the stripe is still a little too wide

Sam’s Reward

SPN FanFic

~Sometimes you need to flip the tables on your man…~

Sam x Reader

1,569 Words

Warnings: NSFW. PWP. Sub!(ish) Sam Smut! (he’s tied up) Just dirty, dirty smut.

A/N: This is a drunken tag-team effort between myself and my buddy Jess @wi-deangirl77​. We were chatting and this happened. Hope you enjoy ;)

He was just a little too long for the motel bed, but you made it work. With his legs and arms spread wide, he fit just fine. His navy striped tie held his wrists high above and the cuffs you’d lifted from Dean’s duffel had his ankles bound to the foot board. Thank God for old fashioned beds…

Although he knew he couldn’t move, he still tried.  His muscles bulging and twisting, and the light sheen of sweat that began to cover his body just added to that Greek God look.

He wasn’t one to submit, ever… but it had been a long day and you’d whispered promises every chance you got. He was more than ready to see what you could do. Ready to let you take control; ready to submit and let you play out your fantasy.

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WinterBoneless xReader HC: Bucky pushes Ivar back on the bed until Ivar's back rests against the headboard. He spreads Ivar's legs and rubs his calloused palm over the crotch of Ivar's tight black pants. Then he grabs you and throws you on the bed. You scoot back until you're between Ivar's thighs, hands on his knees. Bucky grins wickedly and shakes his head slowly, reaching in his pocket to produce thick, black silk rope. "Gimme your hands, babygirl," he growls, licking his lips slowly (1/?)

You extend your wrists to Bucky, chest already heaving, as Ivar kisses your neck softly, fingers skimming down your sides and reaching between your thighs. He pauses and looks up to Bucky, waiting for permission. Bucky grins wider and nods as he winds the rope around and between your wrists. He slides two fingers beneath the bonds when he finishes and, satisfied that they aren’t too tight, drags your bound wrists over yours and Ivar’s head and rests them around Ivar’s neck. (2/?)

Bucky lies on his stomach and Snakes his arms around your thighs, roughly tugging you toward him. Ivar’s fingers slide through your folds, spreading you wide for Bucky’s hot, eager tongue to lick a wide stripe up your cunt. Ivar’s other hand wraps around your throat, squeezing lightly as you squirm under Bucky’s mouth and tongue. “Hold still, little dove,” Ivar coos in that deadly soft voice, teeth grazing your ear. Your nipples harden and he chuckles. “Our Soldier is such a hungry one.” (3/3)


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