the strain quotes


Well then get your shit together. Get it all together and put it in a backpack, all your shit, so it’s together. …and if you gotta take it somewhere, take it somewhere ya know? Take it to the shit store and sell it, or put it in a shit museum. I don’t care what you do, you just gotta get it together… Get your shit together.

+ Stationary: notebooks, highlighters, sticky notes and pens.

+ Textbooks: keep all textbooks nearby.

+ Hydration: keep within immediate reach.

+ Lighting: adequate so that you can avoid eye strain/ headaches.

+ Motivation: posters, quotes or photos to keep you on track.

+ Noise: don’t study in complete silence: you’ll be distracted in the exam room

- Hide Temptations: get a housemate/ guardian to change the wifi password.