the strong brand

  • Man Overboard: I miss my girlfriend.
  • The Story So Far: I hate my girlfriend.
  • Neck Deep: I hate my girlfriend even more.
  • New Found Glory: I miss my girlfriend, but I love my friends.
  • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!: My girlfriend doesn't realize the importance of having friends.
  • Motion City Soundtrack: I miss my girlfriend so I'm gonna self-medicate by drinking this bottle of Jack Daniels...
  • State Champs: My girlfriend doesn't know a damn thing about me.
  • Four Year Strong: Who cares if I don't have a girlfriend? I'm gonna rise up and prevail anyway, also where's the pizza?
  • Green Day: I really fucking hate the government, so I dumped my girlfriend.
  • All Time Low: I've lost track of how many girlfriends I've had in the past year, also I'm covered in bras for some reason.
  • Real Friends: My girlfriend didn't appreciate my sleepy eyes and bony knees, so she dumped me.
  • Saves The Day: I wrote a 600 word essay on why I can't get a girlfriend.
  • Say Anything: I wrote a 1200 word essay on why I can't get a girlfriend.
  • Brand New: I wrote my masters thesis on why I miss my girlfriend and can never get over her.
  • Yellowcard: My girlfriend gave me PTSD.
  • Joyce Manor: My girlfriend left me because I didn't last that long in bed.
  • Tigers Jaw: Man, fuck having a girlfriend, what's the point?
  • Sum 41: I act as if I don't want a girlfriend, but I'm secretly very lonely and dislike being single.
  • The Wonder Years: I don't have a girlfriend, but I really hate my town.
  • A Day To Remember: I hate my girlfriend AND my town.
  • Blink-182: I fucked ur girlfriend in the ass, lol.

::emotionally charged fangirl rant ahead::
Remember this video, Babyz?
▪TfuckingS Ent pulled Daehyun from the hospital and made him perform live. He slayed. He fucking slayed but you can clearly see how sick he was.
▪You can clearly see, hear, and feel Yongguk’s anger bleeding through his rap and movements. Look at him. He may be intense but never like this. Who can blame him, though? When you see your brother and ward almost killing himself for what they do.
▪You can see them so freaking exhausted because they were tossed around without enough break. 9 comebacks in 2012 and 7 comebacks in 2013. World Tour. 2-3 comebacks in not even half of 2014. To think that they weren’t legally and humanely compensated.
▪Himchan is too sick to perform. He tried. Gods, he tried but as willing his spirit was, his body got too weak.
▪Even Babyz watching them this time knew something was wrong and you can see on their faces the concern for the boys.

I go back to this whenever I read somewhere that BAP has lost their touch and how they’ll never get the popularity they were heading towards.
Tbh, I’m somehow thankful that they didn’t. Because if the payoff for popularity is this, the fucking inhumane treatment of TS to my babies, then I’d rather see them fall into oblivion. And they, all 6 of them, thought the same. Popularity isn’t worth it if they fucking destroy themselves. It just isn’t.
Besides, they may not be so big now, but the fact that they are still selling both locally and internationally, win awards for music and business locally and internationally, hold concerts and world tour in places not usually reached by KPOP (hi Europe!), get sponsorship from big companies and still hold strong as a brand, and the group’s Bang Yongguk still maintain the title as one of the most well respected idol leader/producer/song writer/lyricist in kpop… I’ll say they are one of the top groups out there (I may be a bit biased there lol)

They deserve so much more but I’m gonna bet that a lot of Babyz prefer them bonded and together and healthy and happy and relevant enough rather than downtrodden and broken and sick and sad and too popular.

That’s it. Was just having too much BAP feels because of the upcoming comeback. Lol

I feel like the most ridiculously laughable part of this whole thing im seeing is this concept that dan’s video wasn’t as good because phil wasn’t there to help him film/edit. and im like ??? what world have you been living in? They have both said that dan prefers to film alone where phil isn’t watching and can’t hear him unless absolutely necessary? Dan is 26 and has been making high-quality videos for like 8 years now…i think he’s got it figured out. And like, the idea that dan’s editing is the problem here is HILARIOUS. Like have you ever actually edited a video? because it’s really obvious when dan edits a video and it is always exceptionally well done. again, he’s been doing this for 8 years. he doesn’t need ‘editing tips’ from phil, he knows what he’s doing perfectly fine on his own. 

like kill the idea that dan needs phil to be successful. because he absolutely does not. dan is with phil because they make a great team and they care for each other deeply, but don’t mistake that with his artistic abilities relying on phil. because dan’s brand would be completely fine without phil, he has always had a really strong individual brand because his concepts and the execution of his ideas is always brilliantly done. he doesn’t need phil for a successful video.

when is stranger things coming back i miss seeing this fandom so alive