know we wanted, we ended up bringing in. As things started to take shape in the season, I think this interesting dynamic worked its way in. But day one when we were writing our bible, we weren’t like, “And then this is going to happen!” because we didn’t’ really have such specific details at that point.

DOS SANTOS: As we were pitching out Lotor as a character, I think the only real mandate that we had upfront was that he would just be a very different character than Zarkon.

MONTGOMERY: He’s remarkably less creepy than the original.

DOS SANTOS: Yeah, less creepy than original, but definitely differently than Zarkon. I think that sort of lends itself to interesting story line

In a recent thread, the question of whether tabletop gaming systems that “focus more on story” are friendlier to beginners. I’m going to spin off a separate post because - as always - I have Opinions on that.

My first reaction is that I don’t think the question makes sense. All tabletop RPGs “focus on story” - they just do it in different ways, because the word “story” can mean more than one thing.

There’s “story” as in “a planned narrative with scenes and acts and character arcs and Something To Say about life, the universe and everything”.

However, there’s also “story” as in “a retrospectively constructed explanatory narrative for a bunch of stuff that happened”.

Or, in plain English, there’s the kind of story where you decide what kind of story you want to tell, then invent the specific people and events that will allow you to tell it; and there’s the kind of story where you start with the people and events already defined for you, then invent a narrative to organise and explain what the heck just happened.

Even the most “gamified” tabletop systems are story-focused in the sense that they produce stories. Some of the most engaging anecdotes from the tabletop come from the dice deciding to do something bizarre, or from some subtle interaction between various layers of the rules kicking out an unexpected result, and rather than fudging or ignoring it, the players at the table ran with it and made a story where that was the only thing that could have happened.

Now, some systems may produce stories badly - i.e., the events they generate are too predictable, too repetitive, or too frustratingly paced to easily make into good stories, or they demand too much work from the players for the value of their output - but that’s a flaw of individual implementations. The idea that complex or rules-heavy systems are bad at story focus in principle is nonsense.

Of course, that’s a tangent, because that’s not what the question really means.

To the extent that “not being story focused” is erroneously equated with “having many or complex rules” - there’s that old role-playing versus roll-playing fallacy again - what it really means is “are systems that demand less engagement with the rules categorically friendlier to beginners?”.

I wouldn’t agree that they are.

To pose a simple example, if we assume for the sake of argument that less mechanical engagement = more beginner friendly, then freeform RP, which demands no mechanical engagement whatsoever, must obviously be the most beginner-friendly game of all - yet it’s my experience that freeform RP in a group setting can be extremely challenging for beginners, often to the extent that they’re unable to participate at all, in spite of their best efforts.

Detractors of rules-heavy games will often characterise game rules as serving to limit player creativity, but any student of improvisational storytelling can tell you that limitations are good for creativity, at least up to a point. Tell a person they can do anything and they’ll flounder - but give them a couple of specific options to pick from and off they go. “Rules impose creative restrictions” is merely the evil twin of “rules provide creative frameworks”.

Naturally there’s a balance to be struck; hand someone a two hundred page rulebook as their first introduction to the tabletop roleplaying hobby and more often than not you’ll just scare them off - and rightly so. I mean, what were you thinking? But it’s not as simple as less rules = more beginner-friendly; a game with too little structure can be just as intimidating to newcomers as a game with too much.

Where that line lies is going to vary from person to person; I’ve touched on this in the past, but in a nutshell, there’s no such thing as a body of rules that’s naturally easy to understand. For all that folks like to hold it forth as a virtue of their favourite games, “intuitiveness” is a phantom - it’s nothing more than the intersection of textual clarity and similarity to stuff you’re already familiar with. That’s something that trips a lot of folks up here: thinking that a particular game should easy for newcomers to master because it’s easy for me.

So I suppose the TL/DR version boils down to this:

  • There’s no such thing as tabletop gaming system that isn’t story-focused; there are merely those that yield boring stories, or that demand more work than you feel is reasonable to produce them
  • When it comes to beginner-friendliness, too little rules engagement can be just as bad as too much
  • Where the tipping point between those two failure states is going to be varies from person to person, and finding it depends on understanding both your target audience and your own preconceptions

Hanzo has, without guilt or reservation, thrown McCree under the metaphorical bus. He would jump in front of a real bus for McCree in a heartbeat, but he absolutely lets Dr. Ziegler think the lingering stench of tobacco on the two of them comes from McCree and McCree alone, because, frankly, she frightens him. (She’s always perfectly professional, but she carries a concerning number of full syringes in her lab coat and Hanzo’s instincts tell him that if he ever finds out what they do, it will have been the hard way. Also, she has disconcertingly good aim for someone who (ostensibly?) swore the Hippocratic oath.)

He hasn’t lied to her, exactly. He just hasn’t corrected her assumption that Hanzo occasionally smells like smoke because of spending time with McCree. He does spend a lot of time with McCree, often when he’s smoking. He’s just, well, also smoking. It’s a filthy habit and all. He’s not going to stop.

So, now that he’s watching Dr. Ziegler yell at McCree and grab at his cigar case, which is held over McCree’s head, he doesn’t try to help. He really can’t afford to draw her attention, and ire, toward himself. McCree is shooting him looks between fending off the doctor and trying to flee like he’s expecting Hanzo to say something. Hanzo would feel worse if Dr. Ziegler weren’t trying to prolong McCree’s life.

Fareeha is leaning in the door frame, not exactly helping the doctor, but also looking like she absolutely would trip her brother if he tried to make it past her. Dr. Ziegler is shouting about decreased lung capacity. Hanzo is trying to remember whether the outside of this part of the Watchpoint is navigable. McCree looks like he’s just realized his chosen hill reeks of very limited life expectancy.

Hanzo mouths sorry as he starts edging back and around to the window. He’s confident that while McCree might lose this battle, Dr. Ziegler won’t make much headway in the war. If McCree loses the cigarillos and has to smoke his menthols for a few days while he makes a show of trying to quit, so be it. (Nothing and no one is worse than McCree in the middle of a nic fit. Hanzo, were he not trying to make a clean exit, would invite the doctor to deal with a withdrawing McCree personally. She is, after all, willing to inflict him on everyone else.) So long as McCree doesn’t give him and his own cache of tobacco away, the doctor will eventually divert herself from the cause with one of the ever present medical crises a vigilante paramilitary organization provides.

McCree barely shakes his head–don’t you dare. Hanzo gives him the barest shrug–what am I supposed to do? McCree’s expression shifts suddenly to something that looks like trouble, and he tosses the cigar case to his other hand and shouts,

“Go long, sugar!”

McCree throws the case across the room, aiming about two feet to Hanzo’s left and closer to the window. Hanzo grabs it out of the air and barrels for the escape. It’s not locked, and he hauls the sash up and begins to swing himself out before either Fareeha or Dr. Ziegler have really put his plan together. He glances over his shoulder just long enough to see Dr. Ziegler start to reach into the pocket of her lab coat and nope. Not today, he’s not going to find out what those do today. Hanzo stuffs the case between his teeth and starts climbing. He hears Fareeha squawk in outrage and the rapidly fading jingling of McCree’s spurs as he makes his own escape.

(Now with part 2!)

Bad Moon Rising (Part 1)

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Summary: Jensen and the reader are doing some filming out in the Canadian wilderness when they decide to take a short hike during a break. The only problem is they don’t show up for their scene later that day…


Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 3,000ish

Warnings: language, mild injury

A/N: Enjoy!…

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An Audio Book Misunderstanding | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Author’s Note: I have be in the surge of writing fan-fictions now because of the love you leave at my first Zach x reader fic. Oh my god! I’m so happy that I’m going to shred tears now. Anyways, new piece, I enjoyed writing it so I hope you do when you read it. Any form of feedback and REQUESTS are appreciated.

Word Count: 1165

Zach’s Point of View

 I rushed immediately at her room since her mother allowed me to do so. Mrs. Y/L/N trusted me so much that I couldn’t do anything to break that.

I tiptoed towards her room to surprise her. I did bring some of her favorite chocolates and gummy worms. When I hear a man’s voice over her room

“I know it’s wrong, but … but I can’t do this without you. You need to trust me that this is going worth it and it will be our secret. No one will find out. Trust me. I love you.”

What. The. Hell.

I immediately found my way back towards their living room and waved Mrs. Y/L/N goodbye.

“Wait, darling you just went upstairs and your leaving?” Y/N’s mom blurted out.

“I have to go, since my parents will be late at work and my sister is alone … at the house and they just texted me like right now.” I made my explanation to her, I don’t want to tell her what I’ve heard, I can’t even believe what I’ve heard.

“Okay. –“ she replies.

“Uhm .. please don’t tell Y/N that I dropped by, Mrs. Y/L/N?” I smiled at her.

“Yeah, sure darling, take care.” She said as I found my way to the door.

Y/N’s Point of View

“Mom?” you called.

“Yes?” she replied.

“I think, I’ve heard Zach’s voice?” you inquired.

“No, honey, Zachary was not here.” She answered.

Then I made myself settle in my bed, “You and I tonight, I will not sleep to finish you.” You pressed play.

Mornings are hard for you especially when something preoccupied you last night. You can smell in the kitchen the perfect harmony of bacons and pancakes. You smiled as soon as you saw your mother in the counter.

“Hey, morning.” You greeted her.

“Glad you’re up, sunshine.” Your mom responded.

“Yes, because I don’t have the chance to choose whether to lay back in my bed and school.” She giggled in my sentiment.

You’re glancing at my phone, Zach haven’t dropped any messages since last night. It made you wonder what was wrong or what you made wrong.

You decided to text him first.

You: Good morning, Z. Is there any chance that you’re going to fetch the princess?

You smiled as you sent the message. Five minutes later no response.

You: Did you broke your phone? Or happen to lost it? Anyways, I’ll be riding with Tony on the way to school. You immediately sent it.

You: Something wrong Zachary? You didn’t even bother to pick up my calls and responded to my messages. I’m worried.

You inhaled and exhaled as you make your way to Tony’s Mustang passenger side. You peeked at him through the window.

“Hey, thank you for letting me be your shotgun today, T.” you smiled as you seated in his car.

“No, it’s an honor, my lady.” He replies.

“No, the pleasure is mine.” I argued.

“No, it’s mine.” He laughed and started his car.

You reached Liberty High and waved goodbye to Tony. Made your way to your locker and spotted Zach and his friends.

“When did you lost your girl, Zachary?” Marcus commented.

“Yeah, like she’s a lost one in the hallways.” Monty added.

“When was the last time I didn’t see you together?” Justin thought.

“Then, let me walk you to your class Y/N.” Bryce suggested it as he lands his arms around your shoulders.

“Fuck off, Bryce.” As you pushed him away.

You decided to meet Zach’s face and for goodness sake he didn’t even bother to comment on what his jock friends did. His arms are folded in his chest and is eyes met mine. Something was totally wrong.

Peer Communications, your second period for today and happened that the teachers are having their monthly meeting. So … Free time as they say it. Cuddle time as what couples referred it. Study time for nerds. But, I’m so pleased that I shared this subject with Zach.

He was occupying the last table, lost in his thought was the only words you can use to describe what his expression right now is. You made your way to his table and grabbed and chair to sit in front of him. You pursed your lips as you stare at him. He neglected the fact that he is aware of your existence. You settled your elbow and cup your left cheek as you spoke.

“Are we under lover’s quarrel?” you asked as you bit your pinky finger.

His eyes met yours and you smiled. “I think so. Yes.” He answered.

“Under what circumstances?” you inquire

He looked at you like his stare is worth a million of dagger. “Of you cheating on me.” He answered.

Your jaw dropped in his accusations, “Wait, what Zachary?”

“Of you cheating on me.” he repeated, “do I need to say it again?”

“When and how?”

“Oh, don’t play me with your innocence Y/N.” he said not breaking the eyes connection between the two of you,

“I don’t.” you reacted.

“Last night, I was in your house,” he spoke, “I made my way to your room, to surprise you,” he admitted and shrugs, “then I heard this man’s voice telling you things like, I know it’s wrong but I love you trust me, it’s going to be a secret trust me stuffs like that.” He finished unleashing his thought.

Upon hearing those words all you did was to laugh.

“And your laughing, Y/N what did I ever done that made you do things like this to me,” he whispered.

“Wait. Are you jealous?” was the only words that left our mouth and continued to giggle.

“For fuck’s sake, you think I’m jealous? I’m mad, okay. I’m mad.” He admitted as his anger is visible and it made you stop from laughing.

“No, you’ve never done anything wrong, except for not texting me for about 12 hours? And for not confronting me about this babe, you know I can explain things to you.” You said sweetly as you held his hands.

“I was just,” you stare at him, “listening to an audio book last night and the line you just said was there and the man’s voice you’ve heard is the narrators’ voice.” You utter.

He just raised his eyebrows and in that moment you knew he doesn’t buy your explanation.

“Okay here,” you grab your book, “turn to page 278 that paragraph with sticky tab, that’s the part.” You point at him as he found the page, “and listen to this.” You stand up and placed the earphones in his ears and pressed play.

“See?” you smiled at me. “No cheating, I was made for you Zach.” As he removed the earphones.

“Fuck!” he swear, “I did accuse you cheating on me with this damn I don’t know what the hell is that.” He said.

“An audio book.” You answered him.

“Yeah, audio book and I didn’t have enough sleep because of that.”

hey all! i’m lillian! after months of admiring the community from afar, I’ve decided to start a studyblr this new year in hopes of getting in on all this fun stuff!

about me: 

  • i’m a freshman (9th grade) in high school, and turning 15 in march!
  • i’m an aries, as my url indicates lol.
  • she/her :)
  • proud slytherin pukwudgie (i’m a living contradiction, fight me)
  • as for mbti, i’m on the line between enfp and infp. everytime i take the test, there is no more that two percent difference between those two.
  • i’m from the sunshine state! (currently living outside the US, but it’s almost time for me to return eep i can’t wait!)
  • dream school: yale. i’d be happy with any of the ivys to be honest, but reallyyyy want to go to yale.


my school doesn’t offer very many advanced options, grr. they try to keep everyone on the same track which is super annoying? and i had to fight them to put me in an algebra II class cause apparently you have to be in 10th grade to take that.

  • english 9 honors
  • algebra II
  • biology
  • modern world history
  • french III (what a joke. we’re half way through the year and still reviewing last year’s material?!)
  • art proficient (i was supposed to be in advanced but the school messed my schedule up and there’s literally nothing i can do about it)
  • arabic II (my worst class tbh. nobody wants to learn, which is pretty demotivating)
  • PE


  • first and foremost, languages! i love love love languages! i’m at an intermediate level in french (message me!) and i take arabic at school as well, though i’m atrocious at it. on my own, i’m trying to study korean and spanish, and i’ve dabbled a tiny bit in italian, norweigan, and german. ahah i’m a mess.
  • art! i don’t draw as much as i’d like to, but do enjoy it when i do!
  • music! my music tastes are actually all over the place. i listen to kpop, rock/metal, classical, the occasional hip hop, reggaeton, and more. if you want to talk to me, message me about music and i can go on for hours.
  • books! i love to read. anything by john green is amazing, but i’d have to say my favorite book is the knife of never letting go by patrick ness. as for genre, i like almost everything but supernatural (werewolves and vampires and stuff) and super complicated sci-fi.
  • psychology is coooool. it’s one of the 867 fields i’m thinking about going into hehe.
  • soccer! i’m absolutely horrid at it in my opinion, but i mean, i made the junior varsity team so i’m not tooo bad? defense is my position.
  • violin. i’m trying to learn it on my own, and can proudly announce that i can play twinkle twinkle little star.
  • writing! i almost never get the time, but i love to write poetry, and really want to sit down and write a full novel some day. 


i’m starting this blog because i kinda wanna go places in life, and with my current productivity habits, that ain’t happening. i also really need to get my procrastination in check, and get me some discipline too. and last but far from least, i really want to make some new friends!

as for what i’ll be posting, at the moment it’ll probably be mostly reblogs, since i don’t have a phone to take pictures with (highschoOLER THAT DOESN’T HAVE A PHONE AND YET SEVEN YEAR OLDS WALK AROUND WITH THEIR IPHONE X’S WHAT IS THIS) but, i can see myself writing some original content!


these studyblrs/langblrs right here are the ones who motivated me to start me own. thank you, and keep doing what you do!

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Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x reader ~ Part Five

Shopping with Sophia was a hell of a lot better than shopping with the boys. Not that you didn’t enjoy your day in the city with them, it was just the fact that when you walked into a shop, you didn’t get moaned at, you got encouraged. You also got a cute as hell skirt thrown at you by Sophia who demanded that you buy it. You were both currently in American Apparel, roaming the aisles for something to wear tomorrow as you were all going out for dinner and a movie. You and Sophia decided to pull out all the stops, just because you felt like it. 

You and Sophia found matching dressed but in different colours. They were tight at the top and flowed down, stopping just at the knees. You got the black one and Sophia got the red. While Sophia was buying a nice, new denim jacket to go over hers, you remembered that you had bought your leather jacket. It was hanging in Finn’s wardrobe, where it had been since the day you arrived. You loved that jacket. It had a big Guns n Roses patch on the back and cost you a pretty penny. You decided you’d wear that over the top with fishnet tights and a pair of your Doc Martens. 

“Hey Y/N?” Sophia said with a little smile, “I’m still taking you in Victoria’s secret, you know that right?”
“Seriously?” You whined, “It’s not going to be like that with me and Wyatt for ages!”
“I don’t care! It makes you feel powerful.”
“I hate you.”
“I love you too. Now come and help me pick out a jacket.”
When you and Sophia walked through Finn’s front door with six shopping bags on each arm at 6:00pm, the boys were dumbfounded.

“You’ve been shopping all day?” Jack looked shocked, “How much fucking stuff did you buy?!”
“A fair bit,” You laughed, “Now get out of the way, I need to put this stuff down before my arms break off.”
The two of you put all your bags in the middle of the living room and took your coats and shoes off. The boys were still staring at you.
“What?” Sophia asked, “It’s not like we bought loads!”
“There must be twenty-four bags between the two of you!” Wyatt protested
“What did you even buy anyway?” Jaeden asked
“We’ll show you.”
And so the hauling began. Finn decided to do a live stream.
“Hey, guys!” He said to his Instagram followers, “The girls went shopping without us today and bought a shit load of stuff. They’re now going to share it with us all!”
“So from American Apparel,” You smirked, “Sophia and I bought two gorgeous dresses, but you won’t see those until tomorrow!”

Somehow you managed to get through everything without the boys getting bored. You were about to stop when Wyatt pointed out the two pink bags that were just behind you and Sophia.

“Wait,” He leant forward, “What are those?”
“Oh, you don’t need to see those.” You were blushing now, and Finn caught on
“Yes, we do! You’ve both turned red! Show us!”
“I’m warning you,” Sophia said gravely while picking up her bag and handing me mine
“These are from Victoria’s Secret.”

Sophia pulled out her new set, as did you. They were to go underneath your dresses tomorrow, so yours were black and Sophia’s red. They were the most daring thing you owned, and as soon as you pulled them out of the bag you both regretted it.

“AHHHHHAHHAHAHAHHHHHH!” Jack screamed at the top of his lungs
“FUCK!” Finn ended the live stream and Jaeden just covered his eyes
Wyatt was as still as a statue, trying really, really, REALLY hard not to smirk. You saw right through it and looked him straight in the eyes. He smiled and raised his eyebrows, causing me to flush even more. Of course, Jack had to pick up on this.

“Yassss bitch, Y/N you’re gonna get some tomorrow night!”
You and Sophia both threw the underwear and Jack and he squealed, dodging out of the way. This should be fun.

Everyone was upstairs getting into pyjamas and taking showers. You decided to make the most of the alone time with a book next to the fire that Wyatt and Finn had somehow managed to get going. You were in your prettiest hoodie and a pair of your fuzzy socks. Your glasses were on and your book was open in your hands. The moment was everything it should have been.

“I didn’t know you wore glasses.”
You looked over your shoulder to see Wyatt standing there in his pyjamas. His hair was still damp from his shower and he looked adorable.

“Yeah, when I’m reading I do.“

Wyatt came over to the armchair you were sitting in. You knew exactly what he was doing. You stood up, let him sit in your space, and then sat on his lap, curling into him. He wrapped the blanket over the two of you and had his chin on your shoulder as you read your book. You couldn’t see, but he was smiling. He had everything he wanted in his arms.
"I’m glad I kissed you,” Wyatt whispered
“Me too. So, so glad.”

He kissed you lightly on the neck which sent a shiver down your spine. Jaeden and Finn came into the room with a bowl of popcorn, disturbing your few moments of peace.

“You better not be making out with my best friend in my favourite chair, Wyatt,” Finn said while sitting down
“Shut up Finn,” Wyatt said, “You’re just jealous that your little bird is leaving the nest.”
“Both of you shut up!” You giggled
“Make me.” Wyatt was trying hard not to smile
You turned your head as kissed him hard on the lips to shut him up. It worked.
“Ewwwwwwwww!” Jaeden generally looked disgusted which made you kiss for even longer

You didn’t stop until Sophia and Jack came into the room and told you to knock it off as they were putting a movie on. You went over to the sofa and sat down, you between Wyatt’s legs with your back on his chest and your head resting in the crook of his neck. Everything seemed perfect. And you couldn’t wait until tomorrow when he saw you in your new dress.

(Your dress)

Sophia was already downstairs along with the boys. They were waiting for you to put your jacket on. Before going downstairs you checked yourself over in the mirror. You wore the dress you and Sophia had bought, of course, your fishnets, and your black Doc Martens. Your hair was curled and flowing down past your shoulders, and your highlight was quite literally popping. 

You made your way down the stairs slowly and stopped when you reached the bottom. Jack and Jaeden wolf whistled when they saw you. Wyatt came to the bottom of the steps where you stood and kissed you once on the lips.

“You look gorgeous, Y/N. Honestly, could you tone it down a little? You’re making me look bad.”
“You’re not looking too bad yourself.” Wyatt was wearing a white shirt and a grey blazer, along with his white Doc Martens. You looked down at his shoes.
“And so we match again,” You smiled and he did too
“Alright lovebirds, let’s get going to dinner.” Finn opened the door and you all followed, your hand in Wyatt’s. Not that you knew of course, but Wyatt was thinking about how stunning you looked tonight, and about the little pink bags you and Sophia bought back from the city yesterday. He tried to hide his blush at the thought of what they contained.
You and Wyatt were sat across from each other at dinner sharing an ice cream for dessert. Everyone was currently talking about Christmas and how it was only two weeks away. Jack was the most excited out of everyone. Finn was pretty silent throughout this whole thing. Suddenly, he stood up and tapped a fork against his glass of diet lemonade.

“If I could have everyone’s attention.”
You couldn’t help but smile.
“My Christmas present to all of you comes tomorrow. We’re going away for a couple of days.”
“Really?” Sophia asked, “Where?!”
“We’re going to Centre Parcs. We’re staying in a luxury tree house. It’s an amazing place. Loads of stuff to do. It’s amazing. You’ll love it.”
“No way Finn!” You exclaimed, “We’re staying in one of those cool tree houses?! With the hot tubs on the balconies looking over the whole parks?!”
“Yep. And we leave tomorrow.”

A/N: I decided to upload the next part a day early since lots of people wanted the next part pronto. I don’t know if everybody will know what Centre Parcs is, it’s a British thing. Basically, it’s a place in the woods with log cabins and luxury tree houses and a massive water park, restaurants, shopping complex, and lots of other stuff to do. It’s amazing! Like a mini town. The story only gets better from here guys! Thanks so much for all the positive comments you’ve been sending me and for the people that asked to be tagged. Enjoy!


The Fitting (Part 11)

(A date with another man has you and Jungkook looking at your relationship a little differently.)

Warning: Dirty talk, sex, intercourse, oral, jealousy, hurt feelings… the usual.

Maybe he is already asleep.  

You stood in the hallway looking at your front door, hesitating to go inside.  Jungkook had been so anxious and jealous before you left for the evening, you were certain that he was going to be furious that you were getting home so much later than expected.  You told him you would be home by 11:00 pm but now it was after 2:30 am and you knew he would not be pleased.

He’s probably asleep.  

You hadn’t done anything wrong, so you weren’t sure why you felt so guilty.  You just lost track of time.  It could have happened to anyone.  It’s not like you were into that other guy you were with, you just got caught up in the conversation and time flew by.  Certainly, Jungkook would understand when you explained it to him.  

He must have fallen asleep early and that’s why I haven’t gotten any more texts from him…


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Clexa Fic Recs

So it’s been a while since I last made one of these, and these are some of the fics that helped me through some rough patches.

Clexa with family feels

C_AND_B’s Lasting Impressions - Lexa is a gay disaster who walks into a painting because she’s too busy ogling at Clarke, who also happens to be the teacher of Lexa’s younger brother, Aden. Gay disaster x 10. Bonus points: Anya and Aden are little shits, as all good siblings are, and Tris(!!) also makes an appearance. (While you’re at it, check out the rest of C_AND_B’s fics; you won’t be disappointed.)

thrace’s But still good - Clarke’s got the hots for the new kids’ soccer coach and her Saturday mornings just got better. Really cute with minimal drama. Bonus points: there’s a Mother’s Day special, Little, not broken. (Like with the previous author, check out the rest of thrace’s works. They’re amazing.)

transientpermanence’s The Three Truths - I’m not gonna lie, I’m still hella confused as to how/why the rift between Clarke and Lexa had gotten so bad (before the events in the fic, touched on in flashbacks), but the bonding with the Griffin family is hella cute. Bonus points: the analogies. Extra bonus points: the bonus chapters (find them at the Miscellaneous collection).

Same author, Present Day - Clarke hates Lexa, she’s hated her since childhood. Actually, no, she loves her, Clarke’s just pretty dense. Good thing the technicalities of her father’s will meant that she’d have to spend 6 months with Lexa, supervising the company. Bonus points: Lexa’s got an adorable kid.

Clexa holiday feels (because where I’m from, the Christmas season ends in February–it also starts in September)

onemilliongoldstars’ been lovin’ you for quite sometime - Lexa’s a Grinch forced to spend the holidays with Clarke’s family and friends, and her Grinch heart grows three sizes bigger. Bonus points: there’s sex. Extra bonus points: there are feelings involved.

smallamountsofmonster’s Home For Christmas - Clarke spends Christmas with Lexa’s family and gets embroiled in a vicious war between Lexa and Anya and the munchkins. It’s up to Clarke to broker a deal, and win the war. With bribery and pies. (P.S. Check out their other fics too.)

Bucklethorpe’s The 300 - Clarke sets fire to Lexa’s 300 finest Blue Spruces. Blood. Must. Have. Blood. Bonus points: Gays in Space.

whyyesitscar’s may we stay lost on our way home - Clarke’s not having a good day, so she’s taking it out on vehicles. One of which is owned by Lexa.

And I’d be remiss not to mention these fics:

AmyBot3000’s The Spectator - Former tennis champion Lexa gets caught on-cam ogling at Clarke, the wild card in the US Open. The whole world is rooting for them. #AdvantageClexa (while you’re at it, check out the rest of the author’s fics, you’d want to.)

coldmackerel’s the business of caring - Campus Police Supervisor Lexa Woods is on a thrilling task of tracking down the Mural Marauder, the culprit behind the series of beautiful artworks–sorry, vandalism on-campus. Actually no, Lexa just wants this year to end and move on with her life. If only Maya of the school paper left her alone, and sole daytime dispatcher Clarke Griffin stopped terrorizing her with her… with her entire charming being.

DreamsAreMyWords’ Those Icy Fingers Up and Down My Spine - It’s the Triwizard Tournament once again and there’s some shady stuff going on in the world of witchcraft and wizardry. If you’re looking for mystery and mayhem of epic proportions, and love and friendships that are equally epic, then this fic is for you.

aeveee, magicalzebra and scryves’ Chasing Down Silver Linings - An explosive confrontation in the art museum marks the start of an eventual friendship  between two individuals recovering from the loss of someone they loved dearly. (Not gonna lie, this fic is going to hurt, but it deals with grief and pain with such grace, such care and sensitivity that as the characters embark on their journey to healing, I found myself healing with them.)

hey!!! so i went to see thor ragnarok yesterday, and i thought i’d type up some Thoughts while it was still fresh in my mind. so here goes. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS but also i don’t want to do a cut because my blog theme is hard to read things on, so just shut your eyes and scroll down really fast i guess? i’ll send you a psychic message so you know when it’s safe to open them again

things i liked

  • the humour in this movie was on point. i mean, it’s waititi, so obviously it was going to be, but everyone just seemed like they were having a fucking blast doing it. it didn’t even feel like it was trying to be funny or quirky or slapsticky – it just put the characters in daft situations and let natural awkwardness do the rest
  • the giant monster made out of blue rocks who seems to have no idea what he’s doing and just wanders around exchanging pleasantries with everyone in a gentle new zealand accent. he tried to do a revolution once but it failed because he didn’t print out enough pamphlets. i don’t even know his name but he was legitimately the best part of this film and i want him on a poster
  • the “get help” plan, which, for the uninformed, consists of thor just fucking tossing his brother at oncoming enemies like a person-shaped rugby ball, and has apparently been performed enough times for loki to instinctively dread it happening
  • i hate doctor strange and benedict cumberbatch and the fact that he was included in this film for no reason other than to appease people, but i did enjoy his cameo (albeit very, very grudgingly). he’s just so done with thor’s nonsense and i felt it on a spiritual level. also when loki comes at him with a knife and strange just fucking teleports him off to norway like “bye”
  • “this one time when we were children, he transformed himself into a snake, and he knows i love snakes, so i went to pick up the snake to admire it, and he transformed back into himself and was like, “YAARGH, IT’S ME!!!” and he stabbed me. we were eight” fucking classic
  • the fact that it wasn’t entirely comedy-centred. sure, the main emphasis was on the ridiculousness of the whole thing, but there were definite emotional moments, and on the whole they were done well. (particularly the exchange between thor and loki in the elevator, and the part immediately afterwards with the attempted betrayal. you know the bit i mean)
  • in most marvel films you know that ultimately the villain will be defeated, and the planet will be saved, and everything will turn out okay, etc etc etc. here, that gets chucked out of the fucking window. literally anything can happen, and it does, even as you’re like “nah, no way, they’re not gonna go that far…oh. well. okay, then.” and that dispensing of the traditional formula made the whole thing feel a lot more unpredictable. which is good, i think!
  • valkyrie. everything about valkyrie. i have a massive weakness for butch women, and i have a massive weakness for lovable assholes, and when those two things combine it’s just like. hnghhh
  • also i was worried that she was going to be shoehorned into the “strong female character” stereotype, but that wasn’t the case at all? like she had moments of weakness and was really dorky and cute and she just felt like such a real person (aside from the whole “semi-immortal warrior woman on a flying horse” aspect, obviously)
  • on that point: there was no love story. this is entirely personal preference, but love stories in action films really annoy me (unless they’re done well, and they rarely are). plus, it feeds into the idea that the only reason to have a woman on the team is for the purpose of creating a romance with the main hero. but they didn’t do that! there was some light flirtation between thor and val, but it felt more friendly than anything else, and was very much in character for both of them. super refreshing, honestly
  • the trouble with marvel is that because nearly every movie has a different writer, character consistency is often lost. (see: natasha behaving completely differently in aou than she did in any other film, steve zigzagging between rigidly following the rules and going off to do his own thing, character development being gained and lost and gained again, etc.) that being said: thor and loki in this film felt more like thor and loki than in any other mcu flick. thor was maybe a bit dumber than i usually like, but the smiley optimism and earnestness was very much there, and loki cut a perfect balance between being An Asshole and being An Asshole With Feelings (whilst occasionally slipping back into his patented “melodramatic diva” persona). bruce wasn’t quite as much of a success, but i’ll get to that later
  • “i’m here.”
  • hela was unbelievably badass and every time she was on the screen i got a little bit gayer. i think it’s the antlers, personally

things i didn’t like

  • where was sif? there was no sif and it was just. never explained??? i’m starting to feel like marvel has this weird policy where they can only have a certain amount of women onscreen at a time, and if there’s any more than that an alarm goes off and everyone starts running around in a panic like “OH NO! THE WOMAN METER HAS GONE INTO THE RED! QUICK! CULL THEM! CULL THEM!” they’ve added in valkyrie and hela, and in order to maintain the status quo, they’ve skilfully sliced out jane foster and sif, like soviet-era teachers razoring out controversial passages from history books. if they didn’t show any of the warriros three then that would’ve been understandable, but fandral and volstagg and hogun were all (if briefly) in evidence. but sif is just. not. it’s fuckin bizarre man idek
  • kinda wish they’d done a bit more with hela’s character than just going “oh, she’s evil, and she likes to kill people and do evil stuff because she’s evil.” she already looks amazing, and is possibly the most powerful villain we’ve seen so far – so it would have been nice to have a little more emotional depth there, especially considering how interesting her backstory is
  • the plot was a little bitty in places. it did work, but there wasn’t much of a connection between thor performing as a gladiator and hela taking over asgard. if they’d found a way to link those two plotlines together it might have worked better, but as it was, the whole thing felt a lil bit contrived
  • we’ve always suspected that asgard isn’t quite what it seems to be (after all, no one ends up ruler of the nine realms without a little blood being spilt along the way), and in this film that gets confirmed – but after the initial revelation it’s just not really explored? there are some pretty heavy overtones of genocide and colonialism/imperialism, and it seemed kind of mad to bring up something like that and then just gloss over it. plus, it ignores the fact that in the avengers loki was pretty much doing exactly what odin did himself several thousands years ago, but on a slightly smaller scale. like…there’s a wealth of stuff to be done with that information, and they didn’t do any of it? weird
  • i was sort of hoping that odin would play a larger role in the movie, considering that so much of it indirectly revolved around him and his actions. instead, he turned into obi wan kenobi and then vanished in a big puff of gold dust. i don’t think that he actually exchanged more than a few lines with anyone, although given the relatively short length of the film that’s understandable enough
  • bruce got flanderised from a hyper-controlled scientist with self-loathing issues into a twitchy ball of nerves who’s constantly out of his depth. he’s not my favourite character, so it didn’t bother me too much, but it was still a little jarring
  • they didn’t show us the hug at the end and i’m pissed about it

This is my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge.  My prompt was #36  “I don’t see half the nerdy stuff that you do, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do nerdy stuff.“

Summary: Dean decides to make fun of you for being a nerd.

warnings: none, just making fun of nerdiness and nerd defense

word count: ~700

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“God, Y/N, you’re such a nerd,” Dean teased as he walked into the library, poking at your ‘select your spaceship’ t-shirt.

You rolled your eyes, not really in the mood for his teasing today.  “Yeah, yeah, whatever Dean.”

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husband! Vernon

requested by anon: “Can I request Husband Vernon?”

Admin note: This was surprisingly difficult to write for… Hope you enjoy!

  • probably got all of svt to shop for a ring and to help plan everything
  • honeymoon in New York City
  • Vernon probably doesn’t want to settle for normal suburbia life
  • probably you’ll live in a penthouse with an amazing view either in Seoul or NY
  • you’ll adopt a puppy!
  • Hansol and you would walk the dog in the early mornings with your arms linked
  • you take turns making each other breakfast, though he can’t do anything too elaborate
  • would look up recipes
  • prob sticks to omelets or scrambles
  • and when all else fails toast or cereal
  • both of you would sleep in until noon on weekends
  • wake up to bacon and hip hop playing over the speakers in the house
  • hip hop plays often in the house
  • lots of kisses and cuddles
  • just about everywhere
  • because Hansol is soft and fluffy
  • might be watching tv or typing on your laptop
  • you could be making breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • sleeping, cleaning
  • anything really and he’d somehow manage to peck you on your cheeks or lips playfully
  • “bet you can’t get me back” as he runs past you down the hallway
  • grocery shopping is ridiculous
  • would push you around in a shopping cart
  • even though you’re not a kid
  • “ok but if kids can do it, why can’t we do it too?”
  • “because we’re adults?!?!?”
  • “that’s a sad reason, y/n”
  • you’d probably be trying to decide between two brands of orange juice
  • and he just walks by, kisses your cheek and runs down the aisle
  • “Hansol!!!!”
  • your closet is mixed
  • you can almost never tell who’s clothes are who’s
  • so you just where whatever
  • “y/n are those my sweatshirts?”
  • “well maybe if you’d stop putting your stuff with my stuff in the closet, there wouldn’t be this confusion, Vernon!”
  • “Nah, it’s fine, you look good in it.”
  • which stops you dead and he’s just laughing knowingly
  • he’d stay up late at night when you have deadlines to make for work
  • rubs your shoulders and makes coffee
  • and just sits across from the table watching you work
  • prob falls asleep at the table too
  • so you have to wake him up when you’re done and half-drag him to bed
  • you’d both be cooking dinner
  • and some song comes on that’s lit af
  • and both of you get turnt, dancing in aprons
  • using your spatula as a microphone and passing it to Hansol on the rap lines
  • might get a few noise complaints because of that
  • date nights include concerts, movies, the occasional magic show bc Vernon is a child
  • lots of pictures are taken everywhere by the both of you no matter what you’re doing
  • if he’s working late, he refuses to let you stay up
  • would literally tuck you into bed and hold you down until you promise to go to sleep
  • and if you’re ever sick, his whole world gets turned upside down
  • and he stays home cooking, and cleaning, and checking up on you
  • and giving you lots of hugs
  • although this always leads to him catching whatever it is you have
  • so whenever one person is sick
  • the both of you become sick together
  • no exceptions
  • so you both share a blanket while lying on the couch dying with two rolls of top one for each of you
  • maybe watching SpongeBob (LMAO)
  • vernon’s wife is svt’s wife according to their logic
  • so when you come to the studio to give him food and probably something he forgot
  • “wifey can you PLEASE bring me my notebook, love you”
  • at LEAST one person bombards you with questions
  • “have y’all been freaky lately”
  • “y/n i want to be an uncle” 
  • “uhhhh”, you say
  • probably end up giving some excuse before dashing away
  • passing vernon his stuff, you tell him
  • “ha ha, tell them we’re trying”
  • “accidents happen” 
  • he flashes you his best childish grin
  • “i can’t with you stop” 
  • you laugh ready to leave
  • then the hiphop team all crowds into the studio
  • “yooo vernon when can i be an uncle”
  • vernon opens his moth to reply but you cut him off
  • you hear them laughing and shake your head, before you close the door behind you, you want to tease vernon just once
  • “your getting the couch tonight~”
  • “NO IM SORRY!”
  • you close to door giggling, hearing the sound of the other guys laughing their arses off

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Book Smart

I am a voracious reader, always have been.  I discovered the “Supernatural” books years ago gathering dust at my favorite second-hand bookstore and purchased the whole series for $10.  I’ve always been a fan of paranormal stuff so they were right up my alley.

The books were chock full of monsters, ghosts, and demons but I found myself more drawn to the complex relationship between the two brothers, Sam and Dean.  My relationship with my own sister was difficult and the lengths Sam and Dean were willing to go for each other intrigued me.

I read those books over and over.  The spines grew bent, and the pages tattered, but when my work at the hospital made me sad and drained me, Sam and Dean were there to take me away.

When I heard they were making the books into a TV series. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical.  I couldn’t imagine any show would be able to get Sam and Dean right.  Especially Sam. I had such a thing for him.

That combination of strength, intelligence, vulnerability, and faith just did it for me.  He had been through 10 lifetimes worth of pain and damage but he was still determined to do the right thing.

So when the show premiered I watched but didn’t expect much. But it was good.  And I kept watching.  It was Sam and Dean from my beloved books.  This Eric Kripke guy had gotten it right.  

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Tell me your favorite Bleach character and I’ll give you an A+ Awesome band/artist to listen to

Because music is the best for imagination.The choices are very subjective but I’ll try to explain each one a bit. Most of the bands I put here I quite niche, so prepare for a lot of new stuff for your playlists ^^. I put links to sample of the band songs, but these are just samples and it’s worth it to check more than one song per band ;)

Hope you’ll have a nice time listening to the music that matches your babes <3 

1. Ichigo - Turin Brakes

Ichigo was calm, protective and committed, and so is a lot of music of this band. Light, easy to listen to rock with loving lyrics = Ichigo at the times of peace, in his natural self. Give it a listen, I think you’ll like it.

2. Orihime – Johanna Kurkela

Dreamy music and the sweet voice of Johanna matches Orihime a lot. And so do the lyrics. Recommend.

3. Aizen- Tool

Probably everyone who knows Tool has already expected it here, as it’s very often said to be the “music for smart people XD This music is for sure carefully planned, with references to mathematics and complex structures spread throughout. Perfect for Aizen fans.

4. Urahara- Triumvirat

Triumvirat has very fun and playful music, and yet it is full of complexity and virtuosity. Just like Urahara, who seems dorky but after all, he’s one of Bleach’s geniuses. 

5. Rukia- Tori Amos

Tori’s music is thoughtful, confident and very personal. The general atmosphere of her music just really reminds me of Rukia when she opens up her heart and voices her concerns.

6. Renji- Billy Talent

Renji needs slightly heavier music with a clear tune. He’s not a very complex person, he’s energetic and fast-paced in most actions. And the first band I could think of having those qualities happened to be Billy Talent.

7. Shinji- Richard Cheese

Richard Cheese is just perfect. The guy makes mostly jazzy covers of well-known songs, which really change them a lot; and I think this is exactly what us Shinji fans need. Jazz + touch of modernity + unapologetic lyrics? Bring it on.

8. Kensei- King Tubby

I don’t know what it is about dub, but this genre seems so Kensei to me. It’s rhythmic, strong and just so damn cool. I’m sorry, this is very subjective. But just imagine Kensei listening to this.

9. Kyoraku/Starrk- Bright Eyes

I decided to lump Kyoraku and Starrk together here because they’re pretty much each other counterparts and this band matches them both. Some calm and chill music with the dark side (the lyrics) to it? Yeah, totally.

10. Ukitake- Renaissance

OH MY GOD PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS BAND. It’s wonderful, just like Ukitake. Delicate and harmonious but also so damn epic. I have no words for this awesomeness. For real.

11. Momo- Indila

This choice is just as sweet as the one for Orihime, but once you translate the lyrics, you can hear a cry of someone who was very hurt and is slowly getting up. Exactly like Momo…

12. Soifon- M.I.A.

I wasn’t sure about this choice, but I guess I’ll leave it. M.I.A. is just a really badass and strong-willed woman, and yes, I know her lyrics are pretty political but the music and general vibe is something that I think will appeal to Soifon fans.

13. Yoruichi- Salt-n-Pepa

The way Yoruichi goes around nakedness, contacts with people and in general about life seems just pretty similar to Salt-n-Pepa badass sexual liberation of women. Give it a listen if you liked Yoruichi’s light attitudes.

14. Zaraki- Pathfinder

Epic shit right there, people. Enter a killing spree with Zaraki in your mindscape with balls-kicking rapid Pathfinder tunes. He would approve.

15. Mayuri/Szayel- Infected Mushroom

We have just the right amount of fuckedupness in this music for those two science weirdos, trust me. If you’re the best kind of a person  a sick fuck  a fan of one or both of them, you’re already conditioned to love this music, friend.

16. Rose- Lacrimosa

No one has doubts that Rose = gothic stuff, right? There’s a lot of cool stuff to choose from there, but I guess I’ll stick with Lacrimosa. I don’t see Rose going into super heavy music, rather the symphonic and delicate tunes we have here. Hope you’ll like it, dear emos <3

17. Kira- Alcest

For Kira something alternating between sweet and heavy with sad lyrics is a perfect choice - that’s why I’ll go for Alcest stuff. Yeah, the way we get to know him is a pretty depressed and broken person, but he used to be such a cutiepie.

18. Gin- Gnaw their Tongues

Woohoo, content warning extreme themes and ear rape. Gin might have turned out “not fully evil”, but he still was a sadist and sociopath pretty much the entire plot of Bleach. He seems like someone who would have a taste in fucked up music - that’s why I present you with a compilation of extreme sadism and the music that will haunt you for years.

19. Unohana- Jill Tracy

Continuing with haunting stuff, this one is just creepy. Quiet and melodic, yet with so much underlying danger. Like Unohana, who was quiet and helpful, but turned out to be a psychopathic killer. Enjoy, creeps.

20. Byakuya- The Jezabels

I have to admit I had a hard time to choose something here. But I think if you like Byakuya, you’ll probably like some soft indie with lyrics about love and suffering (backstoryyy). And it’s just a cool band.

21. Hitsugaya- Tom Odell

Tom Odell and Hitsugaya share being young and talented, composed and strong-willed. I also didn’t find it easy to choose something here, but give it a go. I think you might like it, dear Toshiro fan.

22. Yachiru- Babymetal

Baby…..metal….. do I even need to explain anything? No? Great XD

23. Halibel- Reykjavíkurdætur

If you’re a fan of Halibel and her fracciones, you’ll certainly be fond of a super cool and real badass group of rapping feminists, right? XD

24. Ulquiorra- Woodju

Music that focuses a lot on creating an epic atmosphere with not much loudness will be me go-for style for Ulquiorra fans. After all, Ulquiorra was a quiet and closed character, and yet, after all, he gave a lot of feelings to his fans. Woodju’s atmosphere just matches him, check it out.

25. Grimmjow- Van Canto

Some more epic stuff here. Van Canto makes covers of a lot of battle-related metal and hard rock music (a genre that seems very Grimmjow to me) BUT they use only their voices and percussion for it. IMO, it makes it even more powerful. Have fun.

26. Nnoitra- Wintersun

Oh, Nnoitra… so ready to battle yet always so sad and hateful… just like the music of Wintersun. It’s intense, epic… but when you go to the lyrics, you’ll find probably the most depressive thing you’ll see today. Actually, Wintersun made me think about Nnoitra more in depth for the first time before analyzing how much problems he actually had. 

27. Giselle - Nicole Dollanganger

I don’t know if Gigi has any fans, but this music matches her so much. It’s totally fucked up when it comes to lyrics and content but still sang in a cute girly voice and girly wording. Just felt like putting it here as well.

28. Love Aikawa - Ken Ashcorp

Same situation as with Gigi, I’m not sure if Love has many fans. But this is just perfect. Anime-related, either chill or really kickass music. And the artist is EKHEM not very well known and EKHEM disappears and reappears after years. 

Yeah, so that’s it for now! I might have not included some characters, but if they are your favorite, just ask for it and I’ll find you a band (or a few of them) as well ^^

If you have other suggestions for music styles that match the characters I put in this post, also let me know! It’s always good to expand the playlists xoxo

Now that it’s been a week and a half, I’ve found several ROGUE ONE fics I’ve liked! I’m sort of torn between FIX EVERYTHING and MAKE IT WORSE, but, honestly, that’s pretty par for the Star Wars course. But give me allllll the team fic and complicated, messy heroes! And backstory! All the backstory in the world! (Fic recs every Wednesday.)

climb, climb by peradi, jyn & cassian & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 1k
   K-2SO: the droid with existential anxiety and a smart mouth.
Steady as she goes by noelia_g, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 3.5k
   In which they all live and Jyn Erso is on a quest to fix a droid. Rogue One in the aftermath.
Set the Course by noelia_g, cassian/jyn & bodhi, 1.5k
   Post Scarif, the slow way home - a collection of scenes.
in the aeroplane over the sea by quadrille, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & k-2so, 1.5k
   Home is not a place; it’s the people.
day after day by bodhirook, baze/chirrut, ~1k
   “I fear nothing,” Chirrut declares. “All is as the Force wills it.” “Funny, you seemed pretty fearful that time I tapped your shoulder while you were meditating.”
you are one with the force (you are with me) by peradi, baze/chirrut, 1.2k
   Baze Malbus, ferocious young assassin, meets a cocky little blind shit. The rest, as they say, is history.
anything in stars worth saving by with_the_monsters, cassian/jyn, 1.5k
   They miss the part where the Death Star gets blown up. They miss everything, actually, apart from the inside of an imperial cell. And that’s not a thing you just come back from. Not even if you survive Scarif.
What comes after by IaMcHrIsSi, cassian/jyn & baze/chirrut & bodhi & cast, 2.9k
   Jyn and Cassian after everything
love will lead us all to smithereens by poseidon, baze/chirrut, 1.8k
   “I’m going to die in your arms, you know.” “Do you use that line on everyone you come across?” Baze asks. “No,” the man replies with a smile. “Just you.”
Faces by stereobone, baze/chirrut, 3.3k
   This is what Baze learns before Jedha falls.
you were my new home by katsumi, cassian/jyn & k-2so, 4.6k
   Before they can meet with Saw Gerrera, they have to find Saw Gerrera, and that takes time. On the search, Jyn and Cassian grow closer.
A Sun Shines in Parallel by LadyBaelish27, cassian/jyn & baze & chirrut & bodhi & k-2so & anakin & leia & cast, 39.1k wip
   What happens when ‘dead’ isn’t, strictly speaking, ‘dead’? Jyn and Cassian find themselves standing on a peaceful beach with no trace of a battle, a base, a war. Then they find K-2SO… and Chirrut Imwe… and Baze Malbus… and suddenly the very definitions of time and space become completely muddled.
Footfalls by GreyMichaela, baze/chirrut, ~1k
   There are mysteries about Baze that Chirrut wants to solve.

full details + recs under the cut!

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