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Toni and Karlie were never rumored to be dating. Ever. Before Karlie and Taylor became friends, no one in fashion ever said that. That rumor never existed. This Toni and Karlie BS rumor was started by Kaylor shippers who wanted Karlie to be gay/bi. They saw pictures of close friends and made up fake lies that they dated each other.

“Kaylor shippers who wanted Karlie to be gay/bi” we don’t WANT her to be gay or bi. You make it sound like we’re forcing her to be not straight. We don’t. I don’t see any point to do so because it’s clear as the sun shines that Karlie is already there. She’s is already.

We are only talking about things that Karlie shows us. We only observe, notice, formulate questions and come up with answers that are very valid and have basis. 

As for Toni and Karlie, I’ve been in this ship since June of 2014. I’m 100% sure kaylor shippers did not START it. It was already there. It was just it only became a big deal and highlighted and gained attention when Kaylor starts to become real and people are digging more about the lives of both karlie and taylor. 

If there’s a smoke there’s a fire. Don’t you wonder why of all Karlie’s model friends (except leigh lezark) she’s only rumored with toni? if kaylor shippers WANTED or INTENDED to prove she’s not straight, we should’ve made up lies and say she dated Cara since Karlie has more gay photos with her and Cara is out and proud. Not to mention a kiss on the lips on the streets of ny. We should have used Cara instead of Toni if we really want to make her appear gay in the public. 

And other than Cara there’s Jourdan. But we don’t ask questions as to the nature of their relationship. It’s only with Toni because it felt like there really was more than friendship between her and Karlie. Actually it’s the same thing with Taylor. Why is she only rumored with Karlie? Because she’s different when she’s with her other friends and she’s very much different when she’s with Karlie. There is something you see when Taylor and Karlie are together that one cannot simply put up as friendship. It’s the same thing you see when you watch pics or vids of Karlie and Toni from the past. 

The Signs on Their Period/PMS-ing
  • Aries:*steer clear. they might "accidentally" murder you*
  • Taurus:ONE more king size kit-kat won't hurt me...
  • Gemini:*makes it as obvious as possible so everyone knows to leave them alone*
  • Cancer:WHY DO THIS TO ME UTERUS???? WHY??????!!
  • Virgo:*tries and fails to do the tampon-sleeve thing*
  • Libra:Nooo, everything's fine!!
  • Scorpio:Thank you world I'm not pregnant!!
  • Sagittarius:*takes like 4 Advils and refuses to leave the house*
  • Capricorn:This morning, I woke up in a pool of my own blood. Would you like to end your day in one??
  • Aquarius:Whaat??? NOOOOOOOOO I'm not on my period!!! (awkward laugh)
  • Pisces:*sobbing*