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Min Yoongi - Absolution

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Character : Yoongi x BTS

Genre : slight angst/fluff

Summary : Self-forgiveness was all he wished for on his birthday

| He wanted to turn 25, here. In his studio. In his little haven, the little home he built for himself. He wanted to turn 25 as Min Yoongi even though he supposedly killed Min Yoongi long ago as stated in one of his song. No Vapp broadcast this year. That was one of his request. Every year since they debuted, he celebrated his birthday with Army. Every year since 2013, he celebrated his birthday as Min Suga. However, this year when the member asked if he wanted to do another Vapp, he firmly rejected the idea.

Because I forgot who is Min Yoongi. Ever since we debuted, I have celebrated my birthday as Min Suga. As much as I love Army, as much as I love all of you, let me celebrate my 25 by myself. Let me find Min Yoongi again. He was me before I became Bangtan, before I became Agust D and before I became Min Suga..

Jungkook walked up to him, Ok, hyung. We respect that. We will see you back at the dorm later tonight and eat cake.

So here he sat, in a place where he shed tears of joy and pain. Where he gave up half of his teenage years for. He took the time to look around. To gently skim his fingers lightly over his sound mixer, to appreciate the 2 trophies standing proud on his shelf. Album of the Year (Melon) & Popularity Award (GAON). Those were the two awards he requested for. He still remembered what Namjoon said when he asked for it, It has always been yours hyung.

Min Suga never shows his emotions, Min Suga is strong. But right now, sitting here, with all this accomplishment, Min Yoongi broke down.

With the gentle flickering light from the burning scented candle that he always light, the clock strike midnight. Happy Birthday Min Yoongi.. Its been a long journey have it not? I’m sorry for abusing you all these years, I’m sorry for all the physical pain I have inflicted in this shell and soul. Most importantly I’m sorry for wanting to forget you, to leave you behind.

Yoongi sobbed onto his hands. Sobbed for the life that was once almost stolen from him when he tried to kill himself. Sobbed for the pain and uncertainty that he went through, for what the members went through. Sobbed for finally accepting that Min Yoongi, Min Suga & Agust D is really him. All of him. But most importantly he cried for finally being able to forgive himself.

He didn’t hear the door opened. He didn’t hear the clattering of footsteps but he did feel himself getting wrapped up and hugged from all sides by 6 warm bodies. He looked up and he saw all the members looking right at him. Tears either brimming on their eye or already streaming down their cheeks.

Happy birthday, Min Yoongi.. All of them whispered it out in unison when they let him go.

He stared at each of their faces. The magnae line crying the hardest. Jungkook who defiantly trying to wipe his tears off his face but failing to do so. The youngest of the group. The one boy he brought up. He saw him grew from day one. When he came walking into the studio and sat at the corner, watching his hyung trained. The little boy have grown into a man. A man Yoongi is really proud of. Thank you for letting me in your life. Thank you for giving me a reason to live again. The moment you walked through the door at 14 years of age, uncertain and awkward was the day hyung realized that you need me more than I needed myself.

He turned to look at Jimin who is holding on to a birthday cake with tears running down his face but still smiling. Not once has this younger boy forget any of their birthdays. Not once has this wonderful young man disappoint him. You saved me. Your infinite love for the members, for helping me overcome the darkness that wanted to swallow me whole. Thank you Jimin. That’s what hyung always wanted to tell you.

And then there’s Taehyung. Sweet Taehyung who have silently went behind Yoongi and wrapped his arm around his back. He could feel the wetness from his tears seeping through his shirt. For all his strangeness, Yoongi have always hold a soft spot for this particular member. Because in some ways, Taehyung reminds him of home. Warm and never judging. Hyung promise to never let go of your hands ever again. Let us fly together Taehyung. Let us finally find that beautiful moment in life cause hyung will be beside you for as long as you need me. I will be your home too.

He stared into Namjoon’s eyes. Mouthing the word Thank you. A thousand meaning hide behind those two words. Thank you for choosing me all those years ago to be part of this amazing team. Thank you for choosing me to be your hyung. You can finally lean on me now, Namjoon. Release some of your burden and share it with me. Hyung will carry it with you.

His gaze then settled onto Jin’s hyung face. Nothing is needed to be said for Jin. He just nodded to Jin and he received a smile in return. Thank you for being the person I come to when I got tired of being the older one in the group. Thank you for being my hyung and accepting me for who I am and what I have become.

He saved the best for last. Yoongi know he is not suppose to have any favorites within the team but Hoseok, he is his soul partner. His Yin to his Yang. Releasing himself from Taehyung backhug, he walked to Hoseok and pull him into a hug. Thank you for being who you are. For always being there for me. For showing me that there is still light. That hyung can be Yoongi, Agust D and Suga and yet I can still come home from training, from performing and from wherever I’m at and know that I have my guiding light, guiding me back home.

Namjoon once said “There is definitely, definitely certain things in this world that happened out of our control, So we.. Let’s us just forgive ourselves”

On March 9, 2017, 12:17 a.m. Yoongi finally did.

ESCAPE {part 17 of EXPIRED}

Namjoon watched anxiously as the president approached a man and whispered in his ear.

So he’s been working on this for a while? Jungkook asked and Namjoon nodded.

It seems like it. He murmured back and the president gave them the signal to approach. Namjoon led the group to the doorway and the man nodded as they entered. The president turned around and sighed.

So that man was with the raiders when they got Y/N, he was able to convince them not to shoot her and bring her here. But that means she’s going to be charged and could be killed at any moment. The president filled the guys in on your condition and looked around the hallways. The group of them looked out of sorts in the facility. Most government officials had specific uniforms that they wore for various jobs, so when Tae cleared his throat in front of a closet, the guys filtered into the room. They all changed into various uniforms and left their clothes behind. Namjoon shoved your cloth wrap in his pocket as he checked his reflection.

The government uniforms were strange. They were black shirts and pants, but the spot where everyone’s time limit was stamped on their forearm was cut out and had a plastic layering over it. Almost like a window to identify who you were. All of the guys kept their coverings on and walked out of the room.

Sir, where is Y/N? Namjoon asked anxiously and the president smiled.

She is in cell 634. I’m going to leave you all and find my wife, she’s in cell 732. He murmured before bowing and parting with the group of men. Oh, Namjoon. The president called out and Namjoon looked over. Get my baby girl home safe. He responded and turned on his heels, walking down the hallway, leaving the group standing there.

Alright, you heard him. Let’s get Y/N. Namjoon said and clapped his hands.

You sat with your knees huddled to your chest and you rested your forehead on your knees. Your eyes stung as the tears continued to pool down your cheeks. I’m going to die here. You mumbled. But at least I got out of my expiration date long enough to live. You told yourself. Because of your young expiration date, you had hindered your own life out of fear of growing attached. You never wanted to hurt people by being extinct sooner than them, so you distanced yourself. Since you were rescued by Namjoon and the rest of group one, you had lived more in the past month than you had in the past 20 years. Sighing, you smiled knowing that life, even the shortest one, was worth living. Loving Namjoon was something you never wanted to replace, even if it meant that leaving this Earth would be 100 times harder. At least now you knew that you were living your life to the fullest.

Knock, knock. Someone said and you looked up, it was a man in a government uniform, and you felt like your eyes were playing tricks.

Namjoon? You croaked and saw the man smile.

Hey, babe. He whispered and your eyes got wide as you stood up and ran to the metal bars. There in plain sight was Namjoon, standing in the flesh, and he was smiling at you with that megawatt grin that made your knees weak.

What is happening? You asked. You’re not supposed to be here. You whispered and he shook his head.

We can’t let you get hurt. Remember, we promised to protect you. Namjoon responded and reached through the bars to stroke your cheek in his usual comforting way as you looked around to see the rest of the guys closing off the area around the cell.

What’s the plan? You asked Namjoon, who chuckled at your change of attitude.

We have to figure out the quietest way to get you out of that cell. He murmured and you looked around. Since you had gotten there, no one had come by to look at you, let alone open your cell.

Uhm. You looked around and saw a small window. Looking at Namjoon, he shook his head sternly.

You are not climbing out of a window on the 6th floor of a government building. Are you fucking insane?! He asked and you looked out the window, it was too high for you to reach, but you looked to find various things to climb up on, and although it was small, it was just big enough for you to shimmy through. You walked back over to the bars with a large smile.

Just let me try. You murmured and Namjoon grabbed your arm, touching the raw time limit. It was like bringing you back to reality.

Do not do this. He replied and you sighed.

Then what are we going to do? You asked and he looked at the lock.

Yoongi hyung, come here. He said as he became enthralled with the lock. You walked over to it.

It’s not a lock and key. Yoongi replied. It’s an electronic lock. If I can get into the server, I can unlock the doors. Pulling out his phone, he began searching into the government server for a break in the code. Jungkook made a whistling noise and the guys all looked at each other. Trying to act natural, a government member walked down the hallway and gave them a skeptical look.

What’s this? He asked and Namjoon shrugged. No one is supposed to be in this hallway. She’s up for extinction. The guard told them and then looked at the windows on their arms to see a covering on all of them. Who are you? He asked and you heard a click, Namjoon opened the door of the cell.

Y/N, now. He grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the man, who was now at the mercy of Jungkook and Jimin. It was like a flashback to when you were being led out of your apartment that fateful day of your time limit. Namjoon gracefully ran down the corridors and out onto the street. This seemed too easy. He murmured and pulled you into his chest. Checking your limbs and face for any injuries, he noticed the bruises on your arms and the cuts from the handcuffs on your wrist, he set his jaw, and his eyes began to water. You had never seen Namjoon cry, but you watched as he tried to blink away the tears. Touching his cheeks lightly, your thumb brushed away the tears that escaped his eyes and fell down, like he had done for you.

We need to go, lovebirds. Hobi said and you laughed a little at his exasperated tone. I swear, first Matthew’s pussy ass, now I’m dealing with Romeo and Juliet. He murmured, but then smiled at you with a wink. Giggling you ran down the street, hearing the footsteps of people behind you, but you were too scared to turn and see who it was, you just kept your sights set on the tall man that had taken you away on the day of your time limit. Intertwining your fingers with his, the two of you ran through the street and down to the escape car.