The STRAIN: Coffins, Critters and Art Books

In 2012, I worked on series development, doing a variety of conceptual design for Guillermo del Toro’s THE STRAIN tv series on FX Network. One of the first concepts I was given to do was the Master’s huge coffin, including the medieval graphics for all the carved sides. Below is a detail to the coffins front and bottom panels.

The wonderful and horrific Master was designed and sculpted by the wonderful (and not horrific at all in real life) Simon Lee with Guillermo, while I worked on the concept and redesign for the Strigoi’s stinger (the Master version of the stinger below).

And the final stinger prop as it appeared in the show~

You can see more of my Strain work and behind the scenes from the whole Strain team in the upcoming Art of The Strain book from InSight Editions! (available June 28th)