the struggle is real'


Booth and Brennan, a great love story, THE great love story. I never knew where I stood on love. It seemed a foreign concept, and whilst it still does seem that way to me, I’ve found renewed faith in the idea of love as a whole. I owe that to Booth and Brennan and the love they have demonstrated over the past 12 years/seasons. I have never known, nor witnessed, a love so pure and magical. They experience the struggles of real life couples, they have realistic conflict, and they’ve been through more than any couple could ever imagine. But they’ve come out stronger on the other side. They ALWAYS come out stronger and that is owed to their individual traits but also to the love they share and the faith they have in each other.

Booth loves Brennan more than anything. His love for her far outweighs the negative feelings he has for anything else. It was because of Brennan that he decided to start recovering from gambling. It was because of Brennan that he picked himself up time and time again because he wanted to be a better person for her. The best thing about this is that Brennan never asked him to be a better person. She loved him just the way he was as well, and rather than making him feel small, she encouraged him to do better by reminding him of who he is. Booth does the same in return even before they were together romantically. And that’s because he knew right from the beginning and would do anything in his power to make sure she is safe and happy.

They have the fundaments of a healthy, loving relationship. They support, encourage, love, care, comfort, and help each other be better and do better. They are the definition of love. Their relationship was built on trust and faith in each other (absolutely not, ludicrous) and they developed a healthy friendship before they entered into a romantic relationship. They knew each other inside out. They could soothe each other with a simple touch. Ignite fireworks inside each other with a touch of a hand on an arm or leg.

Brennan never believed that love existed. She dreamed of getting married when she was a child and she even had a wedding dress picked out. But she didn’t believe that love would ever conquer her. As soon as Seeley Booth walked into that lecture hall, her life changed forever. Suddenly there was someone who cared about where she was and if she was safe, who wanted her to smile and laugh, who wanted to give her every good experience, who cared for her, who hugged her when she was sad, who came over with takeout at 12am when she couldn’t sleep. He wanted everything for her and he was determined to give it to her.

Of course, not all love stories can start off perfectly. They didn’t talk to each for a year and they butt heads more often than not but they had a spark that was undeniable. A spark that deserved to be explored. So explore they did. And what they found was something more than they ever knew was possible. They found a love that only some get to experience. They created a family on top of the family they’d already built with their squints.

Two lonely souls found each other and if Brennan believed in soulmates that’s what she’d call them. Two hearts. Two brains. Four arms. Four legs. One love.

I complain bitterly about TMNT 2012. All the time. 

Literally every chance I get, I’ll complain about the character dynamics being shot, the countless wasted and/or dropped plot lines, and the shitty, short-changed character arcs. I am literally that post about loving something and everyone knowing it, except it’s the opposite and I hate my favorite series. Now this wouldn’t be a problem, if say

everyone I complained to already knew and accepted the fact that I’m obsessed with animated turtles.

It is a shame, and a real struggle, that most people do not.

I will be on a rant, about how mad I am about Karai’s/April’s/Shinigami’s treatment as a female character lately, or about the wasted potential of Casey and Donnie’s quite literally explosive friendship, or how Splinter turned into a real deadbeat dad in the end and had the worst case of favoritism for Leo ever-

and then the person I’m ranting at will inevitably ask, “Hey, what series is this again? It sounds pretty cool/detailed/something-or-other-that-everyone-says-when-they’re-politely-interested-in-something.”

And then, I’ll have to rapidly try to find a series name that isn’t about animated turtles, one that also isn’t aimed at much younger audiences than me, and will probably say some shitty English translation of an anime title or an obscure live action series and pray to the furthest ring gods that this person doesn’t watch whatever I’m bullshitting in that moment.

If anyone thinks I’m kidding about this, I’m sorry to tell you, I’m really not. My struggle is real and I need to get a handle on my shitty obsession.

while thinking about how i talk about fai (in that i frequently mention how happy i am he got his happy ending), i was reminded of one of elodie’s posts on him - about how people gravitate towards fai because his trauma is very physically present and real in both how it’s presented (ashura’s memory shards, his physical changes) and its impact on the plot (the end of infinity, the end of celes). it’s very validating for those who also struggle through stuff, because yeah!! it’s existing, it’s real, it’s serious shit that hurt him and affected him! he isn’t making it up!

another thing that i like about fai’s mental illness/trauma plotline is how we eventually find out that none of it was ever his fault… he had his agency ripped from him the moment he was born. he was manipulated and gaslighted - quite literally his memories were erased or altered by powerful adults in his life (fwr and ashura, and more abstractly the royalty/culture of valeria) - into thinking he was a walking curse and… he wasn’t. nothing was ever his fault. he was just made to blame himself.

so yeah. he’s good. people get attached for a reason.

headphonescinderella  asked:

19, 16, 4, and 1, please:)

🌩 16. Is there a character of yours who’s a real struggle to write/draw? Why do you think that is?

Ooh yeah, like I was saying, GLaDOS is tough for me to wrap my brain around.

But I’ve also been struggling with a solid design for Rainbow Core. I rarely have this problem. Most of my Portal designs I have a pretty clear idea of what I want them to look like and can get it down after one or two tries, but I’ve re-drawn Rainbow Core so many times and I just…why won’t you cooperate??? I have like one drawing of him on here and I’m not happy with it. >:<

🦋 4. Any minor characters that have either taken over or branched off into their own stories?

Mmmmmm I guess Glitchy kind of counts? Again, he’s not mine, but I really felt for the guy in Meet the Cores and I wanted him to show up in Testing Maintenance when I got around to writing it. He actually showed up in that much, much more than I ever planned him to. He was originally only supposed to be a quick cameo.

🕸 1. Who’s the oldest character of yours that you still use?

Oh goodness! That would be Pikacha (Cha for short). She’s not a Portal character, she’s a Pokemon character. She is the oldest OC I can remember making. I came up with her when I was 6 or 7-years-old because Pokemon was my favorite thing on the face of the planet and I still draw and RP with her sometimes.

Of my OCs she is the sweetest cinnamon roll. Too pure. I now have a headcanon that she will eventually evolve into an Alolan Raichu. <3


This is so unbelievable. We need to be shutting down ABSURD bisexual stereotypes/misconceptions (like the article above). 

It’s hard to believe the media can be THAT uneducated, when it’s the role of journalists and reporters to be educated ENOUGH to report on issues – or maybe they are just ignorant to the truth and the reality of what bisexual means? 

Either way, we need to keep fighting for our bisexual community, no matter who we are or what our job is. 

Start reading up about sexuality. 

Research what it means to be bisexual before you make a ridiculous article that is offensive to many bi people (especially youth). 

I actually meant to post this a while ago but I’m a procrastinator…. Hopefully I fix this in 2017, Happy new year everyone! ^^

Yes I like to hc that Yuuri is a night owl and Victor is someone who needs sleep but can wake up insanely early (I love my domestic victuuri)