the struggle is real

Kill Your Darlings

I just murdered over 700 words from the next chapter of my fic. 

I was having trouble getting it all to flow logically (since it’s in Spock’s perspective) so I made a list of the ideas and then rearranged them in logical order. I made an outline, in fact. 

Three of the main points I’d already written did not fit. So I had to axe them. It’s one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do in writing fanfic. 

Will I be able to use those sections later in the story? One of them, possibly. I’ll hang on to them in a separate Word file just in case, but only the one has any real hope. 

But I comfort myself in knowing this: what comes out of this pain will be a much better piece of writing — better logic and better craftsmanship — than the mess that came out, stream-of-consciousness like, from my tired brain at 1am the other night. It’s improvement. And in the process, I’m learning how to write better. 

Hugs to all the other writers out there! Don’t give up. And never stop improving.

  • 6 Months Before Con:I want to hand embroider the sigil on the cape and make the armor with fiberglass, you know?
  • 2 Days Before Con:HOT GLUE -- JUST HOT GLUE THAT SHIT ON. What do you mean he has sigils on his cape!? He doesn't now!