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A/N: I HAD PROBLEMS WITH THE TITLE SO I KINDA PICKED THE SONG CENTURIES BY FALL OUT BOY AND CALLED IT A DAY. I’ve received two requests about the Soul Mates AU - which I fully intend to write before satisfying my own selfish needs this time - and I’ll start working on them right away! I hope y’all enjoy this. It ended up being much bigger than what I initially planned, but it’s worth the ride. I’ll also dedicate this small piece of fiction to @winters-uprise and @arvaleeknight - the only people I know who understand my Altaïr obsession. 

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You sighed, rubbing your eyes in a vain attempt to push the sleepiness away. You hadn’t been able to catch much sleep — for whatever reason it was, you simply couldn’t last night, and when you did your mind was pestered by that same dream. Again.

You had been having the same dream for over a week now. There would always be the same man in front of you and he seemed… sad. Even when you couldn’t make much out of his face beside his eyes — his amber gaze, almost alike to liquid gold, bored into the very depths of your soul —, you could tell by the way he gazed at you somehow. The man uttered words under his breath, you couldn’t quite make them out, then he’d turn away from you with a sorrowful expression and, for whatever reason it was, you weren’t able to follow him. Your heart filled with dread once more when he disappeared in the dreams, that’s when you’d always wake up.

The weirdest thing was that you didn’t know anyone with such… peculiar eyes. You could see no meaning behind this weird dream — nor were you certain if you really wanted to know. What if it meant death? You had seen enough sci-fi movies to know that trying to change the future was always a bad idea.

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its 2 in the morning and i’m having de Rolo sibling feels, so now the rest of you have to as well.

Vex notices things. It’s just what she does, a talent she’s honed over many years of trying to keep her family alive (which has only grown more difficult as her family has expanded). Vex doesn’t even usually have to be looking for something to notice it. Little details ignored by everyone else leap to her attention and she decides whether or not they’re important.

Consequently, Vex sees what Percy is going to do well before he does it. She sees it in the growing smirk on this face and the way he inches closer to Cassandra while she’s talking to Kerr. She doesn’t say anything because it’s not like Vex has never done it to Vax before, or vice versa. It’s just playful sibling teasing.

Cassandra is usually more attentive but she’s only just woken up so she notices a moment too late, eyes widening and taking a half step back before Percy engulfs her in a massive hug. Percy is absolutely covered in blood, sweat, grime, and probably even a bit of dragon egg goo, and he drags Cassandra into his chest, lifting her off her feet and rubbing his cheek against her head with a grin.

Cassandra squirms and curses, “No, no, get off of me, you bloody -” while everyone else either snickers or starts past them towards the baths.

Vex covers her mouth to hide a laugh, even as she can’t help but notice that for all of her protests, one of Cassandra’s arms has snaked around Percy’s shoulders - not pushing away but simply holding. The other is clutching Percy’s upper arm in a white knuckled grip and she isn’t doing much to get her head away from Percy’s. And Percy, Vex knows, is exhausted. Even just holding Cassandra, a slight girl by anyone’s definition, is making his arms shake. It wouldn’t be hard for a slippery thing like Cass to get away from him.

But Cassandra doesn’t leave Percy’s hold until he sets her back down (gently, even with his arms trembling). She wrinkles her nose at him in disgust and shoves at his chest (gently as well, though even that sets him rocking back on his heels with how tired he is), which in no way stops his teasing grin.

For a moment, Vex looks at the de Rolo siblings and sees not the intensely damaged barely-adults they are now but the children they must have once been, trailing mud across the stonework and horsing around in the foyer.

It’s only for a moment though, as Percy tells Cassandra, “I know I am owed for much more than that.” It’s admittedly a depressing thing to bring up, but he says it in a breathtakingly fond voice and Cassandra cannot help the way her mouth curves upwards, even as she rubs fruitlessly at the dirt Percy has transferred to her.

Vex would give anything to see both of them stay as happy as they are right now.

Percy turns back to Vex, still smiling, though it’s turned soft rather than playful. Something of a shame, since Vex thinks playful is a rather good look on Percy.

“Shall we go see if all the baths are taken, darling?” Vex asks, because she has never assumed she could keep a secret from Cassandra in her own home.

“Mmm? Yes, we should.” Percy doesn’t blush but Vex thinks it has more to do with him not getting the hint than a good poker face.

Behind him, Cassandra rolls her eyes and waves them off.

Vex grabs Percy’s hand and drags him in the direction of the baths. With their lives as full of tragedy as they are, she’d like a chance to see that playful look on Percy’s face again sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, Vex is full of ideas and very good at playful.

Δεν χρειάζονται πάντα δώρα, εκπλήξεις , ρομαντισμοί.. Κάποιες φορές αρκεί μια καλή αγκαλιά και ένα παθιασμένο φιλί
—  Σοφία Στρ.