the strip bar

sometimes I want to study hard and devote my entire life to education then I remember donald trump, vladimir putin, theresa may and kim jong un all exist at the same time and I have a sudden urge to sell every single thing I own to go backpacking around Europe where I can spend all of my money on strip bars and cocaine because someone is gonna drop a bomb soon so what’s the point

Sakura Haruno Fic Recommendations

I’m an admitted serial Sakura shipper. If there’s a single man in Konoha (or outside of it), you can almost bet I’ll find a way to somehow ship them. But honestly, even if I don’t necessarily ship them, I may find the story beautiful and put it here for others who ship them. Most are in the Naruto-verse but will be stated otherwise if not. 

Most, if not all, are Rated M. So be warned that almost all of them contain smut/adult content of some kind. I’m trying to branch out and read things that don’t contain smut but it’s a little challenging. I like steamy reads. 

Happy Reading!

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SHINee in the mafia


•  the one who runs everything behind closed doors, the secret leader.
•  He’s basically a myth and no one knows if he’s real or not, you probably won’t hear from him unless you’re about to get your neck snapped.
•  Revenge is his middle name and he takes everything personally, esp if it’s about the boys.
•  Doesn’t even need guns or any sort of weapons, his hands will got the job done.
•  Won’t take orders from anybody but he cares for his boys, so they’ll always come first.


•  the playboy who’s always looking for a fight.
•  He’s been too spoiled by his seniors but he’s earned his role so he’s happy, until someone underestimates him….he can use those short legs to his advantage.
•  Is always carrying some sort of knife in his hand and playing with it, winking at whoever is gawking at him.
•  he’ll seduce anyone if there’s gain, and he enjoys it too.
•  probably hates watching interrogations bc he’ll end up stepping in and putting an end to the violence. (a soft man)


•  the one who calls the shots, literally.
•  leads every sort of invasion and handles every deal made with their allies/enemies. 
•  you know he’s planning something bad when you see him smirking and conversing with jjong. 
•  gets rid of all the evidence that could incriminate them, esp Taemin’s since he’s always making a mess, but he loves that boy to death. 
•  could camouflage himself very well, and he’s got the police wrapped around his pinky.


•  the leader- on the outside, at least.
•  he’s got a soft heart despite what he says, so he lets Jinki take care of business while he maintains a scary and intimidating image to people who don’t know him. 
•  handles all the money and investments, and owns hella strip clubs and bars across the country.
•  probably fell in love with the wrong person more than once so he’s a mess, though he doesn’t show it.
•  takes expensive trips to private islands and mysteriously disappears for a week or two before returning. 


•  works undercover for the police. 
•  has a tragic back story of when the mafia destroyed his whole family, and so he joins them later on, planning on taking down every last one of them. 
•  he’d probably get too attached as the years go by, since they really treat him like family. 
•  leaves evidence for the police to find instead of outing them himself, bc he doesn’t have the heart to have them find out that he was a spy the whole time. 
•  ends up taking their side and telling them everything, but he’ll find out that it was a mistake.  

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Broken Up

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Request (summarized): Can i request one, where dean and the reader used to date but Dean turned into a demon and Sam asks for the reader’s help? They find out about a strip club that he visits regularly and reader pretends to be a stripper that doesn’t know Dean. He asks for a private show and urges her to admit that she’s the reader who denies it, but tells him a story of how she used to date this one guy, but they broke up and she is dating his brother now to make Dean jealous, ending up in smut?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: This one…oh boy…

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Bachelor's party

My friends took me out to do the normal bar hop/strip club deal. And i did get a wonderful bj from an asian stripper. But before all that happened my sister had insisted on going with me and my friends because she hadnt gone out in a long time. So my beat friend Sam and i got a hotel room and my sister got her own, my 3 other friends planned to go home after. After the first strip club my sister said she had a surprise for me after the outings that i would never forget, and better than any strip club.So after the second strip club and 3rd bar, it was just sam, me and my sister. So we decided to head back to the hotel and finish with some drinking games and music. After about 20 min of some drinking games and close dancing/grinding between me and my sister and sam and my sister, there was a knock on the door. My sister got up to answer it and said she had another game to play when she got back.She came back with my mother in hand. Mybsister was wearing a short skirt and low cut top, my mother was in a knee length loose dress. I was sitting in an armless chair and sam was on the bed. My sister said it was time for my surprise and put on music from her phone. She and my mother started dancing while sam and i watched. The started grabbing each other, grinding into each other, then making out. After about 2 songs my sister reached under my mothers dress and started rubbing her mound. They whispered for a few seconds the my mom went to sam and my sister to me and started giving us a lap dance.My mom laid at the edge of the bed and my sister went up and started sucking sam. I didnt hesitate and started eating the cum from my mothers pussy until she came on my face then i started fucking her and shared some of sams cum with her in a passionate kiss. I fucked my mom while my sister got sam hard again. About 10 min. I stopped before i came and told my sister it was time for me to fill her. She sucked my cock for a minute or two the told me she wanted to see sam cum in my ass while i came in her. After everything that had happened so far we had agreed eagerly. So my sister laid on the bed, i got between her. My mother licked and finger my ass for a minute then guided sams cock into my ass. After about 5 min i got comfortable and pushed into my sister. Afyer we got a good rythm it only took my about 3 min to cum the hardest i think ive ever came deep in my sister. Sam still pounded my ass for another few minutes while i just stay buried in my sister before he came in my ass. After he pulled out my sister and i made out and my mother cleaned out my ass. After an hour or so of recouping the fucking went on for another hour or so. Every one got a turn that night but only i came in my sister. She had our second child about 7months after my wedding.


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Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams

Author: amsimaria
Word count: 10K
Feature: Jimin x Reader (mentions of other Bts members)
Genre: Angst/slight Fluff (Rated M)
Warnings: Violence, Mentions of sexual acts, Punk Jimin, Depression, Swearing, Addiction, Soft drugs use, (Eventual smut, not in this part).

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Did you know? 

In the early years of The Jackson 5, Michael and his brothers would play in dive bars and stripper clubs. Which is most commonly known among fans, but? Did you know that Michael would often watch the stripper before he performed and often watch them strip fully nude, throwing their bra’s and panties into the crowd. He recalled that he’d see things of men going wild over the girls, often sniffing their thrown panties and yelling at them. 

He and his brothers liked to go back stage and fight over the peep holes in the woman’s bathrooms as well as the strippers changing rooms. They’d often fight over who should be watching and how long they should be watching for. 

Bearing in mind that Michael was only nine years old at the time. 

(Source: Michael Jackson’s Autobiography, Moon Walk 1988.)