the study group

I am forming a Japanese study group!  I would love to have both beginners (like myself), as well as more experienced speakers. 

I would also love to start one for French, which would be mostly french dialogue. If you would like to join either, let me know! 

I really want practice with my languages, and would love to offer and receive advice and tips!

Please reblog this if you want to join either, and message me if the links don’t work!

Witchcraft study group

Like/reblog this if you’d be interested in joining a kik group for us witches to talk and share notes on our crafts or spell ideas. I really would love to talk to and work with some more witches
Update: I’m looking for somebody to co-create this group with me as kik won’t let me make the group without another member? So yeah


↳ Friendship

Guys, look in your hearts and answer this question honestly- what’s more likely? That someone in this group doesn’t belong in this group or ghosts? If we have to choose between turning on each other or pinning it on some specter with unfinished, pen-related business, I’m sorry, but my money’s on ghost.


Fangirl Challenge:  [10] TV Shows → Community

Abed Nadir: Things are bad, but we’re together. That makes this the perfect timeline.


Mr. Hawthrone’s final round of questions

Britta Perry… Do you know that you hate yourself more than you should and that your passion inspired me? No. To miss Perry, I leave my iPod Nano filled with music to take life less seriously by. Oh that’s niceI also leave you this liquid nitrogen cooled cylinder of my hyper-virile sperm in case your lesbian lifestyle one day wears out and you wish to raise an army of geniouses.

Shirley, did you know that you are not only a credit to your race and gender, but to our species, and that I was intimidated by your strength of character and bussiness acumen? Yes. To Shirley Bennett, I leave my spacious timeshare in Florida, where she can take what’s-his-name and however many children she has now. Also I leave you a cylinder of my sperm. Oh

Annie Edison… Did you know that you were always my favourite? You mentioned it once, but… I leave you this tiara, which you once refused to accept. It’s the same tiara I used to wear when my mother verbally assault me for not being a little girl. Also sperm.

Jeff Winger, did you know you’re gay? No. Agree to disagree. To you, I leave this bottle of fine scotch so that you’re less temped to drink this cylinder of even finer sperm.

Abed Nadir, did you know that you’re insane and nothing that you said ever made any sense to me? Yep. Here’s your sperm.

Troy Barnes, did you know that you possess the greates gift life can give… the heart of a hero. And that it’s up to you not to waste it like I did? I think. To Troy, I leave the obligatory sperm […] In addition, I am prepared to leave Troy Barnes my remaining shares in the Hawthrone Wipes company, currently valued at $14.3 million. On one condition. You must first sail my boat, the Childish Tycoon, by yourself around the entire world […] I’d like to give you a chance to do what I never did, become your own man […] I’ll do it.