the straightest thing since the ticonderoga pencil

The Ticonderoga Pencil Simile - A Very Very Short Fabranger ficlet

“I just…I’m not sure how to go about this whole…” Hermione paused, biting her lip. “This whole…coming out thing.”

Quinn laughed, reaching out across the table for Hermione’s hand.

“Basically, you march in there, say "I’m gay, bitches,” and make out with me. The end.“

Hermione swiped at her, their fingers locking in a playful game until Quinn caught Hermione’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"Okay, maybe not exactly like that. But if they love you. That’s all that should matter.”

Hermione squeezed back, smiling.

“I guess so. It’s just…They think I’m as straight as a…I don’t know… a ticonderoga pencil or something.”


“Okay, let me just say…” Quinn began, leaning in, close enough to make Hermione’s breath hitch. “Ticonderoga pencils can bend, sweetie.”


Just felt like I had to contribute. This fandom is epic-ness in a tracked tag.

Ticonderoga pencil?