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Reminding Myself

Isn’t it strange how you outgrow people in life. I’m not saying you need to toss them out with that dingy old pair of flats you’ve worn three summers in a row.. but it’s like slowly over time you realize they aren’t good for you anymore, maybe they are rubbing you the wrong way and causing your soul to blister. Maybe it’s just their style no longer coexists wits yours and your life is pulling you in opposite directions. I will always remember that one purse I begged for, the fissile one with the long strap and multi colored stripes..the one I wore for 8 years through thick and thin, it went through a marriage with me, child birth, unfortunately it accompanied me in that divorce that followed shortly after our child was born. It was there for that rebound guy that ended up abusing me for three years because I was too sweet and scared to stand up for myself, it was there when I decided enough was enough and I ran away from him and found my way alone. It was there when the quiet nerdy guy came in and patched me up.. reminding me what it felt like to be in a normal relationship, to let someone really love me, it was there when that love faded and left that gapping hole that has never been filled, but it couldn’t last forever. Broken down I retired her because there was nothing left of her for me to use, but I will literally always remember that purse. I have a few friends like that.. ex’s like that.. the ones that was there in my life when I needed them, some were there that shouldn’t have been. But all hold a special place in my heart for one reason or another. They all taught me something. I’m going to stop regretting all the poor decisions I’ve made and start reminding myself to grow from them.


someone asked me about if Amy was kinda like.. the female version of Warfstache, and y’know what ?? ?

I’m super in love with that idea tbh

“I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine. It’s just a scratch. I’ll live.”

A kiss to make it better. ;) They sparred for a couple of hours and Keith got distracted causing Shiro to land a hit. Shiro apologized profusely. Keith thought he was being dramatic. So, I’m back drawing these two idiots. :D | Redbubble


(O ///w///O) my homage to the ever funny and talented @randomsplashes who’s birthday it is! <3 <3 <3 may your day be INFINITELY MAGICAL!!!! thank you so much for always blessing our dashboards with your amazing comics and artwork!!! (^   O ^) you are a gift to every fandom you embrace! i wish you the very best in your year to come and every single day after that!!! *throws confetti in the air*  ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*


The only look that matters


I did a heathers thing!! i didn’t get to upload over the weekend because i was in nyc!! and i saw Amelie!!! I heard pippa sing….in peRSON and it! was! great!!im planning some art already..

Less widely known than their cephalopod cousins the octopus and squid, cuttlefish are masters of disguise. They conceal themselves using chromatophores, which are specialized skin cells that hold pigment and reflect light. With up to 200 of these cells per square millimeter, cuttlefish can transform their appearance with a variety of hues and patterns. When vying for a mate, for example, some male cuttlefish will showcase “intense zebra displays,” creating an almost hypnotic pattern of animated stripes. Cuttlefish also boast one of the largest brain-to-body size ratios of any invertebrate. According to some scientists studying cephalopod learning, cuttlefish can use visual clues to solve mazes, making them more intelligent than many vertebrates and land mammals. Photo: Peter Hellberg

America: NASA is my actual lover.

Russia:… NASA is a privately owned company.

America: And I’m a talking land mass. What’s your point? 

Signos como: Bandas o Artistas del nuevo Siglo.

Aries:  The Weeknd 

R&B Alternativo / Intenso, real, oscuro

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Tauro: Arctic Monkeys 

Indie Rock / Fresco, artistico, profundo 

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Géminis: One Direction

Pop / Completo, Versátil, simpatico. 

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Cáncer: Lana Del Rey

Indie Pop / Clásico , Bello, tranquilizante

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Leo: Eminem 

Rap / Abierto, Orgulloso, popular.

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Virgo: The White Stripes.

Rock / Vintage, expresivo, potente. 

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Libra: Rihanna

R&B/ Sensual, Lírico, de la vieja escuela.

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Escorpio: Amy Winehouse

Jazz - Blues / Melancólico,  transparente, temperamental. 

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Sagitario: Twenty One Pilots

HipHop-Rap/ Real, carismatico, espíritu libre

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Capricornio: Gorillaz 

Rock Alternativo / Audaz, Intrigante, innovador

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Acuario: Die Antwoord 

Rap alternativo/ Inquieto, aventurero, rebelde

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Piscis: Tame Impala 

Rock Psicodélico / cautivador, Reflexivo, estetico. 

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(Esto fue una petición, de hace mucho tiempo. Lamentamos la tardanza. Esperamos que disfrutes el Post) <3 

PD: Somos conscientes de que no todas las Bandas/artistas comenzaron después del 2000, pero nos referimos a que tuvieron su auge o popularidad durante el nuevo siglo.