the strikeout

Our Little Secret-Part One

Summary: After a hunt and quite a few drinks the boys learn that you aren’t as ‘experienced’ in one department as they thought you were. Dean thinks he can rectify that

Series Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled/Kink: Oral Fixation for @spnkinkbingo

Word Count: 4700

Warnings: Smut, oral (male and female receiving), insecure reader, language

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. This is the first part of what I hope is a lengthy and smutty series. Any feedback is always appreciated. This is also for @emilywritesaboutdean and @wheresthekillswitch ‘s Do It Like TFW Challenge (The gif is near the bottom)

A thank you to my beta @ayeronda for betaing at an ungodly hour and being so wonderful.

It’s been a long ass day and an even longer hunt. You were more than happy to be sitting on Dean’s bed in the boys’ motel room, sipping on your second, or maybe it is the third beer. And that was just here, it wasn’t counting the four or five shots you had had down at the bar. So now you were here and Sam was riding Dean hard about his strikeout at the bar.

“Dude, you were never going home with her.”

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.”

You can’t help but chuckle, “What? Two whole minutes?”

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Dean x Reader

Summary: You and Dean are like two peas in a pod and are just friends. That is, until you both head out of a bar with different people.

Warnings: Implied smut.

Requested by @faultychromosome. Sorry this took so long to get done. I hope you enjoy!

A/N: I’m really sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been buried at school and life recently. But, I promise I’ll write as much as I can!

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

“Hey, beautiful. Where are you heading?” Dean asks with a cocky smirk, eyeing your form in your black leather jacket and well fitting jeans.

You chortle. “To the same bar as you, handsome.”

Your relationship with Dean was purely platonic, despite your constant flirting. The two of you were like two pieces of a whole–confident, funny, brave. A relationship with two people so alike wouldn’t work out, right?

The second you walk into the bar, Dean immediately leaves your side, eyeing up a pretty, busty blonde sipping a fruity drink.

You shrug it off because after all, this wasn’t a new occurrence. You take a seat at the bar and order some whisky from a pretty waitress who’s been eyeing you since you’ve walked in while letting your eyes roam around the bar for an another attractive person to spend your night with.

“Pretty strong drink for a pretty little thing like you?” 

A rough voice causes you to look up. A tall man, though not as tall as Sam, stands before you. He has pretty blue eyes, some dark scruff on his well-shaped jaw, and a killer smile.

You grin back. “You’d be surprised.”

He sits next to you. “Rob. by the way.” He offers his large, muscular hand to you, and you almost shiver.

“Y/N”, you respond in a low voice, eyeing up his muscular figure. 

The two of you talk casually and a couple of drinks later, your lips are molded with his. His hands come up to rest along your neck as he attacks your lips with his. 

The two of you stagger to the exit of the bar and you catch Dean locking lips with the blonde. You two meet eyes as you eye the door and he understands.

With that, you and (was his name Ron? You couldn’t really remember) leave the bar, ready to head back to the hotel.

When you wake up, the man from last night is gone. No matter, though. He was far too rough and inconsiderate for your liking. You rub the marks on your neck tenderly–you usually don’t like getting that many hickies. 

You stretch your sore muscles before taking a shower and getting dressed in your usual hunter’s outfit consisting of a plaid shirt and ripped jeans. 

You knock on Dean’s door, hearing high-pitched giggling before he opens the door. 

The blonde from last night is still all over him, leaving red lipstick stains wherever her lips touched. Still in a bad mood from the strikeout last night, you glare at the two of them.

“We need to get going, Dean.”

The blonde stares at you with a look of disgust before planting one last kiss on Dean’s lips, causing you to growl.

“Bye, bay-be” she drawls out before she walks off.

You look over to him. “Aw, bay-be”, you tease with a hint of anger in your voice.

He’s about to retort something back before noticing the hickies littering your neck. “What happened?”

You scoff. “Like you’ve never seen hickies before.”

Dean rolls his eyes. “You, well, you don’t like hickies that much.”

You’re slightly surprised he remembers this. 

“Here”, he begins, gently pulling you inside. “Let me get some ice for them.”

You sit on his unmade bed as he gets some ice from the fridge and offers it to you. 

You mutter a “thanks” as you hold the ice to your sore neck and the two of you sit in silence. 

You can’t help but notice Dean’s eyes trailing over the marks with a sort of hatred in his gaze, and you can’t help but look with slight disgust at the smudged lipstick stains littering his body.

Before you know it, the two of you are locking lips for the first time. Dean possessively wraps his arms around your body, keeping one hand on your neck to massage the marks. Your hands meet his cheek as you try to rub off the lipstick on his face,

You and Dean never thought you’d ever fall for each other. But one things for absolutely certain– you both can’t stand the other being marked by anyone except themselves.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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At First Sight

Characters: Y/N Collins, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr, Rob Benedict, Briana Buckmaster, Jeffrey Dean Morgan       

Pairing: AU Jensen x Reader (sorta), Misha x Sister!Reader

Warnings: Innocent(ish) state of undressed, flustered baby Jensen - yes that’s a warning!  

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: This can 100 % be read as a one shot but it is thought off as part of my College!Jensen AU.

It is also written for for @deansleather 31 Days of Halloween SPN Writing Challenge and my prompt was moonlight.

Thanks to the sweet amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this one for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Jensen smiled as he felt the cool autumn air on his skin. It wasn’t cold by any means, but summer was ending. The leaves were changing color, and the heat was no longer unbearable. Jensen had always loved this time of year. There was something magical about the many colors and the way the setting sun made everything seem almost as if it was covered in gold. The world was full of promise and changes, especially this year. It was Jensen’s first year of college, and he was already loving every moment of it already.

He had gotten a full ride as a pitcher at Texas Tech. He loved that he didn’t have to ask his parents for much. Not that they would mind. He liked feeling independent and not having to lean on them too much. That was the same reason he had gotten himself a job, so he could pay for his on campus apartment. Between baseball, school, homework, and work Jensen found himself pretty busy most of the time, but he loved any minute of it.

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Travel Booty

It’s been a while since my last update.  I’ve been traveling and crazy busy with work, which has really left me with options with regulars and less time spent finding new women.  Of the times I’ve struck out when meeting women, I just don’t post about that.  The reality is that of the times I approach women, there are a lot of failures and strikeouts.  It happens.  Since I’m typically after married women, strikeouts are more likely than with single women (and women with boyfriends).

Last night was an exception.  I’m in Nashville; leaving soon.

After some early meetings with customers, my day ended early and I went out to grab lunch.  I sat next to a table with three women and I originally didn’t put any thought into it.  When looking at the menu, I leaned back, barged into their conversation, and asked them what was good, since they were already eating.  Advice given and I took the time to use down-time moments with my coworker to engage them in conversation and flirt.  My eyes did the recon.  Two of them were married and all of them were in good shape; probably in their late-20s/early-30s.  Flirting worked and they were engaged as a whole.  I chose one of the married women that was more social and gave her a little more eye-contact and non-verbals.  The flirting was reciprocated, but very brief.  I asked if they were locals or traveling.  They were all traveling for work so I asked them if they wanted to grab a drink later.  They all declined with the dreaded, “maybe.”

My food came and I heard the women get up and leave.  I assumed it was done, but the one I was flirting with came back in by herself and gave me her business card, saying that she could meet up around 4pm.  She told me to text her and we could meet up.

I texted her and she met me at a bar on Broadway at 4.  We grabbed a drink and shot the shit about work, but I worked some flirting in.  We went out and walked around a bit (great city; great music).  We had dinner while we were out and we stayed out at some bars until later.  Over the hours, the flirting got more intense and personal with a lot of brushing up against one another.  I’m sure attraction and alcohol had something to do with lowering our guards.  Anyway, I shot her a, “It’s too bad you’re married…” line and she responded with, “I should have hid my ring!”  It was a great sign and I said, “I prefer married women leave their rings on…”

That’s where things got more pointed.  She asked me to clarify.  I said that I enjoy flirting with married women.  That they are a taboo and fun because they’re unavailable.  She laughed and said I was bad, but I told her that we’ve been flirting for some time and while she’s unavailable, I doubted that her husband would approve of the content of our flirting.  She agreed that he definitely wouldn’t have approved and I proved my point that she likes flirting because she’s unavailable as well.  She asked if flirting ever went too far and I said it did.  She asked me to clarify and I told her that I’ve fucked a number of married women.  I asked her about her experiences and she admitted to cheating on her husband a few times, but she was reluctant to share the details.

Once it was at that level, our flirting got more direct and we kissed.  Heavy petting in a dark corner of a bar and kissing for about 10 minutes and I said that there was a great bar at my hotel with less prying eyes.  She agreed to go.

We got to the hotel and I went toward the elevators and she said, “We’re not going to the bar, are we?”  I said no.  She quietly followed up me up to my room.  We kissed again, hard and passionately once the door was closed.

She left her ring on while I undressed her with my teeth and kissed her.  It was gentle at first, but progressed into rough with a lot of teasing on her neck, nipples, and clit without penetration.  When she pulled my briefs down, she saw my cock with wide-eyed wonder and just said, “wow!”  I loved that powerful feeling.  She said she had an ex-boyfriend with a big cock that she cheated on her husband with and she missed that feeling.

She is about 5′3″ or so and on the petite side.  I took my time sliding my cock into her at first, slowly working my girth and length in until I bottomed out just short of the base of my cock.  The dirty talk exploded from her from that point on.  The gentle fucking didn’t last long as she eased into her pussy getting stretched and she hit me to get me to be rougher, which I obliged.  Hair pulling, throat squeezing, grabbing her jaw to control her head and yank it around.  I asked her at what point she knew I was going to fuck her.  She said she knew I probably wanted to since I asked them out to drinks, but she wanted to be alone when she invited herself personally.  That she knew how sex went on business trips.  That when we met and the flirting didn’t have to worry about others ears, she knew it was probably going to happen.  That she went to her room to shave her pussy just in case, before she met up with me.

She crashed at my place and I woke up at 4am to her sucking my cock.  It was dark and I felt her straddle me and side on me.  I fucked her and she jumped into the shower to quickly head back to her own hotel to prepare for the day.  I crashed for a little longer before having to wake up for an early meeting.

We exchanged numbers and she lives in Milwaukee, so I’ll have to visit her the next time I’m in town there or drive up for a special trip!

anonymous asked:

Is there a format like Commander but with multiple versions of the same characters? Between so many return blocks and the alternate versions of Phage, etc, seems like that should be a thing by now.

Oooooooooo!! I don’t know of any format that exists like that YET, but I like where you mind is going with this, Nonnie… 

OK, so I propose we call our new format: 

Quantum Commander 

(or “QC” for short) 

And it works something like this: 

  • Players still have a 100-card singleton deck (except for basic lands) 
  • Instead of one legendary creature for a commander, QC decks have up to two commanders, as long as both creatures flavorfully represent alternate versions of the same character 
  • QC decks may contain cards that match the color identity of the combined commanders 
  • Players may only have one of their commanders on the battlefield at a time (we don’t want any paradoxes, after all) 
  • If a player has one of their commanders on the battlefield, casting their other commander results in exiling the first, and sending it to the Command Zone (regardless of who controls the creature at the time) 
  • When a commander is in play, its owner may not cast any spells from their hand or play any lands in colors outside of that commander’s color identity (Updated 8-11-2017, italics text added, strikeout text removed) 
  • A player can only win the game when one of their commanders is on the battlefield (though not necessarily under their control) 

OK, so let’s go through some QC Q&A. And for our examples here, we’re going to use these two handsome legendary creatures for our commanders: 

Q: What card colors can I have in this deck? 
A: Since Rhys the Exiled has a color identity of Green/Black, and Rhys the Redeemed has a color identity of Green/White, this deck can contain any spells or lands with green, black, or white mana symbols on them (as well as colorless or generic mana.) 

Q: Would I be able to play any Abzan colored cards like Doran the Siege Tower in this deck? 
A: You can put Doran in the deck, and you can play him while the deck is in “superposition” (when neither commander is on the battlefield) but as soon as either Rhys is played, you would not be able to cast Doran from your hand, since neither commander has all of Doran’s colors in their color identities.  (Updated 8-11-2017, italics text added) 

Q: What about a cool spell with a White/Black hybrid mana cost, like Unmake? 
A: Unmake can go in the deck, and you can play it while the deck is in “superposition,” but you would be unable to cast it from your hand while either commander is in play.  (Updated 8-11-2017, italics text added)

Q: If I control a black creature, like Hunter of Eyeblights, does it go away when I cast Rhys the Redeemed? 
A: Nope, casting Rhys the Redeemed won’t make any of your black permanents go away. You just won’t be able to cast any black spells from your hand while he’s on the battlefield.  (Updated 8-11-2017, italics text added)

Q: Can I play a Plains while Rhys the Exiled is on the battlefield? 
A: Yes. No, but you can still use any lands you already have in play (as long as you’re not using them to cast white spells.)  (Updated 8-11-2017, italics text added, strikeout text removed) 

Q: What happens if my opponent’s life total is 0 or they can’t draw a card, and I don’t have a commander in play? 
A: Since you can’t win in “superposition,” the game will continue (like if you had an Abysmal Persecutor under your control) until either you cast one of your commanders, or your opponent wins the game. If both you and your opponent have life totals of 0 or lower when you cast a commander, the game ends in a draw. (Note that this rule applies only when you have a single opponent. If you have multiple opponents, those opponents can still lose while your deck is in “superposition.” Once you have eliminated all but one opponent, this rule then takes effect.) 

Q: What’s with all the extra restrictions, dude? Why do you hate fun?! 
A: OK, first of all, that’s more than one question. Secondly, that’s kind of rude. And thirdly, I think that restrictions are important for keeping formats fun! (I mean, if you’re going to have the flexibility of TWO commanders, you’re going to need to give some stuff up.) 

Q: Could I make a case that Maralen of the Mornsong and Oona, Queen of the Fae are two versions of the same character? 
A: Ooo! I see you’ve read the Lorwyn books too! Hmm, I could see making a case for that, but it’s up to the discretion of your playgroup whether or not they accept that interpretation of the character. 

Q: How much longer are these questions and answers going to go on? 
A: I think this is a good place to end them for now (at least until other people chime in with questions of their own.) 

So what do you all think?! Fun format? Inherently broken? Something worth trying out? Let me know your thoughts/suggestions! 

Sentinel Wars (1/?)

So a few weeks ago I had an idea about combining Star Wars with The Sentinel, and some folks seemed to like that thought.  So….  I wrote some of it!  Shoutout to @likealeafonthewind for helping with some behind-the-scenes world-building on this.  @norcumi, I went in a completely different direction than the plot bunny you put up for adoption.  Sorry not sorry?

And now, I give you the first part of… “Sentinel Wars!”  (Because what is a creative title, I cannot.)


When the war starts, Rex is in the unenviable position of not really fitting into any of the ideal duty placements for a clone soldier of the GAR.  He’s a fully-manifested Sentinel, along with about 40% of his brothers, but he is neither able to operate fully on his own, like the command-track Sentinels do, nor synced with a partner to wake him up on the occasions when he does get lost in his senses, like the ground troopers and the specialized Sentinel teams.

It’s usually not too difficult for any of his nearby brothers to snap him out of his head, if he gets lost in a sound or a scent, but it would be easier if he’d found someone to sync with.  Still, he’s careful with himself, as much as he can be.  Zoning out too often or too deeply gets you culled, but Rex is stubborn.  He’s not getting culled, and he’ll defy his own karking instincts to make sure of it.  But that still leaves him with all his senses primed and no permanent partner to watch his back.

(mobile users, there’s a cut here!)

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I don’t think I will ever fully understand the hype around Suzy. She’s a pretty girl and seems nice, but other than that what does she really do? Her singing isn’t bad, but IMO it’s very boring. Her voice just sounds the same as any other girl group vocalist (although I do think that’s mostly JYP Ent’s fault) and her acting tends to either be a base on balls or a complete strikeout. I have no real problem with her at all and I admire her hustle, but I don’t get why she’s so popular.

I won't pick any flowers, but take my hand & I'll show you all the petals I want to wrap around your smile

dear Em,

I just want you
to be proud of me
I want you to help
dust the stories
from the knees
of my jeans
I want it
but I’ll never ask you

I’m not sure how I
got from the bottom
of a bottle to the
top of a page
I’ve learned I prefer
ink stained chairs
to last call stares
I’m not sure how
complete sentences
paragraphs became
butterfly soaked lines
letters I can’t write
I’m not sure when
I stopped writing poetry
poetry became an intricate
half sleeve with a full
view of the ghosts living
inside me

when I eat blueberries
I taste all your secrets
my mind let go
my heart won’t

I seek your favor
like the sun breaks windows
in an effort to buy
the moon coffee

I eat lunch alone
when I’m finished
I run my palms over
overgrown grass
it reminds me of all the dreams
that sprouted like flowers
from your belly button
with colors that tasted like
today would never end
tomorrow wouldn’t either

when I see another woman
I grin a half dimple
I don’t show her teeth
I hold open the door for her
I say hello as she walks by
I slam my heart’s door in her face
if I she licks her lips at the smell
of my lonely

your ghost taught
me the difference between
being lonely
being alone
when you’re alone
you only smell darkness
when you’re lonely
you slice it and make
the same sandwich
with different bread
every breath

I’ll never ask you
to stain your fingers
in whiskey paint or strikeouts
in coagulated platelets
if you want to break a window
forget the east, you’re the moon
in my story

I will ask you to coffee
just to see if you
can taste my lonely
just to see if you want
to come back inside me
lounge on new furnishings
so your lips can write the poetry

of how proud
I want you

to be


Heroes Poster Character List

Here is a list of available characters for the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Fan Project Heroes Poster. If there is a strikeout over someone’s name it means they are no longer available.

This list was last updated 10/09/17 at 11:21 PM CT.

Final Fantasy

Warrior | Thief | Monk | Black Mage | White Mage | Red Mage

Final Fantasy II

Firion | Maria | Guy

Final Fantasy III

Luneth | Arc | Refia | Ingus

Final Fantasy IV

Cecil | Rosa | Kain | Cid | Porom & Palom | Yang | Tellah | Edward | Fusoya | Rydia | Edge

Final Fantasy V

Bartz | Lenna | Faris | Galuf | Krile

Final Fantasy VI

Terra | Locke | Edgar | Sabin | Cyan | Relm | Strago | Gau | Celes | Setzer

Final Fantasy VII

Cloud | Tifa | Barret | Aeris | Red XIII | Cait Sith | Cid | Yuffie | Vincent

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


Final Fantasy VIII

Squall | Quistis | Zell | Selphie | Rinoa | Irvine | Laguna

Final Fantasy IX

Zidane | Vivi | Garnet | Steiner | Freya | Quina | Eiko | Amarant

Final Fantasy X

Tidus | Yuna* | Auron | Kimahri | Wakka | Lulu | Rikku*

*can be drawn in their X or X-2 appearance

Final Fantasy X-2


Final Fantasy XI


Final Fantasy XII

Vaan | Balthier | Fran | Basch | Ashe | Penelo

Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning* | Snow | Vanille | Sazh | Hope | Fang

*can be drawn in which ever appearance from the trilogy (no costumes)

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Serah | Noel

Final Fantasy XIV

Warrior of Light (male protagonist depicted in all the trailers) | Y'shtolaLyse | Tataru

Final Fantasy XV

Noctis | Ignis | Prompto | Gladiolus

Final Fantasy Tactics

Ramza | Mustadio | Agrias | Rapha | Marach | Cidolfus | Meliadoul

Final Fantasy Type-0

Ace | Deuce | Trey | Cater | Cinque | Sice | Seven | Eight | Nine | King | Machina | Rem

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Rain | Lasswell | Fina

Mobius Final Fantasy


Dissidia Final Fantasy

Onion Knight

World of Final Fantasy

Lann | Reynn

a poem I forgot I wrote

I lose poems all the time
somehow the wind slips
her fingers into my
draft folder and
all I can do is wave while
they flap out the window

sometimes I’m writing
about her but then she
shows up unannounced
the sheets of this four
post journal can only
cover one of them and
I’m left with a threesome
my heart can’t handle so
I cuddle with my pen
on the couch

phrases become rhymes
I only get two words on
the page before the ink
blots, shrugging his shoulders
like it’s my fault he can’t
write lines, he winks, promises
he’ll lace his shoes next time
so I grab his brother from
the bag and snap him in half
I shake him and say
you better
you little bastard

some days my journal
slides off the desk
or I drop it walking
to my car and it opens
to black bled ink with
blots and strikeouts
long since dried

It’s like I excavated
a piece of myself
I buried without last rites

It’s a torn twenty dollar bill
in the back pocket of jeans
I haven’t worn in a year

I find words I wish
the wind would’ve made
rain two states away

I find words with faces
I can touch and inhale
alone on my porch

sometimes words find me,
waving pictures of decapped
family and curse me

with more Poetry

I feel yesterday like
the next heartbeat
I feel thousands of heart
beats ago today with
phantom cramped muscles,
trying to grasp a feeling
in a memory
that I can feel now

in a poem I forgot I wrote

I close my journal
I break every pen
and light the bag on fire

I sleep on the couch alone
but I’m usually awoken

by a window I left open
a dream about a name
I can no longer say
a hidden pen unbroken
a loose page asking about


melody-of-the-sea  asked:

im havin a bad time but your blog is making me smile. Thanks sunshine xxx

I’m sorry you’ve been having a rough time. I’m glad my blog can help you smile. While I’m here, let me link you to a few fics that always cheer me up: 

Grade School by KagSesshlove : A series about Damian in school 

Splash of Pink by @camsthisky​: fluff with some pranks

Snapshots by @blissaster​: Honestly one of the best Damian fics out there

A Children’s Story by TheResurrectionist: the summary says it all, four batkids walk into a bank.

Unaccompanied Minor by @audreycritter: Bruce and Diana play a prank on Jason

We Live Like Kings by @audreycritter: Bruce and Jason go to a ball game and spend the night (robin Jason)

Battle Lines by @oh-mother-of-darkness: Damian plays with toy soldiers and little kids

That said @oh-mother-of-darkness has a whole list of Head Canons called Reasons To Be Happy that you should check out because they’re the best. 

and these two are anonymously published on AO3 

Strikeout: Damian gets in a fight with furniture, and loses

your umbrella is upside down: Damian picks on Bruce

and I can’t forget the amazing tale of Bruce and Tim at Walmart as written by @unpretty found here

Finally here is some of my own fluff: 

Little Offenses: Damian picks on his siblings

Days Like These: Alfred enjoys a peaceful day

Super Sleepover: Damian and Jon have a sleepover

Target Practice: Steph takes Damian out to play laser tag

Sun Spot: Dick watches Damian sketch 

I hope there’s something on the list that will help you smile even more. I hope your day gets better! 

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 86: Salute 2

In this chapter, in the subsequent practice matches, Coach Kataoka keeps on experimenting, giving players chance to play and trying players on different positions in order to fully take advantage of their skill and abilities. Among them are

Eijun as left fielder.

I’ve guessed when I saw the title page, but wow, Eijun you never stop making me proud. Of all pitchers, only Furuya who is considered capable of playing left fielder, but now Eijun is too. Even if Eijun remains full of antics and doesn’t inspire much confidence, everyone acknowledges that his fielding is getting better. (it’s been a while I’ve seen Kanemaru nagging Eijun on the field, honestly their interactions are always entertaining)

It is also a contingency plan for Eijun to reclaim the mound when he’s needed even after he has pitched his turn. It’s also an important practice for Eijun because it’s not easy to shift from outfielder to pitcher. As outfielder he sacrifices control for speed, while as pitcher he needs control, and as such he is a mess in the beginning. 

But Eijun, of course, doesn’t take long to regain his footing. Once again he’s proving qualities of an Ace.

Yui as right fielder. It is the same position he holds in previous matches. But it is only confirmed in this chapter that it’s a position intended to be assigned to him.

I’m not really surprised. Kataoka is really looking to strengthen Seidou’s offensive power. The additional players to the first-string such as Takatsu has displayed their batting skill, and Yui, compared to Yuuki, has been a consistent batter in every matches he’s played in. But catcher position is pretty much locked in with Miyuki and Ono. (Interestingly this should put Okumura in the same predicament if he manages to get to first string… or not?)

Talking about Okumura. The more we are shown of him and Seto, the more I see Miyuki and Kuramochi in them.

Furuya’s observation doesn’t help, ‘troublesome if he gets on base’ and ‘aim for pitcher’s best pitch’ those two are the batters Kuramochi and Miyuki are, or were in the beginning. (and that’s a very good observation, Furuya! I’m proud of you too!)

And Miyuki… hoo boy. 

He’s getting better and better as cleanup. Honestly, being captain and catcher, dealing with the team and four to six pitchers, I’m amazed that he manages to polish his batting skill in-between (not to mention getting passing grade in classes). It’s a certainty he’ll get lots of offer before he graduates.

After reading this chapter, I feel like Perspective will be an apt title for it.

However, this is particularly emphasized for the pitchers by having Eijun in the outfield and Furuya in the sidelines, and if it goes as Kataoka planned, in the infield. 

It seems Kataoka wants to drive to two things into the pitchers: that an out is an out, regardless from strikeout or from fielders; and that contribution to the team’s victory is possible from different position. It is as though Kataoka is trying to drive the point home that they as pitchers are not alone, they have the fielders defending behind them, that they don’t have to take all the burden and pressure on their own and that they can still do something even if they are not on the mound, that they still have worth outside of pitching, they are more capable than they think they are. It is a gesture of trust to put them in a position they are unused to.

It’s also worthy of note that even without Furuya, and using pitcher relay of pitchers who doesn’t have a chance to play in official matches, Seidou manages to keep their winning streak. It’s getting harder to guess who’s going to make the final team roster, especially if we’re counting in those in second string. It’s also foolish to only consider the players based on their initial position as more and more of them are playing other positions. I suppose we can only wait and see.

every breath is another second I'm someone I'm not supposed to be

I don’t want to say
you’ve turned me
into the man
I am today

I can’t say
you didn’t spin
the wheel
a few times

I guess you thought
I buried the best
parts of you in a field
I no longer visit
under a tree
I no longer sketch
I thought I did too

I guess there’s a difference
between forgotten feet
of rain soaked shovels
the deepest parts
of your shortest pockets

there’s a difference
between a headstone
with engraved fingertip traced
names and dates
with zinc profiles
raised cupreous
mintings that
burn palms
every time
you start
the car

you don’t get to see me
you don’t see when
I notice a mother
struggling with
a stroller and a door
I think of you
I hold the hinges
to maximum egression
or I pick
up the front wheels
to put them on the other
side of steel mountains
impeding completion
of all the daily duty
strikeout lists
with letters and phrases
I have no clue or insight

you don’t get to see me
you don’t see when
I notice a father
carrying a blue blanket
in one hand
guiding five tiny
fingers with tiny
feet in the other
I hold open the same
door in the same manner
straining hinges
to the point of maximum
engineered equation
I think what if he were
to let go of those tiny
palms and feel the same
burn as I do?

I am somewhere in-between
a mind that says no
a heart that won’t

I am a cup that holds
no water and a bowl
that can’t hold enough

my best shadings fill
the lines better when
I unfold closed eye pages

I am an uncovered hole
refusing dirt and a pocketful
of unspendable smiles

my palms are empty reminders
of sunshine in the darkest
nights without a moon

my veins flow with unintended
consquences and my heart chokes
on incomplete duties

sometimes I reach for air
hold it until my fists
turn blue
thinking about
your busy hands
his icecube fingers
I smile

until I open my eyes

Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 85: Salute

Eijun’s really inspiring in this chapter. (و ˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

He seems to outpace himself that he’s driven himself to a corner, but in a crucial moment, Eijun manages to remain calm and pitch his best fastball, which is fascinating, because by that point, the numbers are losing their effectiveness since Eijun doesn’t have complete control yet, but the decisive pitch is his fastball, not his breaking ball, but his fastball. While Eijun has gotten to the first-string in his first year solely for his fastball, it’s enough for him to be a reliever, but not an ace or potential ace. But now, it’s developed so much that it becomes a reliable pitch in his repertoire. Then, his statistics, his pitch count is impressively low and he has notable strikeouts. 

So far it looks like Eijun’s only problem is his unstable numbers and his pacing. He’s too excited/motivated that he tires himself out, considering his stamina, that’s rather odd, but otherwise he manages to keep a cool head and doesn’t overstrain himself. That said, he’s won everyone’s respect and admiration, particularly those who are overshadowed. I’m touched to see how they all simultaneously offer him drinks, even Takatsu.

I think this chapter is about everyone who’s overshadowed stepping out into the spotlight, taking their chance to shine, starting from Eijun, who seems to light a fire in everyone.


Kaneda, Yui, Takatsu, Yamaguchi and Mimura.

But the surprise is… Toujou!!

Followed by Kanemaru.

Interestingly, Toujou is picked over Kawashima, who was among the pitchers lineup for Golden Week practice. This could mean that Toujou has a chance to return as a pitcher. Whoa!

Kuki is such a precious kouhai, he’s so adorably proud and excited for his senpai that Asada doesn’t know what to do with the unusually giddy fellow pitcher.

Another thing I take note is how diverse the pitches Seidou have in their lineup. Furuya with his monster fastball and vertical slider, Eijun with his unique fastball and change up, Kawakami with his sidearm slider and sinker, Kaneda with his forkball, and Toujou with his low curveball and slider. There none that’s exactly the same. I don’t think the coaches will stop using pitcher relay strategy anytime soon. The only question is whether they will use four pitchers in the roster like before, and who will they be? 

I feel like I have to redo my Team Roster prediction. Many players are tried in different positions that they originally wanted (or in Toujou’s case, returned). Takatsu is considered as a third baseman. Yui is put on right field. Toujou’s back in the running as a pitcher (these three’s chances are very good to make the summer roster, they all are consistent batters). And we haven’t considered those fighting in the second string. It is like the dice is rolled again. Everything will be up in the air until the final match to decide the roster, where we can finally get a better assessment of the players’ strength and potential.

On a lighter note, Miyuki’s sincerity is being questioned once again.

OMG. I cackle loudly at Miyuki’s misfortune. Change is not easy indeed. I hope he doesn’t give up trying. He’s changed a lot from his pre-captain days, or to be more precise, pre-Fall tournament days. He’s much more communicative, especially with his pitchers. Don’t give up Captain! Soon they all will stop questioning your sincerity! XDD

Lastly, our precious polar bear son (who just celebrated his birthday, Happy Birthday Furuya!!).

I’m happy to see him celebrating the team’s win even from the sidelines. I hope it signifies that he understands that everyone’s success is the team’s success. The team doesn’t depend on one player. He doesn’t have to carry the team on his own. He has his teammates to carry the team along with him.

(and why is it Okumura who notices?)