the struggle

How To Pick A Bias

Step 1: pick the member you find attractive

Step 2: realize they’re complete dorks

Step 3: fear the bias wrecker

Step 4: give in to the bias wrecker

Step 5: you’ve accidentally fallen in love with all of the members

Step 6: all of them are dumb

Step 7: how did this happen

Step 8: it’s too late to go back now

Step 9: accept your status as *insert group name here* trash

Found this and thought it was important. Americans need to understand what it means to be American. We. Are. Free. We DO NOT LIVE IN A TOTALITARIAN STATE!!! WE DO NOT HAVE TO COMPLY WITH EVERYTHING, I REPEAT EVERYTHING COPS SAY. Now that does not mean be disrespectful. Police have a tough underpaid job as it is. But we don’t have to sacrifice our humanity or our freedom for them either.

The problem of being a teenager is that you have to figure out what to do with your life and it’s hard as hell. Specially, when it’s something risky. You aren’t sure if you’re talented enough, strong enough or smart enough. It’s the struggle between “believe in yourself and everything gonna be fine” and “give up on it, it’s too unreal. Who even are you to do something like that?”. You know if you go for it, you can be the happiest person ever existed. But what if it’s not yours? If you try, but you’ll fail? Or if you choose something more safe and gonna question yourself to the rest of your life “what if”.
—  My struggle