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Nick discussing the “Cumbia” remix of Reptilia with fans

This is just a Fan mix of my Sombra in the “Stroke of Midnight” series! Sombra would be Elena’s shadow godmother. Thought this would be a good mix and if you haven’t seen Stroke of Midnight check it out here!!! Elena belongs too thepurpah Sombra belongs too Whitefox89

I'll Try Anything Once
The Strokes (cover)
I'll Try Anything Once

a clown car interrupted me in the middle 

Indulge In Me

Originally posted by moonjjongie

Genre: Smut/kinky smut
Warnings: Still getting used to writing smut again. Haven’t done it in a while. 

You hadn’t had spent any time with your boyfriend Jonghyun in a long time. When he wasn’t working or promoting he was getting what little rest he could. Finally he had a day off. He’d texted you that he was planning on coming over to see you that evening. You missed him so much. You wanted to make that evening very special for both of you. You had a few things in mind.

Earlier that day you’d gone to the market and bought the nicest wine you could find and all the groceries you would need for cooking dinner that night. Since ramyeon was what you were best at, that’s what you would make. With a few fancy additions of course. You grabbed green onions and beef. You had everything else you needed at home.

When you got home you set the bags down on the counter. When you went into your room to plug in your phone on your nightstand you jumped and almost screamed when you saw someone laying on your bed. You put your hand over your heart feeling it beating quickly. It was just Jonghyun and you let the gasp of air you’d been holding out. You walked over to the bedside table and plugged in your phone. Jonghyun was snuggled up in your blankets with your teddy bear hugged to his chest. The teddy bear he had actually given you. You smiled and layed down next to him and brushed his hair out of his face, your fingers grazing over his cheek. You softly kissed his cheek and his eyes opened gently, looked at you and immediately smiled.

“Hey sweetheart.” You spoke softly and brushed your fingers through his hair. He looked so beautiful.

“Hey.” He stretched and yawned, “Why did you wake me up princess?” His gaze fell on you and your eyes stared into his.

“You’re so handsome… That’s not really an answer is it?” You mumbled. He laughed softly.

“No, not really an answer but I’ll accept it because I know I am.” He smirked and kissed you.

“When did you get here anyway?” You asked, remembering what you originally wanted to ask him.

He thought back before explaining, “Oh, well I wanted to come over early and surprise you but you were gone and I got sleepy so I took a nap in your bed. Looks like I still surprised you.”

“I was shopping for groceries for dinner tonight. Now that you’re already here maybe you can cook with me? I’m making ramyeon…” Your voice was teasing when you told him what you planned on making.

“Or we could just do something else…” He looked up at the ceiling and glanced at you.

“Not yet silly.” You kissed him and tried to get up. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him. Jonghyun kissed your neck and nipped at your ear. You knew what he wanted and that he didn’t want to give it up.

“But I want you so bad princess.” He whined. You could always tell immediately when he was horny. Even if he was trying to hide it. He went from being adorable puppy Jonghyun to being very clingy and wanting your attention. Luckily that gave you the opportunity to pester him.

“Hmm… No. I’m hungry.” You smirked and tried again to get up. Usually he let you but this time he pulled you back and pinned you to the bed and looked into your eyes with lust.

“Hmm… I don’t think so princess. You know teasing isn’t very nice.” He propped himself up on his forearm and looked down at you.

“If you want to do this… You’ll have to convince me to skip dinner until after.” You smirked, excited to see what kind of things he could come up with.

“We’ve always done things your way… I think it’s about time we do them my way.” He whispered in your ear, sending chills down your spine. What was his way?

“You’ve got me.” You were too curious to make him wait. Jonghyun got off your bed and grabbed a duffel bag you hadn’t even noticed was there.

“Take it all off.” Jonghyun looked at you and nodded when you started unbuttoning your shirt and pulled it from your skirt. He bit his lip and focused on you undressing. You felt vulnerable but in not necessarily in a bad way. In a way that excited you. When you were naked he took his shirt off and you looked up and down his beautiful body. Your own body burned in anticipation as he set the duffel bag on the edge of the bed. He unzipped it and pulled out some thin silky rope.

Sudden realization hit you as to what was about to happen. You never would have guessed Jonghyun was into some kinky shit.

“I got a few fun things for you princess.” He said and you felt the excitement start to boil inside you, “So tell me what you want.”

Jonghyun lifted your chin up to look at him, “I want you, Jonghyun. I want you to show me what you like.” You said, looking in his eyes. It didn’t take words for you to know what he wanted. You reached up to the top of his jeans and undid them. His breathing already was getting heavier. You pushed his jeans down his hips enough to see the hard bulge. You pulled his dick out and glanced up at his face. His eyes were closed, waiting for the pleasure you were going to give him. You slid off the bed onto your knees for better access.

You didn’t make him wait, or tease him. You pumped him a few times before taking him fully in your mouth. He let out a few loud moans at first but they dissolved into whines and gasps for you. His fingers were tangled in your hair wanting you to take him in even more. You relaxed your throat and moved even further down. After a few moments you started to remove your mouth with a pop. You stood up and kissed him, letting your tongues meet. He wrapped his arms around your waist and moved his kisses to your neck.

Jonghyun guided you back onto the bed and had you lay down. He used the silky rope you’d seen minutes before to bind your hands to the headboard, “Can you be quiet for daddy?” Jonghyun asked, his voice sultry and dripping with lust. You shook your head, knowing there was no way you could be quiet… not to mention he just called himself daddy. Jonghyun went to the duffle bag and lifted out a gag, “Guess this’ll have to do then.” He walked over to where you were and put the gag in your mouth and buckled it behind your head. Next he was holding a large silk blindfold. This was everything you weren’t expecting but the feeling it gave was much too good. Once you could see nothing, your senses were dulled yet heightened. You didn’t know what time it was, or how much time was passing for that matter yet you felt everything. Every breeze of the ceiling fan. Every stroke of the feather Jonghyun was trailing up and down your body. You felt the weight shift on the bed and Jonghyun placed himself between your legs. His hands were on your thighs pushing them apart. All of your previous experiences told you he was going to eat you out. Instead you felt something rubber and hard enter you and start vibrating. It didn’t take long for you to realize what was happening with the blindfold or not. The feeling was not one you were unfamiliar with. Just unfamiliar with someone else doing it instead of yourself. Jonghyun pumped it in and out of you while rubbing your clit until you were so close your toes curled and the moans and screams restrained by the gag were almost suffocating. Then suddenly he removed the vibrator and his touch all together you whined and tried to reach for him forgetting for a moment your hands were tied. He got off the bed and went to where your hands were tied and loosened them. You didn’t move however. He took off the blindfold and gag, “Do you want me inside you princess?” He teased.

“Yes daddy… I want you to fuck me so hard.” You moaned out he kissed your lips and ran his fingers through your hair. He turned you over and had you prop yourself up on your forearms.

“Put your ass up” Was his only command when he walked away back to the duffel bag. You did as you were told. The two of you had never had sex in this position before. Everything was so new and you liked it. Jonghyun grabbed another thing out of the bag. A plastic paddle with a silk covering on it. You didn’t even realize what you were saying before it was already slipping out of your lips.

“Please spank me daddy.” You begged him and you weren’t even sure why you wanted it so badly. This side of Jonghyun brought out something inside of you you had no idea was even there.

“Oh I will, I promise princess.” He ran his fingers down your back and grabbed your ass before making contact with the paddle. You liked it. You wanted more and made sure he knew you did. A gasp left your lips as he slapped your ass with the paddle a few more times, “Are you ready for me now?”

You nodded and begged him to fuck you already. He got back onto the bed and lined himself up with you. Entered you and went in all the way. He stayed still so you could adjust for a second but you didn’t need much time. He started thrusting in and out slowly at first until you were a whining mess begging for more. He was pounding his cock in and out of you so hard the bed creaked and knocked against the wall with each thrust. Both of your moans were getting messier. Yours turning more into cries of pleasure mixed with screaming his name. Hearing you scream for him drove him crazy in the best way possible. He grasped your hair and pulled your head back so he could hear your sounds even clearer. You felt your orgasm building again. The pleasure was too intense and you couldn’t hold it  back. You screamed in pleasure, your moans a mixture of Jonghyun’s name and gasps. He pumped in and out of you a few more times before his orgasm washed over him. He moaned your name loudly and dug his fingers into your hips.

Your body went slack when he released his grip on you. He fell onto the bed next to you, “How was that huh?” He was smiling lazily.

“I didn’t know you were such a kinky freak but I like it.” You smiled back. Dinner was hardly on your mind anymore. You’d just had dessert first.

“How about whatever it was you wanted to make so badly instead of sex with me?” Jonghyun was such a tease.

“Oh right… ramyeon, I almost forgot. How about a shower then you can help me cook.” You suggested. The feeling of sweat and cum on your body didn’t seem ideal for cooking a meal. He nodded and grabbed your hand. This had to be the best days off you two have had together in forever.

I know I’m not good at endings but just roll with it lol.

BTS Reacts to Their S/O Constantly Wanting Affection

Hey guys! As per usual, I wrote this during class so I’m posting it now. I’ll be posting my first attempt at a fanfiction soon, which I wrote based on a dream I had. I’ll post a schedule for how the summer is going to look soon. As always, if you have any requests, feel free to send them in and I will get to them as soon as possible considering Finals Week is looming on the horizon.


@myllamaliu:  Hey if you’re not busy can you make a reaction to their s/o constantly wanting affection bc she didn’t really have that as a child? (She has no parents) only if you aren’t busy thank you💖🌹 

Thank you so much for sending in this request! I enjoyed writing it so much, and tried to make it as fluffy as I possibly could. I hope you like it!

1. Jin

     Jin would be more than willing to supply affection. He would cook you meals and cuddle you. At home, he would be all about the skinship. It would be cuddles, cute kisses, and hand holding. He would want you to be as comfortable and happy as possible. Anytime you felt like you needed something, he would know before you said anything. He would be very attentive and kind, checking on you throughout the day to make sure you were okay and to tell you that he loves you. He would send you cute texts throughout the day. He would have cute pictures of you in a photo album he took with him on tour.

2. Suga

     Suga is not an overly affectionate person, but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be affectionate toward you. He would cuddle you whenever he was home and he would be a big fan of stroking your hair whenever he did. He wouldn’t be one to touch you constantly, but he would offer you small touches, brushing your cheek or tucking your hair behind your ear, to make up for it. While he may not express it vocally, he would send cute and cheesy text messages throughout the day.

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope is all about the physical affection. He would be all about cuddling, kissing, and skinship. Whenever you were in the same room, he would have an arm around you or his fingers intertwined with yours. He would randomly kiss you on the temple, cheek, or head whenever he was near you. He would be very attentive to your mood and would do his best to keep you happy. He would be constantly telling you how much he loved you and complimenting you. He would also be a big fan of cute text messages and would sned lots of cute selcas and videos.

4. Rap Monster

     Rapmon may not be a very vocal person when it comes to affection, but he would be an extremely physically affectionate person. He would hold your hand or just hold you for a while. He would ramble on about anything, and if he couldn’t be there at night, he might call you and have you put your phone on speaker so you could listen to him until you fall asleep. He may not touch you as much around the members, but he would show his affection through small touches.

5. Jimin (I couldn’t resist this gif lol)

     Jimin is all about skinship. He would constantly hug you or give you small kisses. He wouldn’t care if other people were around. Both of your phones would be filled with selcas of the two of you. He is one of the members who would be as attached to you as you are to him. He would text and call you whenever he had to be away on tour, or Skype you if he had enough time. He would always make sure that you always know how much he loves you.

6. V

      V is another member who loves skinship and would be super attached to you. He would always try to come up with super cute ways for the two of you to spend time together. He would always find an excuse to hold your hand of hug you. He would spam you with cute selcas or pictures he took of you whenever you were apart, claiming that he didn’t want you to forget his face. He would Skype you as much as he possibly could while he was on tour, missing your face.

7. Jungkook (Sorry, @mintyoongiisjungshook, I felt that I needed to torture you a bit with this gif of the rood child.)

     Jungkook would be a little shy at first, but he would slowly adjust to being physically affectionate. He would hold your hand and cuddle whenever you wanted. He would send lots of cute text messages but he would also send lots of teasing texts. He wouldn’t be a big fan of PDA, but he might do some small touches or hand holding in public. He would text you constantly while he was on tour, updating you on what was happening and sending selcas with the group members. He would try to be with your whenever he could.

I hope you enjoyed! Please remember to send in any requests that you have to my inbox!