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I’m Waiting

Characters: AJ Styles x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, sexual content, light daddy kink, age difference, rough sex, overstimulation

Summary: AJ loses a title shot. AJ is mad. AJ is your secret lover.

As always, a shoutout to my faves @llowkeys @livingthestrongstyle @alexahood21 @wrestlingbabe @the-geekgoddes @bizclizbaybay plus others who were so kind about my last fic and asked to be tagged! @that-lolachick @lolabradbury @vebner37 @reigns420@ashleyvc88 @crowleysqueenofhell​ and of course my main babe @toosweetme 👀 

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Our bodies dance to the melodies we make | Viktuuri

NSFW, Yuri and Viktor have sex for the first time!

I wrote this initially based on a comic I read about how Viktor is in love with the melody Yuri’s body makes and craves to hear his sweet sounds. I’ve never written a boyxboy smut before so I hope this isn’t too terrible…

In the beginning, your song was only a distant melody.
The music you created, only a faint noise amongst your blades.
Your song, plays permanently on repeat in my heart.
Forever singing.


Viktor looked down at the younger man, hair disheveled, mouth agape as he whimpered under his touch. He wasn’t sure how the two managed to be in this situation, but he didn’t care.

Their mouths danced to the song their bodies created in sloppy desperate movements. Their bodies arching into one another as they sat cross legged in front one another, desperate for contact as they stroked each other’s skin.

Viktor hurriedly pulled his top over his head, before quickly pulling Yuri’s off and throwing it into a pile on the other side of the hotel room.

A small, but loud moan escaped the younger boys lips, as Viktor latched his mouth onto Yuri’s neck.

Viktor hummed as he caressed every part of his lovers gentle body, moving his fingertips slowly down his arched spine, toward his hips and around to his lower stomach.

Shivers and moans, kisses upon untouched flesh.

Viktors mind was a mess, and he couldn’t seem to hold a thought as he made sloppy kisses down Yuri’s neck and chest and toward his pant button.

“Vitya,” Yuri moaned gently, hands reaching desperately for his touch once more.

“Please take care of me,” he mumbled as Viktor pried at the seam of his pants.

“Of course my love, I promise.” Viktor smiled, pressing a kiss on top of the boys belly. With a simple movement he eased Yuri to lay down on the bed.

With a quick tug his pants were gone and Yuri felt utterly exposed. His entire body laid bare in front of Viktor.

His hand reached down, to cover himself in self consciousness.

“No,” Viktor hummed, pulling his hand away.
“You’re beautiful.” He explained.

Yuri blushed a deep shade of pink, letting out a slightly awkward giggle. “What’s so funny?” Viktor asked, leaning up to kiss the boy.

“You, you’re so funny. This is so funny, this is unreal.” Yuri explained truthfully, laughing slightly as he pulled Viktor’s lips toward his own.

“You’re unreal.” He finished, watching as Viktor caressed up his legs, toward his hard length.

“You have a very nice cock.” Viktor admitted. The word made Yuri squirm in anticipation.

Viktors hand barely brushed against it and Yuri’s body jolted toward his touch. The older man laughed as Yuri covered his red face with his forearm.

“I want this to be slow, I want to show you my love as well as I can.” Viktor hummed, giving his lovers length a few slow pumps.
“Ahh, Vitya.”

The man lowered himself once more, so his face hovered just above the tip of Yuri’s erect member. He peppered a gentle kiss along the tip, humming gleefully as he swirled his tongue around it.

Yuri moaned, and Viktor was sure he had never heard a melody so sweet.

‘There it is.’ Viktor thought, the musics Yuri’s body made on the ice, now a vocal sensual noise.

He took a part of his length into his mouth, licking and sucking in all the right spots as Yuri moaned from under him.

“Ah, oh my,” Yuri puffed as he tilted his head back, a guttural groan of pleasure escaping him.

Viktor edged him on, feeling his cock twitch beneath his tongue as he pumped the rest he couldn’t get into his mouth.

“Viktor.” Yuri begged, the sweet sound flowing out of his mouth like honey.

Viktor released his mouth off of Yuri’s cock with a pop, and Yuri’s legs buckled slightly at the lack of contact.

“I don’t want you to cum, not like this.” Viktor explained, biting his lip. He reached toward Yuri’s hand, guiding it to rest over Viktors stiff member.

Yuri grunted as he gently caressed his fingers over his lovers length.

“Yuri, would you like to make love?” Viktor asked, hands delicately playing a tune on Yuri’s skin

“I-I’ve never..” Yuri mumbled.
“I promised I would take care of you,” Viktor explained, Yuri bit his lip nodding slowly.

“Please, make me yours,” Yuri agreed. The two shared a kiss as Viktor began to fiddle with his pant button, he allowed Yuri to take them off.

The younger boy smiled into Viktors glance, and Viktors heart began to dance.

Viktor took a deep breath, removing his pants the rest of the way before looking toward Yuri reassuringly. The boy nodded to his lover.

Viktors lips locked with Yuri’s and the two shared a deep kiss, Viktors hands trailed along Yuri’s body, his fingers making their way to Yuri’s mouth. He traced his fingers along Yuri’s bottom lip, before he pushed his middle and ring finger into his mouth.

Yuri moaned, brushing his tongue against his nimble fingers.

“Tell me if you’re uncomfortable or need anything.”
The older man smiled, taking his now lubricated fingers down toward Yuri’s entry. He swirled his fingers around the boys hole before gently pushing one finger in.

He watched his lovers face contort to one of discomfort, waiting until he eased into the feeling before pumping his finger a few dozen times and adding one more.

Yuri was extremely tight as he pushed his fingers into him.
“Relax.” Viktor hummed. The boy nodded.

It took a few moments, but slowly the boy unclenched his muscles, laying completely mellow and trustingly upon the mattress.

“There we go.” Viktor smiled, Yuri’s hand began to stroke his lovers length.

“Ah,” Viktor moaned, tilting his head up toward his lover. His eyes were shut, mouth open wide, a collection of pleased noises escaping him.

“Are you ready?” Viktor asked, positioning himself over him. Yuri nodded, eyes still shut as Viktor asked.

The older man laughed, pushing the tip slowly into him.

He took his time, patient as Yuri tightened around his cock.

As time passed and Yuri has gotten used to the new feeling of Viktors cock Viktor began to speed up. Holding Yuri’s legs comfortably around his waist as he thrusted into him, his other hand wrapped around his lovers genitals, pumping at the same speed as his thrusts.

Yuri moaned, a flurry of noises, squeaks and incoherent Japanese words escaping him.

Viktor slammed into him as Yuri begged for him to fuck him harder, his body slowing tiredly.

“Viktor!” He shouted, arching himself into his touch, a deep breath escaping him. “Don’t stop!”
“I’m about to,” he whimpered, Viktor nodded.
“So am I,” he breathed, giving a few more pumps to Yuri’s length.

Yuri spilled out onto his chest, heaving as Viktor soon followed.

Anonymous said: Reaction to crying s/o for Itach, haku and sasuke please?

A/N: Here you go, lovely! I’m so so sooo sorry that this took AGES for me to post this, but nevertheless, I truly hope that you do enjoy this! Thanks so much for your request! I love these three characters with a passion, so I’m grateful for this request! - Admin Kat 💟

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Itachi Reacting to His S/O Crying:

- Itachi is quite perceptive, so he definitely would’ve picked up something from his s/o prior to this, - if he had been around to notice-.

- He’s also quite selfless, kind and would want the best for those that he cares about, - particularly his significant other-.

- If his s/o had any troubles, he would happily listen to them.

- He’d make this more about his s/o, which means: He’d do anything to make them feel better, whether that consists of: giving them their space, listening to them discuss their troubles, holding them, making them some comfort food, treating them to something, whatever it is.

- He would definitely refrain from worsening their condition.

- He may not inquire what’s wrong, firstly, but his presence and him sitting beside you, - maybe if it’s so bad, putting his arm around his s/o-, would be enough to rouse his s/o to say something… anything.

- His initial thought process is to get down to the bottom of what’s upset his s/o, to find a solution for them or develop one for them, because he doesn’t feel pleased whilst watching his s/o crying.

- I believe that if himself and his s/o were very serious, he’d wipe their tears away and hold them tightly to him; it’d be one of those hugs where he wraps his arms around you and rests his chin on the crown of your head.

- He’d also wait for you to be more calmed down, simply because he would be able to comprehend what you’re talking about and you’d be able to describe what happened or how you feel without any interruptions.

- His silent persona would be oddly comforting, because his deep onyx eyes and his body language would communicate with you that you’re safe, well and alright.

- He’d melt away any insecurities and be able to find reasons and rationalities for why his s/o is upset, if they’re feeling up for talking about it.

- He’s not one to force his s/o to say something: He’s more of the type to let them come to him. He’s not bothered by silence; plus, he’d most likely be able to guess correctly what’s bothering his s/o.

- If his s/o and him are very serious, he would murmur very soft sweet nothing’s into their ear, cooling them down and helping them come back to where they really are.

- He’d be a big support and wish to discuss things with them. He’d be mature and wouldn’t interrupt.

- Perhaps he’d even take you for a walk, as nature has wonders of helping you release things that no longer serves you.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Haku Reacting to His S/O Crying:

- This cute friendly creature will honestly be so alarmed that he’d get a heart attack! Poor bb!

- He’d cradle his s/o in his arms, murmuring sweet nothing’s to them, vowing to protect them.

- He’d totally devote himself to bringing his s/o’s moral and spirits rocketing into the skies.

- Haku would run his fingers through his lovers hair, stroking their back and pressing sweet affectionate kisses to their neck, shoulders, collar bones, cheeks, lips, nose, forehead, head, he’d kiss those tears away.

- He’s so precious, okay? He’d feel like he’d failed himself if he couldn’t get you smiling again!

- Haku would cook his lovers favorite foods, give them a massage or read to them, run them a bath, anything that will soothe them.

- Haku would encourage his s/o to speak about their feelings, because, their feeling’s count and he wants to know if anything’s hurting or disrupting his s/o’s well being.

- Though he’d encourage his s/o talking about their feelings, he’s not one to force things: If you need space, then you need space.

- He’s very kind and self-sacrificing, so he would take as much time in guiding you to be happy.

- Haku will be whatever you need him to be, whether that consists of a lover, a friend to listen to in the moment, an wise advice provider, a nurturer, etc. He’ll be anything for you.

- Watching his s/o cry pretty much breaks his freaking heart, okay? It’s definitely not something that he’d enjoy, and he’d work diligently to make them joyous again.

- He’d be the one to remind his s/o that it’s okay to have feeling’s and they’re not wrong for feeling the way that they do or being who they are: He loves them regardless, no matter what they’ve done.

- He’d take his s/o’s hands and kiss them, taking time to kiss each knuckle and whisper how much he loves and appreciates them.

- He’d be encouraging, offering his wise guidance and advice, and supporting his s/o in anyway that they need.

- He’s a pleasant person to be around, so it wouldn’t take long for him to get his s/o calmed down and sleepy: Meaning, he’d be a total cuddle monster.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Sasuke Reacting to His S/O Crying:

- Well, Sasuke would firstly react indifferently, but grow tenser and uncomfortable by the moment, considering that he wouldn’t know how to handle this situation.

- He may even grow annoyed at first, give his s/o some space, and if that didn’t work, he’d be expecting answers.

- Sasuke would first ask “What now?” or “Who do I have to kill now?”.

- He’d be pretty protective, and if his s/o and him were very serious, - and alone-, he would wrap an arm around them.

- He won’t push for an answer, he knows what it’s like to be badgered with unnecessary questions, when all you want is to be left alone or you just don’t know how to talk about it or don’t want to talk about it.

- He’d definitely listen, but if something irked him, like his s/o being spineless and bending for other’s or someone hurting them, he’d say something about it, and he may not be the kindest, but know that he’s trying his best and he means well.

- He’d grow fiercely protective of his partner, nobody upsets them. He doesn’t like it when people mess with his s/o; because even though Sasuke acts like he doesn’t care, he really does care.

- He’d try to give them some sort of advice to go off of, but again, it may come out coldly and not much help, but Sasuke only means the best.

- He’d be the type to sit there silently with a gritted jaw, because he feels to tenseness.

- If his s/o kept crying, he’d pull them close and mutter “Come here, you loser…

- If Sasuke’s s/o kept crying without saying anything, he’d grow impatient and push them to talk about it, because he wants to know what’s up, he hates being left in the dark when it comes to them, but it’s only if they’re persistent in crying and moping about.

- He wouldn’t ever admit it, but he cares so fiercely about his s/o that it actually pains him to watch them cry. It’s haunting.

- He’d be totally tongue tied, looking away, but still remaining physically close to his s/o: He just doesn’t have the right words to utter, he doesn’t want to sound like a total ass.

- He’d try to cheer you up a way that was ’out of the norm’ for Sasuke (not totally, but just a little bit) and it’d make you raise your brows or ask questions, to which he’d reply with: “Do you want the damn food or not?” or “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” or “Stop giving me that stupid look, loser: This doesn’t change anything, so don’t expect me to do stuff like this all of the time.” But let’s face it, he’d do it for you again if you got upset.

- He’d even reluctantly cuddle with you, but he’d make sure you never breathed a word of it to anyone.

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Cassandra: Gasps in shock, and just stares for a few moments, unable to respond– she doesn’t know how. Finally, she squeaks out “Are you certain?” to which the Inquisitor just smiles and nods. Cassandra soon smiles back and congratulates the Inquisitor. She’s certain that their child will be wonderful, and she looks forward to having any part in their life. If Romanced: Cassandra hears that she’s pregnant, and just stops short. Never, not once, did she ever seriously think she’d be a mother, but now… now she doesn’t know how to feel. But when her lover hugs her and mentions what a happy family they’ll be, she smiles. Everything will be fine. It doesn’t stop her from punching her lover in the arm, though. She’s going to have to give up fighting and sparring for nine months or more.

Blackwall: Grins and congratulates the Inquisitor. “You’ll be a great parent.” With that, he sets to work on building a crib, toys, you name it. He swells with pride at the thought that his friend’s child will be swaddled in the crib soon enough, and he’ll be an uncle of sorts. If Romanced: “I… I’m going to be a…” He almost faints at the news. Joy and terror come to him in equal measure. He’s not certain he’s worthy of being a father, but as his lover embraces him, he relaxes a little for the moment. He’d do his best, and he’d be damned if any harm came to his child or his lover. Over the next few months, the baby’s room slowly fills with a crib, toys upon more toys, like a rocking horse and painted blocks and a shelf for children’s books, anything he can think of.

Iron Bull: He congratulates the Inquisitor cheerfully, and is about to buy a drink for them when he realizes he can’t do that while they’re pregnant. Then he feels bad for them a bit. “This is great for you, Boss, but it also sucks. You’re puking and you can’t drink. Or fight. Oh, man, that sucks.” He’s happy for the Inquisitor, still. If Romanced: He doesn’t know how to respond right away. He just pulls his lover closer, stroking their back, and staring forward for a few moments in silence. There’s no such thing as fathers under the Qun. But he wasn’t under the Qun anymore, and he certainly never saw this coming. Finally, he just kisses his partner, rubbing a hand over their belly gently. He’d try his best, for his new Charger on the way. He tells the Chargers, who shout and cheer in utter delight. Krem, soon to be an uncle, begins sewing so many stuffed animals for the little one.

Sera: She’s excited; “I’m gonna be an aunt!” she cries cheerfully. She starts bringing the Herald all sorts of treats like cookies and baked goods, which only get better in quality as she practices. She’s also first to volunteer to make weird foods when the cravings start, and she often likes to feel the Herald’s belly once activity can be felt. She calls the little one, even before they’re born, “the little Jenny.” If Romanced: They wanted children, but no orphanage would adopt out to an elf and her wife, who was possibly of a different race than Sera. They’re both quite downcast until Dagna offers an experimental solution, and soon thereafter a number of potions and spells and sex, the Herald is pregnant. Sera doesn’t know how or why it worked– she never cared much for magical rubbish– but she’s thrilled, and she spends most of her time afterwards spoiling and fawning over her wife and unborn child. “We’re gonna be mums!” she cries cheerfully, again and again and again.

Varric: He’s happy for the Inquisitor, and he congratulates them. He wryly mentions that he’ll have to start writing children’s books. The Herald initially thinks he’s joking, but within a few months, children’s books penned by Varric Tethras hit the market, and free copies are sent to the Inquisitor. They’re dedicated to their child, and the books are a hit.

Knew before someone told him. “Tearing, shaking, so sick, but bubbling, excited, alive. You are happy and nauseous. I want to help.” He helps the rest of the pregnancy by getting the Herald pillows and treats and encourages them to rest and eat properly. He also alerts the healers whenever anything happens. The Inquisitor has a remarkably smooth pregnancy, in part due to his fussing.

Dorian: “Does this mean I get to be an uncle?” he asks cheerfully, teasingly. He’s thrilled when the Inquisitor laughs and says yes, and joy bubbles in him as he congratulates his best friend. He begins looking up spells to aid with nausea and back pain, though many of his thoughts are pulled to what he’s going to do with his niece/nephew when they’re born. He has so much to teach them– he wants to be the cool uncle. When they’re actually born and he meets the little one, he almost starts crying. He has nothing but so much love for the little one. If Romanced: He’s surprised when his lover comes back with a baby in his arms, sheepishly stating that someone left the baby on Skyhold’s door. Dorian is uncertain of himself at first, but he takes to reading with his child in his lap, and quickly finds himself completely attached to the little one. More than once, he and the baby fall asleep in the rocking chair, a book dropped in his lap.

Vivienne: She smiles, congratulates the Inquisitor, and gets to work. She helps Josephine plan the baby shower, arranges for the best healer who deals with childbirth to arrive to work with the Inquisitor, and makes plans to take the Inquisitor to Orlais to get some maternity gowns and clothes for the baby, and then to a spa visit in Halamshiral. She also orders a large amount of ginger tea for the Inquisitor to drink, for it aids with nausea, and will limit incidents of running off to throw up around guests. When the baby is born, she fawns over them, dubbing herself “the favorite aunt.”

Solas: He’s surprised, but he wishes the Inquisitor the best, and begins offering remedies for ills like nausea and muscle pain. If the Inquisitor is an elf, he writes up a number of old elven stories suitable for children. Otherwise, he feels a tinge of guilt for what’s to come. If Romanced: He finds out just before Corypheus is defeated, and never before has he ever been this torn in his life. He both does and doesn’t want to forsake what he feels is his duty to the elvhen people, but desperately, he wants to get back with his lover, forget everything, live in bliss with his to-be wife and child. He is actually unable to respond at first, and the all of others begin hounding him relentlessly to get back together with the Inquisitor and marry her. Sera even threatens at arrowpoint not to fuck this up. He wants to, so much. He may crack.

Cullen: Doesn’t really know how to respond, but he manages to sputter out congratulations and smiles at them– a little light in the darkness. He doubles security around the Herald, much to their exasperation. If Romanced: His mouth opens and closes as he tries to find the words. His heart is fluttering, both from fear and excitement. He’s not sure if he’s worthy of being a father, but the Inquisitor hugs him, and he holds his wife. He realizes that, in spite of his worries, this is the happiest he’s ever been in his life. For once, everything was going right. He spends every moment that isn’t working trying to fuss over her, and he writes Mia for advice. He wants to do everything he can right, and when his child is born, he’s left a little shocked that here he was, married, loved, safe, with a child of his own to adore. He has no words, and never thought his life would get this much better.

Leliana: Knew before the Inquisitor told her, via her agents, and she surreptitiously has more agents follow the Herald around to ensure that they are safe and healthy. When the baby is born, she acts nothing like the stern, scary self she has become known for. She loves the child, and spoils them constantly. She likes to sing to the little one, and one night, when the child won’t sleep, she comes and sings a lullaby. The child quickly settles back to sleep, and she quietly tucks them in, much to the parents’ shocked surprise that she got the baby to calm so quickly.

Josephine: Jumps right into planning a baby shower, and other business. She scours the Orlesian catalogs for everything the baby needs, and only gets them the best, and nothing but the best. Everyone would see that the child of the Herald would be as praised and rejoiced as the Inquisitor themselves. When the baby is born, she’s at a loss at first as she coos over the little one. If Romanced: She’s overwhelmed when she finds out she’s pregnant. There’s so much to do, and it takes a lot of effort on her beloved’s part to get her to relax and take care of herself. She frets over everything– clothes, tutors, food, she wants her child to have the best of everything. She’s excited, so excited, but so distracted by a million thoughts and concerns. When she has the baby, she finds herself often gently singing Antivan lullabies, her child in her arms, as she relaxes with her lover.


Venus in Aries: Dope // Lady Gaga and One For the Road // Arctic Monkeys

“My heart would break without you / might not awake without you”

Venus in Taurus: Old Money// Lana Del Rey and Young God // Halsey

“But if you send for me, you know I’ll come / And if you call for me, you know I’ll run”

Venus in Gemini: 400 Lux // Lorde and Mind Mischief // Tame Impala

“You pick me up and take me home again / head out the window again”

Venus in Cancer: Over the Love// Florence + The Machine and Let It Happen // Tame Impala

“It’s always around me, all this noise /But not really as loud as the voice saying / let it happen”

Venus in Leo: Magnets // Disclosure ft. Lorde and Do I Wanna Know? // Arctic Monkeys

“I love this secret language that we’re speaking /Say it to me, let’s embrace the point of no return”

Venus in Virgo:  Recover// Chrvches and Islands// The xx

“I’ll give you one more chance to stay/ We can change or part ways”

Venus in Libra: I Can Change// Brandon Flowers and 505 // Arctic Monkeys

“I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck”

Venus in Scorpio: Paparazzi // Lady Gaga and Serial Killer // Lana Del Rey

“I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me”

Venus in Sagittarius: Junk of the Heart // The Kooks and Reptilia // The Strokes

“You’re a lover of the wild and a joker of the heart, but are you mine?”

Venus in Capricorn: She’s Thunderstorms // Arctic Monkeys and Linger // The Cranberries

“I thought the world of you / I thought nothing could go wrong, but I was wrong”

Venus in Aquarius: My Propeller// Arctic Monkeys and Crystalized // The xx

“If you can summon the strength, tow me /I can’t hold down the urgency /You’ve got to make your descent slowly”

Venus in Pisces: When You Were Young// The Killers and Holding On To You// Twenty One Pilots

“You should take my life, you should take my soul”

Braids Symbolizing Healing & Hair-touching Boundaries

@lanewilliam asked:

First, my main character came from a neglectful facility, where her hair became very matted and tangled, and her adoptive family cleaned and braided it. So her braids become associated with healing, nurturing love and chosen family. Is this an appropriate use of her hair in the story? Are there pitfalls I should be careful of?  Second, I’m looking for advice on other characters touching her hair. Should I be careful about having close friends, family and love interests touch her hair? Does it matter whether those people are Black or White? Or is it fine so long as it’s an appropriate to the relationship (mischievous sister pulling it, father patting it, lover stroking it, etc) as opposed to coming from a creepy stranger?

I don’t see a problem with this, as you’re giving braids a positive association. Remember her hair doesn’t need to be braided in order to be positively associated, though, and just having clean hair is enough. But I’m just throwing that out there; it’d be a bit of a reach to pull a negative association out of her getting braids after this situation. It doesn’t need to be bigger than it is.

Do consider her head would likely be tender and fragile after that much neglect, so braids aren’t the best option to jump right into as it would likely lead to breakage, especially on the weaker edges. Perhaps there’s a rest given before she gets her hair braided, or it’s braided very gently.

Idea: You could also focus on her hair being properly washed with natural hair-friendly shampoo/conditioner or cleaning conditioner (i assume at this neglectful facility, if she had shampoo it was some cheap kind or chemical-laden one that damages Black hair) and detangled, deep conditioned, moisturized…overall just being cared for properly. Again just ideas of some of the things that might go into her hair being cared for. I’m glad you’re showing aspects of her hair being cared for, and It doesn’t necessarily all need to be on-stage.

As for having others touch her hair, it would depend on the character on what she accepts or not. It’s more about trust and the established relationship as you said. 

I’m definitely in on avoiding having strangers or rather anyone she’s not close to sticking their hands in her hair unchecked, but that goes for closer relationships as well. Having a little sister pull it would likely be annoying regardless, but if she’s sensitive it might be a bigger deal. That’s something you’ll want to work out in her character. 

A lover stroking it, father patting it, are all loving things that she may allow the other party because it’s affectionate and they’re close vs. an evasive act of curiosity or entitlement. 

Lesya has more on positive braiding symbolism!

~Mod Colette

A similar concept exists in the Native-written ballet Going Home Star, which is about two modern Natives reconciling the residential school system. The main characters end up journeying through the past to expose what happened in residential schools (the male main character as a survivor of the schools and ran away, but faces the possibility he could have easily been killed; the female main character is a Native disenfranchised from her identity who reconnects) and explore their historical culture, even though they had lost it in modern day.

After they’ve exposed the depths of the wounds that occurred in residential schools, they are finally able to start rebuilding. The visual symbol of this rebuilding is her braiding his hair. Considering one of the first things residential schools did to Native children was to cut their braids (and one of the flashbacks to the residential school showed a girl getting her hair shorn), this was an incredibly meaningful gesture. 

You might want to consider this type of care and trust, with what Colette said. Braids are involved, intimate and extremely culturally bound, so an arc off healing and reconnecting wouldn’t be out of place at all. It would probably be quite cathartic for the Black character, and probably Black readers— I know I sobbed my eyes out, seeing myself reflected back and being given so much hope I could still find my culture even after losing it generations ago.

~ Mod Lesya

chim-chim-jibooty  asked:

Hey!! Congratulations!! My bday is tomorrow and I was wondering if you could do a Headcanon about uke Levi and Seme Eren had sex and he slept until dinner in Eren's shirt only and goes to the dinning hall. Gosh that's long

Firstly, happy birthday! Second, uke Levi has been my lifu so it`s your lucky day! Hope you weren`t expecting good, detailed smut, because I cannot, just writing a snippet had me squealing XD

Sighs filled the small office as two bodies moved against the large desk in the middle of the space.

Levi sighed and moaned as he threaded his fingers through Eren`s messy chocolate hair as the shifter rocked back and fourth.

Eren couldn`t help but smirk a bit, but his main focus was pleasing the beautiful captain in front of him, Levi arched as he gave a particularly hard thrust…


After their tryst Eren felt proud and a bit sheepish, Levi had practically passed out after they`d came down from their high. He was sleeping peacefully now, Eren having cleaned him up. He wore the boy`s shirt instead of his own, which may or may not have been missing a few buttons because of Eren eagerness.

Eren sighed, stroking his sleeping lover`s face gently, he had to leave, least he cause suspicion. He leaned down a kissed the man`s crown as he stood and left the room, making sure to lock the door as he did.


Levi finally emerge from his office near the end of dinner, he was still droopy with sleep and Eren summarized he wasn`t fully awake, because surely if he was he`d have put on more than just a shirt. His shirt no less. He vaguely registered Oluo biting and choking on his own tongue, and Eld discreetly turning his head. He felt some jealous gazes when the captain finally sat down at the table, rubbing his eyes tiredly, so cute!

“What are you looking at?” Levi asked, his squad and the rest of the hall staring at him.

“S-sir, isn`t that… Eren`s shirt?” Armin stuttered, there was no way Eren could have… No!

Levi looked down slowly, then back up at Armin a table across from him.

“Seems like it.” He drawled.


“Haven`t you people ever heard of a boyfriend shirt? Damn, you`re lucky I have anything on right now.” The man deadpanned, Eren was both horrified and happy, because he was Levi`s boyfriend and Levi was telling everyone and he would`ve actually come down naked had Eren not cleaned him up. He saw murder in Mikasa`s eyes, disbelief in many (Jean and Oluo) and looks of kudos from pretty much everyone.

“Eren eat your food, it`ll get cold.” Levi mumbled from behind his tea cup, Eren smiled and dug into the food that everyone else was too shocked to eat.

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21. muse 1 brings muse 2 flowers 

Yuuri quietly shuffled into the bland room Viktor currently lay in, carefully placing the flowers he’d picked up on the way in the vase beside the bed. Gently, he kissed his lovers forehead, stroking his hair, “How are you doing, Viktor..?” he hummed, carefully watching the Russian’s face, “The doctors say they think you can go soon..”


Summary: Five times Gaby depended on Illya’s height, and the one time he depended on hers.
Pairing: Illya Kuryakin/Gaby Teller
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Other sites: ff and ao3

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Imagine that you put a camera in your room, because you want to see how you sleep. When you watch through the footage next morning, you see how a tall man with shoulder length black hair and odd clothing comes to your room in the middle of the night. He adjusts your blanket and then watches as you sleep, occasionally stroking your hair or brushing his fingers over your cheek. You are terrified and wonder if it was the first time or has he been visiting you like this every night.
You decide to wait and see what happens. You go to sleep again after making sure that all the doors and windows are closed and locked. But when you watch through the footage again next morning, you see that he has visited you again. He doesn’t do anything or attempt anything, he just watches as you sleep. You decide to stay up that night to catch him. You climb into bed and pretend to be asleep. It’s not too hard because fear keeps you awake.
You don’t hear anything as he enters your room. Suddenly you feel a hand stroke your hair and with a shriek you quickly sit up. The strange man takes few steps back, surprised that you’re awake. You just stare at him in silence and strangely you get lost in his beautiful emerald green eyes. After awhile he explains who he is, says that he has been watching over you for some time now and admits that he’s intrigued by you. As weird as it is, you just kind of accept it and go back to sleep. You feel him climb into bed behind you and he pulls you to his chest. When you awake next morning, he’s gone. You feel slightly sad and can’t wait to see him again.

Imagine Loki and you, sitting in your lush garden. You have his head in your lap, while your hands gently stroke his black hair. He’s reading your latest novel and every so often, he glances up at you, smiling. You return his smile with a kiss. Nothing is said between the two of you and nothing needs to be said. Everything is just perfect.

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Cameron rolled over, wrapping his arm around the other as he slept in his bed. He stroked his lover's hair. "You don't know how special you are to me," he whispered against the sleeping boy's ears. "You don't know how much I love you. I'm going to get you out of here one day." He continued to whispered.

Sid hadn’t really been able to sleep properly since the last incident with Thorne. Only with Cameron beside him, could he find a night of peace. With Cam’s arm coming around him, he only snuggled closer to him in his light sleep. The sweet whispers against his ear made him stir, but didn’t quite pull him out of sleep.


An Aries lover tugs at your hand. They want you to play with them.

A Taurus lover holds you tight. They want you to feel safe with them.

A Gemini lover draws on your skin. They want you to shine with them.

A Cancer lover caresses your waist. They want you to find peace with them.

A Leo lover kisses your lips. They want you to have fun with them.

A Virgo lover brushes your hair. They want you to improve with them.

A Libra lover strokes your cheek. They want you to love with them.

A Scorpio lover touches your skin. They want you to feel with them.

A Sagittarius lover opens your eyes. They want you to explore with them.

A Capricorn lover massages your feet. They want you to prepare with them.

An Aquarius lover dyes your hair. They want you to stand out with them.

A Pisces lover kisses your fingers. They want you to be happy with them.

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"I shouldn't be here. I'm not one of these blue bloods."

“Oh dearest you’re too harsh on yourself, I’m not a true blue either. You know that.” She smiled up to her lover, stroking his arm. “Won’t you come dance with me? I’d love to dance with you.” She spoke in her native tongue with him, tired of using French with the other nobles.

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Most least Likely fall asleep when their s/o is stroking their hair

Most to Least Likely to fall asleep when their s/o strokes their hair:














Mikanskey : This is the first time I draw 2 fanarts for the same fanfiction (The Swan by Waitfornight). But I could not help myself. (^_^’)
This love scene in the chapel is so sensual and mysterious.
It is an opportunity to draw all the background.
This former altar on which Charles lies , where he becomes an object of desire for Erik.
In this beautifull scene, he is naked on the cold and sacred stone and Erik comes to him and made love to him.
Here it is the scene that follows. The windows let only filter the light of the moon , so I darkened the drawing  with many small strokes. The two lovers have slid down the altar. Both exhausted, Charles is draped over Erik who traces  the line of his back with his fingers. This is a very sweet moment , sated with pleasure, calm after the storm of desires.
This story is…wow…the definition of inspiration ! Waitfornight is an artist !

Also on AO3 !

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Happy New Year! I love your blog so much! :3 How would Naki, Ayato, Uta, Tsukiyama react to their partner playing with their hair and putting random cute clips in their hair?

((-Happy New Year to you too! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog! ^.^-))

-Naki: His eyes were closed as his head rested comfortably in his lover’s lap, his hands on his chest. His lover stroked their hand over his light-colored hair, and Naki found the movement to be comforting. His face contorted into an expression of confusion when his lover started to do something to his hair, his eyes opening to inspect what it was. His lover quietly told him to remain still, and Naki did just that, eager to find out what they were doing. It only took him a second before he recognized the sound of hair clips, and Naki was further amused. When his lover allowed him to sit up and look at their work, Naki laughed at all the pastel clips in his hair, finding them to be funny.
-Ayato: He sighed irritably as his lover made him sit down in a chair, standing in front of him. He asked them at least four times what it was they thought they were doing as his lover brushed through his hair; however, each time he was answered by his lover shushing him. Ayato crossed his arms with a grumble, but didn’t say anything else. He glared slightly when hair clips came into the equation, but he figured it would be easier to just let his lover have their way. It didn’t take long for his lover to finish up, and then Ayato was allowed to look in the mirror. Upon inspection, Ayato saw that his bangs had been clipped up out of his face with little bunny hair clips.
“This is much cuter than the headband,” his lover explained.
-Uta: He smirked a bit, but didn’t question his lover when they seated themselves on the counter, bringing him to stand between their legs. Uta chuckled as his lover started to play clips in his hair, pulling back his bangs. He thought they only intended to do one or two, but that was soon disproved when his lover continued placing clip after clip into his dark hair. When they finished, handing him a mirror, Uta chuckled again at the sight of all the cutesy hair clips adorning his black hair.
“And why did you do this?” He inquired, blinking his eyes at his lover, who simply shrugged their shoulders.
“It’s art.”
-Tsukiyama: He didn’t object as his lover ran their fingers through his hair a couple of times while his head rested in their lap, enjoying the sensation. When they moved to start placing clips in his hair, Tsukiyama was a little perplexed, but soon accepted that as well. The clips themselves were of varying shapes, with little cute things on them. Not exactly something a gentleman would wear, but cute all the same. Once his lover was finished, Tsukiyama sat up and looked at the hand mirror his lover also had. Inspecting the new array of his hair, Tsukiyama smiled.
“Très bien!”