the streets of white run

Falling In Love - Mini Series - Dabin/DPR LIVE

You didn’t get to choose who you fell for,it just happened.

Slowly and then all at once.

It encompassed you like a flame to oil,slowly catching you alight before sparks ignited the collision of souls,that had finally found their way home.

The many stages of falling in Love…

Stage Two :


You were about to close up shop,finding the key in your jacket pocket to place into the shutter to lock the building.You were the last of your co-workers to leave so it was your job to make sure everything remained safe.

You had been working at the gallery for three years now,you had teamed up with three of your friends from university and decided to buy a building in Hongdae,a space where you created art in the back work space,while also showcasing it in the main gallery.It had grown over the years,clients from actors,artists and musicians wanting to collaborate or buy your work.You were two years into forming the company and you were gaining popularity by the second.

Placing the key into the lock you heard the familiar tone of your best friend Nori,peering over your shoulder you noticed her all white figure running down the street,her voice growing louder and louder.The few people walking through the streets eyed her as she sprinted towards you like a mad woman.This was just Nori.Your crazy best friend.

“Don’t..Don’t…” She stopped abruptly in front of you,her breathing heavy as she leaned forward, placing her hand over her knees.
“You okay?” You asked,patting  her shoulder,she waved her hand at you ,breathing out “I’m okay,i’m okay.”

You stared down at your best friend before returning back to the task at hand when she caught hold of your wrist.

“I said DON’T..” Her voice demanding.

“Don’t what?” You cocked your eyebrow at her,removing the grip she had on you.

“Don’t lock up.” She rummaged into her handbag,finding a pocket mirror,brushing out the fringe from her face to tame her unruly locks.

“Why?” You shook your head at her,lifting your hands outwards in confusion.

“Dabin is coming over.” She snapped the mirror case shut,dropping it into her handbag.

“WHAT!” You head protruding forward as your eyes widened in shock,“Dabin as in DPR Live as in Dabin,Dabin?” You rushed out.

“Thought that would excite you.” She laughed,shooing you hand away as she took the key out of the lock,opening the glass door to the gallery.You watched after her,looking around into the lit street,he wasn’t here,not yet anyway.You followed after her.

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